GH Update Monday 9/22/14

General Hospital Update Monday 9/22/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

After the Crichton-Clark Clinic has blown up, Robin is unscathed and driving out of Scarsdale with Jason in her car, but he's unable to talk due to the tube that's been down his throat helping him breathe. They're happy to have gotten away and look forward to returning to Port Charles.

At the Metro Court, Sonny believes he's alone with Carly and tells her she needs to know that they “belong together” although he knows she is planning a birthday party for Franco and telling Sonny she is not interested in him. Little do they know that Franco is not far away observing and overhearing. As soon as Sonny gets on the elevator and departs, Franco finds Carly. She reveals she is “startled” to see him. He appears no less suspicious after what he has heard from Nina. He tells her she looks like he is not the person she is hoping to see.

Sam is alone in her apartment thinking about Jason, almost as if she somehow knows he is not far away.

Morgan has just left Ava's apartment. Shawn, Max and the others are outside and ready to abduct Ava, as Sonny has instructed. Inside, Ava suspects nothing.

While Robin drives with Jason in her car, relieved she will no longer have to live in fear of Victor, Stavros, Helena or the clinic, she is concerned knowing Jason is alive but not entirely well. He does not speak nor do we see him. She remarks she can tell he is running a fever and he is burning up. We see a road sign telling them they are only 30 miles away from Port Charles. She remarks she can't wait for both of them to return home although she realizes it will be complicated for others to see them return after they've both been away this long and under these circumstances.

Outside Ava's apartment, her two guards talk privately about their possibly conflicting plans regarding whether to follow Morgan and the fact that he is Sonny Corinthos' kid. As soon as they are off the elevator and on the ground floor, Shawn, Max and the others point their pistols at them and demand they freeze and desist.

Ava gets a call from Kiki telling her she wanted to check in after hearing her mom was not feeling well. Ava tells her daughter it's sweet of her for asking but the doctor prescribed a nice and very safe drug for her (so she believes)and she's sure she will be all better in the morning.

While Robin drives, she tells a silent and unseen Jason that she knows that Victor and the others have done damage to him but they have a lot to be grateful for. She tells him she realizes when they get home, they will surprise Sam and many others with the fact that he is alive

Sonny goes to Sam's apartment. It seems they both miss Jason and somehow know he's not far away.

Robin tells Jason they have to realize it's not guaranteed that their enemies are really gone knowing how many times Helena rises from the dead and all that Victor is capable of.

Anna is on the phone, outside Duke's room, talking to Robert about the fact that Obrecht is onto the fact that they killed Faison. And if they antagonize her, Obrecht will make the moves to get them in trouble for that. She walks into Duke's room, assuming he is alone and waiting for her. However, she sees him on his couch looking very cozy having a drink with Lucy.

Bobbie leaves Scott Baldwin's room and affirms that she really doesn't want to spend any more time with him.

When Franco arrives at the party before it starts and they are all alone, Carly kisses him and tells him how happy she is to see him. He smiles and asks her if there is anything going on there that he is not supposed to be seeing. She tells him she was just going over the details with the staff although he knows there is no staff and it appears there are no guests. She asks him if he is afraid that this party is going to be a flop. She assures him he need not worry about that because she knows Kiki is coming. Carly tells him she has not heard back from his father but is certain he will attend. She also asks Franco if he's invited his friend, Nina. Franco tells her that he doesn't think Nina has any interest in attending. Carly asks him why. He blurts out to Carly it's because Nina knows all about her (all about Carly.). Hearing that, Carly is puzzled and baffled to hear this sudden, unexpected and blatant negativity from Franco in making that comment.

When Anna enters the room and knows she is overheard by Duke and Lucy while she's on the phone, she has them believing she's talking to Robin, instead of revealing her very “private” conversation with Robert. Lucy acts a bit nervous and wants to assure Anna that there is nothing “going on”. Duke admits that he was comforting Lucy when she was in a personal issue. Lucy admits it's regarding that hideous nasty shrew, Bobbie Spencer. They remarks that they've heard that Anna has successfully gone to bring back the 4 missing people and she's very happy that the two detectives and the two women back at home and safe and sound.

