GH Update Thursday 9/11/14

General Hospital Update Thursday 9/11/14


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita


Patrick brought Sam home. He was going to leave, but she asked him to stay and discuss what Spencer had told them. Sam went upstairs to check on Danny, and Patrick walked over to the mantle and stared at the photo of Sam, Danny and Jason. Sam returned with the news that Danny was asleep and Alexis was tired out, too. They talked about Spencer. Sam wasn't sure whether her young cousin had dreamed up his story about Luke threatening Emma. Patrick found it hard to believe that Luke would threaten the granddaughter of his old friends. Sam thought they should follow up on Spencer's claims since there were no other leads. Patrick felt that they should go to the police. Sam didn't think Spencer's claims were enough to warrant a police investigation. Patrick thought that Anna would look into any claim that involved her granddaughter. Sam was concerned that Luke might get tipped off and go into hiding. Patrick pointed out that he and Sam couldn't go after Luke on their own. Sam agreed, but she thought that they should corroborate Spencer's story before they went to Anna. Sam had been at the party, and she saw Luke there. Patrick asked if Sam happened to have been in the stables. Sam had a flashback to kissing Silas in the stables, and she confessed that she had been – with Silas, and she didn't see Luke.

They decided to try and figure out who Spencer saw Luke talking to about destroying Sonny, then find that person and question him. Patrick asked who would want to go after Sonny. “Who wouldn't?,” Sam replied. Patrick wondered if Spencer could have been referring to Ric Lansing. Sam confirmed that Ric attended the party, but they couldn't question him, since he was dead. Sam thought that they should trace all of Luke's steps and also figure out where he was the night of the accident. Patrick thought that would be hard to do, and he flippantly asked if they were supposed to just ask Tracy if Luke was targeting Sonny. Patrick noted that he was a doctor, not a detective, so he had no idea how to do this. Sam assured him that he was good at this. Sam suddenly sensed she and Patrick were being watched. A small voice yelled “Boo!” Sam relaxed and grinned - Danny had sneaked downstairs to scare them. Patrick scooped the boy into his arms. Danny wanted to play. Sam was going to put Danny back to bed, but Patrick convinced Sam to let him stay up for a few minutes. Patrick, Sam and Danny played with cars, and Patrick revealed that he'd bought a bunch of toy cars for him and Gabriel to play with. Sam felt like Danny was missing out on some things because Jason was wasn't there. She invited Patrick to come over and play with Danny anytime. Emma was at Elizabeth's playing with Cam and Aiden. Liz called and asked Patrick if Emma could spend the night. Patrick said yes, then he told Sam he was on his own tonight. Sam asked him to stay and have dinner. Patrick agreed.

Rosalie was at Silas's when she got a message from Morgan inviting her to join him, Kiki and Michael for dinner. She was excited until Nina reminded her that Nina expected her to go after Michael, not Morgan. Rosalie argued that Michael was in a serious relationship. Nina reminded Rosalie that they were planning to break up Kiki's relationship because Kiki was on the list, and everyone on the list had to pay. Rosalie seemed fed up with hearing about Nina's plans for revenge, and she advised her to relax. Nina snapped that she spent twenty years relaxing, and now it was time for action. Rosalie was uncomfortable making a play for a guy she didn't even know, and she was was reluctant to hurt Morgan. Nina didn't care how Rosalie felt. She reminded Rosalie that she worked for her, then she ordered Rosalie to break up Michael and Kiki, then take Kiki's place. Nina started talking about the importance of the list again, prompting Rosalie to ask what Nina would have to live for once she'd crossed everyone off the list. Nina laughed off Nina's concerns and reminded her to focus on doing her job so Kiki could get crossed of the list. Silas walked in, and Nina quickly hid the list. Silas overheard what Nina said about Kiki and the list, and he saw Nina's panicked expression. Nina noted that Silas was home early, and he explained that he decided to surprise her.

Nina told Silas she gave Rosalie the night off. After Rosalie left, Nina told Silas she was excited that they were going to have a date of their own. She asked about his day, and Silas promised to tell her about it as soon as she told him what he walked in on. Nina covered by saying she was talking about a Christmas list. Silas thought it was odd that Nina was Christmas shopping in September. Nina explained that she'd lost contact with a lot of people due to her coma, but she was excited about her new circle of family and friends and was eager to buy gifts to show her love. Silas still thought it seemed really early for holiday shopping. He remembered Sam saying she thought Nina was hiding something. Nina grabbed Silas' hand and asked why Silas seemed suspicious. Silas apologized for giving Nina the third degree, and he explained that he'd reacted that way because he'd heard something today that stuck in his head. Silas explained that Sam told him that she and Patrick went to Crichton Clark to investigate Nina. Nina was stunned and angry. Silas thought the investigation was over, since Sam hadn't found anything. Nina stressed that there was nothing to find, and she asked if Silas believed that. Silas assured her that he did. Nina she said she would have freely given Sam her medical records if she really wanted to see them. Nina wondered why Sam didn't focus on her new boyfriend and stay out of Nina and Silas's lives.

