GH Update Monday 9/8/14

General Hospital Update Monday 9/8/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Spencer talks to Emma outside of Kelly's as she reveals she is afraid of something. She informs him that she overheard her daddy and Elizabeth talking about how a boy name Rafe Kovich run them off the road. He did it on purpose and somebody put him up to it but they were unable to find out whom. Hearing that, Spencer is very interested and informs Emma he thinks he might know who put Rafe up to causing the car crash. He remember his conversation not long ago with the man who looks just like Luke.

At the Crichton-Clark Clinic, Lulu and Dante are passed out and chained to a railing. Maxie is not far away also in the same situation. Victor's men drag a blindfolded and handcuffed Nathan into the facility.

At the police station, Anna is frantically trying to find out what happened not only to Maxie and Lulu but to two of her best detectives who have not been seen or heard from. Before she can continue her phone conversation with Robert, Obrecht walks in and is ready to confront her.

When Dante comes to and sees Lulu not far away from him at the clinic, he asks her if she is familiar with this place. They can tell that it appears to be some sort of medical facility, but they know they have been drugged and have no memory or recollection of how they got taken from the place where Levi kept them to this place they are now in. They also haven't a clue who could have brought them there. They remember being gassed by people who may or may not be associated with the guy who called himself Levi Dunkleman and don't know what may have happened to him.

While the captors struggle with Nathan, Maxie yells from a room for someone to help her. Nathan shouts back that he's coming, but Victor Cassadine appears and watches him.

Anna tells Obrecht she cannot barge into the commissioner's office. She is in the middle of a manhunt and has no time for Obrecht's rantings. Obrecht tells Anna she is not going anywhere. Anna has gotten her son endangered. She has targeted Obrecht's family to hurt her and she won't get away with it. Anna explains that she believes Nathan is an exemplary officer and she hired him months before she knew he was Obrecht's son. She tells Obrecht she doubts that he, himself, even knew he had the misfortune of being related to Obrecht. He asked for this case and she (Anna) would have assigned it to him regardless. Obrecht tells Anna she wants to put her enemy's son in danger because if he dies in the line of duty, no one can accuse her of wanting him dead. But she (Obrecht) knows the truth. Anna tells her no. Her only objective is to bring Levi Dunkleman to justice and for the safe return of everyone he has kidnapped. Obrecht tells her she wants the safe return of everyone except Nathan. Anna asks Obrecht if is implying Anna is using her family in order to hurt her. She tells Obrecht no. That is her (Obrecht's) style. Obrecht protests she knows it didn't stop Anna with Caesar. Anna tells her even if that is true, she would never harm Nathan.

Britt finds Nikolas and talks about how her mother went for all those years hiding the fact that she had a son so that she could go after Cesar Faison and not have him knowing she got pregnant by another man. She talks about how her mother was making charges of Anna wanting to harm Nathan in order to get to her mother, having Britt's father (Cesar) killed and talking about Nikolas' uncle's involvement in this mission she has. Hearing that, Nikolas indicates he never heard about his uncle's association with her mother and her actions and asks what Victor has to do with Nathan . Britt tells him he may want to “sit down” for this.

Spencer gets ready to tell Emma what he may know about what caused the accident that killed her baby brother. But, he tells her, he is tired of her always obsessing about Cameron and not noticing him. He tells her however, he does know some information regarding what she just told him she overheard her dad and Elizabeth talking about regarding the car crash happening on purpose

Patrick and Sam talk outside Kelly's about what possible connection Rafe might have had with the Crichton Clark Clinic. She admits she hasn't a clue. But Patrick remembers finding Robin there and having good reason to believe his estranged wife is being threatened by Victor Cassadine. He may be putting two and two together. Yet, when she asks, Patrick recalls that it involves the secret only he and Robin know about her husband Jason Morgan.

Dante, Lulu and Maxie attempt to brainstorm about who could have done this or if the cops will find them

Nikolas assesses that Britt has found out from her mother that his uncle is the father of her brother. Britt admits that her mother did not come out and admit to it but made it pretty obvious. Nikolas admits he has never heard that his uncle and her mother were lovers. She tells him her mom explains that she has evidence that Anna and Robert Scorpio did not take her father to the foreign prison like they say and probably secretly killed him. She says she got it from his uncle and what motivation would he have to “help” her except he “carries a torch” for her. He also asks Britt if her mom has ever indicated whom Nathan's father is. Britt realizes that while her mom has made it clear to every person she knows that she has Caesar Faison's child and is in love with him but she's made no mention of who gave her the son she's always wanted with the man she's in love with. So that could very well confirm it.

