GH Update Tuesday 9/23/14

General Hospital Update Tuesday 9/23/14


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

At the Jerome penthouse, Shawn told Ava it was time to go. Ava begged Shawn and Max not to deliver her to Sonny, the man who was planning to kill her. Shawn and Max were unsympathetic, and Max told her she should have thought about that before she killed Connie. Ava suddenly complained that she was in pain. She clutched her abdomen, then collapsed on the couch, unresponsive. Max and Shawn debated what to do; they weren't sure if she was faking or having a real crisis. Shawn checked Ava's pulse – it was fast, but not extremely so. Max asked if they should take her to the hospital, but Shawn refused to do that and risk Ava getting away. He added that Ava had gone to the hospital last night and she and the baby had gotten a clean bill of health. Max approached Ava, and she jumped up and lunged for his gun. Shawn stopped her, and Max apologized for lowering his guard around Ava. Ava spat that Shawn would be dead if she'd gotten the gun. Shawn had a tight grip on Ava's arm. He tried to drag her out of there, but Ava yelled at him to wait. The pills Sabrina brought her were scattered on the floor, and Ava wanted to get them. Shawn felt that he had things under control, so he sent Max back to Sonny's house to give Sonny an update. Ava insisted that she needed her medication for the baby's sake. Shawn told her that the medicine could be replaced. Jordan walked into the penthouse. She'd seen the bullet holes and was concerned. Shawn spun around, pointed the gun at Jordan and told her to stay out of this because Ava was going with him. Jordan suddenly pulled a gun on Shawn. “The hell she is” Jordan snarled. Shawn told Jordan that she didn't know what Ava did. Ava told Jordan that Sonny wanted to take her baby and kill her. She begged Jordan to help her. Ava tried to connect with Jordan mother to mother and pointed out that the baby would grow up without a mother.

Jordan looked to Shawn for an explanation. Shawn felt that Sonny had the right to protect his future child or grandchild. Jordan told Shawn she refused to let him take a pregnant woman against her will. Shawn told Jordan that they both knew they'd be pitted against each other sooner or later, due to working for warring families. Shawn firmly told Jordan that he was taking Ava. He promised to explain later, and he was sure that Jordan would be on Sonny's side when she heard the truth. Ava plead with Jordan to help her and promised to reward her if she did. Jordan replied that it wasn't about rewards. Jordan told Ava to get her purse and take Jordan's car and go. Jordan confidently stated that Shawn wasn't going to hurt either of them. Ava replied that she had to grab her medication, but Jordan was adamant that there was no time for that. Jordan kept the gun on Shawn with one hand, while she reached into her purse with her other and got her keys. She gave them to Ava, who rushed out. Jordan was appalled with Shawn's behavior. She told him that Ava was worried about the baby and was vulnerable right now. Shawn argued that Ava was a cold-blooded killer who'd never been vulnerable in her life.

Carly, Michael, Bobbie, Kiki and Scotty were gathered at the Metro Court to celebrate Franco's birthday. Carly finished her toast by saying she hoped Franco could see how much he meant to everyone in the room. Franco announced that he'd like to say something too. Kiki, who'd just told Franco that Carly slept with Sonny, was worried about what Franco was about to say. She asked Franco if he was sure he wanted to do this. Franco stated that he was. Kiki gripped Michael's hand so tightly that he pulled it away. Franco thanked Carly for giving him such a memorable birthday, and he predicted that none of them would ever forget it, either. “You have done so much to me.” Franco told Carly, before corrected himself and saying “you have done so much for me.” Franco said that he wanted to repay Carly. Carly looked nervous. Franco added that this wasn't just about Carly; it was about Bobbie too. Franco explained that Bobbie had assured him that his suspicions about Carly and Sonny were wrong and had encouraged him to apologize to Carly. Bobbie stammered that she remembered. Franco added that Michael would be the one who was most effected by what he had to say. Everyone was confused about what Franco was getting at. Carly suggested that they do this another time, but Franco insisted. Franco acknowledged that Michael hated him. Franco suspected that Michael didn't want Carly to be with Franco because Michael wanted his parents back together instead. Franco predicted that Michael's feelings would soon change. Carly interjected that they were getting off track and that the waiters were waiting to serve them. Franco announced that this was difficult to say, but he hoped it wouldn't be difficult for Carly to hear. Everyone was stunned when Franco asked Carly to marry him.

