GH Update Friday 9/26/14

General Hospital Update Friday 9/26/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Julian calls and leaves a message for Ava, urging her to call him back when she gets this message and tell him if she's ok, as he's worried that Sonny could harm his sister and her unborn baby. He hears somebody at the door and gets his gun out before he answers it. He opens the door to see a strange man and asks who he is. The guy replies he is Kobe and adds he is Julian's worst nightmare.

Jordan goes to the hospital, after having taken the rap for the accident that Ava caused by running over a pedestrian while driving Jordan's car in the dark. She's goes to find an attendant to ask if there's any prognosis on the accident victim who has been fatally injured. Shawn comes by and seems to know what she is doing.

Ava is alone in Morgan's room at the brownstone noticing a text from her brother that she hesitates to answer. She tells her baby she's afraid she's gotten them into a big mess and can't even tell his or her uncle where they are. Morgan enters to find her and expresses concern seeing she is alone and vulnerable.

Kiki is alone playing cards before Michael gets up. She remembers her previous conversation with Morgan yesterday where they agreed to keep a secret from Michael realizing if he finds out he won't be happy. Michael comes out and asks her what she is doing up. She admits she could not sleep.

Sam rushes down the stairs after just getting out of the shower, wearing just a towel after she hears a knock on her door. When she gets the door, she sees it's Patrick. He kind of awkwardly tells her he's sorry. He should have called. They both remember he is there to visit Danny as she's told him he is welcome to do so whether she is there or not. He tells her he is there to talk about their business involving the most recent revelation they've heard from Anna and Dante about Luke. She then tells him before they can talk further she needs to go upstairs and get some clothes on. He waits.

Dante and Lulu are happily together and she tells him she needs to call her mom. He goes to shower when she gets on her phone However, she is interrupted when Tracy knocks on her door. She runs to get it, lets in her stepmother who hugs Lulu telling her she is so happy to see for herself that she is home safe and sound and needs reassurance that Lulu is ok. They both remember, however, that in all this time, neither of them have heard from, seen or spoken to Lulu's father, and Tracy's new husband Luke. They both know this is not like him.

Kiki wants Michael to suspect nothing when he tells her he knows when he saw her shaking hands with Morgan, she told him it was to congratulate their finishing the remodeling of the house. He admits to her, he got the idea there was something else they were discussing and a secret they were keeping from him.

Morgan comes to find Ava, carrying a breakfast tray and is concerned with how she is sleeping and how she is feeling. She admits she was exhausted with too much on her mind. He admits he did not sleep much either after what she told him and remarks that he cannot believe that his dad would kidnap her and threaten her when she's pregnant with either his child or his grandchild, drag her off somewhere to have the baby and then kill her after she's given birth. She tells Morgan what she told him is true but realizes she cannot go any further into the details so she tells him she needs her breakfast “to go” and has to get out of there.

At the hospital, Shawn tells Jordan he knows she is keeping a secret and is probably not responsible for the accident. He knows it was Ava who ran down the pedestrian and she is taking the blame for it.

At Julian's home, he holds the gun on the strange guy at the door and tells him he seems to have gotten it the other way around. It is he (Julian) who is this guy's worst enemy. Kobe tells him the boss sent him there and will be disappointed if Julian distrusts him. He adds, almost as disappointed as when he found out that “team Corinthos” shout out most of the crew. That is why the boss sent him. So, he tells Julian, maybe Julian should show him some gratitude by telling him where he might find Ava. Julian admits he has no idea. He informs Kobe he tried and failed to find her and even went to Sonny's to find out if Sonny or Shawn might know where Ava is. Yet he still can't find her. Kobe remarks that the boss is “itching” for a “piece” of Ava and was very disappointed when she failed to kill Michael Corinthos for him as he asked of her.