Obrecht emotionally tells Anna she knows that Caesar Faison has been killed and she knows who did it. Anna tells her she is not going to waste her time talking about a psychopath. She has work to do and her top priority is to find Obrecht's son. She reminds Obrecht she has had decades to make things right when Nathan but has put it aside to go after a psychotic man she's desperately in love with who does not return her feelings and she's still doing it now. Nathan is out there risking his life by doing his duty while she's still pining away for Caesar Faison. She tells Obrecht that Nathan is a means to an end for her. But he is not for Anna. He is one of her finest officer and he's become a good friend. Obrecht tells Anna her son does not need Anna's friendship. Anna tells Obrecht Nathan does not need her period because she is a criminal and a sociopath and she's standing in the way of a criminal investigation. So she will ask Obrecht to take her pathetic obsession out of her office before she has her thrown out. Obrecht asks Anna if she thinks this is over, she's got another thing coming and she angrily walks out the door.

While Victor's men surround Nathan and detain him, Victor touches his face and stares at him. He demands to know what Victor is looking at. Nathan demands they let him see Maxie. At that point, Victor knows he has to make Nathan bleed and keeps his blood on a tissue.. And the guys lead Nathan to sit beside Maxie while they are both chained to the railing. She protests that they are cowards to assault Nathan when he's unable to fight back. He looks at her wanting her not to worry about him and makes a joke about “a sight for sore eyes”.

Dante and Lulu talk about missing Rocco although they know their son is in good hands with his mother, his father, Nikolas and Elizabeth watching him. They affirm together that they can find their way back to the people they love.

Not far away, Maxie asks Nathan if he has seen Dante and Lulu. He tells her he's sure they are not far way and almost tells her the “long story” about his encounter with Victor. He remarks that this mysterious place they've been taken to looks like the facility that he remembers his sister Nina staying in while she was in a coma. He remembers it's Crichton Clark.

Patrick admits to Sam he has not told her everything he knows about Crichton Clark. She asks if he thinks it has something to do with the car crash. She can tell there's something he is not telling her.

Inside Kelly's, Spencer tells Emma he is hesitating to tell her who caused the crash that killed baby Gabriel because the person who did it could come after her if he tells anyone.

At the police station, Nikolas and Britt assess the fact that they are kind of “related” if his uncle has had a child with her mother. But she clarifies they have not “committed incest”. Nathan is his first cousin and her half brother. His uncle is not her father so they are not biologically related.

They laugh and breathe a sigh of relief when Obrecht bursts into the room infuriated and upset, fuming that Anna Devane is a self-righteous murderous bitch. Britt asks her what happened. She states that the police aren't doing anything find Britt's brother. She is going to contact somebody who can and she pulls out her phone when she's alone in the next room.

At the same time, we see Victor in his office remembering Nathan revealing that Lisle Obrecht is his mother while realizing it's highly unlikely, given the circumstances, that Caesar Faison could be his father. So then who is? He stares at the blood sample he's collected from Nathan. His phone rings and he smiles, remarking what a coincidence it is to be hearing from the “woman of his dreams” about finding “a police detective named Nathan West”. Realizing however, that she may have hid this from him throughout Nathan's life, he tell Obrecht perhaps she should rely on the local police for her “problem”. But she tells him they cannot be trusted. She appears to have no suspicion that he would endanger her son and is still unaware that Victor has caught on to the very likely possibility that Nathan West is his son with her. He tells her he can help her under one condition; that she tells him if this Detective Nathan West is his son.

Nathan talks to Maxie about what they intend to do when they get out of there. They are happy to be together. She admits she is confused how it is that they have been held captive in a medical facility, where Levi (or whatever his real name is) has gone, if he's in on this, alive or dead or whatever else. Nathan tells her that probably the best “source” to find out all that has happened is Nikolas' uncle whom he just met and spoke to not long ago. He's the guy in charge, Nathan tells her.

Anna is on the phone to Robert in an attempt to find out if he might know something about Levi Dunkleman/Peter Harrell, when Britt and Nikolas go to talk to her. She tells them she knows they want an update and she won't let the department rest until her brother, his sister and all the others are brought home safe. Britt then asks Anna if she might be willing or able to “shed some light” about her mother's accusations. Anna tells Britt, as she probably knows, her mother blames Anna and the cops for what happened to Nathan. Britt tells Anna it's not about that. What she means, specifically is that her mother believes that Anna killed Britt's father.

Lulu asks Dante to “run down” what he knows about Levi. He mentions that his real name is apparently Peter Harrell, probably the son of Felicia's ex fiancÚ whom she was with many years ago. They also assess that this father and son might also have a score to settle with her father, Luke. Lulu, however realizes that she has not seen or heard from “her father” and finds it odd that Tracy has tried and failed to track him down since their honeymoon ended.

As soon as Emma hears that Spencer may know about the car crash being caused intentionally, she disregards his urging her not to tell anyone and she runs outside to tell her dad that Spencer knows who caused the car crash that killed baby Gabriel.

When Lulu talks about her father, Dante remembers a conversation he had with Anna not long ago where she told him that Jordan was able to hear the voice of the anonymous Jerome family crime boss and he sounded just like Luke Spencer. He does not reveal that to his wife but does mention to Lulu that Luke's behavior has been really weird since they let him out of Miscavige and not like the Luke they know.