Franco admitted that he hadn't planned on doing this. He didn't even have a ring, but he promised to get one that symbolized his commitment to her. Franco told Carly that she'd been loving, caring and kind. He stated that he couldn't' think of a better way to show how much he loved her than to ask her to spend the rest of her life with him. Franco thought that this gesture might prove to Bobbie and Michael that he didn't want to hurt Carly and that he just wanted to be as good to her as she was to him. Franco got down on one knee. Carly looked shocked. “This is crazy” Carly said. Franco didn't understand why it was crazy for her to marry the man she loved. Carly remembered Sonny telling her that she and Sonny belonged together. Franco admitted he made a mistake when he'd been all over her about Sonny. He asked her if she was hesitating because of Sonny. Carly was adamant that Sonny had nothing to do with it. Franco asked if Carly was worried she'd alienate Michael. Michael added that Morgan wouldn't approve either. Franco asked Michael if he didn't want Carly to be happy. Michael wanted his mother to be happy, but he wasn't sure she'd be happy with Franco. Carly remembered telling Sonny that being with Sonny was too painful and that she loved him too much to put him through it again. Back in the present, she accepted Franco's proposal. Franco raised a glass to himself and Carly. He noted that Carly took a long time to accept. Carly explained that she was caught off guard. Everyone glanced around awkwardly, then Scott congratulated the couple. Michael quietly asked Kiki why she didn't seem happy for Franco. Kiki insisted that she was happy for Franco; she was just surprised. She excused herself to talk to Franco. While Kiki took Franco aside, Carly went over to Michael. He asked if she knew what she was doing. Carly noted that Michael sounded like Jason. In a cheerful tone, she told Michael that this was for the best. Michael told his mom he wanted her to be happy, and he asked her if she knew what she was getting into. Next, Bobbie approached Carly. Carly asked Bobbie to be happy for her. Bobbie stated that even if she could get past her problems with Franco, she was concerned that Carly wasn't finished with Sonny.

Kiki wanted Franco to explain why he proposed to Carly after finding out she cheated on him. Franco reminded Kiki that she said Carly swore that it was a one time thing. Franco was sure that Carly wouldn't have accepted his proposal unless she was done with Sonny. Kiki asked if Franco proposed to get confirmation that the affair wasn't ongoing. Franco said no. Franco loved Carly and wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. He asked Kiki not to tell anyone that she told him about the one night stand.

Sam looked at an old picture of Sonny and Jason. She couldn't believe he'd been gone almost two years. Sonny wished he could have killed Faison himself. Sam told him he would have had to get in line. Sonny was glad that Faison was locked up, and he hoped that Jason was at peace. Meanwhile, Jason was on Sonny's doorstep. He was about to knock when one of Helena's men jammed a gun into his side. Back inside, Sonny admitted he'd had a crazy year and that he missed being able to call Jason and have Jason talk him down. Sam understood. She told Sonny that she'd struggled to put Jason behind her, and she thought she had when she got involved with Silas, but that didn't work out. Now Sam felt like she'd taken a step backward and gone back to Jason again. Sonny told Sam that Jason would want her to be happy. Sam decided to go. As Sonny walked Sam out, she mentioned that it had been two years and she still hadn't been able to put Jason to rest. Sonny told her that there was no set timetable. He added that he thought about Connie all the time. According to Sonny, Jason was the best man he knew and he'd bring him back in a second if he would. He assured Sam that no one expected her to forget about Jason. Sam and Sonny agreed that they enjoyed being able to talk to each other about Jason. Back outside, Jason pulled out the scalpel Robin gave him. The man warned Jason that Sonny's guards weren't around and that the property was surrounded by Helena's people. The man added that Jason's wife Sam was inside and that she and Sonny would be killed if Jason tried anything. Jason dropped the scalpel and went with his captor.

Sam thought they should celebrate Jason's birthday, even though he never wanted to. Sam wanted to show Sonny a picture of Danny. While Sam looked for the picture, Gus, one of Sonny's men, came in through the side door. Sonny asked Sam to stay, then he excused himself. The guard filled Sonny in on what happened at Ava's and added that everything was on track. Sonny went back into the foyer, and Sam told him she couldn't find the pictures. They opened the door, and Sonny found the scalpel. Sam didn't think it had been there when she came in. She wondered if it was left there as some kind of message to Sonny. Sam was concerned about Sonny's safety, and she asked when the rest of his guards would be back. Sonny didn't know why the scalpel was there. He assured Sam that he'd be fine and that he'd have Gus check the grounds. They hugged goodbye and she left.

Max arrived at Sonny's and saw Sonny with the scalpel. Sonny told Max that someone must have approached the house and left it there. Max told him that all the guards were back now, so it wouldn't happen again. Max told Sonny about the altercation with the Jerome guards and Ava's attempt to escape. Max was confident that nothing else would go wrong, now. Max saw the picture of Sonny and Jason. Max remembered that it was Jason's birthday and he told Sonny that he once made the mistake of buying Jason a present. Sonny recalled that Jason hated being the center of attention. Max knew it was hard for Sonny. Sonny added that it was harder for Sam. Max assumed it was hard for “Mrs. C, too.” Max explained that Carly would always be Mrs. C to him, even if she had married Jax. Sonny and Max shared a drink and toasted to Jason.

