GH Update Thursday 9/4/14

General Hospital Update Thursday 9/4/14


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

At GH, Ava gave Sabrina her condolences on the loss of Gabriel and hoped she found the person who engineered the accident. Sabrina coolly assured Ava that she would find the person who was responsible. Ava and her guards left, and Sabrina bumped into Patrick and asked how Sam's investigation was going. Patrick hadn't talked to Sam yet, because he'd been at the hospital checking on his appeal and talking to Silas. Patrick said the conversation had been civil, and Sabrina was pleased that Silas had stopped blaming Patrick for something he didn't do. Patrick revealed Silas had shown him a business card from Crichton-Clark, the facility where Robin was secretly working, that he found in Rafe's belongings. Patrick theorized that Robin's boss may have made Rafe cause the accident because he was angry that Robin told Patrick details about the secret project. Sabrina told Patrick she thought he was way off base. Patrick was curious why she was so convinced that Rafe having a card from the place Robin worked meant nothing. He asked if there was something she wasn't telling him. “Of course not” Sabrina replied. Sabrina stated that she didn't see a reason to investigate something so flimsy in a matter that was so important. She pointed out that if Patrick pursued this, he'd have to tell Sam that Jason had been alive up until recently and that he'd died. Sabrina told Patrick to let it go. Patrick agreed to think about it.

Nina ushered Rosalie into a Silas's office at the hospital. Nina revealed that she met Ava. They got side-tracked when Rosalie spotted the business card from Crichton-Clark in Nina's hand. Nina explained that Silas found it in Rafe's things. She asked Rosalie if the card might have originally been in Nina's falsified medical records that Rosalie had. Rosalie said the card wasn't hers. Nina wondered how Rafe got the card, and she told Rosalie that Sam and Patrick were investigating Patrick's accident. Rosalie didn't understand why Nina cared about that, since neither Nina nor Rosalie were involved in making Rafe run Patrick off the road. Nina explained that she was just curious. Rosalie changed the subject back to Ava. Nina was giddy about how uncomfortable she'd made Ava. Rosalie stated that she would have slapped Ava if she were Nina. Nina admitted she wanted to do more to Ava, but she didn't because she didn't want to hurt Ava's baby. Nina was annoyed by Ava's reaction to what Nina considered to be touching Ava's baby. She grumbled that Ava had no right to be so selfish. Rosalie pointed out that Nina hadn't touched Ava's baby; she touched Ava's belly. Nina went on a rant about how unfair it was that she lost her baby while Ava got to raise her “bastard child” with Silas. Nina expressed her deep longing for a baby, and Rosalie encouraged her to find out if she could still have children. Nina revealed that she saw an OBGYN earlier today- her cousin Britt. Nina spat that the “quack” said she was in menopause and couldn't have kids. Rosalie was sympathetic, but Nina was adamant that Britt was wrong. Nina asked Rosalie if she could believe Britt had the audacity to suggest that Nina get counseling to learn to accept the news. It was clear from Rosalie's expression that she thought Nina could use counseling, but she feigned surprise at Britt's suggestion. “Exactly! Anyone can see that I'm as sane as the next person” Nina bellowed. Nina vowed to prove Britt wrong by having a child. Nina got on the computer and told Rosalie to help her search for baby equipment. Rosalie questioned what Nina would do if she couldn't have a baby, but Nina refused to entertain that possibility. She wondered if Ava was having a boy or a girl, and Rosalie looked concerned and asked if Nina was planning to take Ava's baby. Nina looked at Rosalie like the suggestion was crazy and told Rosalie that Rosalie was the one who needed counseling.

