GH Update Wednesday 9/3/14

General Hospital Update Wednesday 9/3/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At the hospital, Sabrina notices Ava Jerome on the floor as she gets off the elevator. She stares coldly at Ava knowing whom she is although it appears Ava does not know her and suspects nothing. Ava bumps into her but smiles and apologizes. Sabrina angrily tells her she should apologize. This is after Sabrina has heard, for the first time from Carlos that Ava is the person who put Rafe up to running her and Patrick off the road and killing her son (Little does Carlos know what we now know to be the truth that Ava more than likely had nothing to do with it.)

Not far away, Nina sits in her wheelchair and faces Silas to tell him the “verdict” which she just found out from her Ob/Gyn (Britt) on whether she can have a baby. Silas asks her how it went. Nina smiles and replies that it “went great” and she was told there was no reason whatsoever that she could not get pregnant and have a child with her husband. Silas however, does not smile, as if he knows it might not be realistic or even what he wants if it was, in fact the case. He tells her he is surprised that Dr. Westbourne was able to get back to her so quickly with the news. Nina smiles and tells him that her first cousin is an amazing doctor and person. She then reflects to Silas that she was devastated to have lost their baby many years ago and to find out that her mother prevented her from having the baby. But she does have some good family members; one of whom is Nathan (whom she's known as James). In response to that, Silas comments that he agrees that Nathan (James) is a good guy. She tells him she is very happy to know that she has finally come home to know some new wonderful family.

At the police station, Britt and her mom enter a room to have a private conversation where Obrecht is about to reveal a vital secret to her daughter.

At the cabin, men enter with yellow suits carrying big hoses to put out the incendiary devices which have emitted a gas to make everyone unconscious. Only Nathan, who has remained outside, is spared. As soon as it looks like everybody is “down”, the guys in yellow announce: "All clear." At that point, we see a man in a business suit enter. It looks like Victor Cassadine.

Nina promises Silas she will return to physical therapy. And if it goes anything like her consultation with Britt, she will soon hear great news about that also. She smiles and tells Silas she is confident that everything is finally coming together. She is getting better every day and will soon no longer need the wheelchair., And they can now have the child they've always wanted. But Silas firmly tells her they cannot have a child. She tells him she realizes it will require planning and she knows it's a commitment they will have to make together when they are both ready. Yet it appears Silas is suspicious knowing how “not realistic” it is that all of these “miraculous things” are happening for a woman who's been in a coma for 20 years and hasn't even attended physical therapy.

After Sabrina appears confrontational to Ava, Ava looks squarely at her and asks her what is up and if Sabrina has a problem with her. Sabrina faces Ava and notices several male guards surrounding Ava but is not afraid to tell Ava yes, she does have a problem with her.

Franco is in the art room on his phone looking at a text and he wants to tell Ava to go to hell regarding what she has told him or asked of him, regarding Carly and Sonny.

Carly talks to Sonny in his office telling him that she needs him to take “something” to their graves and never reveal to Franco or anyone else. Right then, unknown to them, Kiki appears outside the door and can overhear their conversation. As soon as she enters, they look at her and appear to be very suspicious or alarmed at what she might have overheard before they knew she was there.

At the police station, Britt and her mom talk about how it's been on the news that Maxie's Jones' fiancé turned out to be an imposter and criminal, kidnapped Maxie and Lulu and right now, Nathan and Dante have had to rush off to hopefully prevent him from succeeding. Yet it appears Obrecht somehow has already known beforehand that Levi Dunkleman is not this guy's real name and that he's been faking an Australian accent. She comments to her daughter that she is concerned about what Anna Devane and her incompetent department have gotten her son and Britt's brother involved in.

Nathan is secretly observing, while unseen, through the back window as Victor Cassadine enters the house, makes his presence known, instructs his men to remove their masks and thanks them for a “job well done” as they now see all the people unconscious on the floor.

