GH Update Thursday 9/18/14

General Hospital Update Thursday 9/18/14


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Sonny was in his office talking to Olivia on the phone about Dante. She was upset, so Sonny encouraged her to stay positive. Shawn arrived just as Sonny ended the call. Sonny explained that there was still no word on Dante. Shawn revealed that Ava went to the hospital last night because of a scare with the baby and that she was shaken, but everything was fine. Sonny spat that he didn't give a damn about Ava, but he cared the baby since it was part of his family. Sonny didn't think he could trust Ava to take care of her pregnancy, and he wanted to get her somewhere safe. Shawn was planning to kidnap Ava today, since Julian was out of town. Sonny urged Shawn to be careful, so the baby didn't get harmed. Sonny stated that Ava would die as soon as she gave birth. Olivia burst in and announced that Dante, Lulu, Maxie and Nathan were okay. She and Sonny hugged. Olivia felt that it was a miracle, and she thought that it should give Sonny hope that his other problems would work out, too.

Michael stopped by the brownstone and called out for Kiki. Morgan explained that she already left. Michael was there to meet the roofer. Morgan was disappointed because he'd assumed that he and Kiki would be fixing the roof, too. Michael joked that he didn't have the insurance to cover the two of them getting up on the roof. Morgan felt that he and Kiki worked well together and that she seemed to sense what tools he'd need before he even asked. Michael was curious if things were okay between Kiki and Michael after last night. Morgan knew that Michael was talking about Morgan snapping at Kiki for encouraging him to be a part of Ava's pregnancy. Morgan assured Michael that he and Kiki made up. Morgan explained that he'd been trying to ignore the issue, but he needed to hear what Kiki said. Michael was glad that Morgan and Kiki made up, but he noted that their private talk at Kelly's took a long time. Michael added that Morgan and Kiki were in the diner when Morgan's date arrived. Morgan clarified that Rosalie wasn't exactly a date. Michael revealed that Rosalie wondered whether there was something going on between Morgan and Kiki. Morgan wanted to know what Rosalie said. Michael explained that Rosalie was surprised Michael wasn't suspicious and jealous of Morgan and Kiki's relationship. Morgan asked Michael if he was bothered that Kiki and Morgan lived and worked together. Michael reminded Morgan that Michael was the one who arranged that. Michael assured Morgan that it didn't bother him, but he admitted that he could understand why it bothered Rosalie. “Who cares what she thinks. You know the truth, right?,” Morgan asked. Michael flashed-back to Rosalie asking if he ever thought about what Morgan and Kiki did while they were alone in the house at night. Sonny called. Michael put the phone on speaker and Sonny gave them the news about Dante and the others. Sonny wanted to have a celebration, and both Michael and Morgan agreed to come. The call ended. Morgan had to leave, and Michael stayed, since he was meeting the roofer.

Sonny was pleased that Morgan had been civil to him. Olivia thought that Dante's kidnapping might have taught Morgan not to take things for granted. She prayed that something good had come from this. Sonny was eager to patch things up with Morgan. He told Olivia that if the baby was Morgan's, Morgan would need help raising it. Olivia looked confused and asked if Ava wasn't going to be around to raise the baby. Sonny covered and said Morgan would need help as a new father. Olivia hoped Sonny would get the chance to help out. She had to go pick up Rocco from Bobbie. They hugged, and Olivia left. Sonny told Shawn that he (Sonny) almost blew it. Sonny had slipped up because he was so happy that his kids were safe and that he'd get to keep Michael in his life, since Franco was keeping the secret about AJ. Sonny added that his family would be complete once Ava was back under his control. Shawn left to make that happen.

