GH Update Friday 9/5/14

General Hospital Update Friday 9/5/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Patrick notices that Emma is distracted, very depressed and not willing to eat her breakfast. He asks if she is not ready to start the first day of school. She then yells, throws the bowl of cereal on the floor and angrily tells her dad she does not care.

Silas is talking to a patient and sounding like he can assure her she is cancer free. She thanks him and hugs him. Sam observes them from outside in the hallway and smiles.

Nina is alone in the empty hospital art room remembering Franco asking her if she really wants to have a baby with a man she has so much anger and resentment toward, realizing that having a kid together can complicate things. Rosalie enters and asks her if she is there hoping to run into her “new boyfriend”. Rosalie can tell she has Franco on the brain although Nina angrily tells her she is no longer friends with Franco.

Franco is also alone outside of Kelly's obsessively attempting to “reconcile” his most recent argument with Nina by texting but erasing what he writes unsure of what is “right.”

Kiki is distracted remembering that she overheard that Carly and Sonny slept together and hasn't a clue whether to tell Franco about it against Carly's wishes. When Kiki paints over a new switch plate, Morgan sees she is distracted and asks her what is up. He can clearly see she has something on her mind and suggests she talk about it.

While Carly is sitting alone in Kelly's, she gets on her phone to leave a message for Kiki urging her to please not tell Franco “the secret”. She is startled to see Franco walk in the door and face her.

Patrick tells Emma he needs to know why she is angry and she needs to realize you can't go throwing things just because you are mad. She tells her dad she is afraid and cannot face going back to school with all that has happened. She cannot cope with not having her mommy there.

Sam finds Silas at the hospital, telling him she wanted to keep him in the loop although she admits she's run against a dead end in finding any more clues about Rafe or who might have put him up to running Patrick off the road and killing his child. Silas then shows her the business card that he has discovered from Crichton-Clark Research lab. And he wonders what kind of secrets she and Patrick have going on behind his back.

Rosalie tells Nina she can clearly see that although she says Franco is not important to her and she is married to Silas, Franco is important to her. Nina tells Rosalie that she and Franco were friends until he judged her feelings for Silas. Rosalie tells Nina that anyone would be confused when hearing her talking about her feelings for her husband. The reason she wants to talk to her is about the plan she has come up with to get revenge on Kiki.

Morgan tells Kiki he needs to know the “real reason” she is distracted although she is obviously hiding something from him.

Josslyn and Michael go to find Carly at Kelly's before Josslyn's first day of school. Josslyn makes it clear that she does not want to live in her mom's house as long as Franco is staying there. Carly asks her to apologize. Franco attempts to urge her to get over her negative feelings about him. However it does not appear to be happening Michael tells his mom and Franco that he “knows what is going on under their roof”. Hearing that, they wonder what he is talking about.

Emma cries while Patrick tries to convince his daughter that he will be there for her and she will be fine although her mommy is not there. Emma demands to know what is so important that her mommy can't come home. She asks her daddy where she is. He is not certain how to answer that.

Silas shows Sam the business card from Crichton-Clark Research Clinic. He found it in Rafe's belongings. Sam admits she finds it odd that Rafe would have anything to do with the clinic where Nina was in. He tells her he knows she and Patrick had a secret involving that clinic.

Patrick calls and attempts, yet again, to reach Robin or find out information at the Crichton-Clark Clinic, after Emma has asked him to do so. Yet, he only gets a recorded message telling callers there is no way to get through. He cries when he attempts to encourage Emma to be unafraid. He then tells her that maybe they can wait for Elizabeth and Cameron to come by first and go with them to have pancakes beforehand.

Nina admits to Rosalie that she is still going over her list of the people whom she wants to pay for wronging her. Nina tells her however, that she's not really concerned about Ava, when she can target Ava's “love child” with Silas. She tells her she bets the best way to get to Kiki is through her boyfriend.

After Morgan demands that Kiki tells him what is on her mind, she admits she has a “problem” with his mom. When he probes more, she tells him that she “found out something” about his mom which Carly asked her not to reveal to anyone. And she is not certain what to do yet she hesitates to tell Morgan until he continues to probe her and she reveals that she found out that Carly slept with Sonny.

Nina informs Rosalie that when she spoke to Kiki, Kiki made it very clear that her boyfriend, Michael is very important to her. So, she is thinking that maybe she could find another woman for Michael that could break them up.

When Morgan finds out that his dad slept with his mom, he tells Kiki that although he does not care if it hurt Franco and would be ok if his mom broke up with him, he thinks it's pretty low of his father to think he can do this behavior with yet another woman who is supposed to be unavailable to him. Kiki, however, tells Morgan that she could see that Carly was also responsible for the action although she kept saying it was a “one time thing” and urged Kiki to keep it a secret.

When Josslyn is with her mom, brother and Franco at Kelly's and not looking contented, she notices that Spencer is outside and rushes to see him. He is not happy to see her and reminds her that she gave him up when he was hoping she'd hide him at her mom's house and caused him to get grounded for a long time. She tells him she is sorry but Cameron urged her to do it and she could not refuse to do what he asked because she is in love with Cameron. Hearing that, Spencer admits he is not ok with yet, another girl choosing Cameron over him.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth goes to Patrick's to pick up Emma and take her to school with Cameron. When Patrick and Elizabeth believe they are alone and out of earshot of the kids, Emma overhears them talking about someone putting Rafe up to running them off the road yet he's tried and failed to find out who it was.

