GH Update Monday 9/15/14

General Hospital Update Monday 9/15/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Sonny is alone in Dante's empty apartment with baby Rocco singing him a lullaby and bonding with his grand-baby. He assures the little guy that granddaddy will make sure he has all he needs, realizing that Rocco's daddy does not approve of how his granddaddy makes his living. He tells the baby that is ok. He respects the fact that Dante is his own man and knows he will bring Rocco's mom home safe and sound. He has not yet heard anything however when Olivia returns and asks him if he has. She expresses she is very worried that this much time has gone by and they have still heard nothing.

Anna goes inside the Crichton-Clark facility when she has lost communication with Obrecht after she's gone inside. She points her gun and looks all around to see who might be there but is able to see that the guards outnumber her with their guns.

After Stavros and Dr. Young inject Lulu, she and Dante tell them they have gotten what they want. Now they need to leave. Stavros tells them, however, he intends to take Lulu with him in order to do the procedure.

When Obrecht is in Victor's office revealing for the first time that Nathan is his son, Nathan bursts into the room and points the gun at Victor demanding he take him to Maxie. He completely ignores his mom as he continues to tell Victor he either helps him find Maxie or he dies. Victor smiles when Nathan points the gun on him and asks him if he wants to shoot his own father.

In the private room where Peter Harrell, Sr. lies on the hospital bed, his son (previously known as Levi) brings Maxie in to meet his father. He tells her that his father is permanently incapacitated by the bullet fragment caused by her parents years beforehand. He explains that he has had to see this happen to his father as a child. It happened before either he or Maxie were born. His father had hope and had a son after recovering from his injury. But then, suddenly his life was ruined when they found out the bullet migrated and nothing could be done to save him. His father is permanently confined to a hospital bed because of Maxie's parents, Felicia and Frisco. The two men conclude that Maxie is going to pay for what her parents have done to Peter Sr. He tells his son he would like the honor of killing Maxie himself.

Back at Port Charles, Patrick and Sam are at her apartment enjoying being together after Danny has gone to bed. He has acknowledged that he has been prevented from having a son not unlike Danny has been prevented from having a dad. She tells Patrick that he is welcome to come and visit her son any time even if she's not there, if he needs some “guy time”. They talk about waiting for their delivery order from Noodle Buddha, which ironically just happens to be the place where Sam and Jason accidentally wound up in when they reconciled their differences and he proposed to her, years ago.

Ironically, as we hear about Jason, the hospital staff at Crichton-Clark reveal that Jason Morgan is alive although shackled to a bed and we do not see his face nor hear him. The staff conclude that they have to report to Mr. Cassadine that Mr. Morgan is almost back to normal. Even though Jason strains at the bindings that hold him, they cannot sedate him, though, without the director's permission.

A delivery guy brings Chinese food to Sam and Patrick. She asks Patrick what Emma said when she saw her dad with no more beard. He admits his daughter liked it. They argue about who should pay for dinner, each wanting to pick up the tab. They finally agree that Sam will pay this time as long as Patrick gets their next meal.

At Crichton-Clark, the guys whom Anna believes are “the enemies” assure her they are there to help. They are with the WSB and have been sent by her ex, Robert Scorpio, to hopefully bring “Director Cassadine” to justice and free the hostages. They all realize that Victor is technically their director although they assure her they had no clue until Robert informed them and they all agree that Victor is a card-carrying lunatic and needs to be stopped at any cost.

Stavros tells Lulu he has not only given her an injection of hormones. He's given her a powerful sedative to “make her more pliable”. Hearing that, she tells him he's better off with a blow up doll if he wants something pliable because she will never do what he wants.

When Nathan points the gun at Victor and hears that he is his father, he tells him he does not want to hear that and doesn't even believe it's true. All he cares about is finding Maxie and if Victor does not take him to her, he will die. Victor, again, asks his “son” if he is not at the very least curious to find out if it's true that he's pointing a gun on his long-lost daddy. Nathan asks where he would have that idea. He tells Nathan his “beloved mommy” has tipped him off. Nathan turns to Obrecht and asks if it's true, and she confirms it is and declares to Nathan he is a Cassadine.

Stavros and Dr. Young are ready to take Lulu away after they've explained they are confident she has all the fertility/hormone injections she needs with just the single shot. Dante fights and she struggles to prevent them from taking her away. Finally, she slows down when the sedative they've included in the shot takes effect. When her body goes limp, they manage to take her out of the room while Dante screams that he will find Lulu.

