GH Update Wednesday 9/10/14

General Hospital Update Wednesday 9/10/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At Kelly's, TJ visits with Shawn and Molly after his first day in college. He tells them he knows that even if some people missed him, he knows one person who did not, and that is Shawn's new “girlfriend”.

Jordan returns to Ava's apartment with a gift for the baby. Observing her expression, Ava can tells that she is suspicions and appears “jumpy” about something. She asks Jordan what is going on.

Alexis is with baby Danny in Sam's apartment when the doorbell rings. She gets the door and sees Julian.

Outside Kelly's, Olivia admits to Ned that she is very worried and cannot eat not knowing where Lulu and Dante are and what has happened to them.

At the clinic, Stavros finds Lulu with Dante and tells her he harvested an egg from her and fertilized it with his sperm. Holding up the frozen embryo, Stavros announces that in 9 more months, they will have their child.

In another room, Nathan and Maxie struggle to break free and remove the chains that are preventing them from leaving. She tells him that she can see it appears that Victor Cassadine is very creepy and so they do not want to spend any more time than they have to spend there. He attempts to get out but is injured and unable to do much physically. He tells her there has to be a way to unlock the handcuffs. Hearing that, Maxie reflects she remembers the time they were handcuffed together not long ago. She admits that she was really unreasonable to him when he had good reason to want to arrest her and Levi, and she remembers the Corinthos brothers agreed with that. He tells her he no longer wants her to blame herself for her past actions.

In the other room, Stavros laughs when he talks about his sperm and Lulu's egg while she furiously tells him he is sick and hideous and violated her in order to get that. He seems to believe, however, that he can have a baby with her very easily. She tells him he is wasting his time. The joke's on him.

Sitting outside Kelly's with Olivia, Ned notices the cross on the necklace she's wearing and advises her to rely on her faith and believe that her family can return safely to her. She listens to him inspired and tells him he is right.

Julian tells Alexis that he is there to see his grandson remembering he texted Sam a while back and she texted back that it's fine for him to drop by even if she is not there to see Danny. He wants to prove to Alexis he was not there to see her. She tells him it's ok if he wants to visit with their grandchild, but she has to get going, because she has a court date. He goes and finds Danny, greets him, picks him up and is happy to see him. He also tells Alexis he does not want her to leave.

At Kelly's, TJ admits to Shawn he knows he is seeing someone. He asks his guardian if he could just divulge who the lucky lady is.

Jordan tells Ava she has something for the baby. It's a charm bracelet with symbols to protect the baby. She tells her one attaches it to the crib to keep the baby safe and remarks she had one for her son. She can now see what a great young man he's turned into. She seems to somehow know that Ava's baby needs “protection”. However, Ava thinks that Jordan must have some other motive to visit her and asks what that is.

Julian asks Alexis why she wants to rush off when they could spend some quality time with their grandson. She tells him that she is making efforts to move on knowing he has “made his choice”. He tells her that is her option. She tells him she hates the business but she does not hate him. She realizes although he is making this choice, he would die before he would let anything happen to his grandson. So she trust him with Danny.

Jordan tells Ava she just wanted to get her foot in the door and prove to Julian that she could help with their “drug trade”. Hearing that, Ava remarks that her brother trusts and values Jordan, but does not want to inform her who their boss is.

At Kelly's, Molly admits to TJ that she does not want to skip her classes but admits she is feeling kind of tired. She jokes about how it's ok if he takes a rain check on seeing her at another time but asks him not to get too focused on those “college girls” he may meet.

Outside the restaurant, Olivia tells Ned she has to get back to Rocco knowing that Sonny may not have a clue how to change a diaper, but he urges her to have some fries before she leaves. She smiles and tells him he is a good friend.

Lulu and Dante inform Stavros that she cannot carry a baby to term. That is the reason they needed a surrogate in the first place so his plan is not going to work. He is determined not to give up on his plan. He tells her although she's made an “excellent attempt” to manipulate him, she has failed.

With Maxie, Nathan is able to move his feet and knock over some stuff on a tray which they can reach. He tells her he is looking for a paper clip as a handcuff key to get out of the chains they are cuffed to.

Lulu affirms to Stavros that she is not manipulating him with anything. The most painful thing she's ever had to deal with is admitting that she cannot carry a baby to term. Dante confirms that. He tells them however, he happens to know that she has gotten a medical procedure done in order to do something about her “female problem” so that she can be a “real woman”. Hearing that, Dante tells him his wife has always been a real woman. Stavros is just not enough of a man to be able to have what he wants with her. Stavros grabs a hold of Lulu and tells her he will have his way with her.

When TJ grills Shawn about who his new “lady friend” is, Shawn remembers his conversation and involvement with Jordan agreeing that they will not reveal to others what they are doing. He admits to TJ that he realizes he does not want his foster son keeping secrets from him. So he will offer him the same courtesy. He then admits that the woman he is seeing is TJ's mother.

Ava tells Jordan she knows that Jordan has a secret and Jordan needs to know that no amount of protection is going to keep any of them safe from the man who is their boss. Hearing that, Jordan urges Ava to shed some light on this if she does, in fact, know this man's true identity.

While alone with Danny, Julian privately admits that his grandma is right. He would never endanger his grandson although he did have to endanger Danny's Aunt Molly's dad. He admits privately that it's true that Rick Lansing is an innocent man.

