GH Update Friday 9/12/14

General Hospital Update Friday 9/12/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Anna , Obrecht and cops travel in a van to find Crichton-Clark and to save the 4 hostages that Victor Cassadine is holding at his

Victor is in his office on the phone urging the testing lab to analyze the DNA immediately, because it's imperative that he find out if Nathan West is his son.

In the room where Maxie and Nathan are imprisoned, she tells him she is going to get help even if it means risking her life. He does not want her to do that but she insists that he let her take care of him for the first time. She leaves while Nathan is alone in the room praying she will be ok. She walks out of the room and into the hallway unseen.

Felicia and Mac are hounded by reporters who demand to know the story about their daughter disappearing.

Stavros goes to Victor’s without knocking and asks him if it's true that Lulu would need weeks of hormone injections before she can be implanted with his embryo.

Lulu and Dante both struggle to break the chains and pick the locks that keep them imprisoned. He urges her to calm down. She admits that she cannot calm down after finding out that maniac, Stavros, is alive and still after her.

Stavros frantically informs Victor that he gave his Ice Princess the joyous news that the two of them can have an heir. Yet, her reaction was not as "jubilant" as he'd hoped and she seemed more focused on hormones, telling him she might not be able to carry a baby because of fertility issues. Victor tells him he has "more urgent matters" on his mind and urges his brother to be patient.

Not far away, a nurse tends to an unseen patient in a private room. She then goes out the door informing male guards she needs their help with something and asks them to follow her. Maxie observes and as soon as the room is empty and she knows she will be unseen, she rushes into hospital room looking for a phone

Still in the van, Anna and Obrecht discuss their plan to go into Crichton-Clark and save the hostages, while sarcasm and head-butting abounds between the two women. Obrecht talks about how she can't wait to get into the building, rescue her son and extract him from Anna's big mess. Anna asks her to give it a rest, remarking she's had to listen to her whine the whole way down. Obrecht protests that her son is in danger because the police cannot do their job. Anna tells her if she wants to point fingers, maybe she can blame her old friend, Victor Cassadine. She reminds Obrecht the only reason she let her tag along is because Obrecht is "acquainted with this lunatic". She mentions how ironic it is that Victor is heading the WSB as well as this clinic. Obrecht remarks Victor is "nothing if not resourceful". Anna looks out the window with binoculars and remarks that since she can see Victor "has eyes for" Obrecht, they can use her to get inside and hopefully get what they need from him.

Lulu tells Dante that this is some sort of "freak universe" where Stavros was supposed to be dead. Yet he's now alive and well and still wants to have her child. It's not enough that he did what he did. He had to defile the one remaining egg she had that was still viable. She expresses that the mere thought that the one embryo that is half her and half Stavros makes her physically sick. She's worried that Stavros will implant it in her. Dante assures his wife that Stavros can't do that. Now that she's informed him that she cannot carry a pregnancy to term, she may have discouraged him. As they can see, he has not come back, Dante tells her. Maybe now, he's given up on this and will leave her alone. Lulu is relieved.

Reporters surround Mac and Felicia and ask him if he believes that his stepdaughter's biological father, Frisco Jones, might have caused this hunt for the Aztec jewels and gotten involved in this business with Peter Harrell and his son in order to get back at Mac for taking his wife and daughter from him. They also ask Felicia if this will ruin her campaign for mayor or discourage her from running. Felicia says that she has every confidence that her daughter will return to them safe and sound. They ask, however, what if that does not happen. What if their daughter is found dead? In response to that, Mac punches the man who asks that. They take pictures and are even more driven to ask more questions of former Commissioner and Mrs. Scorpio.

While Nathan struggles to get free, Levi (or Peter Harrell Jr.) enters the room, smirking and telling Nathan he hoped he didn't think he'd seen the last of him. When he notices that Maxie is not there, he demands to know where she is.