Silas had invited Kiki to breakfast. They met at the Metro Court. Kiki asked where Nina was. Silas explained that she was supposed to be at art therapy, but he was worried that Nina was with Franco. Silas was curious what Kiki liked about Franco. Kiki felt bad for Franco because he'd lost who he was after the surgery. Silas pointed out that Franco had been a serial killer. Kiki added that Franco lost his genius, but he responded by taking a job helping people. She found Franco to be open and easy to talk to. Kiki advised Silas to take it easy with Franco because Franco had problems of his own. Silas was impressed that Kiki had worked to make up for the pain Ava caused Franco. Silas told her that she was a good kid and that he (Silas) was lucky to have her. Silas promised not to bash Franco as long as Franco and Kiki were friends. Kiki admitted that she hadn't been a very good friend; she was keeping something from Franco. She didn't go into detail, but she explained that she wasn't sure Franco could handle knowing what she was hiding. Silas thought that was a good reason for her to keep it to herself. Kiki had been telling herself that, but keeping the secret made her feel like she was lying to Franco. Kiki added that she'd made things worse by confiding in her ex instead of her boyfriend. Kiki felt like she betrayed Michael, but she did it because she knew that Morgan would keep the secret if Kiki asked him to, while Michael would have told Franco the truth. Kiki and Michael didn't agree on whether Franco had changed, and Kiki avoided the subject with him because she didn't want to fight about it. Silas was curious why Kiki told Morgan. Kiki explained that she trusted Morgan, and Morgan had sensed that something was bothering her and asked about it. She added that it was easy to talk to Morgan. Silas asked if it was easier for her to talk to Morgan than Michael. Kiki admitted it was. She explained that they lived together and worked together and spent a lot of time talking while they painted. Kiki told Silas about her fight with Morgan. She was glad they made up because she didn't know what she'd do without his friendship. Silas wondered if Kiki was falling for Morgan again. Kiki assured Silas that they were just friends and that she was with Michael. Kiki added that Morgan was interested in Rosalie. Silas didn't trust Rosalie, and he told Kiki to tell Morgan to be careful. He had to go to work, so they hugged, and he left.

Franco smiled when Carly kissed him awake. She'd prepared a surprise – balloons and breakfast in bed because it was his birthday. Franco pointed out that it might not be his birthday; it was Jason's, but it turned out that he and Jason weren't twins. Carly felt that Franco should keep celebrating his birthday today, since Jason had never wanted to acknowledge his birthday. Carly urged Franco to blow out the candle on his muffin. He did, then he confessed that he'd wished that he'd never accused her of sleeping with Sonny. Carly hated that Franco used his birthday wish on something that couldn't be changed. Franco told her she was amazing and sweet. Carly looked uncomfortable. Franco didn't feel like he deserved Carly. He felt embarrassed every time he came into the bedroom because he remembered searching the room for Sonny. “You would never do anything like that to me” Franco said. Carly looked guilty, and she had a flashback to the one night stand. Carly assured Franco that they all had regrets. “Not you,” Franco countered. Carly vowed to use her birthday wish to wish that Franco would stop bringing up the incident. She stated that it, like her relationship with Sonny, was in the past and that Franco was the only man for her. She took off her robe, and they kissed. Franco pulled her into bed and as things got more heated, Carly's mind flashed to her night with Sonny.

After they had sex, Franco told Carly that she was a hell of a gift. He stated that he didn't deserve her, and Carly changed the subject and told him there was more – she was throwing him a birthday party at the Metro Court. Carly mentioned that there would be guests. Franco confused about who'd come, since everyone hated him. Carly disagreed. She planned to invite Scott. Franco admitted that he'd like to have his dad at his party. Franco wanted to invite Kiki too. Carly remembered that Kiki hadn't agreed to keep quiet about Carly and Sonny sleeping together. She told Franco that she wasn't sure it was a good idea. She pointed out that Franco and Michael didn't get along, and it would be awkward to invite Kiki without inviting Michael too. Franco admitted that he should have never threatened to tell Michael that Sonny killed AJ. Franco really wanted Kiki to be at the party, so he asked Carly to invite Michael too. She said okay, and they kissed. Carly suggested inviting Nina, which surprised Franco. Franco explained that he got on Nina's case about something that was between Nina and Silas, then he apologized for it. Carly didn't see a reason not to invite Nina, and Franco admitted he wanted Nina to be there. Franco wished that he handled Carly's friendships with the opposite sex with as much grace as Carly did for him. Franco thanked Carly for making his birthday special and told her that no one had done that since he was a kid. Carly told him they had a lot of years to make up for.