Peter Sr. tells his son he has been waiting so many years for “this moment” and is so grateful that his son has finally brought Maxie to him. He won't let his body's decay prevent him from exacting his revenge. Hearing that, Maxie asks why he would blame her for something that happened before she was born that has nothing to do to her when he needs to realize she has never done anything to him. He laughs and tells her that because of what her parents have taken from him, he is going to take something precious from them. It's called an eye for an eye. She asks if they intend to shoot her. Peter Sr. laughs and tells her no. It will be more creative than that. He laboriously gets up out of his bed and his son hands him a special knife.

Anna instructs the WSB team to surround the building and free their hostages from Victor and his staff. She has them all split up to accomplish their mission.

When Nathan hears Victor reveal he is his father and that his mother hid from everyone that he was her son because of her obsession over Cesar Faison, Nathan angrily asks him if he thinks he cares about this or would want to “bond over tea and cookies” with a psycho who claims to be his father. The only reason he is there is to find Maxie. Looking more carefully at Victor after what he has just heard, he assesses the fact that Victor appeared upset to learn his mother may have kept Nathan from him. If that is true, that means he cares about Nathan, he tells Victor. And if he does, then he needs to know that Nathan has to find Maxie and make sure she is ok. Hearing that and realizing he may be speaking to his long-lost son, Victor then thinks intently and tells Nathan he may know where she is. He informs Nathan that Maxie may have ended to with Mr. Harrell. Nathan then rushes out the door to find them.

Peter Sr. stands up and shows Maxie his knife, explaining he's “taken a page from her mother's book”. He kept the jewels and melted them down to make this sword that he will now use to kill her with.

Sam and Patrick talk about how Noodle Buddha is a very important place for her not only to eat but for sentimental reasons, because that is where she and Jason got married.

At the clinic, the staff confirm that “Mr. Morgan” should be making good progress. They remark that he is “no ordinary man” and that might be why Mr. Cassadine is so interested in him.

Not far away, Anna finds Dante and is ready to free him but finds out all is not well after Stavros and Dr. Young have taken Lulu away. They struggle to find her before it's too late.

Alone with Victor, Obrecht reflects that “their son” is so brave. He tells her if that is the case, he got it from his father. Right then, a staff member brings Victor the envelope with the test results. He smirks and faces Obrecht. And we await what will happen when he opens it.

Sonny and Olivia talk about how it may be true that he cannot change a diaper or bathe a baby but he informs her that Carly came by to help him. He remarks that he and Carly are kind of like a team having raised two kids together.

Sam reflects how she and Jason found the Noodle Buddha out of nowhere and that is where he proposed to her. It was right when they were having issues and she thought they would never get back what they had. They just happened to see a guy there who was an ordained minister. He reflects that it may have been “fate” or have some sort of message from the universe that she and Jason solidified their relationship at this place in perfect timing. They both remember that Maxie was their wedding planner and they remembered all too well how Maxie would have been really upset to have made all of the efforts to get the wedding all ready only to have to cancel it. As soon as Patrick thinks of Maxie, he realizes that she has been kidnapped, they have yet to hear from her or know anything about her and he and Sam both talk about how they want Maxie to be ok because she means a lot to both of them.

While Levi holds a gun on Maxie, Peter Harrell, Sr. corners her, ready to stab her to death. Suddenly, Nathan appears in the doorway and shoots the old man who falls to the floor.

Dante and Anna manage to prevent guards from having their way and point their guns all around. They have yet to find the others, however, and realize they have to find Lulu before it's too late.

Lulu appears unconscious on a hospital table as Stavros smiles and tells her very soon, she will be carrying his baby. Dr. Young would like to perform the implantation under general anesthesia and goes to call the specialist to administer it, but Stavros stops her, wanting to do it himself.

Patrick and Sam realize there may be significance in reading their fortune cookies. He reads that he will have a secret. She asks him to tell her what his important secret is. He tells her he is lousy at golf. She jokes with him about how it's a social failure and disgrace with the General Hospital staff if one of their members cannot golf. She reads her fortune that tells her “something you lost will be found again”. Little does she know exactly why she is getting that message and what it means although Patrick knows what she has lost that will be found again as well as the secret he has that will soon be revealed.