Nina said she was sorry, but she was upset that Sam and Patrick were bonding over Nina's misfortune. Nina felt that she Sam was harassing her, and she thought about filing a complaint. Silas stated that there was no law against asking questions. Nina pointed out that Sam and Silas had broken into the clinic before, and she was sure Sam had tried a similar stunt with Patrick. Silas felt that the point was that there was nothing for Sam to find. He advised Nina to let it go. Nina agreed and said she was sure Sam and Patrick were doing a bad impersonation of Heart to Heart on another case. Silas had never heard of Heart to Heart, and Nina babbled about what a great TV show it was. She suggested that they download it online and have a marathon. Silas didn't want to, but Nina was so excited about it that he agreed to do it. He went to change, and Nina admitted to herself that the show was terrible, but she felt that Silas deserved the torture for doubting Nina because of something Sam said. Nina pulled out her list, and contemplated putting Sam back on it. Then Nina focused on Ava's name and stated that she was always thinking about Ava and her baby.

Michael, Morgan and Kiki gathered at a table outside Kelly's. Michael noticed that Morgan kept glancing at his phone, and Morgan revealed that he'd invited Rosalie to join them. Kiki had a low opinion of Rosalie due to some things Silas had said about her. Michael noted that Rosalie was pretty. He teased Morgan and asked if Morgan if he was interested in her. Morgan didn't get a chance to answer, because Rosalie texted and accepted his invitation. Morgan asked them to promise that they wouldn't give Rosalie a hard time. They assured him that they wouldn't. Michael added that it was time Morgan started socializing again. Morgan assumed that Michael meant it was time that he get over Ava. Michael and Kiki quickly clarified that they didn't expect him to get over what happened so soon.

Kiki mentioned the dinner she and Michael had at Ava's. Morgan noted that Kiki and Michael had seen more of Ava than Morgan had, since Ava's announcement. Kiki didn't think her mom wanted it that way. Morgan tensed up because he felt like Kiki was criticizing him for avoiding the woman who cheated on him with his father. Kiki explained that she wasn't advocating for Morgan and Ava to get back together, but she thought that they would need to make peace for the baby's sake. She added that she felt the baby kick, and she told Morgan that it wasn't too late for him to be a part of the pregnancy. Morgan made a snide remark about Ava. Kiki was bothered that Morgan was still so angry at Ava that he was willing to cheat himself out of experiencing the pregnancy. Morgan made it clear that he didn't appreciate the lecture, and he felt like Kiki was acting like Ava was innocent. Michael tried to calm Morgan by telling him that Kiki cared about him. Morgan was tired of people showing they cared about him by breaking his heart or telling him how to live his life. Morgan snapped that he understood that Kiki and Michael wanted everyone to get along but it wasn't going to happen. He stormed into the diner. Michael was going to go after Morgan, but Kiki wanted to go instead. She admitted that it was her fault and that she'd deserved to get told off. She and Michael shared a quick kiss, then Kiki went into Kelly's. She and Morgan apologized to each other. Kiki assured Morgan that she thought Ava's actions were indefensible and that she said what she did out of concern for Morgan, not Ava. Morgan admitted that Kiki hadn't said anything about the baby that he didn't already know. He explained that he wasn't ready to hear it. Kiki offered to be there for him if he wanted to talk, assuming he forgave her. Morgan assured her that he did, and they hugged.

