GH Update Thursday 9/25/14

General Hospital Update Thursday 9/25/14


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Julian went to Greystone Manor to talk to Sonny. Even though Julian swore he was unarmed, Sonny's guard Gus insisted on patting him down, while Shawn hovered nearby. Sonny called out from the living room for Julian to have a seat. Julian entered the room and found Sonny sitting in a chair with a gun pointed toward Julian. “Where the hell is my sister?” Julian barked. Sonny mocked Julian, and Julian became enraged and advanced on Sonny. Shawn pulled him back. Julian pointed out that Ava's baby was Sonny's flesh and blood. Sonny argued that the baby would be safe if Julian hadn't helped Ava escape from Sonny. Julian detailed Ava's frantic phone call – she'd said Sonny was after her, then she screamed and the line went dead. Julian demanded to know if Sonny had killed her. Sonny claimed he had no idea what Julian was talking about. Julian explained that he'd gotten home to find bullet holes in the walls and his security detail missing. Sonny yelled that he wanted Julian out of his territory and out of his life. Julian asked if Sonny had started by taking out Ava. Sonny countered that Julian and Ava started it by targeting Morgan. Julian smiled and admitted that was true. Julian suggested that he (Julian) finish it with Sonny. Sonny spat that Julian was in no position to make threats. “If anything happens to my sister, or her baby, there won't be anyone on this planet who will save you, Corinthos.” Julian quietly warned Sonny, before strolling out of the house. Sonny decided to let Julian think Sonny had Ava. Sonny wanted to know who cut off Ava's phone call. Shawn thought Jordan might know something. Sonny decided to personally oversee the search for Ava, so he told Shawn to call in the lieutenants. Shawn was hoping to redeem himself and he wanted another chance to find Ava.

Ava went to Kiki and Morgan's. Morgan answered the door, and Ava begged him to let her in before someone saw her. Morgan did, and he asked if something was wrong with the baby. Ava assured him that the baby was fine. She confessed that something terrible happened to her. Ava was about to tell Morgan she ran someone over, then she decided to take Jordan's advice to let everyone think Jordan was the driver. Ava told Morgan that his father sent Shawn and a bunch of other people to kidnap her. She added that all of her security guards had been killed in the shootout. Morgan didn't believe that Sonny would do anything to put the baby at risk. Ava explained that Sonny planned to hold her captive until she gave birth, then kill her and take the baby. Morgan was adamant that Sonny would never be violent with a woman. He suspected that Ava was trying to turn him against his father again. Ava replied that she came looking for Kiki and that she didn't want Morgan to be involved in this. “How can I not be involved? The kid might be mine” Morgan replied. “Then hide me!” Ava begged. “Before Sonny finds me and it's too late!”

Ava wanted to stay for one night, so she could come up with a plan to get out of town. Morgan asked if she was leaving for good, and Ava told him the farther she was from Sonny, the longer she would live. Morgan promised to give her all the time she needed. Ava was downstairs on the couch, while Morgan was upstairs. She was touched when she noticed that Morgan was reading a book about being a good father. She told the baby that they could count on him to keep them safe until they could get out of this town. Morgan came downstairs with a pillow and some blankets. Ava was all set to take the couch, but Morgan insisted that she take his bed. He told her it would be more comfortable and safer, in case someone walked in. Ava thanked him for looking out for her and the baby. Morgan told her to take care of the baby and he'd take care of her.

Sabrina thought back to switching out Ava's prescription medication for some pills that would cause her to lose the baby. Sabrina checked patient records and wondered why Ava hadn't come in yet. Elizabeth walked up and said that a critical patient was on his way to the ER. On cue, Jason was wheeled in on a stretcher. His face was bloody and swollen beyond recognition. A medical team, including Liz, began to work on stabilizing him to get him ready for surgery. Liz offered her patient some reassuring words and she asked him his name. Jason didn't respond. They had to use the crash cart on Jason, and Liz urged him to stay with them. It was time to take Jason to the OR. Liz told him that they'd try and find his family, but it wouldn't be easy since they didn't know his name. Liz told him that he wasn't alone. She introduced herself and asked him to squeeze her hand if he understood. He did. Liz promised to be there when he woke up.

