GH Update Tuesday 9/16/14

General Hospital Update Tuesday 9/16/14


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Maxie and Nathan were in Peter Sr.'s room at Crichton-Clark. Maxie was shaken by the way she killed Levi/Peter Jr. without thinking. Nathan pointed out that she saved his (Nathan's) life, and Maxie reminded Nathan that he saved her first. They spontaneously kissed. They pulled away from each other for a second, then kissed deeply again. Afterward, Nathan apologized for the non-romantic setting. Maxie shuddered and admitted that she forgot there were dead bodies in the room. Nathan assured Maxie that he wasn't ignoring the fact that she was confused about what she wanted, but he hoped that this would give her something else to think about. Nathan felt that Maxie should learn to use a gun. Maxie wasn't comfortable with the idea, even though she'd grown up around guns, due to Mac. Nathan insisted that they take this precaution, and he promised that he'd be covering her, so it might not be necessary for her to use the gun. Maxie agreed. Nathan wrapped his arms around Maxie and guided her hands into the proper form for holding and aiming a gun. He warned her about the recoil and had her take a practice shot. After the shooting lesson, Maxie picked up the dagger that had been made from the melted down Aztec jewels. She wanted to take it with her because it belonged to her mother. Nathan wiped Levi's blood off the weapon, then he and Maxie left the room. Nathan told Maxie that he was going to get her out of the clinic then come back and search for Dante and Lulu. Maxie refused to leave. Nathan argued that it was dangerous. “I love danger! I'm carrying a gun,” Maxie countered. She stated that she got them all into this mess and she wasn't going to stay outside doing her nails, while Nathan rescued people. Nathan was amused by the line about the nails, and he teased Maxie until she reminded him that they had to find their friends.

Lulu struggled with Stavros and the doctor assisting him, and she screamed Dante's name. Dante rushed in, pointing a gun at Stavros, and ordered him to let Lulu go. Stavros quickly picked up a scalpel and put it to Lulu's throat. Dante didn't think Stavros would kill Lulu. Stavros admitted that he'd rather not, but he would, if Dante didn't drop the gun. Lulu begged Dante not to do it. He assured her he wouldn't let anything happen to her. “But what about you?” Lulu cried. Dante slowly lowered the gun, and the doors closed behind him and locked. Stavros made Dante kick the gun over to him. When Stavros bent down to pick it up, Lulu elbowed him in the gut and ran. Stavros and Dante fought, while Lulu fought the doctor. Lulu bashed the doctor over the head with a clipboard and stole her key card. Meanwhile, the WSB team, that Robert sent were outside the room having a gunfight with Crichton-Clark security. One of the security guards got shot. Lulu used the key card to open the door, but the doctor grabbed her before she could run out, and the doors closed before the WSB could run in. Stavros grabbed the gun and shot the electronic lock on the door, then he aimed at Dante. Stavros railed at Dante for interfering with Stavros's plans to marry Lulu. Lulu pointed out that she was already married. Stavros insisted that she should have been married to him instead of Dante. “Why won't you let us be happy?” Stavros asked Dante. Dante pointed out that Lulu didn't choose Stavros and she never would. Stavros spat that Helena should have killed Dante herself instead of leaving him to drown. He prepared to shoot Dante. Lulu broke free of the doctor and placed herself in front of Dante as a human shield. Dante tried to move her out of the way. Stavros also ordered her to move. “The only way you are killing Dante is if you kill me first” Lulu spat. Lulu added that she didn't think Stavros would want to do that, since he wanted to impregnate her.

Anna shoved Victor against the wall of his office and began to read him his rights. Obrecht burst in holding a gun and she told Anna that they had unfinished business. Anna reached for her own gun. Obrecht told Anna not to even think about it, then she called Anna brainless for turning her back on Obrecht. Anna assumed Obrecht wanted to discuss Faison. Anna pointed out that Obrecht's son Nathan was somewhere in the clinic, and she asked if Obrecht cared about him. Obrecht swore she'd die for him. Anna urged Obrecht to stop the stupidity and let Anna protect Nathan. “Don't you see. I am protecting him” Obrecht said, with a pained expression. She suddenly shot Victor in the chest. Stunned, Anna knelt down and checked for a pulse on the Victor, then she demanded to know what Obrecht had just done. Obrecht felt Anna should be thanking her for sparing her life. Anna argued that Victor was unarmed, restrained and in custody. Obrecht countered that no prison could hold Victor; he would have used his connections at the WSB and been back in his office in no time. “It's not your call!” Anna snapped. Anna couldn't understand why Obrecht would shoot a man in cold blood in front of Anna, since Obrecht knew Anna was waiting for her to slip up so Anna could arrest her. Obrecht explained that she couldn't risk Victor seeking Nathan out again, especially now that Victor knew the truth. Anna asked if Obrecht meant that Victor knew he was Nathan's father. The WSB team appeared and told Anna they found Dante and Lulu. Anna ordered Obrecht not to run off, then she left with the team.

