GH Update Tuesday 9/9/14

General Hospital Update Tuesday 9/9/14


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Obrecht burst into Anna's office and announced that she thought she knew who kidnapped Nathan and the others. Anna wondered if Obrecht had been working with Levi/Peter Harrell. Obrecht was annoyed by the accusation and began to go on a tangent. Nikolas stepped in and ordered Obrecht to tell him where his sister was. Britt intervened before things got out of hand and steered her mother back on track. “I know because of Victor Cassadine,” Obrecht said. Nikolas recalled that his uncle had come to Port Charles a few months ago for some unexplained reason. Obrecht explained that she'd asked Victor to help her find Nathan. Anna wanted to know why Obrecht thought Victor could or would help her. Britt chimed in that Victor had helped Obrecht obtain classified information. Anna realized that Britt was referring to the WSB file on Faison that Obrecht showed Anna. She asked how Victor got hold of it, and Obrecht revealed that he was the head of the WSB. Anna was stunned, and Obrecht announced that Victor was the one who arranged for her to get immunity. Anna realized that this must be the reason she'd been unable to get straight answers from the organization. Obrecht felt that it was no wonder the WSB didn't trust Anna, given her ties to organized crime – Duke's working relationship with Sonny. Anna insisted that Duke didn't work for Sonny. They began to argue, when Nik interrupted and reminded them to focus on the missing foursome. Anna apologized, and Obrecht explained that Victor had said something that made her believe he was involved in the disappearance. Britt theorized that Victor had said something about being Nathan's father. Surprised, Anna asked if Nathan was really a Cassadine. Obrecht felt that the question was irrelevant. She agreed to tell Anna and the others where she thought Nathan and the others were being held, in exchange for Anna telling her what happened to Faison. Nik was appalled that Obrecht was using his sister as a bargaining chip. Anna pointed out that Nathan could have been hurt when he was captured or he might get hurt trying to escape. She stressed that it was important to rescue him before someone got killed. Britt reminded Obrecht that Obrecht claimed it had been a mistake to abandon Nathan to chase after Faison. She challenged Obrecht to prove it by forgetting about Faison, for one minute, and putting Nathan first. “Mother. Please. You keep telling Nathan how much you love him. Prove it.” Obrecht quietly told everyone that Nathan and the others were at Crichton Clark in Scarsdale. Britt hugged her mom.

Carly went to the Falconeri loft to relieve Olivia of babysitting duties and was shocked to find Sonny watching the baby instead. Carly wanted an explanation, and Sonny explained that Rocco had fussed all night so he sent Olivia home to get some rest. Carly and Sonny talked about Sonny's fear for Dante's safety, and Carly assured Sonny that Dante was tough, just like his dad. Sonny smiled. Carly was going to leave, since Sonny was already watching Rocco, but Sonny asked her to stay. Carly didn't think it was a good idea for them to be alone together. She told Sonny that Kiki went straight to Franco after learning that Carly cheated on him with Sonny. Carly had interrupted Kiki, and Carly hoped that she'd convinced Kiki that Franco would be hurt if he found out about the one night stand. Sonny asked who cared if Franco got hurt. “Kiki cares,” Carly replied. She added that she didn't want Kiki to find out she and Sonny were spending time alone and change her mind about keeping their secret. Carly hoped Kiki believed Carly's statement that she and Sonny were over. “You don't really believe that do you?” Sonny asked, before kissing Carly. The moment ended when Rocco suddenly burst into tears. Carly tried to seize the opportunity to leave. Sonny was doubtful that he'd be able to get Rocco to calm down on his own, so he asked Carly to stay and help. Carly relented and she picked Rocco up. The baby immediately settled down, and Carly and Sonny chatted. She told him that she went to see Ava and unsuccessfully tried to convince her to take a paternity test. Carly asked Sonny if he was still planning on killing Ava. Sonny felt that he had to, for Connie. Carly snuggled Rocco and asked what would happen to the baby. She pointed out that Morgan wasn't ready to be a single parent. Sonny told her that they'd help him. Carly asked who would help Sonny if the baby turned out to be his. Sonny replied that they'd cross that bridge when they got to it.