Emma tells Patrick and Sam she overheard her dad and Elizabeth talking about somebody intentionally causing the accident. She informed Spencer and he revealed to her that he knows who put Rafe up to running them off the road and causing the death of her baby brother. Patrick then asks Spencer if he really knows this or if he's making it up. Admittedly scared, Spencer replies yes. He was lying to Emma. However, she tells her dad that Spencer is telling the truth and is denying it because he's afraid of what will happen if he tells. Sam then takes Spencer aside to have a cousin-to-cousin talk and asks him if she can find out some things. She asks when he stopped trusting his dad and when he stopped trusting her. Did they make him feel like they would not protect him? She asks why he appears scared when he has “good guys” in his life like his dad and her and Patrick and Emma and people who look out for other people, tell the truth and stick up for those who can't defend themselves like baby Gabriel. She tells him good guys always win in the end and the only time you lose is when you know of something bad happening but don't say anything about it. She asks him if that is what is going on with him. He does not face her not knowing how to answer.

Britt tells Anna that her mother swears up and down she has proof that Anna and Robert did not take her father back to the Steinmauer prison like they say they did. She knows that the cops' number one priority is to find Nathan and the others. But until these allegations are put to rest, Anna must know that Obrecht is not going to leave her alone. She tells Anna she barely knew her father and the few times she spent with him, there was no love lost. This is not a sentimental quest but she would like some answers from Anna about whether there is any basis to her mother's accusations.

On the phone, after Victor asks her, point blank, if Nathan West is his son, Obrecht asks where on earth he would get that idea or ask such a ridiculous question. He tells her he's already found out that Nathan is her son. She tells him so what. That does not mean he has any claim on Nathan and she asked for his help and not an interrogation. He tells her she will get no help unless she gives him a truthful answer. He tells her if he finds out that she has lied and kept his son from him, there will be a “reckoning”. She pleads but he tells her there is no point in groveling. He further informs her he will be in touch after he runs a DNA test that will confirm the answer to his question. Hearing that, she asks how on earth he would have access to Nathan's DNA. He tells her he will get some answers and he hangs up.,

Maxie tells Nathan she did a terrible thing to listen to Levi, be taken for an idiot to believe and trust him and not see what he and all the others could see Levi for. He protests that Levi was a con man and fooled everyone. She protests she could not even see that he (Nathan) only intended to save her from herself when she was so unkind to him. She was ready to marry Levi and march down that aisle when all Levi wanted from her was her mom's Aztec jewelry. Yet because she was too stubborn and insecure and stupid to listen to him, they are all trapped in here; herself, him, Dante and Lulu.

In Anna's office, she explains to Britt and Nikolas that Britt's father chased her for most of her life. He blackmailed and terrorized her and tormented just about everyone Anna loved; all in an effort to make her “his”. She refused him until one day, he kidnapped her daughter and caused mass murder all around her. After decades of harassment, one day she and Robert were able to turn the tables. They rescued their daughter, they apprehended Faison and they found they had to make a choice; Do they rely on the prison system that has failed them every time they've tried to bring him to justice? Or are they going to find a more lasting solution once and for all? But before she can continue telling her story, Obrecht rushes in again and tells them all she knows where Nathan and the others have been taken.

Maxie asks Nathan if he can ever forgive her. He tells her he does not feel there's anything to forgive. But she tells him that is so not true. There are so many things she wishes she could take back. All the times she was so unfair to him when he was nothing but decent to her. All the times she blamed him for things that were not his fault. All the times she accused him of lying when in fact it was she who was lying to herself when the truth was staring her right in the face. She tells him he can't let her off the hook for this. He reminds her that Levi was a con man and criminal and got her head so messed up and believing she was less than perfect. It killed him to watch her second-guess herself and to watch Levi tear her down piece by piece and he can't watch her blame herself and hurt herself anymore. Especially over him. She reminds him he is beaten and bruised and chained to a wall because of her. Even if he says it's because of those two guys out there, if it were not for her, he and the others would all be safe and at home. She admits the reason she finally listened to her heart and called off that stupid wedding was not only because she saw Levi for who he really was (although it was too late). It was because she realized the feelings she had for Nathan.

After Sam talks to Spencer about having courage to stand up and admit to wrong things happening to protect good people and those who cannot protect themselves, he admits that the guy who caused the crime threatened Emma if he told anyone. Patrick and Sam urge him to tell them and promise they won't let any harm come to anyone he loves. He looks all around at them and admits it was Luke Spencer.

As Dante tries to tell Lulu what he heard her dad was involved in, they are interrupted by a very loud alarm. Before he can say anymore the security locked door beside them opens. They look inside the room and are stunned and shocked, staring at something in disbelief that they cannot believe their eyes that they see.

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