GH Update Friday 9/19/14

General Hospital Update Friday 9/19/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Franco meets Nina in the hospital art room before their appointment and expresses to her that he is so in love with Carly, knows she loves him and would never cheat on him nor give him a reason not to trust her. He feels like such an idiot to have even considered accusing her of sleeping with Sonny. Nina, however, remembers hearing otherwise from Rosalie and Morgan regarding the fact that they did in fact, sleep together and that Carly is swearing Kiki to secrecy by not telling Franco. Remembering that and affirming that she knows all too well what it's like to be cheated upon and lied to and that Franco is her friend to whom she owes loyalty, she stand up and tells him that she has something she must tell him. She tells him she's afraid he will not want to hear it but knows she must tell him.

Kiki goes to the Metro Court for Franco's birthday party when she sees Sonny and Carly together and assumes she knows what is going on.

As Michael is alone at the brownstone, he gets an unexpected visit from Rosalie wearing a skintight red dress. We then remember Nina demanding that she “makes a play” for Michael and break up his relationship with Kiki.

Sonny can see that Carly is worried Kiki will have means, motive and opportunity to “spill the beans” to Franco about knowing Carly and Sonny slept together. He is not worried however and asks Kiki to sit with him so they may discuss what she may presently know about her mother. She tells him that it's unlikely he will get any face time with Ava so if he wants to talk to her, the best way might be with email although she knows Sonny won't be ok with that.

Shawn, Max and another guy are armed with guns and ready to surround Ava's home to prevent her from hiding from Sonny. Shawn announces that Sonny gave them the word that Ava will finally get what is coming to her.

Sabrina sits alone at the hospital chapel, lights candles and speaks to her deceased son, Gabriel, telling him she has not forgotten about him and that she is going to make the person who took him from her pay. She looks at the prescription medication she delivered to Ava the previous night with her “apology” and she remarks that Ava Jerome will feel pain like she has never known

Ava is alone at her home, suspecting nothing about the prescription drug Sabrina delivered to her the previous night and takes them with water. She declares to her unborn baby that they will now be in peace with no more Sabrina or stress until her baby is born.

Sabrina promises baby Gabriel that they will get justice for what Ava has done to them. She declares it will not be long now until Ava knows the pain that they have felt. She then remembers after the drop-in appointment at the hospital Ava had with her not long ago, talking to the doctor about delivering a prescription drug to Ava herself, that she “forgot” to give her. The doctor suspected nothing and trusted Sabrina to deliver the drug that he prescribed and not what she has actually given to Ava. We see it's Misoprostol, the abortion drug.

As Ava is in her home alone, suddenly her guard enters and forewarns her that “someone” who appears to be suspicious is in the building. She immediately suspects it's somebody Sonny has sent. While Shawn and the guys are downstairs plotting their plan to “bring” Ava to Sonny, the guard standing outside Ava's apartment brings the guy he's caught inside. As soon as she sees his face, Ava is really surprised to see that it's Morgan. She asks him what is up with his coming to see her secretly.

At the Metro Court, both Sonny and Carly are wondering whether or not Kiki reveals to Franco that they slept together and what it will mean to them both if she does or if she does not.

After Franco asks Nina what it is she believes she has to tell him which he won't want to hear, she does not quite spit out to him that he's incorrect to believe Carly has not slept with Sonny because she knows otherwise. She tells him that she understands betrayal all too well so she thought she had to tell him “something”. Hearing that, he instantly assumes that she's referring to their conversation a few weeks ago when she “mistakenly” jumped to conclusions when she saw Sonny and Carly kissing in the parking garage. He talks about how he did not realize that Sonny was making a desperate attempt to get Carly back and she told him to get lost. He not only believes that but remembers the more recent experience he had returning to Carly's home and accusing her of lying and sleeping with Sonny when she said she had Bobbie over. He knows that was absurd. Hearing that, Nina interjects that maybe he is “not getting the whole story”. She reminds him that his own father could not “confirm” what Carly said. He tells her he knows that Scotty was just protecting Bobbie's honor and he completely believes that she was with Carly and Sonny was not. Nina then tells Franco he needs to hear what she heard from Rosalie.

Michael is alone at the house without Kiki and Rosalie tells him that he might want to consider that Kiki and Morgan are keeping a secret from him.