Sabrina went to see if the police had figured out the patient's identity. She ran into Jordan and asked if Jordan brought Ava in. Jordan was confused, until Sabrina reminded her that she'd brought Ava in earlier. Jordan stated that Ava was fine, and she explained that she was there to check on the person she hit. Sabrina revealed that it was too soon to tell whether the victim would live or die. Jordan's phone rang. Ava's pills fell out of Jordan's purse while she was looking for her phone. Jordan stepped away to talk to Shawn. Shawn asked where Ava was. Jordan told him that Julian had her. Shawn told her about Julian's visit. Jordan admitted she didn't know where Ava was, but she was confident that she was someplace Shawn and Sonny would never find her. Jordan ended the call, and Sabrina walked over and demanded to know why she had Ava's pills. She was adamant that Ava had to take the medicine. Jordan replied that she thought Ava's condition wasn't serious. “I'm sorry are you a medical professional?” Sabrina spat. Jordan promised to make sure Ava got the pills. “See that you do. The sooner the better” Sabrina said, before walking away.

Shawn told Sonny he thought Jordan knew something. Shawn vowed to find out what it was and what Ava was hiding, if it was the last thing he did.

Olivia and Nikolas were at the loft anxiously waiting for Dante and Lulu's arrival. When the couple got home, they received a warm welcome from their relatives. Lulu asked for her son, and Nik fetched him from the other room. Dante and Lulu fussed over Rocco, then Lulu thanked Nik and Olivia for taking such good care of him. Nik felt that it was the least he could do after what his great uncle Victor did. Lulu and Dante exchanged a glance, then they told Nik about his father Stavros's involvement. Nik was horrified about Stavros plans for Lulu. Dante assured him that Stavros was dead for good this time. Nik knew it sounded callous, but he admitted he was relieved that his father was dead and no longer able to hurt the people Nik loved. Lulu made it clear that she didn't hold Nik responsible for his family's crimes. She suggested that they let it go and move on. Nik confessed that he had something to tell them. Dante and Lulu sensed that it was bad news. Nik remembered the accusations Spencer had made about Luke. Nik clarified that it was all just speculation at this point. Since there was no immediate crisis to be worried about, Lulu and Dante asked if they could postpone the talk until tomorrow. Nik agreed. Nik thanked Lulu for coming home safely, and he admitted that he didn't know what he'd do without her. Nik and Olivia left to give Dante, Lulu and Rocco some family time. Dante and Lulu cuddled with Rocco in bed. Lulu thought Rocco had grown. She made plans to take him shopping and was surprised when Dante wanted to go too. Dante explained that he wanted to get back to normal and do what they were doing before everything went sideways at Maxie's wedding. Lulu admitted she wasn't sure she wanted that. Her ordeal had made her appreciate what she currently had. She was enjoying having it be just the three of them and she wanted to put the plans to have another child on hold. She asked how Dante felt. Dante was okay with waiting forever as long as they could do it together. They kissed.

Ned was at the Metro Court waiting for his date with Alexis to start. He read a text from Olivia telling him that Dante and Lulu would be home soon. Alexis arrived and jokingly told him she hoped he wasn't talking to another woman. Ned assured her that he was all hers, assuming she was all his, too. Alexis reminded Ned that she was the one who asked him on the date to help her get over Julian. Ned wanted to be sure that Alexis wasn't using him in a plot to win Julian back. Alexis joked that Ned was being a suspicions Quartermaine. Ned countered that she was a Cassadine. Alexis quickly replied that she was a Davis. Alexis asked Ned if he really thought she'd use him to make Julian jealous. Ned admitted that Olivia used him to stick it to Sonny. Ned didn't mind though; he was happy to save women from “the black hole that is Sonny Corinthos.” Alexis wanted details, so Ned told her that Olivia kissed him while Sonny was watching. Alexis asked if Ned and Olivia were seeing each other, and Ned replied that Olivia said she and Ned were only friends. Alexis was satisfied, but she reminded Ned that he had been known to juggle women and that he'd even been a bigamist once. Ned steered the subject back to Alexis and Julian. Alexis was adamant that she was through with Julian and that she was here tonight with the best of intentions. She told Ned that they should just go home if he didn't believe that. Ned believed her. He confessed that he was excited about the date. Alexis was too.

