GH Update Wednesday 9/24/14

General Hospital Update Wednesday 9/24/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

When Robin discovers that Helena has managed to get into Duke's hotel room after Anna has left and gone to Patrick's, before Robin could find her mom or husband, she explains to Robin that she has found out that they both know that Robin has been doing research for her and her family at Crichton Clark all this while and we can't let them have the means to breach the security of Helena's organization. That's why she has no choice except to take drastic action.

Ava is frantically driving Jordan's car in the dark, after Shawn and Max have almost succeeded in bringing her to Sonny, whom she knows will kill her as soon as her baby is born. She calls Julian and tells him she desperately needs his help. Right then, however, it appears a person has wandered out into the road in the dark. It's very likely Jason, who has jumped out of the car where Helena's men have held him at gunpoint. While distracted and on the phone, Ava cannot stop in time. The unseen person (possibly Jason) falls over as she hits him, knocks him down and we see her run him over while she is horrified and unable to stop before it's too late.

Meanwhile, Morgan is at the Brownstone house, fairly calm and suspecting nothing while he reads: “Being a good dad for dummies”. Kiki returns and he can tell that something “weird” might have occurred when she went to Franco's birthday party.

Carly is happily with Franco after he has proposed to her. They are alone at the Metro Court and she still suspect nothing.

Sonny is at his home when Michael enters and needs to talk to his dad.

Morgan asks Kiki to tell him just exactly what happened at the birthday party that leaves her confused and a bit concerned. She tells him it's complicated but for starters, Franco now knows that his mom slept with his dad.

Carly and Franco are alone and appearing to be happy and intimate. Although he sounds calm and “in love”, he tells her now that they are alone, he can tell her he knows everything that has happened between her and Sonny.

At Sonny's home, he asks Michael to let him know if Franco did something he should be concerned about at the party. Is that the reason why Michael is there?. Michael then admits to his dad that that did in fact happen.

Patrick has revealed to Anna that he happens to know that Robin has been living and working at Crichton Clark. He found that out be accident. So, he tells her, if the place has blown up, Robin could be dead. Anna, however, somehow knows that her daughter is alive and they need not suspect that. They both seem to have no clue, however, what they need to suspect. Patrick tells his mother in law, she has to make calls to the WSB and find out if there were any survivors in the explosion. She demands to know why Robin was there in the first place. Patrick replies she was there because of Jason.

On the dark foggy rural road, Ava gets out of the vehicle and walks over, hysterical when she sees that she has hit and run over a human being. She sobs and panics when she sees this fatal accident she has caused which is too late to prevent.

Morgan asks Kiki how Franco now knows about his parents. She replies she told him when it appeared she had no choice. His “friend” Rosalie thought it would be a good thing to tell Nina who told Franco. Franco saw her at the birthday party, and demanded that she tell him if it were true. She wanted to lie but could not when it was already obvious he knew the truth. She could not lie to his face. And yes. He did do something crazy. He proposed to Carly.

Michael has the same conversation with Sonny who assumes that Carly obviously turned Franco down and made a fool out of him in front of everyone. Michael tells his dad, however, that she did not. She accepted Franco's proposal. In response to that, Sonny is furious and throws a tantrum.

Carly admits to Franco that she realizes he may have seen her talking privately to Sonny before the party (assuming that's the only reason he has to be suspicious). She explains that she and Sonny were merely reminiscing about Jason and missing him on his birthday. She tells Franco she realizes she should have told him about “this” encounter but she did tell Sonny he needed to leave before Franco's party started and she set Sonny straight that she is not interested in him and is committed to Franco. Hearing that and still knowing she has left off a very important detail (She slept with Sonny), Franco asks if she has anything else she'd like to tell him. She replies no still completely unaware of what Franco knows.