Sam admits to Silas that she and Patrick went to the Crichton-Clark Clinic together. He asks her why. She admits that they were “investigating” Nina.

Meanwhile, in the hospital art room, Nina reveals to Rosalie that she believes it's possible she could “take” Michael from Kiki. Why wouldn't he consider her? And why is it not appropriate for a mature woman like herself to spark the interest in a young CEO if Ava Jerome can “bag” his younger brother? However, she realizes that maybe it would not be “feasible” to pull off that plan for many reasons. One of which is having to have everybody believing she's in a chair. Also, she doesn't want Silas getting wind that she slept with his daughter's boyfriend. So, instead she will have to get someone else to “do it”. She tells Rosalie she wants her to attempt to seduce Michael Corinthos.

At Patrick's home, Emma listens in on the conversation where Elizabeth tells Patrick she cannot believe that somebody would put a young kid up to running him and his family off the road and fleeing the scene. Cameron finds Emma and tells his mom they have to get to Kelly's.

Outside Kelly's, Josslyn tells Spencer she believes Cameron is handsome, smart, fun and can do so many interesting things that nobody else can do. Spencer protests that he has all of those qualities plus he is rich. He reminds her that she'd have lost interest in Cameron and chosen him if he had not been grounded. Yet Josslyn is clearly not listening or interested in what he is saying.

Kiki tells Morgan that they need to keep their mouths shut about Sonny and Carly sleeping together and not tell Michael. It's entirely possible he will tell Franco. Carly will be furious at all of them and never forgive them for ending her relationship. Michael walks in the door, overhears their conversation and asks what they were talking about having to keep from him.

Sam tells Silas although she and Patrick didn't actually “find” anything in their most recent endeavor, she still believes that Nina is keeping something from Silas. She then walks out the door realizing he is not happy with her believing that and they cannot establish a meeting of the minds regarding this.

Nina attempts to convince Rosalie to seduce Michael. When she hears disinterest from her nurse, she asks Rosalie if, perhaps she “does not like men”, “assuring” her it's ok if that is the case. Rosalie tells her she certainly does like men and is interested in someone. That happens to be Morgan, Michael's brother. Hearing that, Nina is intrigued to find out that Rosalie might be sleeping with Ava's former “boy toy” although Rosalie assures her she and Morgan are not sleeping together although she is not about to attempt to seduce Michael when she is interested in Morgan.

When Michael needs to know what Morgan and Kiki were talking about regarding him, they come up with an alibi he does not question.

Franco and Carly talk in Kelly's where she wants to assure him that her 3 kids will “come around” about not liking him.

Outside Kelly's, Spencer wants Josslyn to help him break up Cameron and Emma. She sees Cameron with Emma and wants to talk Cameron alone, without Emma, to show him he art project. That leaves Emma outside alone with Spencer. He pulls up a chair for her and she admits she is not ok with going back to school. There's something she is afraid of which she found out about for the first time and she needs to discuss it with someone.

Sam finds Patrick, informs him she spoke to Silas who informed her that Patrick went to talk to him and she wonders why Patrick did not tell her about his conversation with Silas.

While the kids are talking inside Kelly's, Carly and Elizabeth observe them and reflect how big they are getting and how it seemed like yesterday they were babies. Carly tells Elizabeth that her daughter will be forever grateful to Elizabeth's deceased son, Jake, for saving her life.

At the hospital, Franco makes a beeline for Nina and apologizes, urging her to forgive him. She tells him she has to go. Since he does not have a lot of friends, he would value being her friend because it would really mean a lot to him and she would be very special to him.

Michael, Kiki, and Morgan go to the hospital to pick up Alice and take her home when they run into Rosalie. Morgan recognizes his “acquaintance”, introduces her to his brother Michael and his brother's girlfriend Kiki. Rosalie does not reveal what she has been discussing, with Nina about those very people only minutes ago.

Nina admits to Franco that she would really appreciate having a friendship with someone like him. There is so much going on and she really likes being with him. He tells her that maybe they can establish boundaries and communicate about that to each other. She tells him she'd like that.

Emma admits to Spencer she is upset and scared because “somebody” is after her and wants to hurt her.

When Sam asks Patrick why he did not inform her that he went to talk to Silas, he tells her it's because he realizes she and Silas are not on good terms and he did not want to “upset her”. She needs to know why he did not tell her what he learned about Crichton-Clark. He does not know how to answer that.

Emma explains to Spencer she overheard that a boy named Rafe Kovich drove the car that ran them off the road. She overheard her dad and Elizabeth talk about knowing for a fact that he did it on purpose and that someone put him up to doing it yet they could not find out who it was. When Spencer hears that, he remembers his conversation a while back with “Luke” who threatened Emma if Spencer did not keep his secret about Sonny. He tells her he thinks he knows who put Rafe up to causing the car crash that killed her infant brother.

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