Michael tries to find out from Kiki what she and Morgan might be secretly discussing when he is away. She tells him that she and Morgan are finally friends after the serious falling out they had not long ago with her choosing Michael over him. She feels responsible for severing his relationship with his brother. She also adds that Morgan now needs their support more than ever, given that he may be the father of her mom's baby. That is also the reason she is now making efforts to reach out to her mom. They reflect about the night Ava invited them over for dinner and her very weird behavior. Little do they know that Ava invited them over in an attempt to poison Michael because of the “instruction” the boss gave her to kill him as well as Julian's “admonishing” his sister not to defy the boss if she wants to keep Kiki safe from the threats of their boss.

At the hospital, Shawn tells Jordan she needs to know that he can put two and two together about why it is that she is suddenly taking the rap for the accident that he knows Ava as responsible for when Jordan let Ava borrow her car the other night. He was there. She can't fool him with her story. He knows the desperate situation Ava must have been in when she was running for her life in Jordan's car. She either got distracted and didn't see the guy run out into the street or she did and did not care. Either way, the man is mowed down. And what would he do if he was in a desperate situation like that? He might call his “one and only friend” (as he now knows Jordan is to Ava) for help. So that explains why Jordan is taking the rap for an accident she did not cause. He asks her how he is “doing so far”. She does not answer.

Lulu lets Tracy into her apartment and remembers hearing her allege that her father cheated upon her and she'd like to kick his butt for that. Tracy then clarifies to her stepdaughter Luke did not cheat on her. She told that to Michael and other members of ELQ in order for them to falsely believe she and Luke had split up when they did not. Lulu admits she is confused with how one has anything to do with the other. And although Tracy assures Lulu that she and Luke are ok, Lulu finds it odd that Tracy admits she hasn't a clue where Luke is. That is a bit confusing to both of them.

When Ava tells Morgan she is in a hurry to leave, he knows she has a secret and urges her to tell him what is going on and who is out there waiting for her intending to harm her or the baby. She obviously does not want to tell him the whole story and get him involved in her mess with Sonny nor reveal the secret to Morgan knowing she might lose one of the only “friends” she has if he finds out. She tells Morgan not to worry. She has a friend who can help her. He asks who besides himself and Kiki is there for her and the baby. She does not answer until he grills her, at which point she tells him her mother.

While Sam is upstairs getting dressed, Alexis enters and is happy to see Patrick there. She indicates that she might like to know (encouragingly so) if he and her daughter are “going one step further”. She asks him if he and Robin are going through with their divorce. He ells her that although he has not gotten the divorce papers from his soon-to-be ex, they are through. Alexis then tells him she is sorry and knows how hard it is for people to get over relationships, illustrating how that is currently what's going on with her regarding Julian. She reveals to Patrick that she forced herself to go out on a date last night. It wasn't half bad. She tells him hopefully in time, he will be able to do the same.

Sam comes down the stairs. Alexis asks them if they might have found any leads on who would have put Rafe up to running Patrick off the road. They reveal they might have a lead. Hearing that, Alexis remarks she hopes whoever did that pays for their crime and asks who on earth would do something like that. She asks if they might have, in fact found a suspect. If so, whom? Could it be anyone in Port Charles? Anyone she knows? Sam and Patrick hesitate to answer knowing Alexis will be shocked and may not believe it when they reveal that it's Luke. When she hears his name, she is just as shocked as they predict.

Tracy talks to Lulu about the “complications” she's heard Luke express with being able to catch a plain and get a passport and all that is needed to return home to her. Lulu tells Tracy however, that they both know Luke too well to believe that a passport or any obstacle could prevent him from doing what he wants and going where he wants. Tracy realizes that is true and reveals to her step daughter she realizes she has been making excuse after excuse for Lulu she hasn't the foggiest idea where he is. Dante then overhears and listens intently to their conversation from the other room.

Kobe remarks to Julian that his sister has “a lot of stones” to defy the boss with his most recent order. He asks why not just take out the Corinthos kid? Julian admits she had a problem with that but she did, however cut a deal with his pal, the chief. Kobe reminds Julian that Ava has promised dirt on Sonny but has not yet delivered. Kobe moves up closer to Julian and tells him if he wants to “protect” Ava, he needs to either get the goods on Sonny or kill his son.