When Anna finds out from Patrick that he knows that the last he saw Robin, she was at Crichton Clark attempting to save Jason, she is surprised having heard all this while that Jason was dead. He explains that he was sworn to secrecy about that along with Robin because of the threats of Victor. Robin heard, apparently, there may have been some sort of protocol that could have saved him. Robin had to keep it a secret so that is why she left. Yet, Robin failed to save Jason and yet still somehow “chooses” to be at the clinic at the whim of Victor, Helena and Stavros. Anna is shocked and surprised to find out her daughter has made this choice and that Stavros is still alive when everybody thought otherwise.

Several people now know that Stavros was not killed a year ago as they previously believed. Yet, it appears only Robin knows that Helena is alive.

Helena hears a knock on the door and opens it to see the guys she sent to kidnap Jason. They admit to her, however, that they ran into a problem.
While Ava has hit the man on the street and it appears he's dead, she realizes she can't call 911 because Sonny will find her. So calls Jordan telling her the baby is ok as far as she can tell but she hit someone. He appears to be alive but it “does not look good”. We see the person lying face down on the ground.

Morgan cannot figure out why Franco would propose to Carly after finding out the devastating information that she slept with Sonny. Kiki admits she doesn't understand it either. But what is even stranger, she tells him, is that she accepted and they are now engaged when it appears Carly has no clue that Franco knows about her and Sonny. That could very well be the reason Carly has said yes. Yet they are concerned about what could happen regarding the fact that Carly is completely unaware that Franco knows she slept with Sonny.

At the Metro Court, Franco and Carly are kissing. She still suspects nothing. He tells her that since everything is great between them, there is only one thing to do. She asks what that is. He replies they need to set a wedding date.

Michael tells his dad although he realizes that he and his mom are not a good match and are kind of alike a match and gasoline, he'd rather see Carly with his dad than with Franco. Before Sonny can continue the conversation with his son, Shawn tells him he needs to interrupt. They have a serious problem on their hands that Sonny needs to know about.

On the roadside, Ava calls Jordan and asks her what they should do now that Ava has fatally injured a pedestrian on the street. They wonder if they should check his pulse not really knowing if he is alive or dead, try to save him or do something or if they should select another option.

Helena's “employees” return to their boss and admit that their plan to capture Jason has failed. She is furious. She tells them she knows of only one thing to do now. She asks they guy whom Jason overpowered to hand over his gun. He asks why. She reminds him she does not pay him to ask question. As soon as the gun is in her hand she fires and shoots him dead and he falls to the floor.

Patrick and Anna rush to find out if there is a way to contact Robin and find out if she might have escaped. They know that Emma was Skyping her mom and wonder if they can get a hold of her that way. Patrick then gets on the computer panicking but is able to dial up his wife. He sees her on the screen and she replies. They both breathe a sigh of relief although they haven't a clue where she is.

Helena has left Robin alone to answer their call. However Robin knows because of the death-threats she has made to Robin's family, Robin must tell her husband and mom that everything is ok. Patrick informs her that her mom now knows she is at Crichton Clark. She tells them nothing about what has happened and continues to affirm that Victor, Stavros, Helena and all the people who pose a threat are gone. She has them believing she is currently in Paris. They are very relieved but don't understand how it is that now that she's no longer being held captives by the enemies, there's no reason for her not to return. However, she tells them no. She cannot.

Helena holds a gun on the one guy standing, demanding to know how they could fail to carry out their plan with Jason. He tells her they tried but Mr. Morgan apparently found a way to escape.

After Franco tells Carly he needs to set a date, she remarks that this is really going fast. But he needs her to decide. She then talks about how she has always wanted to be a spring bride. The summer is over. He tells her he doesn't want to wait until next spring. He would like it to be the next month. She tells him then October, it is.

Kiki tells Morgan that she does not want to prevent his mom from marrying Franco. He is concerned, however, that his mom is unaware that Franco knows that she slept with Sonny. He tells her he will agree to keep this secret from how mom, however, only because Kiki has asked him to.. They realize they might need to be more concerned about the secret they are keeping from Michael however

Shawn informs Sonny that Ava has managed to escape. Sonny asks how on earth that could happen. Shawn replies he was ready and nothing was stopping him from bringing Ava back to Sonny until Jordan showed up.