After Olivia leaves Ned alone, Alexis finds him and asks if he is still single or “seeing” Olivia. He replies that currently he and Olivia are “just friends”. She admits that she is also single and no longer attached. So she asks if they are both free, would he like to go out with her?

Maxie attempts to help Nathan get free from the cuffs. It looks like it might be working until the buzzer goes off and a guard rushes in demanding to know what is going on in there. They tell him that they had to get his attention somehow. They need to know what happened to Dante and Lulu. He tells them it's not his job description to tell them that. They need to stay put. Maxie hides her now-free hands behind her. As the guard goes out the door, Nathan kicks a small weight to the door to block it from closing completely. When she breaks the paper clip while trying to free Nathan, Maxie decides to go by herself to get help.

After Shawn admits to TJ that he is seeing his mom, TJ admits he is surprised. He tells Shawn he knows there will have to be complications with the fact that Shawn works for Sonny and Jordan works for Julian. He knows that Shawn and Sonny are completely against drug trafficking, unlike his mom.

Jordan asks Ava just what she means about the boss posing a threat to Ava and her family. She knows that he got Julian's son shot and burned Alexis' house down, but has he also threatened her? Ava tells her yes. He's threatened Kiki. Hearing that, Jordan asks why Ava is allowing this guy to put her daughter in danger. She tells Ava she does not have to be at his mercy. Between the two of them, they can take him out if Ava would just trust her.

Since she's not feeling well, Molly returns to Sam's house early and is not happy to see Julian with Danny. She tells him that she will never forgive him or trust him. He is endangering their entire family and has lied to her mom. And worse than that, he got her dad falsely accused of a crime and now killed. He tells her he is sorry and never intended to hurt anyone. She tells him if he really is sorry and wants to make things right, then why doesn't he admit that her father, Ric Lansing, is an innocent man?

Ned asks Alexis if she is serious that it is really over between herself and Julian. She tells him yes. She no longer wants to be with Julian and has told him so. Julian is not fighting her about that. She just ran into him when she was watching Danny at Sam's and set Julian straight that they are through. She admits to Ned that she is looking for another man and asks if he might want to begin dating her.

Lulu asks Stavros if he wants to attempt to get her pregnant and take the chance of losing the only embryo that is left with him? Hearing that, at first he hesitates. However, he tells her and Dante that since they are in one of the world’s most renowned clinics, he will find out if it's true that she needs to take hormones before conceiving and will come back. He will not give up on having his “Ice Princess”. He leaves. Dante then assures his wife it's entirely possible that Stavros was bluffing only to scare her because he's desperate. However, she is worried and asks her husband what if he is not.

Alexis and Ned talk about their history together and some of the issues they have had when they were dating many years ago. He remembers that she was ready to marry him and ran out on their wedding years ago. He now realizes that she may have had good reason to not want to be a Quartermaine. He realizes it's all in the past. He concludes if she wants to use him to get over “yet another gangster” she is seeing, then so be it.

At Sam's home, Julian urges Molly to understand. She tells him it is he who does not understand. She reads to him the letter that Ric wrote her before he was killed. Does he never give a thought to what it would be like if Sam, his daughter, lost her father over something similar as what happened to Ric? If he cares about Danny and Sam and her family, can't he at least admit that he knows that Molly's father was innocent? Doesn't he, at the very least, owe them that?

Jordan reminds Ava that she thinks she has done some “favors” for Julian. She took the rap for Julian in the shooting of Mickey Diamond when he did it. Had she not done that, Julian would have gotten put away. Ava admits that is true. Jordan reminds Ava that they are all living in fear because of this man whose identity she still does not know. She asks Ava if she does not care about her baby as well as her daughter and many other innocent people who can be endangered. So, she urges Ava to please tell her the name of their boss so they can put him away once and for all.

Shawn talks to TJ about the understanding he has reached with Jordan.

Maxie tells Nathan she wants him to let her do what she intends to do even if she is risking her own safety. She owes it to him and to Dante and Lulu and everyone for endangering them. She needs to call the police and he needs to wait for her and let her do what she intends to do. She tells him it's her turn to do something good for him. Also, if they do not move fast, the guards will find out that she is free from the handcuffs. He tells her he needs her to promise she will come back safe while she leaves him locked in there. She rushes out.

In the other room, Lulu tells Dante maybe Stavros is lying and did not take her egg and fertilize it. The mere thought of that disgusting man implanting anything into her body is beyond what she can imagine.

When Molly is telling Julian what she expects of him in order to redeem himself, Alexis returns and assumes she has to assure her daughter that she and Julian are no longer together. Molly reminds her mom that she (Alexis) has backed him and sold her father down the river. So she really doesn't buy that. She runs out. Alone with Julian, Alexis reminds him that for reasons just like this, he needs to realize it is really over between them.

At Kelly's, TJ assures Shawn he is ok with the decision he has made. After hugging him, TJ dons his backpack and goes upstairs.

Jordan urges Ava to know that their boss is a sociopath. They are working for him on one end and dodging Sonny Corinthos on the other. Even if Ava believes Kiki is a grown woman and able to take care of herself, Ava needs to think about her baby. If Ava could just give her the name of the crime boss, maybe she could put things into motion. Just as Ava is about to give Jordan the information, she screams, grabs her pregnant belly, and doubles over in pain.

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