At the Metro Court, as Franco's party is underway. Kiki tells Sonny and Carly she needs to excuse herself and pick up Michael so they can attend Franco's party together. Alone with Sonny, Carly tells her ex that although they have a relationship of co-parenting, they are divorced. She reminds him that he has his own issue involving Ava. He tells her that he is “taking back Ava today”.

When Ava discovers Morgan has been “at large” outside her apartment door, she asks her guards to “un-arm” him and let them talk alone. She asks Morgan if she can get him anything and apologizes if the guys were rough with him. She tells him they are protecting her knowing one can never be too careful these days. He asks if she is concerned about his dad and specifically asks her if she might want to shed some light upon the reason she was living with Sonny and why she fled against his dad's wishes?

Sabrina remembers how she was able to persuade a pharmacist to fill the prescription for her although she “forgot” what she needed by telling him that she's afraid she will be in trouble with Dr. Obrecht if her boss finds out she misplaced a patient's prescription. Although the pharmacist, initially, did not want to help her, as soon as he hears “Obrecht” spoken, he replied: “why didn't you say so?” to Sabrina and hustles to cover for her. Little does he know what he has really helped Sabrina accomplish by doing this, however. She holds the bottle in her hand in the chapel and confirms she get a dosage strong enough to induce pre-mature labor for Ava.

While Morgan is talking to Ava at her apartment, he informs her that he had a discussion with his father where Sonny revealed he has some secret with Ava regarding “something she did”. He wouldn't mind knowing what that might be. She tells him she does not want him to bear the burden of having him knowing about this “very complicated thing”. He asks her if that is the reason Sonny had her stay with him. He now realizes that she and his father were not willfully staying together nor “involved” after he first learned she was pregnant. She confirms that he is correct that she was holding something over Sonny and he had to keep her quiet. At that point, she might be successfully manipulating Morgan into believing she is all alone and needs his “protection”.

Rosalie continues to indicate to Michael that Kiki and Morgan are keeping a secret from him. Kiki walks in, overhears their conversation and asks what they are talking about.

At the Metro Court, after Sonny reveals to Carly his “plan” of keeping Ava under his thumb, he realizes that it could ruin his relationship with Morgan all over again if Ava stays at Sonny's home, knowing he can't explain to his son the reason why. So, he explains to Carly, he plans to have Ava “stashed” somewhere else. And when he finally executes his “plan” (to kill Ava), he'll be able to convince Morgan and all others that she just escaped, disappeared and is out of sight and out of mind. And that way, nobody will question it after the baby is born. Yet they wonder if the baby should disappear also or be raised by him or Morgan.

Nina admits to Franco that she has heard from a reliable source that Sonny and Carly did, in fact, sleep together.

Outside Ava's building, Shawn and Max are able to tell that Morgan is inside her apartment so they can't execute their plan to do what Sonny expects of them quite yet. He tells the guys they have to wait and then make their move after Morgan is “cleared”.

Inside the building and outside the apartment, Ava's guards carefully monitor but suspect nothing while Morgan and Ava talk privately inside. She holds his hand and tells him she realizes he “does not have to stay”. He tells her they cannot “go back”. However, he tells her, maybe they can “go forward” with the baby. He tells her although he does not know whether the kid is his or not, he knows he needs to be responsible and not a dead-beat. She tells him the baby would be lucky to have him in it's life. He admits that Kiki set him straight when they discussed it recently that he can't abandon her mother when he might be the father of her baby. While they talk cordially, he tells her it would really help him if she would have a paternity test.

Franco angrily demands to know how Nina could tell him that his girlfriend is cheating on him. She protests that she is his friend and knows all too well how painful betrayal is and wants him to know the truth. He tells her that Rosalie must have misunderstood when she made that conclusion about Sonny and Carly. Nina tells him then he should go to Kiki himself and hear it directly from the source if he has any questions.

Kiki asks Michael and Rosalie just what kind of “secret” they believe she has going with Morgan. She asks Rosalie why she was eavesdropping upon something that's none of her business and which she may not even know accurate information about it. Kiki knows she does not want to reveal to them that she knows Sonny and Carly slept together and, instead, bluffs that the secret she was discussing with Morgan was planning hers' and Michael's year anniversary. That's what she was doing. So, she tells Rosalie, she can be credited for ruining that also.

