GH Update Wednesday 9/17/14

General Hospital Update Wednesday 9/17/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Patrick returns home and is surprised when he sees Elizabeth asleep on his couch. She informs him she did not expect to be at his house waiting for him to return but when Emma was staying with her, she insisted Elizabeth bring her back him. Elizabeth indicates that she can clearly see that Emma not only misses him. She misses her mom.

Sam clears the food she and Patrick ordered from Noodle Buddha when she sees it's still on her coffee table after he's left. She remembers the fortune cookie that indicated they both had the same fortune. She also remembers kissing Patrick. Alexis comes down the stairs and asks her daughter if she needs help cleaning up. Sam informs her mom that he just left.

At the Crichton-Clark Clinic, while Victor lies on the floor in a pool of blood after being shot, he activates the destruct sequence and an alarm sounds loudly throughout the building. Robin (Patrick's estranged wife) with Jason (Sam's “assumed” deceased husband) imprisoned in a room but ready to get out.

Not far away, in the hallway, Anna tries to get out of the building with Dante and Lulu although Obrecht tells them that she's pretty certain Victor's security has prevented that from happening.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas is on his phone to his security team knowing that there's been some complications since Anna has gone to Crichton-Clark to look for his sister and the others. Britt enters and asks what is going on. He tells her something is happening that he's not certain about and which concerns him.

While still trapped at the clinic, Maxie and Nathan are reunited with Dante and Lulu and wonder what is going on with the security alarm sounding and flashing lights throughout the building. Nathan remarks he's afraid it could mean the whole place is going to blow up before they can escape.

Anna attempts to unlock the door with her key card, while on the other side of the door, Robin and Jason try to do the same. Neither is successful.

At Sam's home, Alexis comes down the stairs and admits to her daughter she could not sleep and she admits it's because of Julian. Hearing that, Sam apologizes to her mom protesting she would never have let Julian in her house if she'd known that Alexis or Molly were there knowing their justifiable reason to be uncomfortable seeing him. Alexis clarifies to her daughter she has nothing to apologize for. She realizes that Julian has the right to see his grandson regardless of circumstances. She also tells Sam it's just as well she saw her daughter's father. It gave her a good “kick in the butt” to realize what she and Sam previously spoke of regarding both wanting to move on and find new men. She informs Sam that she is considering dating other people and one person she is considering is Ned. Sam is surprised to hear that having not heard Alexis speak of him before. Alexis also reminds Sam that it's possible she could become more than friends with Patrick since they are both single. Sam admits to her mom that she and Patrick may have already “explored” that idea while he was there. However, she admits she is not certain about that and still incomplete about moving on.

At Patrick's home, he discusses with Elizabeth the “incompletion” of his divorce. He somehow knows something is “not right” regarding the information he has about Robin going to Africa and wanting to divorce him. He also knows although he's sent his still-legal wife the divorce papers to sign, she has yet to do that. Hearing that, Elizabeth suggests maybe there is still hope for his marriage. He tells her however, that Robin has made it clear that she's made her choice to stay away from her husband and daughter. Patrick does not reveal, in that conversation to Elizabeth, that he now knows Robin is not in Africa and is close by, right in the area, at Crichton Clark, as he just learned not long ago when he ran into her there.

Nathan and Maxie explain to Dante and Lulu that they've learned about the “precautions” the WSB is making to prevent their research from getting ruined. And it could endanger all of them. So it's urgent they get out of there right now. They all rush to flee.

Nikolas informs Britt he's heard no word on the status of Lulu or Maxie or the two cops who went in to find them since Anna went to Crichton Clark. He explains that since his guys are not under the jurisdiction of the clinic, they are not kept in the loop so they have no way of finding out anything. He admits that the only “evidence” they have of where Nathan and Lulu are being kept is the testimony of her mother. She comments she seriously doubts her mother is lying or misinformed about this, would have no motive to set a trap nor send anybody on a wild goose chase to find Nathan. Regardless of her mother's obvious issues and lack of credibility, she's clearly seen how she genuinely cares about Nathan. She saw that for herself. Britt also admits that she has also grown close and developed a bond with her baby brother having only known him a short time. She knew how he was recently hurting over the loss of Maxie and all that has happened and she wanted to be there for him. Hearing that, Nikolas reflects he really knows how she feels having been abandoned from his own family as a child and finding out, for the first time that he had to donate bone marrow to a little sister he never knew existed. After he did it, many years ago. He was determined to see and bond with Lulu. He still remembers the first day he met her while she was in the hospital and she looked at him with a smile on her face, although she did not know who he was. His bone marrow saved her life. And from that point on, he could not imagine his life without her and cannot live his life with anything happening to her. Hearing that, Britt wants to hold and console him and assure him that his sister, her brother and the others will all be all right.