Jason continues to struggle to get free from the shackles in the hospital bed as the staff talk all about him being indestructible.

Sonny talks to Olivia about how Jason was the only person who could get through to Carly many times throughout their history.

After Nathan has left Obrecht and Victor alone to talk before he opens his envelope, she admits she realizes he has no reason to trust her word about whether Nathan is his son. But, she tells him, they do not have time for that now. He needs to know that Anna Devane is after them and they have to move fast. He asks how she'd know that. When she admits that she was “forced” to help Anna find her son and the others, he admits he has further reason not to trust her and tells her he is not as concerned about Commissioner Devane as he is about reading the results. He then opens and pulls the report out of the envelope.

After Nathan fires a shot at Peter Sr. and assumes that he and Maxie will be ok and free of these two people who pose a threat. Peter Jr., tackles him and they begin to fight ferociously as Maxie stands there terrified.

As Stavros believes Maxie is sedated and unconscious, she surprises him by grabbing his hand and biting hard before he carries out his dastardly plan.

Victor reads the results while Obrecht stands beside him. The test results confirm Nathan is not his son. He tells her she is a lying bitch. She protests there must be some mistake. He angrily tells her the only mistake he made was to trust her lying mouth. He tells her he has no incentive to prevent Nathan from dying and knows what to do with her. He pulls a gun out of his desk and points it at her. She tells him she knows he won't shoot her. He loves her. He tells her he so wishes this had not happened, but he has made up his mind. Anna walks in and pulls her gun on him.

Sam asks Patrick to reveal more secrets (still having no clue the secret he knows). She asks the name of the first girl he was in love with. He tells her it was in high school when he fell for a cheerleader named Candy. He admits that he was going to ask her to the prom. He was a high school athlete and believed he was a popular guy who attracted girls. But Candy turned him down for a guy known as a “computer nerd”. She tells him if it makes him feel any better, she did not get to attend her prom either. She did not stay in school long enough due to issues with her adoptive father. He tells her she may not know this, but with every school she did not have a chance to stay in, he believes there was a guy waiting to ask her out but did not have the chance.

At Crichton-Clark, Jason Morgan continues fighting to get out of his hospital bed restraints. The staff consider sedating him but realize they really should not do that and they want to report to Mr. Cassadine the “wonder” of this patient, knowing all too well that their “top of the line” state of the art medical research can be praised for this accomplishment. When the assistant manager, William, leaves the room, however, he is confronted and cornered by Dante who demands to know where Stavros has taken his wife.

Nathan is able to keep Levi/Peter Jr. down until the younger Harrell grabs a gun and is ready to shoot him. The symbolic knife, however, has fallen to the floor. Maxie picks it up and stabs Peter Jr. in the back without even thinking twice.

When Anna finds Victor, she demands he drop his weapon. When he is distracted by something Obrecht drops, Anna manages to overpower him and attempts to place him under arrest. However, she turns around and sees Obrecht pointing a gun at her and informing her she's already heard that before.

Lulu manages to break out of her hospital bed. Stavros and Dr. Young grab her and prevent her from leaving. Dante is not far away when he's in a struggle with William outside of Jason's room. When he hears Lulu screaming his name, he knocks William out and runs to find his wife, leaving the door open. Dante goes to Lulu and pulls a gun on Stavros and Dr. Young.

William regains consciousness and gets back up. He picks up the file with pictures of Jason from the floor and returns to his room where he sees Jason's bed empty, the shackles broken, and the medical attendant lying passed out on the floor.

Sam informs Patrick she cannot think of anything she has lost. He asks her if there is not anything like keys, socks or a barrette or anything. It's all trivial to them while they do not regard what she has lost of far greater significance (her husband). She opens another fortune cookie and the message is: “Now is the time to try something new”. He opens his next one and it says the same thing. They are both very intrigued to see they have the same fortune and wonder what that means.

Sonny talks to Olivia about how after all Jason has survived, he still cannot believe he died. He says it's like a casino where one would think the odds are against someone because the house always wins. He knows that Jason cheated death so many times and made it but then suddenly died. She asks if he believes that the odds will be against Dante. Sonny tells her he knows that Dante and Lulu will return soon and have a long and happy life.

Maxie and Nathan finally watch the man who has been ruining their lives die. Nathan stares in awe and reflects that she saved him. She tells Nathan he saved her first. At that point, they kiss passionately.

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