Scott invites Bobbie into his room and asks her why she is “being like this”. She replies because she does not like being strung along and she does not like being “invested” in someone who has whatever it is he has going on right now. She knows he is secretly pining for Lucy although he denies it. She tells him he's always weaseling out of making a decision. He always finds a way to “dodge” things. He tells her he is not and asks her why she lied to Franco that night when she had dinner with him, telling his son she was not with Scott when she was. He needs to know the reason why.

Carly tells Franco she knows there is nothing going on between him and Nina (assuming that his issue has nothing to do with suspicion about her and Sonny). He tells her of course there is nothing going on between himself and Nina and he adds not unlike herself and Sonny.

Sam admits to Sonny she wants to talk to him about something other than Jason.

Outside Ava's apartment, Sonny's men fight with Ava's men.

In Robin's car, she talks about how she will soon be able to hold her little girl in her arms again. She then recalls that Jason does not even know that Danny is not Franco's, as he'd previously been told before he died. She is elated for Jason to now know that Danny is his own son. However, she is worried that they are being followed as they drive through the night. She remarks that after the car followed her making 3 turns, her parents always told her it's something to beware of. She makes another turn. The car appears not to follow her when she remarks that was a “nice try” and that she's not the daughter of spies for nothing.

Sam informs Sonny that she has been investigating the hit and run accident that Rafe caused and finding out who put him up to killing Patrick's son. She admits what she has heard is shocking but asks Sonny if he thinks it's possible that Luke would work with the Jeromes to bring down his organization.

Max enters Ava's apartment after she's gone to her bedroom and it appears she cannot see him enter her living room. However, she goes behind him, breaks a glass, knocks him how while he is unsuspecting and she runs out with her purse in hand.

Kiki and Michael arrive at Franco's party. Carly greets them and then leaves Franco alone with Kiki. While Michael goes to help her prepare the drinks in the other room. When they are alone, Kiki asks Franco what is up, knowing something is going on with him.

In response to Scott's asking Bobbie why Franco informed him and is really interested in the fact that she denied being with Scott the night in question and told him she was with Carly, which was not true, she tells Scott she doesn't know and doesn't really care why Franco said that. Perhaps Franco is his mother's son and asking his father absurd questions because he's cuckoo. Scott tells her although that is a theory to consider, he still thinks it's very fishy that she would tell him that she was not with his father. Is there something going on or some sort of cover-up she's involve in?

Duke sits holding hands with Anna and informs her that Lucy is involved in this “entanglement” with Bobbie and our “illustrious D.A.” Anna finds that surprising and asks Lucy why she would value a low life criminal and sleazeball like Scott Baldwin. Lucy admits that she does not like the fact that Bobbie Spencer does not realize that Scott is her (Lucy's) sleazeball. Anna then encourages her to go and give them a piece of her mind. She leaves, hugs Duke good bye and heads out the door. Alone with Anna, Duke affirms he wants her back. They are at last alone

Lucy then goes to see Scott while Bobbie is there. She tells them that the three of them are going to settle this once and for all.

Kiki takes Franco aside and asks him what is up if he wants to talk or what is going on. He blurts out, without any hesitation the question of whether Carly slept with Sonny.

Anna and Duke share a night cap. While they have a drink, he remarks that maybe now that Coleman is gone, he wonders if Mac might hire him to make drinks at his bar. He realizes he is unemployed. He is also not worried about Faison ruining their lives. She, however, realizes she is keeping a secret from him regarding Faison.

Lucy tells Scott he cannot string both herself and Bobbie alone. He has to make his choice. When he is silent, she considers the possibility that he has already decided. However, Bobbie assures Lucy he is still stringing them both along. At that point, it appears the two women are siding together against Scott, ganging up on him, both admitting they agree and share the same discontented feelings toward his indecision toward both of them. Lucy first tells him if he does not choose one and dismiss the other, she is gone. Bobbie praises her for doing that and tells Scott the same or else she is out of his life. He then admits he's been very disrespectful toward both of them and cares very deeply about the two of them. He realizes that however, if we do this “someone” is going to get hurt. So here we go, he tells them.