Patrick tells Elizabeth he knows it may not be fair for him to be putting her in the middle of his issue with Robin. He knows how close she is to his wife as she concurs Robin is like a sister to her and nothing would make her happier than Patrick getting back with Robin. She realizes, however, if distance is an issue for Patrick, then maybe he has to admit that it's best he moves on. They both remember how everybody believed for years that Robin died and so Patrick fell in love with Sabrina and almost married her until Robin revealed she was alive and then he had to make a choice, since that changed many things for him. Elizabeth tells Patrick he is family and he is stuck with her. He then confides to her that he attempted to “move on” tonight. He kissed Sam.

Sam is having the same conversation with her mom after Alexis has brought up wanting her daughter to move on. She explains how her evening with Patrick unfolded regarding Patrick kissing her after they read their fortune cookies from Noodle Buddha that encouraged them both to try something new in their lives. She admits she kissed Patrick back and was encouraged but then stopped him because she realizes she may not be ready to move on.

Ironically, as they speak, both of their respective spouses are alive and hoping to escape and save one another from imprisonment at Crichton-Clark.

When Anna struggles to break herself and the others free from the locked facility, Obrecht tells her she happens to know about Victor's plan to prevent that from happening and urges her to know she is telling the truth. The 4 hostages return. Obrecht rushes to hug her son, sobbing and vowing that she can't let anything happen to him.

Nikolas and Britt realize he's had a lot to process in the last few days involving finding out that his uncle could be Nathan's father. Nikolas admits although it overwhelms him, he is at least ok with knowing that Nathan seems to be an honorable and sane human being unlike Nikolas' uncle (and Nathan's assumed father) who is apparently the corrupt head of the WSB. Britt then reflects that when she briefly met Nikolas' uncle, he seemed polite and civil. He tells her he's heard a lot of shady stories about Victor's history since before he was born and knows what appears to be his uncle's “reforming ways” doesn't have a lot of credibility with him.

Anna instructs the others locked in the facility to go with her, assuming they can get out the front door with the key cards they've taken off the clinic employees. Nathan realizes that Victor is no longer where he was last seen and may have left.

Spencer comes into the room when he hears his dad and Britt talking about his Uncle Victor. He asks if his uncle is coming by to visit any time soon and wonders why the adults clearly suspect him and can't tell him the specifics of why they do not trust Victor. He then admits that he has had trouble sleeping and is afraid of something. Hearing that, and having no reason to take it seriously, Britt remarks to Spencer that he does not appear to be afraid of much. Spencer tells them, however, that he has heard that Lulu's father is a bad man and has done something the give people grave cause for suspicion.

At Patrick's, he admits to Elizabeth that he has considered moving on with Sam and just tonight, he kissed her. She reflects that although maybe Sam is not entirely ready to move on, it sounds like Patrick is.

Sam talks to her mom about how she once thought she could not move on after the death of Jason but she learned to love again when she met Silas. Yet that relationship is over although she still loves him and is not entirely over him. She also admits that her hesitation to move on with Patrick is not just because of Silas. It's also because of Jason.

Still locked inside the room, Robin waits for Jason get the door unlocked and out of the facility. However, she sees someone else enter unexpectedly. It's Helena Cassadine clearly alive and well. She looks at the evil “presumed-dead” woman and is shocked and stunned.

Nikolas asks Spencer if he's heard him correctly that Luke put Rafe up to causing Patrick's accident and asks his son why Luke would do that. Spencer answers that Luke directly told him he would endanger Emma and her family if Spencer did not keep quiet about Luke's plan to ruin Sonny. Hearing that, Nikolas clearly expresses to his son he does not buy that and knows Luke would not endanger Patrick or Emma nor have it in for Sonny, knowing only the Luke that everybody else knows (not the body double whom Spencer has heard that from.) Nikolas remembers the very same conversation he had the night of his engagement party with Britt although he believes it's a story Spencer is fabricating. He asks his son if he really believes it. Spencer confirms yes and tells him that Emma's dad believes it also.

Patrick reflects to Elizabeth that he will always love Robin but has to realize that their marriage is over. Sabrina will always be important to him because of Gabriel but they are just friends now and he believes that is a good place for them. Elizabeth asks him what he assesses about this “thing” with Sam. He admits that he did not plan on this. When he first met Sam, they did not start off as friends. The reason Robin left Port Charles, in the first place, was to operate on Jason. He was not on good terms with Sam or with Jason. But, he remembers, they were able to bury the hatchet when Danny got sick. He and Sam got to be friends when they were both widowed and developed a relationship. And, for all he knows, there might be something.

Alexis tells Sam that she doesn't want to see her taking steps back just because things did not work out between herself and Silas. Sam tells her mom, yesterday was Jason's birthday. Silas did not know Jason but Patrick did and he saved Jason's life. Alexis remembers that Patrick and Jason did not much like each other. Sam remembers they were always at odds, with Robin in the middle.

At Crichton-Clark, Helena has her men come in and knock Jason out. She sarcastically tells Robin maybe she should thank her and Mr. Morgan. Robin demands she stay away from Jason. Helena tells her she is very grateful to Dr. Scorpio-Drake for what she has done for her. In response to that, Robin tells her if it were up to her, she would have let Helena die and only saved her life because Victor forced her by his threats. She remarks that Victor and Stavros are insane when Helena tells her how dare she speak ill of her son who is now dead. She also reveals that because she blames Lulu for what happened to Stavros, she tells Robin that Lulu and her friends will get what is coming to them very soon.