Stavros is stunned and shocked to hear Victor tell him, for the first time, that Jason Morgan is "technically" alive. Victor coyly tells him he thought they'd discussed this. He explains Jason was kind of "in limbo" not unlike Stavros and his mother were. Stavros then emotionally asks Victor why they can't save his mother. Not wanting to get off subject, Victor tells him his plans for Mr. Morgan, which he remarks will occur when Jason "gets back on his feet".

Looking for a phone, Maxie pulls open the curtain in the private room and sees a patient on oxygen who lies there with his eyes closed.

Levi/Peter Jr. pulls a gun on Nathan and demands answers as to where Maxie went. Nathan firmly tells him he's not about to tell him. He can go ahead and shoot Nathan but he's not going to tell him where Maxie is.

Maxie asks the man she sees on the hospital bed if he might be able to help her. She explains her name is Maxie Jones. She and three of her friends are being held captive there. If he knows where there is a phone or some way to get out, she would really appreciate it. The man in the hospital bed then looks at her and utters, "Felicia".

Mac punches the reporter who asks him what if Maxie gets killed and he demands they get out and stay out. He goes into a private room with Felicia whom he can tell is not ok even though she wants to assure him otherwise. She tearfully admits that she is scared and very worried that Maxie is God knows where and she doesn't know what could happen to her. He tells her he knows that Maxie is alive and well and will be ok and they must have faith that Anna will bring their girl back to them.

While still in the van outside the facility, Anna and Obrecht brainstorm and strategize as to their next step for getting into the facility and saving the hostages. Obrecht asks why Anna's own SWAT team cannot take action. Anna replies they are out of their jurisdiction. She also knows that the other town's finest do not have authorization to do it. Anna realizes she does not have authority to ask the other town's police department to do what she wants. She remarks to Obrecht that unlike herself, they do not have the "misfortune" of knowing Obrecht. So that is why she is relying on Obrecht to go into the facility and talk to Victor. Anna affirms it's not that she "trusts" her "partner" to accomplish the mission, as Obrecht sarcastically suggests. Anna smirks and holds in her hand a tiny microchip device that will enable her to communicate with Obrecht through an ear piece, adding sarcastically that she will "be with her in spirit" when Obrecht goes inside.

Inside Victor's office, Stavros tells him he is not as concerned about Jason Morgan as he is about Lulu having his child. He remarks if only his mother, Helena were there. Victor yells and tells him she is not there and he's getting tired of "this baby nonsense". He then assures Stavros he will get what he wants but Stavros needs to be patient. He tells Stavros he can tell he is very stressed, needs to get some sleep and dismisses Stavros telling him they will talk again in the morning. As soon as Stavros is out of his office, he smiles devilishly as he thinks of a secret plan for getting what he wants. Alone in his office, Victor resumes thinking about Nathan.

Dante wants to assure Lulu that it's entirely possible that Stavros has given up on his plan. However, she remembers that after what he was willing to do the last time he got to her a little over a year ago, she doubts Stavros will let anything as insignificant as hormones get in the way of his plan in "creating his perfect child". Dante wants to assure his wife that will not happen. However, she reminds her husband that they are both at Stavros' mercy and he can make them do whatever he wants.

Victor asks a staff member if the tests on Nathan West's DNA have come back. The guy is not there for that but tells him he has a visitor, a Dr. Liesl Obrecht, who was "quite insistent" on seeing Victor. Victor urges him, by all means, to let her in. He then asks the guy to please check on "Mr. Morgan."

While Obrecht is outside Victor's office, Anna tells her she needs to find out where the hostages are being held and if they're injured, but Obrecht disregards her. As she enters, Victor smiles and asks her what brings her there. She replies her son. Victor clarifies if she does not mean "their" son.