Outside Kelly's, Spencer told Patrick, Sam, and Emma that Luke threatened Emma. Patrick assumed that Spencer must have misunderstood. He and Sam left the kids with Spencer's chauffeur and went inside the diner to talk. Patrick chalked Spencer's claim up to being a product of his active imagination. He didn't think Luke would threaten Emma, especially given how terrible he felt about accidentally killing his grandson Jake. While Sam agreed that Spencer's claims were farfetched, she'd noticed that Luke had been acting very erratic lately, and she thought it was it was best to hear the boy out. They called the kids into Kelly's. Patrick reminded Spencer that Spencer said Luke caused the accident because Spencer knew too much. Spencer clarified that he knew Luke was after Sonny. He told everyone how he'd been upset the night of Nik and Britt's engagement party and had gone down to the stables to be alone. While there, he overheard Luke tell a man Spencer didn't recognize that he wanted to take down Sonny. Spencer had gone to the Quartermaine mansion and confronted Luke about targeting his uncle. Luke had threatened to hurt Emma if Spencer didn't keep his mouth shut. Later that night, Spencer heard about the accident on the news, and he called Luke and promised not to tell anyone what he overheard.

Patrick took Sam aside. They weren't sure what to make of Spencer's claim; it sounded crazy but Spencer seemed sincere. Patrick asked if they should go to Anna. Spencer overheard, and he rushed over and begged them to keep quiet for Emma's sake. Sam tried to reassure Spencer by pointing out that Luke wasn't in town, but Spencer argued that Luke could be watching them right now. Patrick and Sam decided to investigate things on their own instead of going to the police. Emma was scared, and Patrick promised to protect her. Spencer was relieved when he learned that they wouldn't repeat what he'd told them. Sam reminded Patrick, in private, that he'd been about to tell her something about the clinic that seemed important. clinic. Patrick didn't think it mattered, given what they'd just learned about Luke's possible involvement in the accident.

Dante and Lulu were still chained to the wall of a room at Crichton-Clark. Dante was about to tell Lulu why he was investigating Luke, when the door opened. They were stunned to see Stavros alive and well. Stavros revealed that Laura's attempt to freeze him to death had failed and that he'd returned for Lulu – his Ice Princess. Dante ordered Stavros to stay away from Lulu, but Stavros approached her anyway and told her that there was nothing Dante could do about it. Lulu snapped that she took care of herself, and Stavros promised to take care of her instead. Lulu spat in his face and threatened to scratch his eyes out. Stavros seemed amused. He told Lulu that she inherited her fiery personality from her mother, and he added that was one of the things that made him fall in love with Lulu. Lulu argued that Stavros didn't know the first thing about her. Stavros countered that he got to know her when they spent time together. Lulu clarified that Stavros kidnapped her. Stavros saw Lulu's resistance as a part of the challenge. He pulled her close and announced that now they could be together and start a family. Lulu snarled that she already had a family. Stavros knew all about Rocco, and he told Lulu that their child would be a royal, not the child of a peasant from Bensonhurst. Dante hurled insults at Stavros, and Lulu snapped that she didn't have any eggs left, thanks to what Stavros had done to her. Stavros revealed that he'd harvested an egg from Lulu before he froze her and fertilized it himself. Lulu didn't believe it. Stavros made his way to a freezer and pulled out a canister, which he claimed contained their embryo. Stavros knew that there was a chance that freezing Lulu would render her infertile, so he created the embryo as a precaution. He announced that all that was left to do now was to implant it inside her.