Anna, Obrecht, Nathan, Dante, Lulu, and Maxie stand by the front entrance of the facility. Obrecht declares they are locked in and there is no way out. She also knows it's just a matter of time before the ticking time bomb goes off and they will all be blown up.

Patrick tells Elizabeth he realizes his relationship with Sam should be primarily about finding out who caused Rafe to run him off the road. It's an investigation and business relationship first and foremost. He gets a call from Nikolas who asks him if Spencer did in fact have a conversation with him about believing Luke ran him off the road to endanger him and Emma. He tells Patrick he hates to bother him with something as seemingly absurd about this and realizes his son has a wild imagination. However, he tells Patrick that he can see his son is not lying about this, appears genuinely afraid, and he needs to know if Patrick also sees some truth in what Spencer told him about Luke. Patrick replies he really is not certain at this point and has to consider all possibilities.

Alexis asks Sam if it’s true that she is “putting on the brakes with Patrick” because she assumes Jason would not approve. Sam tells her mom that she knows Patrick was not the biggest fan of Jason's. He always resented the connection that Jason and Robin had. She admits so was she. It seemed Jason would do anything for Robin and she had him wrapped around her little finger and vice versa. Sam admits that was intimidating. Yet she and Jason pulled through. She admits that Patrick may wonder if Robin would ever do for him what she did for Jason.

At the clinic, Helena tells Robin that her friends and family are going to pay for what Lulu did to her son, Stavros who is now dead again. She explains that her mother and Dante are here on a “rescue mission”. Robin is surprised to find out they are there in the building as they speak. Helena tells Robin she need not get “too excited”. Her poor deluded mother is still under the impression that Lulu is in Africa. And it appears that Maxie and that “insufferable Lulu” have gotten into a “situation”. She talks about them being damsels in distress once again. Robin then demands to know if Helena hurt Lulu or Maxie; because if she did, she will kill Helena herself. Hearing that, Helena sarcastically talks about how Robin is a doctor and making death threats. She informs her that very soon, there will be an explosion that will kill everyone and in the mean time it's impossible for anyone to leave the building.

After Obrecht declares they are all doomed, Dante tells her he will not give up. Nathan and Anna surround him and talk about how they can find a way to defeat the security system.

Robin tells Helena she is insane to be gloating about killing Robin's friends and family and sealing up the building before they can escape. Robin reminds her that Helena herself will also be killed that way. Hearing that, Helena smirks and tells Robin she is mistaken. She asks when she (herself) has ever been known to “be like the rest of them”. While Jason lies appearing to be unconscious on the floor, Helena explains to Robin that she managed to procure the security card from poor departed Victor. She has access to all of the escape tunnels and she asks Robin to come with her. As he's trying to play dead, Jason's hand moves slightly.

Anna has herself and the four hostages all aiming guns at the locked front door ready to blow the lock open. Only Obrecht is without a weapon and mentions that to Anna. Anna laughs and tells her that is the way she likes her. The 5 of them line up and count to 3. They all shoot repeatedly at the locked door.

In the clinic room, Helena tells Robin she will make her come with her and remarks she has "big plans for Mr. Morgan."

Sam admits to Alexis that it's not so much related to her past relationships with both Jason and Silas, as it is that she's not sure she wants to “mess with a good thing” regarding her relationship with Patrick. He has become one of her closest friends. He's a good guy. And she really values having that stability in her life and is concerned what could happen if she makes it more complicated than that. Alexis tells her daughter she understands that but continues to encourage Sam to know that she and Patrick have some things in common with the Jason/Robin thing and can relate to the other's feelings about their respective spouse. They are both recently widowed and already friends. She tells Sam that maybe instead of being afraid of the history between them driving a wedge between them, they could let it bring them together.

When Patrick gets off the phone to Nikolas regarding Spencer's earnest belief that Luke caused his accident, Elizabeth is with him and shocked to think that her former father in law and friend could do anything like that.

When Nikolas gets off the phone, Britt asks him what Patrick had to say. He replies not much except that Patrick and Sam have investigated whether Luke had any connection to this. He admits he hopes to God it's not true. He realizes that Luke has had a history of doing some shady things and admits he and Luke never liked each other. However, he realizes Luke is a scoundrel and not a murderer and he knows that Luke has always loved his daughter, Nikolas' sister. He admits he is very worried that his sister wont' come back although Britt assures him he needs to have faith that both of their respective siblings will be OK.

Anna and the others successfully manage to break out of the clinic and rush to safety into the parking lot.

As Helena walks out of the room and heads to the escape tunnel, she remarks that she has Robin and Jason right where she wants them. Her two guards are dead on the floor.

The 6 survivors and the WSB agents are outside, free and safe when the building suddenly explodes. Anna and Obrecht both remark that this is the end of Crichton-Clark as they know it, and anybody in the building who was not already dead is now.

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