Levi/Peter Jr. reminds Nathan that he managed to not only fool Maxie but Nathan as well. Nathan tells him he knew there was something "not right" about him from the moment he heard him spew all of this "new age crap". People who really believe what Levi spoke about are sincere but he knows Levi was just working a con. Levi/Peter Jr. asks Nathan why, then, he didn't simply say anything if he was onto him from the start. He knows the reason was because Nathan questioned his own instincts because he was simply jealous that Levi/Peter Jr. was Maxie's boyfriend. Nathan admits that may have been true, but he knew from the start that Levi/Peter Jr. prevented Maxie from getting her daughter back. Levi/Peter Jr. tells him that was the court. Nathan tells him regardless it was Levi/Peter Jr. who convinced Maxie to blow off her initial hearing, discourage her from fighting for her rights and convinced her she had no rights and was not fit to be a mother to her daughter. He knows that Levi/Peter Jr. was the guy who did everything to keep Maxie from her child just to make her that much easier to manipulate. Levi then pulls the gun on Nathan and reminds him he's chained to a wall. He tells Nathan he hopes he enjoys his accommodations.

Dante attempts to break the chains although Lulu urges him to stop before he hurts himself. When Stavros returns, she asks if he did his research because he cannot implant the embryo in her. Stavros tells her that Dr. Young confirmed Lulu is correct that she will need hormone injections. So that is why he brought Dr. Young with him to administer them. The young doctor enters holding up a syringe.

Felicia gives Mac a bag of ice for his knuckles after he punched the reporter. She looks around the office, finds a picture of Peter Harrell and remarks she has not thought of this man forever and finds it hard to believe she was once engaged to him. She thought she'd seen the last of him, all this time, and believed that he was dead.

When Maxie goes into the room and sees the older man on the hospital bed, she asks how he would know her mom's name. When he reaches out for her, she runs out of the room and is startled to see Levi/Peter Jr. enter the room.

Felicia finds a package with Maxie's veil in the room and emotionally reflects how beautiful their daughter "was". Mac assures his wife she still is beautiful and is not in past tense. However, Felicia reminds her husband that history has to repeat itself. She was engaged to Peter Sr. only so he could get his hands on the jewels and Maxie was similarly engaged to his son. She remarks she wishes those Aztec treasures never existed. Mac tells her she mustn't believe that. They are part of her heritage and she has every reason to be proud of them. Those treasures are what brought her to Port Charles in the first place. Without them, she would not be there for him to love. She tells him that's just it. Were it not for her involvement with Peter Harrell, he and his son would have never known that Maxie existed, much less have been able to go after her and put her in danger. It would not have happened had it not been for her doing everything she could in order to get her hands on that stupid hateful treasure. She tells Mac the sins of the mother are visited on the daughter.

While Maxie struggles and resists Levi/Peter, Jr., he points the gun on her and informs her he still has not introduced her to his father.

In the other room, Lulu fights Stavros and Dr. Young who intends to give her a hormone injection. Victor tells Lulu that if she doesn't cooperate, her husband will receive an injection...of the bullet variety. Dante assures Lulu it will all be ok. Stavros tells her it will be "just fine" as long as she does what he tells her to do. Dante urges his wife not to fight it. She is terrified and cries.

In Victor's office, Obrecht tells him she knows that Nathan is on the premises. When she called to ask him about Nathan, he insinuated that he has Nathan's DNA. She tells him she knows he is working with this Peter Harrell person. Isn't he? Anna overhears and urges Obrecht not to provoke Victor and, instead, ask about the other hostages. Victor then admits to Obrecht that Mr. Harrell is one of his loyal agents. He admits that currently Nathan is his prisoner.

When a guard enters, Nathan plays possum, lying on the floor. The guard notices Maxis gone and asks what happened to her. As the man comes near him, Nathan surprises and overpowers him, putting him in a strangle-hold with the chains and knocking him out.

Dante tells Lulu she cannot let these people inject her with a needle. She has a choice. She tells him she cannot let Stavros and Dr. Young hurt him. Stavros tells them one little prick and "his Lulu" will be filled with everlasting joy. She tells Dante it's only a prick from a needle. They’ve been through worse. Soon they will be together. Dante, however, yells when he sees them overpower and force his wife to take the injection.