Sabrina recalls successfully getting the pharmacist to fill the prescription intended for Ava along with her “lost” prescription for Misoprostol without questioning it, by using the “fear of reprimand from Obrecht the bitch” as an alibi. Then, soon as she was alone, she put Ava's intended prescription drug in the trash and filled the empty bottle with the Misoprostol, with no one being the wiser. She then remembers going to Ava's home and graciously giving her the drug which she now knows will end the pregnancy before Ava has any clue of that.

After Morgan urges Ava to consider getting a paternity test, she tells him she realizes it would help many people to find out whom her baby's father is. Yet, she's very worried about any invasive procedure hurting the baby, sharing with him that she had an issue that caused her to need Jordan to take her to the emergency Ob/Gyn the other day. Morgan listens intently to that and hears her talk about how she is all alone without anyone helping her. She “appeals” to Morgan and completely manipulates him by telling him, for what it's worth, she hopes he's the baby's father and whether he is or not, she wants him in the baby's life. She deeply regrets hurting him and hopes he can love their baby and they can become close again and put all the negative feelings behind them as she assures Morgan how important and special he will always be to her. He seems to be really moved by hearing that.

After Rosalie leaves, Kiki expresses to Michael that she does not like her. He tells her he does not dislike Rosalie and wonders why Kiki does. Hearing that, Kiki becomes angry that he would defend that woman who is fake, not to be trusted, has the gall to tell him that Kiki and Morgan are keeping something from him. She doesn't even know them yet makes this assumption and then has the nerve to say she wasn't trying to cause any trouble. Hearing that, Michael concludes that Rosalie cannot “cause any trouble” if there is no trouble to make and asks Kiki if that is correct. She confirms yes but walks away and turns her back to her boyfriend, indicating otherwise.

Nina tells Franco if he would trust Kiki to tell the truth, then he should know that she will not lie to him. He tells her he is not going to do that. He is not going to question Kiki nor be a victim of his own paranoia. That is the “old” Franco. The “new” Franco is evolved and is going to drop it. He informs Nina that today is his birthday and he'd like to invite her to the party Carly is having for him. She tells him she appreciates the invitation but has to decline it because she has “plans” with Silas. Hearing that, he walks away and although he hides it, he is clearly infuriated.

Carly confirms to Sonny that even if he does not care about Franco or his birthday, he needs to know that it is also Jason's birthday. Hearing and remembering that, Sonny is in awe and remembers that Jason has been gone for 2 years. They all miss Jason. He can see that Carly is ready to cry about the loss of Jason. He holds her.

Ava thanks Morgan for coming and expresses it was so good to see him. He leaves and urges her to take care of herself and her baby. He leaves. Shawn then gets a text to confirm that Morgan is gone and they now have the “green light” to make their move with Ava.

Sabrina sits alone and declares she is now lighting a candle for Ava's baby. She cries when she admits she does not want an innocent baby to die, feel pain or never know a mother's love. None of this is Ava's baby's fault. But it's not Gabriel's fault either and he had to pay the price. She tells her son she's sorry but she had to do what she did. He deserves retribution and so does Ava. She blows her he candle and walks out of the chapel.

Ava is alone in her apartment suspecting nothing and assuring her baby she is ok. She knows she can deal with Sonny. Morgan will come around. Everything will be fine.

Rosalie returns to Nina and admits she is infuriated to have gone to attempt to do what Nina asked her to do with Michael only to have his “bitch” girlfriend had to get in her face and deny the secret. She cornered Kiki but she had to make up this thing to Michael to have him believe the secret was about planning their anniversary. She knows Michael is not so stupid that he would believe that. Hearing that, Nina asks what is with all the women in this town. They are all liars. She admits that she revealed a lie to Franco and she thinks he realizes he's been lied to although he may deny it. She knows she is not “drinking the same water” as all of the women who lie. She is coming clean and realizing the truth.

At the Metro Court, Carly tells Sonny she loves him too much to see him hurt. She tells him she wants to “let things go” as she tells Sonny things are really good between her and Franco, and she doesn't want to ruin that. Sonny tells her he will give her what he wants. He touches her just as an infuriated Franco walks in the door to see them.

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