At the scene of the accident, Ava and Jordan realize there are no cops or witnesses and Ava can easily get away with it if Jordan takes the rap for her. She-knows that Ava does not have to be there. It's her car and not Ava's. So she gets on her phone to report an accident. She just struck a man with her car.

Morgan and Kiki agree not to tell Michael “the secret” (Sonny and Carly sleeping together). And once again, Michael walks in on their secret conversation and demands to know what is going on.

Franco reflects to Carly the previous year's Halloween party when they first got together and she admitted her feelings toward him for the first time. He tells her that was the first time he thought they could be together. So what better way to celebrate their marriage than right where it began. So, he suggest, they should have a Halloween wedding.

Shawn admits to Sonny that he was ready to haul Ava out of the apartment and back to him. But out of nowhere, Jordan entered with a gun and somehow convinced him not to do it. Jordan let Ava escape in Jordan's car. He could not endanger Jordan or defy her. Sonny admits he is disappointed that his enforcer let his personal feelings prevent him from doing what they need him to do although he doesn't want to hold it against Shawn realizing all people have loyalties to family and Jordan is TJ's mom. They both admit they wonder where Ava is although they are not too worried having some clue with being able to identify her in Jordan's car. Sonny then assumes that as long as they at least have some clue where Ava is knowing she's driving Jordan's car, they realize she can’t have gone too far away.

Helena talks to the one remaining guard whose life she spared informing him the only reason she hasn't shot him along with his partner is because she needs someone to help her dispose of the body before Anna returns because she can't have the commissioner discovering this in the hotel room.

Robin talks to Anna and Patrick via Skype about the fact that maybe she won't be of much use to them if she comes back. She has abandoned her family and given them no reason to want her back. She's failed to save Jason. She's afraid she's really lost it and has too much emotional damage going on to be of value to the people she loves. Hearing that, Anna tells her daughter she needs to come back and they can help her get through the trauma she as been through in the last 2 years. Patrick reminds her her daughter needs her. Robin tells him not like this she does not. She is broken, she tells her husband and mom. They need to stop and realize that she is trying to be the best mother she can by making this decision. Emma needs stability and support and she cannot give that to her. She has signed and completed the divorce papers and will put them in the mail to Patrick right away. They both protest that she cannot do that. She tells them she loves them both and believes this is for the best. They cannot accept that.
When Michael walks in on a private conversation between Kiki and Morgan, they tell him they were congratulating each other on the awesome job they have done on this place while he's gone during the day at the ELQ office. They all admit now that they know that Carly is engaged to Franco and conclude there's not much they can do about it. Michael then goes out the door alone with Kiki and Morgan is alone in the building.

Sonny tells Shawn he can “forgive” him for losing Ava. He has another, somewhat more pressing concern going on however. Shawn asks what is that. Sonny replies that Carly is now engaged to Franco.

Ava goes to find Morgan when he is alone. He asks her to what he owes this visit. She tells him he needs to help her.

After finishing the conversation with Robin, Anna and Patrick are devastated and cannot understand or figure out why she is making the decision she is making. Even if her marriage with Patrick has ended and she has some personal stuff going on, Port Charles is her home. She has her daughter, her mom, Duke, Mac, Maxie, many friends and family who love her whom she can't abandon and who want her back. This is not only not a good thing. It does not make any sense that Robin would make this decision given what they know about her.

Helena joins Robin in what appears to be a limousine. She happily commends Robin for her “brilliant acting job” and tells her they are on their way to Paris. Robin asks why. Helena explains they can hardly mail her divorce papers from NY after telling Anna and Patrick she is in Paris and wanting them to believe that. Helena reveals that Jason got away and escaped the kidnappers who prevented him from returning home. Hearing that, Robin is pretty confident that Jason will save the day and prevent her from carrying out her plan. Helena somehow knows that will not happen. Yet does she knows that Ava hit him?

Jordan then has the ambulance and cops haul the accident victim away. Yet she realizes she hasn't a clue whom he is.

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