Obrecht knelt down next to Victor and wept. She told her old friend that she was sorry he had to die, but it was kill or be killed, and he'd been about to kill her before Anna burst in. Obrecht stroked Victor's hair and held his hand. She jerked back in shock when she realized he had a pulse. Victor struggled to speak. He told Obrecht that he wouldn't be alive much longer. Victor noted that they always had a kiss-kill relationship, but he'd hoped it would end in a kiss, or with him killing her. Obrecht explained that she shot him because she didn't want him to tell Nathan that he wasn't his father. “Nathan must believe that you are his father, because the truth is far far worse.” Victor asked who Nathan's father was, but Obrecht refused to say. Obrecht hated seeing Victor suffer, so grabbed a pillow to smother him and put him out of his misery. Victor reached into his jacket and pressed a button on a small electronic device. Warning alarms went off. “If I'm going to die, I'd might as well take you to Hell with me,” Victor laughed. Obrecht accused him of doing this out of spite. Victor explained that he was doing this to protect the technology that the center held. He revealed that the technology had to do with biological warfare. Victor told Obrecht that the clinic would explode soon, but she might be able to save herself and her bastard son. “Tick tock, Liesl” Victor said. Obrecht ran out of the room. She got to a locked hallway, and to her horror, the key card she had wouldn't unlock it. Back inside the room, Victor closed his eyes and stopped moving.

William entered Jason's room at the clinic and discovered that Jason had broken out of his restraints and knocked the nurse unconscious. Jason, who was still shown from the shoulders down, snuck up behind William and punched him, knocking him out. Jason was barefoot, so he stole the nurse's shoes. He noticed his file on the floor and opened it and stared at his picture. Then he stole a key card off one of the men and used it to get out of the room.

Anna and the WSB unit approached the room where Dante and Lulu were being held. The WSB were going to storm the room, but Anna was afraid of spooking Stavros and causing him to kill the hostages. She had one guy stay by the door, with her, as backup, and she had the rest of the team fan out and search for an alternate way into the room. They returned and told Anna that there were no other entrances. Anna realized they had no choice but to burst into the room. Meanwhile, Stavros had gotten fed up with Lulu's refusal to move out of the way so he could shoot Dante. Stavros told Lulu that his family had gone through a lot to try and give her the honor of carrying this child, but he could get a surrogate and raise the child with or without Lulu. Stavros fired the gun. Dante shoved Lulu out of the way, then he lunged for Stavros, and they struggled over the gun. Back outside, Anna and the others heard a gunshot, and they burst into the room. They found Dante holding the gun and standing over Stavros, who'd been shot. Anna checked his pulse – he was dead. The alarm went off, and Dante wondered what it was for. Anna wasn't sure, but she guessed they might be calling for reinforcements. She filled Dante and Lulu in about Victor. Anna told Dante and Lulu to stay in the room while she and her team searched for Nathan and Maxie. Dante wanted to go too, but Lulu hugged him and refused to let him out of her sight. Anna and the others left, then Anna used her key card on a door.

Nathan and Maxie made their way to the room where Jason had been held. William came to, and Nathan grabbed him by the shirt and demanded to know if Dante had been held here. William explained that one of Victor's priority patients had been kept there. Nathan wanted to know who it was. Victor glanced at Jason's file, and Nathan went to get it, but he got distracted when the alarm went off. William told them that Victor had triggered the destruct sequence.