Kiki shows Michael a card game where he selects a card. She then shuffles the deck. She shows him a secret for how to make sure that he selects an ace at the bottom of the deck. He is impressed and she kisses him while telling him he is the ace of her heart.

When Ava tells Morgan she is going to stay with her mother, he tells her he knows that she has spoken to her mother in a long time and has indicated she does not trust her. He reminds her this is his dad they are talking about and he doesn't have to tell you all the “resources” Sonny has in matters like this. Ava tells Morgan that her mom has ties to the Irish mob and will come through for her regardless. He tells her that she needs to realize that if his dad is on the warpath for her, she can't rely on the resources she keeps telling him about. She then demands to know what choices he believes she has. Morgan then replies that she can reach out to him. He tells her he does not want her to go.

At the hospital, Shawn urges Jordan to be straight with him. She then admits it's true. She covered for Ava. She reminds him that he was ready to have a pregnant woman killed after she had her child. That is barbaric. Shawn tells her if she wants “barbaric”, she can ask Ava who will have enough stories. He asks again but she refuses to tell him where Ava is. They talk about how they have argued and butted heads and been on opposite sides of the table. However, they remember the last time they discussed their conflicting plans and opinions when he pushes her up against a wall and kissed her and they ended up having passionate sex. At that point, they both know that they are not “done” as they start to go at it again.

Dante overhears and listens intently to Lulu's and Tracy's conversation about the fact that Luke has not only hid for a long time and behaved in a very secretive and suspicious manner. He has taken money from her family for a long time since their honeymoon which was months ago. She admits that Luke has behaved like a complete stranger. Hearing that, Dante appears in front of them and admits he thinks he might have some idea of what is going on with to Luke.

After Shawn and Jordan kiss and are ready to go at it, he urges her to please just tell him where Ava is. She angrily tells Shawn she has no idea and she walks out the door.

Morgan tells Ava that maybe he can help her by getting some information from his dad. Sonny might be able to confide in him, now that he is making efforts to reconcile with his son. He can find out what plans his dad might have. He asks her why she does not see that the perfect plan is for him to act like a “buffer” between her and his dad and realize that his dad would never hurt anyone whom he cares about. Little does he know the reason why Sonny intends to kill her after she has the baby.

Kobe tells Julian if he can't make himself “useful” to their boss, he needs to either kill Michael Corinthos where Ava has failed, or Julian and Ava will be the next targets. He asks if he made himself clear. Julian replies “crystal”. Yet, right when his back is turned to Julian, Julian comes up behind him, pulls a gun on him and puts him in a strangle-hold. He tells Kobe never to come into his home again, make threats or tell him what he is supposed to do.

Dante reveals to Lulu and to Tracy, for the first time, that he and Anna and the cops are secretly investigating Luke. He hesitates to reveal what is going on although Lulu urges her husband to tell her and Tracy what he knows. Tracy wants to know what the cops are investigating Luke for.

Alexis asks Sam and Patrick why Luke would want to hurt Patrick and his family. She knows that Luke has had some issues and is capable of some shady behaviors but she does not believe he would ever do anything to intentionally hurt a child. He's a father. Sam admits to her mom they are as surprised by it as she is. Patrick reveals that Anna informed them that she has him under investigation. They admit they would not believe that either. She asks why, then, would they believe these suspicions about Luke. Sam tells her mom because of Spencer Cassadine. Hearing that, Alexis asks why her daughter and Patrick would take the word of Nikolas' precocious and over-imaginative 10 year old son. Patrick then explains that Spencer informed him that Luke informed Spencer that he was responsible for the accident that killed baby Gabriel.

When Lulu and Tracy demand that Dante tell them what Anna suspects about Luke, he replies she suspects that Luke could be the head of the Jerome crime family.