Rosalie arrived. She reintroduced herself to Michael and asked where Morgan was. Michael stated that Morgan and Kiki were inside discussing a family issue. Rosalie guessed that they were talking about the situation with Ava, Sonny and the baby. She explained that Morgan told her all about it. To Rosalie, it was almost like a Greek Tragedy. Rosalie apologized for making light of the situation, and Michael admitted that it was almost a little incestuous. Rosalie noted that Morgan and Michael had both dated Kiki. “Okay, maybe more than a little,” Michael said. Rosalie was curious about how well Morgan and Kiki got along. Michael told her that they were friends. Rosalie told Michael that Morgan said Michael and Kiki had been helping him. Rosalie was surprised Michael was comfortable with Kiki giving her ex husband a shoulder to cry on and living with him. Michael was confident that Kiki and Morgan were just friends. He explained that Kiki and Morgan's relationship had been over before it started and that they wouldn't get back together. Rosalie noted that Kiki and Morgan had been gone for a long time, and she decided to go see what was keeping them. Back in the diner, Kiki told Morgan that she didn't want to lose the progress they'd made. Morgan assured her that they wouldn't; he felt that the key was for them to stay honest with each other. Kiki appreciated being able to confide in Morgan about Carly, Franco and Sonny. She hated keeping the secret from Michael, but she didn't want him to use it to break up Carly and Franco. Morgan didn't like his mother's relationship with Franco either, but Kiki thought the pair was good together. Rosalie walked in, but she lingered back, Kiki and Morgan didn't notice her. Kiki stated that the last thing anyone needed was for Franco to find out that Carly and Sonny slept together.

At the Jerome penthouse, Ava told Jordan that she needed more time to think about Jordan's suggestion that they team up and take down their boss. Just as Jordan pressed Ava for the boss's name, Ava was struck by a pain in her abdomen; she thought it was the baby. Jordan was concerned, but the pain quickly subsided, and Ava insisted that she was okay. When Ava yelped in pain again, Jordan had Ava's bodyguards take her and Ava to the hospital.

At GH, Felix was curious when he spotted Sabrina reading Ava's medical records. Sabrina claimed she was just organizing the files on Britt's patients, and Felix believed her. Felix gently asked Sabrina if she was overdoing it. Sabrina concluded that Felix was afraid that reading the files of pregnant patients would push her over the edge and make her have another breakdown. She snapped that she was fine. Felix backed off, and Sabrina softened and assured him that she knew he was just being a good friend. Sabrina admitted that it did bother her that a reputed mob figure like Ava was having a baby, while Sabrina had buried her child. The conversation shifted to the accident, and Felix asked asked if Patrick was any closer to finding the culprit. Sabrina told him that Sam and Patrick hadn't found any new leads. Felix assured her that the person would be caught and get what was coming to him. “Or her,” Sabrina added. Just then, Jordan, Ava and the guards arrived. Felix helped Ava into a wheelchair. Sabrina told Ava she was in good hands, but Sabrina's flat tone shook Ava up. Sabrina and Felix took Ava into an exam room, then Felix announced that he'd go find an doctor. Ava grabbed his arm and asked that Sabrina go instead, but Felix told her she was in good hands with and left.

Sabrina added that she familiarized herself with Ava's file and that there wasn't a thing about Ava that she didn't already know. Ava grimaced in pain and asked where the doctor was. Sabrina advised Ava to stay calm. Ava asked if there was anything Sabrina could do to help with the pain. Sabrina offered her drugs and added that the drugs would harm the fetus. Sabrina had a smirk on her face as she offered to get Ava a stress ball or to call someone for her, like the father. Ava admitted that there was no one to call. Ava asked Sabrina if she knew what could be causing the pain. At first, Sabrina listed some innocuous things that could be the root of the pain. Ava looked hopeful, then Sabrina ripped the hope away by coolly adding that it could be a miscarriage. “You're saying that I could be losing my baby?” Ava asked. Sabrina flatly noted that miscarriages happen all the time, sometimes without warning. The distraught Ava stated that she was sorry for Sabrina's terrible loss, but it didn't give Sabrina the right to be insensitive. Sabrina spat that she didn't lose Gabriel; he was murdered. “Murdered by...” The doctor walked in before Sabrina could accuse Ava.

Jordan approached Felix and asked how Ava and the baby were. Ava and the baby's vitals were fine, but Felix didn't know what was causing the pain. Ava's bodyguards started toward the room, but Felix was flippant toward them and refused to let them leave the lobby. When Jordan commented on his attitude, he cast aspersions on her for being a drug dealer. He wondered how she could sleep at night, knowing she was turning kids into addicts and perpetuating stereotypes. Jordan argued that Felix was perpetuating some stereotypes of his own. She also pointed out that he didn't know anything about her, but Felix countered that as TJ's friend, he knew plenty. Felix asked if she ever thought about what she was doing to her son, and he added that there had to be something more productive for Jordan to do with her life. Jordan asked how he knew she wasn't doing more. Felix didn't want to talk to Jordan anymore, so he walked away. Ava returned and told Jordan that she'd been having preterm contractions. This wasn't a cause for concern. “The baby and I are just fine,” Ava said, as she and her group boarded the elevator. “Only for the moment, Ava” Sabrina said to herself.

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