Maxie and Nathan were chained to a wall in another room at the clinic. Maxie confessed that she'd almost called off the wedding. Nathan was curious why, and she told him it was because of him. She explained that Mac had told her Nathan had feelings for her. Maxie admitted she had assumed Mac made it up in an attempt to stop the wedding. Nathan confirmed that he did have feelings for Maxie and that he had ever since the day they met. Maxie was surprised since she felt that she looked terrible that day, but Nathan assured her that he thought she was beautiful. He liked her personality and he'd felt a connection when they talked. He also thought it was a sign that Maxie happened to return from her trip at a time when he was depressed and in need of comfort. Maxie was surprised Nathan had felt that way about her for so long. Nathan explained that Levi came in and changed the dynamic before Nathan got a chance to confess his feelings. Nathan had started to think Maxie wasn't the girl he thought she was but sometimes he'd see flashes of the person she really was underneath the facade she'd created. Nathan had realized that Maxie was still the same bubbly, big-hearted person he met; she was just in a lot of pain. Maxie theorized that Levi saw that pain too and used it to manipulate her. She felt stupid, but Nathan assured her that she wasn't and that her judgment had been clouded by her pain. Maxie was upset that Levi ruined her chances of getting Georgie back just to get Felicia's jewelry. She apologized for dragging Nathan into this situation. Nathan didn't think it was all bad, since it had provided him with an opportunity to tell Maxie how he felt. Nathan was curious to hear how Maxie felt about him. Maxie revealed that she thought about Nathan while she was on the plane out of Port Charles. She had remembered the way he comforted her and she'd wondered if she should have taken his suggestion and stayed in town. Maxie had also thought about what Nathan said when she told him she was leaving to find herself – “you don't seem so bad the way you are.” Nathan was glad that their first meeting had meant as much to Maxie as it did to him, but he noted that she didn't answer his question. Maxie explained that she didn't trust her judgment, since she recently almost married a conman. Nathan stated that he'd gotten to see Levi/Peter's true colors, while he'd pretended to be the perfect boyfriend when Maxie was around. Maxie confessed that Levi had slipped up and shown his true self to her a few times, but she'd given him the benefit of the doubt and blindly defended him. Maxie was grateful that Nathan had stopped the wedding before she could go through with it. She added that she was serious when she told Nathan that she wouldn't care if he shot Levi at the ceremony. Nathan explained that he couldn't have gotten a clean shot, but Maxie assured him that he would have been able to do it. Nathan appreciated Maxie's faith in him. Maxie felt that it made sense for her to have faith in Nathan, but she noted that she also had faith in Levi. She apologetically told Nathan that she wasn't in the position to tell anyone how she felt about them right now. Nathan assured her that it was okay and that she didn't have to answer him now. He suggested that they focus on escaping.

Victor was in his office at the clinic. He sent his and Nathan's samples to the lab for a DNA test. Levi/Peter walked in and Victor blamed him for botching the operation. Peter insisted that it wasn't his fault that Dante shot him. He was angry that Victor had ignored his calls and left him alone at the cabin with two hostages. Peter felt that he owed Dante a bullet and he asked where he was. Victor reminded Peter that Victor was the one in charge. He added that Dante was busy right now. Victor explained that he'd had Stavros revived so he could reunite with Lulu, whom he'd previously kidnapped. “Stavros may be crazy, but he is my family” Victor stated. Victor was happy to be able to give his nephew something he really wanted. Victor shared Stavros's plans for Lulu with Peter, off screen. Peter was disturbed by what he heard, but he didn't care about that. He only wanted to know when Victor would deliver on his promises to Peter. Victor insisted that he intended to keep his promise, but right now he was focused on more pressing issues. The camera panned down to three files on his desk – one on Nathan, one on Robin and one on Jason. Victor mentioned that he had a lot on his mind. Peter was curious what it was. Holding Nathan's file, Victor ruminates that "Someone I thought I loved. Someone I thought I could trust. But I'm not sure anymore."

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