Sam tells her mom that the night of Nikolas' and Britt's engagement party, Spencer got upset after Emma broke up with him so he walked outside to the stables. Patrick adds that Spencer told them that when he got there, he secretly overheard Luke and “another man” talking about taking Sonny down. Alexis remembers that she and Julian, Sam and Silas and others were all at that party. When Sam admits to her mom that she and Patrick believe they would have much better information if they knew whom the man was that Luke was talking to. Alexis then appears lost in thought and reveals that she thinks she knows exactly who that man in question was.

Julian pushes Kobe up against the wall. Kobe concludes if Julian won't do what the boss wants, he will take care of it himself.


Tracy asks Dante how and why the cops would believe that Luke is the Jerome's boss. Lulu then remembers that she knows that Ric Lansing has taken the rap for being Julian's boss when he was not. They don't have any proof that it was Luke but there is suspicion. Dante asks Tracy if she thinks there is any possibility that Luke could be Julian's boss and specifically asks her if she has ever seen Luke talking to Julian. Tracy then admits that she has.

When Julian demands Kobe leaves his home, Jordan enters and tells Julian then need to talk. Kobe then observes her and remembers that she is the one who took down Mickey Diamond.

Alexis reveals to Sam and to Patrick that the reason she went to Nikolas' engagement party with Julian is because Sonny asked her to. He wanted to see if she could find out who Julian's boss was. He suspected it was Ric. But she knows that Julian got a text from someone other than Ric. Sam asks if Alexis is suspecting that Julian could have been in the stables privately talking to Luke.

Kobe tells Julian and Jordan that Mickey was a good guy and she took his life. She remarks Mickey was a pig who couldn't keep his hands to himself. Kobe remarks: “Says the whore who lead him on”. IN response to that, Julian tells him he better watch his mouth and not talk to Jordan like that. Kobe informs Jordan that the boss has his eyes on her. She tells him if that is so, then the boss needs to chat to her face instead of cowering behind him. They escort Kobe out and Julian asks Jordan if she knows what went down with Ava last night. She replies yes. She was right smack in the middle of it.

Ava tells Morgan she really appreciates his offer to help her but she doesn't want to get in the middle of him and his father again nor put him or Kiki in more danger. He tells her that he wants to do this and remarks he's been reading a book on How to Be a Good Dad for Dummies. She remarks she's seen that and smiles. He tells her he wants to be there and to get close to that kid. She looks ready to cry and tells him she does not know what to say. He tells her say yes. Someone “attempts” to get in that may not have a key. At that point, Morgan goes to guard the door, ready to fight whoever might be attempting to break in.

Alexis admits to Sam and Patrick that when she attempted to find out whom Julian was carrying on his secret business but did not find Ric, she did find Tracy looking for Luke and revealing he'd been missing for a long time.

Tracy tells Lulu and Dante the same story of how Luke snuck off and had a lengthy private discussion with Julian alone in the stables, at Windermere, the night of Nikolas' engagement party. Lulu recalls and asks if that is the night they found out about Rocco, remembering it all too well.

Sam concludes to Alexis that very possibly that “anonymous man” whom Spencer saw talking to Luke was Julian. Alexis confirms yes.

Tracy confirms the same to Dante and Lulu.

Jordan admits to Julian that she took the rap for Ava in the accident. He tells her that was good of her and much appreciated but asks if she's seen Ava after the accident. Jordan replies she has not and hasn't a clue where his sister is or even if she is ok.

Morgan guards the door when he hears someone attempt to enter. He then grabs the “unseen person” and is shocked to see it's Kiki. She demands to know what is up and why did he grab her when she's just entering her house as she has done every day. He cannot answer that question but Ava does. She enters and informs her daughter Morgan is suspicious of who might be coming to the house because of her.

Julian tells Jordan it's probably better off they don't know where Ava is anyway. She asks why he says that.. He replies the thug who just enters is the reason why. He admits to Jordan that that guy wanted Ava to take out Michael Corinthos. And now that she has refused and so has Julian, that guy intends to take matters into his own hands without their help.

Michael is alone in the apartment after Kiki has left. He goes to get the door. He stares at the person he sees although we do not see their face.

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