At Sonny's office, Carly was panicked that Kiki would tell Franco that she overheard Carly say she slept with Sonny. Carly knew that if Franco found out, he'd tell Michael that Sonny killed AJ. Sonny knew that Kiki cared about Franco, and he didn't think she'd hurt him by revealing Carly's secret. Carly wasn't so sure. Sonny felt that Carly had done all she could and now she all she could do was hope Kiki didn't tell Franco about “us.” Carly was adamant that there was no “us” - what happened between her and Sonny was over and it couldn't happen again. Sonny suddenly pulled her into a kiss. Carly pulled back and told him that they couldn't do this because they had to stay focused on Dante and Lulu. Sonny assured Carly that he was worried about them too. He added that he didn't like that Kiki overheard Carly because it made Carly feel worse. He explained that the kiss was an attempt to make her feel better. Carly stroked Sonny's face, but when he moved in closer to her again, she abruptly announced that she had to go, then she rushed out. Shawn arrived and Sonny told him everything that had just gone on between Carly and Kiki. Sonny didn't care if Kiki destroyed Carly and Franco's relationship, but he was concerned that Franco would retaliate by telling Michael Sonny killed AJ. Shawn offered to kill Franco before that could happen. Sonny wanted Shawn to focus on kidnapping Ava. Sonny thought Julian was going to help Ava go into hiding, giving her a chance to disappear with the baby. Sonny wanted to get Ava first and hide her somewhere until she gave birth and he could kill her like she killed Connie. Shawn had his men watching her. He revealed that she left her home today and went to GH, but Shawn wasn't able to get her because she kept two bodyguards close and had several others outside the hospital. Sonny was worried that something was wrong with the baby, and Shawn assured him that Ava didn't see a doctor. It appeared to Shawn that Ava went to GH to talk to Franco. Sonny wasn't happy to hear that those two were interacting. Shawn revealed that he was putting the finishing touches on a plan to grab Ava. Sonny stressed that it was important that the baby not get hurt, and he told Shawn not to take too long to make his move.

Sam called Spinelli and asked if he'd been able to trace the number she found on Rafe's phone – he wasn't. Alexis was about to go into Sam's place when she got a text from Julian - “Please reconsider. I miss you, Love J” it said. She replied, then walked into the penthouse. Sam vented to her mother about hitting a wall in Rafe's case. Alexis felt that Sam had done the best she could, but Sam thought that Rafe and Patrick deserved better, especially since Patrick helped her look for information on Nina. Alexis was curious about what Patrick did. Sam recounted her and Patrick's attempt to distract the employees at Crichton-Clark and break into Nina's private medical records. Alexis wasn't comfortable with all the illegal things Sam had just admitted to doing, and Sam replied that this was why she didn't tell Alexis about it. Alexis dropped her complaint and asked what Sam was trying to prove. Sam shared her theory that Nina was only pretending to need a wheelchair and that she was the one who told the press details from Silas and Sam's private talk on the hospital roof.

Sam thought Nina wanted Silas to think she was helpless so he'd feel compelled to care for her. She felt that Silas was a good man who deserved to know he was being duped. Alexis sensed that Sam wasn't ready to let Silas go. Sam admitted that she still really cared about Silas, but she felt that she had no choice but to break up with him because she didn't want to be with a married man. Sam theorized that things were going just as Nina had planned. Alexis hugged Sam, then she confided that she was in a similar situation with Julian because he wouldn't leave the business. Sam was disappointed because she liked her parents together. Alexis explained that she liked being with Julian too but that wasn't enough. Alexis confessed that she was constantly tempted to go back to Julian because he kept texting her. Sam and Alexis commiserated about their states and Alexis suggested that they find new men. She reminded Sam about the song – if you can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with. They shared wine, and Sam said that Silas had shown her she could still love Jason while loving someone else. Sam had put all her trust into Silas and she didn't think she could do that again.

Alexis didn't want to see Sam go through life alone, and she suggested that Sam consider dating Patrick. Sam insisted that she and Patrick were just friends. Alexis felt that was a great way to start a relationship. Alexis asked if the thought of becoming more had never crossed Sam's mind. Sam was adamant that it hadn't. Just then, Patrick showed up. Sam was pleased to see that he was clean-shaven. They told Alexis about their bet. Alexis smiled as she watched them playfully banter, then she headed toward the balcony. Sam asked if Patrick just came by to show her he upheld his end of the bet, and he told her he also came to ask about the investigation. Sam told Patrick that she hadn't found anything, and she asked if Patrick had any leads. Patrick remembered what Sabrina said about how Sam would feel if she found out Jason had been alive up until recently. He told Sam that he hadn't found anything, either. Sam assured him she'd track down any lead, no matter how small, until she found out who was behind this. “Together, right?” Patrick asked. They shook on it.

At the Jerome penthouse, Julian looked disappointed when he received Alexis's reply “Can't reconsider,” but he persevered and texted her back. Ava came home dejected because Franco refused to help her get the recording. Ava was afraid that their boss would hurt Kiki to punish Ava for failing to give him the means to take Sonny down. Julian assured Ava that he would smooth things over with their boss. Ava was curious how Julian planned to do it, and he reminded her that he'd already succeeded in blowing off the boss's orders to kill Ava. Ava was surprised that Julian was being so kind to her. Julian was sympathetic to Ava because her life was a bit of a mess right now. He felt it was best for them to band together and protect their loved ones from their common enemy. He promised to do his best to take care of her situation, and he advised her to focus on taking care of his future niece or nephew. Ava was grateful, and she started to cry. Julian comforted her and asked what was wrong. Ava explained that she had a bad day. Ava admitted that she'd been dreading meeting “Silas's feeble wife” and seeing her had gone worse than Ava had imagined it would. Ava thought that Nina was very strange and that she was inordinately interested in Ava's baby.