At the hospital, Sabrina tells Ava even if Ava does not believe they know each other, she knows Ava. She tells her she is Sabrina Santiago, knowing that will have to “ring a bell” with Ava. Hearing that, Ava smiles, suspecting nothing, and tells Sabrina yes. She knows of her remembering she is Carlos' friend. Sabrina angrily tells Ava yes. Carlos Rivera is rotting in prison for a crime he did not commit because of Ava. Still suspecting nothing and appearing not to understand why Sabrina is furious with her, Ava tells Sabrina she must be confused about that. Carlos is in prison because he confessed to the murder of AJ Quartermaine.

When Kiki enters Sonny's office, she wants “Ms. Jacks and Mr. Corinthos” not to suspect she may have been eavesdropping upon their conversation from outside the door. She tells them she was just looking for Michael. Sonny informs her that his son and Morgan went to the station to get an update on their sister in law. Kiki tells him great. She'll go and look for Michael there. But before Kiki can get out the door, Carly corners her and asks if she overheard their conversation.

Nina goes to talk to Franco. He asks her how things went regarding what they last talked about. She smiles and tells him everything is great. She and Silas are back on track, are having marital relations and she plans to get back everything she's always wanted. Yet he seems to somehow know that might be less than realistic.

Patrick goes to talk to Silas in Silas' office. Silas expresses he's happy to see him and wants him to know, for what it's worth, he has been urging Obrecht to give him his job back. However, he tells Patrick, he knows this is probably not a social call. Patrick admits he would like to talk to Silas about Rafe. He wants to know if Silas might have a clue who put his nephew up to causing the crash. Silas hesitates to enter but we see the business card Rafe obtained from Creighton Clark Research (where Nina supposedly stayed while in the coma and where Victor Cassadine is carrying out his dastardly plan while holding Robin Scorpio-Drake prisoner as his research assistant).

Victor reveals that he was in business with Levi/Peter and hoped he could accomplish his goals, but he's very disappointed that this guy had to get himself shot. Levi/Peter remains unconscious on the floor. Victor's men report that they have found the Aztec ring, necklace and earrings just as Victor wanted. Little do they know that Nathan is outside observing and overhearing them as they speak. Victor gloats when he sees that Ms. Jones as well as Detective Falconeri and his wife are lying helplessly and unconscious on the floor. Yet, at that point, Victor is aware that they are “missing” one person. He knows that Detective West is not accounted for and calls to him.

At the station, Britt tells her mom she does not want her going and making trouble with Anna. Obrecht argues that that incompetent American police force is putting her son in danger although Britt protests that Nathan is a trained and valued police detective who can handle this mission. Commissioner Devane won't let anything happen to him. However, Obrecht tells her daughter she needs to realize that Anna does not care for their family. She needs to know that Anna would not care if she killed Nathan just like she killed Britt's father.

Nina wants to know what Franco might have shared with Silas regarding what he learned about her in conversations they've had. He tells her he did not reveal anything she doesn't want Silas to know but would like to know what she just found out since they last spoke, that has her believing everything is back on track. She tells him she went to the OB-GYN. He asks her how that went..

When Carly goes out the door with Kiki, outside Sonny's office and tells her she knows that Kiki was eavesdropping, Kiki admits that she did, in fact, overhear that Carly and Sonny slept together. In response to that, Carly firmly urges Kiki never to tell a living soul.

Sabrina tells Ava she happens to know that Carlos got falsely accused of murder when he broke into the Quartermaines house and stole something in a desperate attempt to get away from her and her crime family. Ava asks if that is what Carlos told her. Sabrina replies yes and tells Ava she thinks Ava knows the rest. Ava tells Sabrina. She never wanted Carlos to believe he was so desperate to get away from her and her brother that he felt he had to commit a crime. Before this happened, Carlos was a friend of hers'. She did not wish him harm and if he'd wanted to get out of their organization, all he'd have had to do was let her know and she would not have prevented him from doing so. She tells Sabrina that Carlos is an adult and responsible for his actions. She tells Sabrina we all make choices and are responsible for the consequences of the choices we make. In response to that, Sabrina faces Ava and tells her she's amazed to hear Ava say that as she knows that all too well having suffered a hideous tragedy because of the choices of “someone else”. When Ava does not seem to comprehend what Sabrina is talking about, Sabrina tells her that somebody arranged a car crash that killed her infant son.