The date got underway, and the pair was having fun. They both agreed that they were glad they remained friends. Alexis added that when she was with Ned, she didn't have to worry about her house burning down or the waiter shooting at them. Ned looked over her shoulder and told her she may have spoken too soon. Alexis turned around and saw Julian staring at them from the bar. Ned asked if he should leave them alone. Alexis assured him that she didn't orchestrate this, and she told Ned to ignore Julian. Julian walked over. He took Alexis by the arm and told her that they needed to talk. Alexis hissed that she was on a date, but Julian insisted that it couldn't wait. Ned asked Alexis if she was okay with Julian touching her. Julian ordered “Ted” to stay out of it. Ned stood up. He told Julian that his name was Ned and that he wasn't intimidated by him. Ned told Julian that Julian's willingness to sell drugs, carry a gun and accost Alexis didn't make him dangerous or powerful; it made him a thug. Julian scoffed then told Alexis to go with him. Alexis refused. Julian told her that it was important and asked her to give him two minutes. Alexis agreed to give him one, then they stepped away from the table.

Alexis told Julian that this stunt was embarrassing, not impressive. Julian told her he needed to know what her boss had done with his sister. Alexis explained that she and Sonny didn't discuss illegal activities. Julian told Alexis about finding his home riddled with bullet holes, and he plead with her to talk to Sonny. Alexis told Julian she wouldn't make him any promises. She tried to leave, but Julian had stopped her and made it clear that he didn't believe that she was really interested in “that sexless empty suit.” Alexis told Julian that he didn't know anything about Ned. Julian was certain that Ned didn't excite and satisfy Alexis like Julian did and that Ned didn't love Alexis the way Julian did. Julian predicted that after Alexis took Ned for a spin, she'd realize nothing compared to Julian and come back for him. Julian hoped, for Alexis's sake, that he was still waiting around when she came back. Julian told her that she knew where to find him when she realized who she wanted. Alexis thought he sounded sure of himself. “No. I'm sure about you” Julian responded. He told her to have fun, then he left to look for Ava.

Olivia rushed up to Ned's table and sat down. Before Ned could get a word in, she rambled about Dante and Lulu's return and helped herself to Ned and Alexis's bottle of wine. Olivia invited Ned to a movie to celebrate. When Alexis returned, Olivia told her about Dante and Lulu. Alexis mentioned that Olivia was in her seat, then Ned explained that they were on a date. Olivia was embarrassed and she rushed away to get a clean glass for Alexis.

Felicia and Mac were at the police station. Mac spotted a campaign poster for Mayor Lomax on the wall. He took it down and put it in his pocket. Felicia ordered him to put it back. “Not while my beautiful wife is campaigning for mayor” Mac replied. Felicia reminded him that they were there to see Maxie. Mac assured Felicia that he was anxious to see their daughter too. Although Anna had said Maxie was okay, Felicia wouldn't believe it until she had Maxie in her arms. Maxie appeared and they hugged. Mac told Maxie how worried they'd been, and Maxie admitted she nearly lost it when Levi shot Mac. Felicia felt guilty that her past had come back to haunt her daughter, but Maxie assured her it wasn't her fault. Maxie admitted that none of this would have happened if she hadn't fallen in love with Levi. Mac pointed out that Levi was a conman who preyed on Maxie's vulnerability. Maxie noted that her vulnerable state almost got Mac killed and put several other people in danger.