After Franco privately asks Kiki if Carly and Sonny slept together, she asks why he would think something like that. He tells her that Nina has a nurse who overheard her and Morgan talking and believes that is what she heard. He admits to Kiki that although he heard that and had his suspicions, he intended to take the high road. However, when he walks in here, Carly lies to his face. He tells his “would-be” daughter, if she knows something, to tell him urging her to reveal the truth. Kiki then tells him she thinks he should just go with his first instinct and let it go. However, he reminds her that he needs the truth and reminds her that she came through for him when no one else in this world would come through for him. He needs her to do that for him again and be honest with him. She then tells him if he is happy with Carly, he needs to forget about what he heard or what he thought. He should not listen to Rosalie. Franco firmly tells her that he needs to know once and for all. She then admits that it's true. Carly and Sonny did in fact sleep together.

Alone with Michael, Carly thanks her son for helping get the party ready knowing he does not entirely approve of her relationship with Franco. He tells her he realizes that Franco's birthday is also Jason's birthday. He still misses his friend, Jason.

While Robin drives, she tells Jason she knows if any of their enemies are tailing them, they cannot risk putting Danny or Emma or anyone they love in danger. They have to stay safe. So, she suggests, they need to go to Sonny's.

When Sam asks Sonny what he knows or might have heard about the suspicion surrounding Luke, he mentions that he does recall a conversation he had with Spencer Cassadine regarding that. She asks if he thinks that Luke is silencing Spencer.

It appears one of Ava's guards is now siding with Sonny's men. Shawn firmly declares that she and the baby are coming with his men. Max comes to and follows them out. However, all the other former allies of her pull guns on Sonny's men and demand they let Ava go. Each demands the other drops their weapon but neither does. Shots get fired. Max and Shawn get Ava safely into the apartment but shoot at her guards. We then see that her guards may be out-numbered.

Sonny tells Sam he and Luke are great friends, have had their differences but are like family. He tells her that Luke always has an angle and he does not see why he would have one here. He does however, assure Sam he will keep his eyes open and encourages her to do the same.

While driving, Robin tells Jason that once they know they are safe, Sam and all others will know that he is alive and she reflects how happy Sam will be to see him.

At the Metro Court, Michael reflects to his mom how much he and Morgan and everyone loved Jason remembering all he did for them. Carly hugs her son and cries.

In Robin's car, still silent and unseen, Jason pulls out his gun but indicates he is out of ammunition. She has a plan that she will get to her home. At that point, she wants him to drive to Sonny's and take action against Helena and all of their enemies.

Lucy returns to Anna and Duke, crying hysterically and broken-hearted over Scott's choice to select Bobbie over her. It's the end of Anna and Duke's private and intimate night together.

In the other room, Bobbie and Scott kiss. He tells her that he chose her over Bobbie because what he always had with her was trust and honesty. They decide to go together to her daughter's and his son's party.

Kiki admits to Franco that although he wants her to tell him everything she knows, she does not know anything except it was a one time thing and they know it was wrong. The only reason she never told him was because Carly told her she made a serious mistake and assured her it would never happen again. She did not want to hurt him and made certain not to tell Michael because she knew that Michael would tell Franco right away. Hearing that, Franco smirks hearing about a secret that Michael was about to reveal to him. He talks about how he has forced himself to keep a very significant “secret” from Michael. Hearing that, Kiki asks what that would be. He turns his back not certain if he should drop the bomb shell and reveal the answer to that question to her They then return, together to Carly's party. Carly thanks all of her guests for coming and wants to announce to everyone what a fascinating and wonderful man he is. She tells him that people view them both as notorious monsters and that is why she believes they fit so well. She turns to face her mom and his dad and smiles suspecting nothing. She talks about how she was fortunate to have people who let her into their hearts and that is how she found Franco. She let him into her heart and could not imagine her life without him. She tells him this dinner and this toast is a small gesture and she wants everyone in this room to know how much he means to her. He then looks at her but hot happily, remarking about this “very moving tribute”. He tells them he has some things he intends to say.

Ava knows she is at the mercy of Sonny's men, so she falls forward indicating she is having pains and is afraid something is happening to the baby. They've already told her that she will only live until the baby is born and then Sonny will kill her. They assume she is faking her pains and nothing has happened to the baby. Ava appears to have fainted on the sofa.

Robin rushes to find her mom at the Metro Court. She knocks on the door but there is no answer.

Sam and Sonny talk about how they would both like to kill Faison themselves for what he did to Jason. Little do they know, he is right outside Sonny's door.

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