When Britt hears her mom declare that Anna Devane killed Britt's father, she asks how that could be possible. Everybody knows that Caesar Faison was shipped off to a foreign prison alive and well when he was last seen. Obrecht tells her daughter that is obviously what Anna wants everyone to believe. She tells her she has contacted the foreign prison time and time again looking for Caesar but he's nowhere to be found. Britt tells her mom, maybe the staff don't want to help her find him because she's his co-conspirator. Obrecht reminds her daughter that Caesar has rights and so does she. And she knows for a fact that he is not there. Britt laughs and asks how on earth she would know that. Obrecht affirms she definitely knows without a doubt what really happened to Caesar Faison. Her source is Victor Cassadine.

Nathan listens in through the window while Victor Cassadine taunts and encourages him to make himself known. Just so that Nathan knows he is not bluffing, Victor tells him, why doesn't he start by ending Ms. Jones? As soon as Nathan hears that and sees Victor pointing a gun on an unconscious Maxie, he makes his presence known by walking into the house, points his gun on Victor and tells him he better not dare.

When Carly asks Kiki not to reveal to Franco that Carly slept with Sonny, Kiki protests that she loves Franco and doesn't want to keep secrets from him. Carly informs Kiki she loves Franco too and would never hurt him and that's exactly what will happen if he finds this outs. She tells Kiki that what happened between herself and Sonny was a mistake that will never happen again. But Kiki admits to Carly she cannot promise to keep the secret.

When Franco asks Nina what happened when she spoke to the Ob/Gyn and she remembers Britt telling her, bluntly, that she is menopausing and will never have the chance to have a child again, she tells him it was “not exactly the news she wanted”. Franco asks, bluntly, if she was told she could not ever have a kid. She tells him no. It wasn't quite like that. But as it turns out, it will be more difficult than she thought, although she reveals she has a secret plan.

Sabrina tells Ava (assuming she'd have to already know) that her son's name was Gabriel Drake Santiago. He was born 4 months early by the side of the road. He never had a chance. Hearing and learning that for the first time, Ava tells her she's “sorry about that”. She admits she read about the accident. Sabrina angrily tells her (believing she knows all too well), it was not an accident. Ava tells her she read a teenage kid named Rafe Kovich hit them and fled the scene. Sabrina tells her Rafe caused what happened but was not responsible for it. Hearing that, Ava tells her she doesn't know what she means. Sabrina tells Ava she happens to know for a fact that “someone” put Rafe up to doing what he did.

Silas shows Patrick the business card he found while secretly going through Rafe's things. All he knows is that it's the clinic where Nina spent the last 20 years. Patrick notices the clinic remembering that is the very place he went with Sam to investigate what she suspected about Nina and also where, low and behold, he ran into his estranged wife, Robin Scorpio-Drake. Yet he does not reveal that information to Silas.

At the police station, Obrecht reveals to Britt that she has recently met with Nikolas' uncle Victor Cassadine who was able to prove to her that Caesar Faison was never taken alive to the prison where everyone believes he is in. Not quite believing that, Britt asks just where Nikolas' uncle would know this information and why he'd give it to her. She asks her mom just what is her relationship with this guy.

Nathan pulls the gun on Victor and his men. He notices he is out-numbered. Victor faces Nathan (for the first time). He somehow unconsciously knows not to harm Nathan but “calmly” tells him that his men are calling the shots. Nathan goes to check on Maxie. However, Victor points the gun on him and indicates he might end him (although he clearly hesitates to carry out his threat). Nathan faces him and asks if he can know whom he is speaking to before this stranger kills him. Victor asks Nathan to please forgive him for his rudeness and allow him to introduce himself. His name is Victor Cassadine. Nathan asks if he's related to Nikolas Cassadine. Victor replies Nikolas is his nephew and the “white sheep” of his family. He asks how Nathan would know Nikolas. Nathan replies that Nikolas was engaged to “one of” his sisters. In the conversation, it appears they both become less combative and more interested in finding out their “family ties”. Victor then confirms that Dr. Britt Westbourne, whom he knows was previously engaged to Nikolas, must be the sister Nathan is talking about and that would make Dr. Liesl Obrecht Nathan's mother. Victor then puts down his gun as he appears “fascinated” to find out where Nathan came from.