Ava added that she also had an uncomfortable run in with Sabrina. Julian remembered her – the harmless nurse that Carlos was crazy about. Ava admitted she was starting to think Sabrina wasn't so harmless. She told Julian how Sabrina insisted on telling her about her baby's death. Julian theorized that Sabrina might have thought Ava would be sympathetic because she was pregnant. Ava insisted that she was sympathetic, but she got the impression that Sabrina thought Ava made Rafe cause the accident. Julian noted that it wouldn't be out of the realm of possibility for Ava to have engineered the accident in order to pressure Carlos to confess to AJ's murder. At first Ava acted offended that Julian thought she would ever do such a thing to Sabrina, Patrick and Emma. Then she admitted she had considered it and that she even had someone ready to make an accident happen if Carlos hadn't confessed. Someone else caused the accident and Ava took advantage of the perfect timing and convinced Carlos that she was behind it. Julian wanted to know why Ava protected Sonny by forcing Carlos to confess to Sonny's crime. Ava changed the subject and wondered if Carlos had told Sabrina that Ava caused the accident. Julian didn't think Carlos would talk. Ava wasn't so sure. Julian noted that Ava had gotten on Carlos's bad side when she threatened Sabrina and coerced him into taking the fall for AJ's murder. Ava snapped that she wasn't proud of what she'd done to Carlos and that she did it out of desperation. Julian apologized, then he told Ava that she had bigger problems to worry about than what some nurse thought. Ava noticed that Julian kept glancing at his phone, and she correctly guessed that he was hoping to hear from Alexis. Later, they ordered Chinese take out, and Ava hoarded the dish Julian wanted, because she was eating for two. Julian argued that she had to give him something, since she vetoed his movie suggestion. Ava told him that she didn't want her baby exposed to the violence. Julian told Ava she sounded like Alexis. He thought it was ironic that the business gave him everything he wanted, except what he wanted most.

Back at Sam's Alexis was on the balcony. She texted Julian back - “I can't deny what we had Julian, but it's over. We can't be together. Please leave me alone.” Alexis began to cry after she sent the text.

Julian read the text and looked crestfallen. Ava tried to cheer her brother up up by offering him the carton of food he wanted.

Kiki tracked Franco down at the hospital. Kiki told Franco that it was hard to say this. “I wanted to tell you that I went to see Carly,” Kiki said. Franco explained that he'd been trying to reach Carly, but she hadn't answered her phone. He asked Kiki where they'd been. Kiki remembered Carly asking her to keep Carly's secret. Kiki explained that she ran into Carly by chance and that Carly had been with Sonny. Just then, Carly walked in and called Kiki's name. Franco told Carly that they were just talking about her. He brought her up to speed on Kiki's hesitance to say where Carly had been, then he asked Carly where she was. Carly replied that she'd been at the Metro Court. She brought up Lulu's kidnapping and talked about how difficult it was for the family. She looked straight at Kiki and stressed that Michael was very concerned and that he was always concerned about his family. Kiki decided not to say anything. She asked Carly to keep her updated on the search for Lulu, then she turned to leave. Franco stopped Kiki and said he didn't know why she came, but it was always nice to see her. Carly looked at Kiki over Franco's shoulder and mouthed “thank you.” After Kiki left, Franco chuckled about how weird that was, then he asked Carly if she had any idea why Kiki was acting so strange. Carly suggested that Kiki was just worried about Michael. She added that she wasn't avoiding Franco's calls; things were just chaotic due to Lulu being missing. Franco assured her that he wasn't checking up on her and that he knew their relationship was good. He told her he wanted to be alone with her and asked if they could go home.

Sabrina used a hospital computer to look at pictures of Ava. Kiki approached her and introduced herself as Rafe's cousin then apologized for Sabrina's loss. Sabrina told Kiki that Ava had just said she was sorry too. Sabrina mused that it was crazy how the world worked - she lost her baby and Ava was having one. Kiki looked confused. Meanwhile, Franco and Carly had left his art room and were on their way to the elevator. Kiki overheard Franco sweet-talking Carly. They got on the elevator. Kiki repeated that she was sorry for what her cousin did. Sabrina told Kiki it wasn't her fault that her flesh and blood was capable of killing a baby. After Kiki left, Sabrina vowed to make Ava pay for killing Gabriel.

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