When Maxie hears Levi/Peter Jr. inform her the man in the hospital bed is his father, she reminds him she's heard that his father terrorized her family for many years. He tells her she's gotten it all wrong. It's the other way around. Her family terrorized him.

Felicia tells Mac that he had correct instincts to have suspected Levi/Peter Jr. from the start yet she did not listen. He tells her it was just a "hunch" when he noticed the guy did not eat meat. However, she tells him it was more than that and he knows it. She put the Aztec ring on Maxie's finger and led her right to Levi/Peter Jr.. He tells her that Levi/Peter Jr. had his sights set on Maxie long before that. Yet Felicia tells Mac she ignored her instincts about Levi/Peter Jr. She wanted to be the "perfect mother" to Maxie to make up for all the times she was not there for her daughter. She let Maxie down. He urges her not to blame herself but she still does. Felicia cries and tells Mac she is so afraid she will lose her daughter and he holds her.

Obrecht attempts to find out from Victor where Nathan is. However, when Anna urges her to ask him to help find the others, Obrecht removes the microchip from her ear so she can no longer communicate with Anna. She tells Victor she demands he takes her to Nathan. He tells her before he can do that, he needs the answers from the DNA lab. She tells him he does not need that. She can tell him right now that Nathan is his son.

Nathan overpowers the guard and manages to get the security card out of his pocket while the guy is unconscious. Then he removes the key from his pocket and unlocks his handcuffs. Nathan then walks out, unlocks the door, and goes into the hallway.

Mac assures Felicia that she has always been there for their daughter and is no more to blame than he is for failing to prevent her from making the wrong decision regarding Levi/Peter Jr. He did not stop the wedding before it was too late any more than she did. He affirms that Maxie is an adult and will make her own decisions. They know Maxie all too well and how she's always gone her own way. She's taken a few wrong turns but she always ends up on her own two feet and is a force of nature. Felicia needs to know that their daughter loves her and knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that her mom loves her and it's that love that is keeping Maxie strong right now. They hold each other.

Levi/Peter Jr. stands beside Maxie as they observe his father lying in the hospital bed. He informs her that his father was shot in the head by her innocent "do no wrong" parents. He informs her that his father made a full recovery, made a life for himself and managed to have a son, but a bullet fragment was still there, slowly migrating. She tells him she is sorry although he yells that she is not and she better stop lying. He tells her that the bullet slowly found its way through his father's brain and made him permanently incapacitated. He then informs his father this is Maxie, Frisco and Felicia's daughter. Peter Sr. thanks his son for bringing her to him and informs them it's now time for Maxie to die.

After Dr. Young injected Lulu, she confirms she is all right and demands they leave. Dante also yells for them to leave. Stavros smirks and informs them he and his partner will be happy to leave, but Lulu will be coming with them.

From the police van, Anna demands that Obrecht answer her, but she does not reply.

In Victor's office, he asks Obrecht why she never told him that Nathan is his son. She tells him she could not let Cesar know that she had a son with another man when all he wanted was to have a son. That could ruin any chance of Cesar learning to love her. Victor asks if it's correct that she denied him his son because of "that imbecile". She angrily demands he not speak of Cesar like that. He grabs her tightly until Nathan comes through the door and points a gun at Victor.

When Anna fails to get Obrecht to respond, she tells her officers that she needs to go inside herself.

Nathan completely ignores Obrecht and indicates he could care less about "his mom". He holds the gun on Victor demanding he tell him where Maxie is right now or he is a dead man. Victor responds that Nathan is not going to kill his own father.

In a private room at the clinic, the guard asks for a progress report on "Mr. Morgan". The attending physician tells him they had to restrain him, because he is still determined to leave. With only his arms visible, Jason Morgan is lying in a bed, struggling to get free from his restraints.

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