Patrick was on his couch checking Emma's homework while she got ready for bed. She walked into the room, and he told her to get into bed and he'd come read her a story. Emma wanted to sleep in Patrick's bed again. Patrick gently explained that Elizabeth let Emma sleep there last night because Emma was upset about Robin. Patrick told Emma that she was a big girl and that he and Robin wanted her to sleep in her own bed. “How do you know what Mommy wants?” Emma snapped. Patrick sensed something was wrong and asked Emma about it. Emma revealed that she'd gotten up last night and overheard Patrick tell Liz that Robin hadn't signed the divorce papers yet. Patrick grew tense, and he asked Emma what else she overheard. Emma hadn't heard the rest of the conversation. Patrick told Emma that she wasn't supposed to eavesdrop. Emma suggested that Robin didn't want a divorce and that she wanted to come home to them.

Anna dropped by and told Patrick that Maxie, Lulu, Dante and Nathan had been rescued. Patrick told Emma that her grandma was a superhero. The sullen Emma shrugged. Patrick quietly told Anna that Emma missed Robin and was taking it out on him. Anna walked over to Emma. She gave her a hug and kiss and told her she missed Robin too. Anna asked Emma if she wanted to talk about it. Emma explained that she wanted to sleep in her mom and dad's bed. Anna looked at Patrick for guidance, and he slightly shook his head no. Anna told Emma that she understood that Emma wanted to sleep in Robin's bed to feel close to her. Anna had brought Emma a gift – a book. Anna explained that it was a big girl book, for kids who sleep in their own beds. Anna suggested that Emma go get in bed, then Anna would read her a chapter of the book. Emma guessed that would be okay. She said goodnight to Patrick. He picked her up and told her he was sorry she was sad and that she missed Robin.

Robin went to Duke and Anna's suite at the Metro Court and knocked on the door. Helena answered. Robin was dismayed to see that Helena survived the explosion. Helena mentioned that she was impressed with Jason; she thought he was like a well oiled machine, the way he quickly fired off two kill shots. Robin wished that Jason would have had a third bullet to use on Helena. Helena told Robin that she shouldn't have run. Helena was annoyed that she'd been forced to return to Port Charles. Robin pushed past Helena and called out for Anna and Duke. She searched the suite and promised to make Helena regret it if she'd hurt Anna. Helena explained that she had waited until Anna, Duke and Lucy left before entering Anna's home. Robin grabbed a phone to call the police. Helena revealed that she had people watching the Scorpio-Drake home, who would kill Emma and Patrick if Robin didn't cooperate. Robin didn't buy it, so Helena flipped on a monitor that showed a live feed of Robin's home. Robin saw and heard Patrick telling Anna that Emma thought Robin didn't want a divorce and that she wanted to come home. “I do really want to come home,” Robin said. Helena told Robin it was her choice as to whether her family lived or died. Robin hung up the phone, but she told Helena that she forgot something – Jason was still out there. Robin was confident that Jason would come find her and that he'd have a fully loaded gun this time. Robin looked crushed when Helena told her that Jason had been kidnapped again and was being taken to a secure holding facility. Robin was sure that Helena wouldn't be able to hold Jason, but Helena was confident that she could make Jason cooperate. . Robin wanted to know what Helena wanted from them. She asked if it wasn't enough that Robin brought her back to life. Robin pointed out that she and Jason had lost years of their lives and she told Helena to let them go. Helena refused because she had big plans for them.

Jason was in the back seat of a car. The man riding next to him had a gun against Jason's side. The driver told Jason he was glad Jason cooperated because they had orders to return Jason unharmed. The driver told Jason that Helena had Robin. He wasn't sure if Robin was going to be in charge of Jason's medical treatment or if she was a hostage who'd be used to ensure Jason's cooperation. Jason suddenly attacked the man next to him, then he opened the door and dove out of the moving car.

Anna apologized for not returning Patrick's calls. Patrick understood. Anna asked if he'd been calling about Emma, and Patrick explained that he'd called her to discuss the case he and Sam were working on. Just then, Sam arrived and she told Patrick that Sonny saw Spencer with Luke the day of AJ's funeral and that Spencer had been leaving Sonny urgent messages. However, Sonny didn't think Luke was trying to take him down. Anna was curious what they were talking about, so they told her the whole story. Anna found it difficult to believe that Luke was behind the accident, but she confided that Luke was the subject of a criminal investigation. Anna explained that she wasn't at liberty to go into detail. Patrick sensed that he and Sam were on the right track. Sam left, and Patrick asked Anna if there was a lot of evidence against Luke. Anna explained that Dante had to put the investigation on hold because Lulu was kidnapped but she was sure he'd keep working on it once he'd recovered from his ordeal at Crichton Clark. Patrick asked if she was talking about the clinic in Scarsdale, and he asked what happened. Anna told him about the explosion. Patrick looked sickened, and he asked if Robin got out. Anna was confused, and Patrick told her that Robin had been living and working at the clinic.

The distraught Ava called Julian as she drove down the road. She got his voicemail, and she told him everything that happened and begged him to help her go somewhere that Sonny couldn't find her. Ava wasn't paying attention to the road. Meanwhile, Jason was on the shoulder of the road. He was in bad shape after his escape. He stumbled out into the middle of the road. Ava looked up and screamed when she realized she was about to hit him.

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