Felicia never wanted to think about the “ridiculous” Aztec treasure again. Maxie didn't think Felicia meant that because the treasure was part of her heritage. Maxie pulled out the dagger Peter Sr. had made from the melted down jewelry and gave it to her mother. Maxie explained that Peter Sr. had planned to kill her with it, but he'd failed, thanks to Nathan. Maxie revealed that she'd stabbed Levi to save Nathan's life. Maxie was upset about having killed someone, so her parents comforted her. Mac raised the subject of Nathan having feelings for Maxie. Maxie explained that Nathan had confessed to falling for her the minute he laid eyes on her. Mac wasn't surprised that Nathan had been drawn to Maxie. Maxie felt that Mac was biased and that he thought she was great, even when she was awful. Felicia tried to assure Maxie that she had lots of great qualities. Maxie added that she lacked insight and intuition which was why she got involved with Levi. Mac thought it was clear that Nathan and Levi were total opposites. Maxie admitted that much was obvious. Maxie felt that Nathan was an amazing person who deserved someone who could trust her instincts. Felicia and Mac wondered if that meant there was no hope for Maxie and Nathan. “I wouldn't go that far” Maxie replied.

Britt was waiting at the station too, standing in the hallway. When Nathan got there, Britt hugged him tight. Britt noticed the cuts on Nathan's face and was concerned he might have a head injury. Nathan assured her that their mother had already checked him out, and he was fine. Britt asked where Obrecht was. Nathan revealed that Anna had her in custody because she had some things to answer to, like his father. Britt chuckled that she and Nathan really hit the jackpot when it came to dads; Britt got a lunatic, and Nathan got Victor Cassadine, a homicidal maniac. Britt thought it explained why Obrecht never told Nathan who his dad was. Nathan noted that it didn't really matter; Victor was dead, and Nathan would never get a chance to get to know him. Britt pointed out that Nathan had other relatives who were still alive. Nathan hadn't thought about what it meant to be a Cassadine. Britt told him that Nik, Spencer, Alexis, and her daughters, were good people. Nathan was affected by all the changes he'd been through this year, but he was sure he'd adapt.

Britt was curious if Nathan had told Maxie how he felt about her. Nathan explained that he had. Britt grinned and asked if it was romantic. Nathan told her that it had been a stressful time and that he'd been focused on trying to keep himself and Maxie alive. Nathan added that Maxie couldn't tell him whether or not she returned his feelings. Britt wondered if Maxie had rocks for brains. She told Nathan that he'd been nothing but patient and chivalrous toward Maxie. Nathan wasn't sure about the “chivalrous” part, but Britt told him she knew two men with that quality – Nathan and Nik. Britt felt that Maxie wasn't worth it if she turned Nathan down after he saved her life. Nathan assured Britt that Maxie was totally worth it. Then he clarified that Maxie didn't turn him down flat. Britt asked if he thought he had a chance with Maxie. Nathan thought back to kissing Maxie, then he told Britt that he wasn't giving up on Maxie just yet. Nik arrived and he thanked Nathan for what he'd done for Lulu and Dante. Nik added that he and Nathan had a lot to talk about. Britt told Nik that Nathan had something more pressing to do right now. Nik assured Nathan that family business could wait, then he said goodbye to his “cousin.” Britt hugged Nathan goodbye and told him she expected a progress report on him and Maxie. Britt and Nik left together.

Nathan went into the squad room and came face to face with Maxie. Maxie's parents wanted her to be with them, so she was spending the night at their place. She told Nathan that he could sleep at her apartment if he didn't mind being surrounded by Levi's stuff. Maxie joked that it was going to be hard not to be around him after they'd spent so much time chained up together. Nathan asked her to have dinner with him tomorrow. Maxie agreed. “So, it's a date?” Nathan asked. Maxie guessed so.

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