Jason found a gun and headed to a door, which he unlocked. Robin was sitting on the floor, handcuffed to the wall. Robin was relieved and excited. She asked how he was, and Jason signaled that he couldn't talk. Robin realized he must have pulled out his own breathing tube, and she told him he'd probably bruised his vocal cords, but he'd be able to talk in a few days. Robin touched Jason's arm and noticed that he had a fever. She wondered if it was from her protocol or if the doctors had given him something else. Jason tugged on her chain, and Robin asked him to free her so they could both go home. Jason shot at the chain to free Robin. Robin yelled at Jason for shooting a gun near her without warning her first, but she quickly apologized for snapping at him. Robin said that she knew he'd save her if she cured him. They hugged and she thanked him. When the alarm went off, Robin assumed that someone must have figured out Jason escaped. Jason gave her his key card and she used it to try and unlock the door.

Michael was at home working out when Tracy dropped by. Michael demanded to know what she was doing there. Tracy invited herself in. She gave his apartment a disdainful once-over and told him that she had to stop by since he didn't take her calls and had banned her from ELQ. Tracy told Michael that he should think about finding a better place to live, now that he was CEO of ELQ, even if Ned was running things behind the scenes. Michael repeated his question, and Tracy explained that she wanted to know everything there was to know about the search for Lulu. Tracy knew Sonny had cops on payroll, and she assumed that they were feeding him inside information about the search for his son and daughter in law. She figured that Sonny had confided in Michael, and she wanted him to tell her what he knew. Michael told her that Sonny didn't have any more details than she did. Tracy assumed that Michael was withholding information to punish her for stealing ELQ, and she pointed out that Lulu had been missing for days. Michael assured her that he'd tell her if any knew anything. He suggested she call Anna, and Tracy admitted that Anna wasn't taking her calls either. Michael asked if Luke might have a lead. Tracy confessed that she didn't know what Luke was doing, but she was sure he wasn't looking for Lulu. Tracy was sure that Luke would never forgive himself if something happened to Lulu and he wasn't there. Tracy spat that Michael wouldn't care about that, since he'd bought into the disgusting lies Kiki told on Luke in order to justify stealing ELQ. Tracy felt like she'd wasted her time, so she turned to storm out of the apartment. Michael asked her to wait. He promised to let her know if he heard anything about Lulu, and he added that he hoped Luke called. Tracy quietly hoped Luke would call too. She left.

Sam and Patrick were hanging out on the couch at her place. They were amused when they realized they both got the same fortune in their fortune cookies - “now is the time to try something new.” Sam wondered what it meant. Patrick thought they had do what the cookie said. With that, he leaned in and kissed her. Sam kissed him back, then she paused and asked what they were doing. Patrick admitted he didn't know. Things heated up, and Patrick was now lying on top of Sam. They continued to kiss, but when Patrick began to unbutton Sam's top, she froze and and admitted she didn't know if she could do this. Patrick was embarrassed and apologetic. He assumed he'd misread signals and pressured Sam into doing something she didn't want to do. Sam assured him that he didn't misread the moment. She looked over his shoulder at the picture of Jason. Sam told Patrick that they had had other moments like this. Patrick felt the same way. Sam admitted that she'd been thinking about kissing him a lot lately and that this kiss was nice. Patrick confessed that the day they played pool, he was hoping that she'd ask him for a kiss when she won. Sam joked that she wanted to get rid of his beard first.

Patrick was relieved that he wasn't crazy and hadn't imagined that there was something between them. Sam broke the news that she didn't think she was ready for whatever this was. Patrick felt like an idiot, and he worried that he might have put pressure on Sam. Sam reminded him that she just told him that it wasn't like that. She pointed out that Patrick just took his wedding ring off a couple of days ago and hadn't even gotten his divorce papers back, while Sam had recently broken up with Silas. Patrick sensed there was something else going on. Sam told him that Jason's birthday was tomorrow, and next week would have been their three year wedding anniversary. Sam thought she sounded ridiculous, but Patrick assured her that she didn't. Sam explained that she made a conscious decision to put Jason behind her and move on with Silas, but Jason would always be a part of her, and he was on her mind because of the events coming up. Patrick understood. Sam told Patrick she was grateful for him. Sam felt that they both had a lot on their plates right now, in addition to the investigation. She suggested that they put whatever was going on between them aside until they figured out who caused the accident. Patrick thanked her for being the voice of reason. Sam asked if they were good, and Patrick said yes. Sam offered Patrick a beer, but decided to go home. Sam didn't want him to leave, but Patrick said he had to get up early, so they could get back on the trail tomorrow. Sam was worried that things were going to be weird between them. Patrick assured her that wouldn't happen because she was his “adventure buddy.” He thanked her for dinner and told her he had the next round. Patrick left, and he and Sam both lingered on either side of the door.

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