Britt needs to know how it is that although nobody has known of Victor knowing her mom very well, he is now handing Obrecht classified information. She does not buy that “uncle Victor” is a “giver” who wanted to “help” her with anything without ulterior motives. So she knows there is more going on there than her mom is admitting. Obrecht then admits to her daughter, if she must know, Victor “carries a bit of a torch” for her.

While both Nathan and Victor are stunned and distracted in their fascinating conversation, Nathan's three friends are still lying unconscious on the floor. Nathan demands to know what they did to Maxie and tells Victor he doesn't want to talk about his family. He only cares about Maxie. Yet Victor finds it very odd to find out for the first time that Liesl Obrecht has a son whom he's never heard of, having known all the while he's known her, that she only has her daughter, Britt. Nathan explains that he was raised by Obrecht's sister, Madeline West and did not know that Liesl Obrecht was his mother until recently. Victor knows that makes no sense that Liesl would have hid the fact that she had a son with Caesar Faison, knowing that's all she ever wanted, and assuming Caesar would be Nathan's father.

Britt asks her mom if she slept with Victor and if he is Nathan's father.

Patrick asks Silas if he could help look into what Rafe's connection might be with the Creighton Clark Clinic. Silas agrees to do so.

Nina tells Franco that if she and her husband share a bed and it keeps on “going like this”, she will get what she wants which is a baby. Yet, he seems to know that that may not be what she really wants. He knows she has a lot of resentment toward her husband. He knows when one has a kid with someone, they are “tethered” to them. He asks her if that is what she really wants. She appears “defensive” realizing he might be onto her. And she hurriedly leaves and demands he stays out of her business.

Kiki tells Carly she does not want to keep secrets from Franco. He is her friend and a second father to her. Carly tells her she realizes that sometimes in order not to hurt someone you love, it's better to lie. But Kiki sees it differently. Carly tells her that if she tells Franco what happened between Carly and Sonny, it will devastate him. If she does not tell him, he won’t be hurt. But if she does, their relationship will be ruined for nothing. Kiki turns her back on Carly and tells her she has to go. Carly is then very concerned. Sonny asks her what happened, clearly not worried about any potential outcome.

At the hospital, Sabrina tells Ava the whole story and Ava asks if Rafe was able to tell anyone who it was who put him up to running her and Patrick off the road. Sabrina admits that he did not have a chance. However, Patrick has hired a private detective. And she thinks she knows who it was. Ava sounds very concerned and not at all afraid to engage in the conversation. She looks Sabrina in the eye, appearing sincere and sensitive to what she has heard, tells her she is truly sorry that this has happened and that she hopes they find whoever did this. Sabrina tells her not to worry. They will. However, putting the pieces together, realizing only Carlos believes Ava is responsible when he may not have accurate information, she is not certain what to say or do. Right then, Patrick finds her and informs her he might know who put Rafe up to running them off the road.

At the abandoned house, while Nathan wants to help Maxie and evade Victor's question, Victor tells him he's run out of patience and needs to know whom Nathan's father is. Nathan admits he does not know nor does he care. But he doubts it would be Caesar Faison given what he's heard from his sister about the situation.

Back at the police station, Britt asks her mother the same question. Obrecht evades the question while her daughter reminds her how she knows all too well that her mother's life's ambition was to give Caesar Faison a son. So there's no way she would have hidden from everyone that Nathan was his son throughout Nathan's life. Obrecht tells her daughter that does not mean that Victor is his father. Britt admits that's true but it narrows the field. And she knows that Victor is the only other man in her mom's life that she knows of.

Victor asks Nathan if Caesar is not his father, then who is?

Britt continues to probe her mom to tell her if her brother is a Cassadine. Obrecht asks her daughter if she did not teach her not to stick her nose in things that don't concern her with crazy theories.

Nathan tells Victor he does not know nor does he care who his biological father is, but now that they have established this, if Victor is going to kill him, he needs to get on with it. At that point, Victor puts his gun back in his pocket and tells Nathan “unfortunately, that plan has been put on hold”.

Sonny is not worried about Franco finding out that they slept together although Carly reminds him if he finds out, he will go straight to Michael and tells him Sonny killed AJ.

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