When Carly got to the Metro Court, Kiki was still there. Carly invited Kiki to the party and added that Franco wanted Kiki to be there. Kiki sensed that Carly didn't. Carly clarified that she didn't want Kiki to ruin Franco's party or his life by telling him about Sonny and Carly. Carly acknowledged that Kiki had given her a gift by not telling Franco what she knew. Kiki stated that she'd keep quiet as long as Carly kept her distance from Sonny. On cue, Sonny walked in and flashed a smile at Carly

At GH, Rosalie went to Franco's art room looking for Nina and found her working out. Nina explained that she was trying to stay fit, since she had to sit in a wheelchair all day. Nina asked Rosalie if she'd slept with Michael. Rosalie snapped that she hadn't, because she barely knew Michael, and they were in public. Nina countered that she and Silas used to have sex in public all the time. She added that public sex would be better since it would increase the chances of Kiki seeing it. Nina assumed that Rosalie hadn't made any progress toward the goal of breaking up Michael and Kiki. Rosalie clarified that she tried to sow seeds of doubt in Michael's mind about the closeness between Kiki and Morgan. Rosalie thought that Michael was a decent guy who understood how Morgan felt about Ava's pregnancy. Nina snapped that she and Rosalie were talking about Ava's first child, the one born while Nina was married to Silas. Rosalie sarcastically stated that Kiki should pay for being the innocent product of the affair. Nina wasn't swayed by Rosalie's disapproval. Rosalie revealed that something did happen – she found out Kiki and Morgan were keeping something from Michael. Nina was ecstatic because she assumed Kiki was sleeping with both brothers. Rosalie corrected her and explained that the secret concerned Nina's new best friend Franco. Nina called Kiki a snake for keeping things from Franco. Nina wanted to know the secret, so Rosalie told her that Carly was sleeping with Franco. Nina was upset because she knew how much Franco loved Carly. Rosalie was surprised Nina cared. Nina snapped that Franco was her friend. Nina didn't think it would be right to stand idly by while your friend was cheated on. “That happened to me,” Nina added. Rosalie asked if Nina was going to tell Franco. Nina told Rosalie to focus on Michael and let Nina worry about Franco. After Rosalie left, Franco came into the art room in a great mood. He gushed to Nina about how much Carly made him feel loved. Franco added that he'd been an idiot not to trust Carly. Nina cut him off and announced that she had to tell him something.

Rosalie changed into a form-fitting red dress and went to Morgan's. Michael heard the knock on the door and assumed it was the roofer. He invited the person to come in.

Ava was lounging on the couch talking to her baby about the scare last night. She giggled when the baby kicked, and she noted that he or she was safe healthy and that there was nothing to worry about. She turned serious and acknowledged that this was the calm before the storm. A guard let Sabrina in. Ava grew tense. She stood and told the guard to escort Sabrina out of the building. Sabrina insisted that she had something important to say. She apologized for the cold way she treated Ava yesterday at the hospital. Sabrina explained that she told Ava she could be miscarrying because Sabrina was upset about losing her own baby. Ava ripped into Sabrina for frightening her and called Sabrina's actions unprofessional. Sabrina admitted that it was unfair of her to take her anger out on Ava - “You weren't the one who ran Patrick off the road.” Ava agreed that Sabrina had been unfair. Sabrina stated that she was getting help but that she'd deserve it if Ava filed a complaint against her. Sabrina asked for Ava's forgiveness. Ava sympathized with Ava's pain, and she agreed to forgive her, as long as she was getting help and didn't treat another patient that way. Sabrina was grateful.

Sabrina pulled a bottle of pills out of her purse and stated that the doctor had prescribed it to Ava for the cramping. Sabrina added that she brought it over to save Ava a trip. Ava asked if it was safe for the baby, and Sabrina assured her that it was. Ava thanked Sabrina, and Sabrina left. The guard asked Sabrina if everything was okay. “Everything went exactly as I hoped” Sabrina said. Sabrina went back to GH. She had a dark look on her face as she reached into her purse and pulled out an empty pill bottle with Ava's name on it. It had a warning label that said “Causes premature labor in pregnant women.” Back inside the penthouse, Ava told the baby that she was going to take her medication to make sure the rest of the pregnancy went smoothly. She poured a glass of water and prepared to take one of the pills.

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