GH Update Tuesday 9/2/14

General Hospital Update Tuesday 9/2/14


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Carly went to see Franco at GH. She overheard him encouraging a patient to use art to express her longing, passion and lust for life. His words prompted Carly to think of her one night stand with Sonny. After the session was over, Carly walked in and told Franco that she found what he did fascinating. Franco sensed that Carly was there because something was bothering her. He told her that he knew what it was and that Carly didn't have to keep it from him. Carly seemed uneasy until Franco told her that he knew she was worried about Lulu. Carly explained that she wanted to be with him while she waited for news on the search for her cousin. Carly brought lunch for the two of them, but Franco told her he had a patient. Carly revealed that she was the patient. She scheduled the appointment because their other attempts to find some time alone had fallen through. Franco asked if this was their make up date, and Carly told him that she still owed him that date – this was art therapy. They had lunch and Franco announced that this was nice. Carly wanted to say something about the troubles they'd had, but Franco urged her to focus on the good time they were having. He told her that moments like this made the rough patches worth it. They exchanged I love yous and kissed. After lunch, Franco encouraged Carly to go be with her family. He admitted he wasn't easy to deal with and he thanked her for putting up with him. Carly kissed him and left.

At Pentonville, Sabrina asked Carlos what Ava had to do with the accident that caused Gabriel's death. Carlos told Sabrina that digging into this would not bring Gabriel back, and he encouraged her to forget about him (Carlos) and move on with her life. Sabrina snapped that Gabriel was her life. She asked Carlos if he'd let the killer go unpunished if Gabriel was his child. Carlos admitted that he wouldn't, so Sabrina ordered him not to expect any less of her. She demanded to know if Ava killed her son. “Yes.” Carlos said. Sabrina didn't understand, and Carlos told her that Ava had Patrick's car run off the road in order to force Carlos to falsely confess to AJ's murder. Sabrina was relieved that Carlos hadn't killed AJ. Sabrina assumed Ava killed AJ. Carlos clarified that Ava never came out and admitted to being the killer, but he knew that Ava waned AJ dead. Sabrina wanted to go to the police, but Carlos was adamant that she shouldn't cross a dangerous woman like Ava. Sabrina didn't care if Ava killed her because she felt like she had nothing to protect now. Carlos predicted that Ava would go after Patrick and Emma. Sabrina refused to let Ava intimidate her and vowed to take her down. Carlos didn't think Sabrina was the kind of person who took people down, but Sabrina stated that you become that kind of person when your son gets murdered. Carlos was upset that he hadn't been able to shield Sabrina and carry this burden alone. Sabrina asked if she was supposed to let Ava get away with what she'd done to Carlos and Gabriel. A guard told Sabrina and Carlos that the visit was over. Carlos apologized for burdening Sabrina and he begged her to forget what she'd just learned and move on with her life. Sabrina replied that her life meant nothing without Gabriel. Carlos told her that Gabriel would want her to find something else to live for. “Don't speak for my son!” Sabrina spat. Carlos told Sabrina not to give into the hate. Sabrina cried about Gabriel's life being cut short. Carlos plead with her to stay away from Ava, but Sabrina refused. She left.

Silas brightened when Kiki walked into his office at GH. Kiki had just come from seeing Alice. Silas confessed that he was in a bad mood after his run in with Franco. Silas was annoyed because Franco had implied that he knew Nina better than Silas did. Kiki admitted that Franco could be childish, but she told Silas he was harmless these days. Silas explained that the cryptic nature of Franco's comments made him suspicious that there was something deeper going on between Franco and Nina. Kiki assured him that Franco was all about Carly and Nina was madly in love with Silas and looking forward to the day Silas stopped sleeping on the couch. Silas admitted that that day had come. Kiki was surprised because she assumed he was still hurting after his recent breakup with Sam. Silas confirmed that he was still hurt, so Kiki asked if he'd recommitted to his marriage or if Nina was a rebound. Silas admitted that he hadn't thought about it. He explained that Nina wanted to recapture what they had twenty years ago and to have a baby to make up for the one they lost. Kiki wondered if it would be possible for Nina to have a baby, and Silas confessed that he didn't think so. Silas explained that he knew he and Nina couldn't go on living in limbo. Kiki assumed that Silas put his marriage back on track because he felt like he owed it to Nina and not because he was in love with her. Silas shared that he and Nina had something really good before they grew apart and Ava came into the picture. There was a part of Silas that still loved Nina and wanted to see if there was anything left of their marriage to salvage. Kiki assured her father that she supported him 100%. Kiki had to go meet Michael, and she suggested that the four of them go on a double date. Silas agreed, even though he thought it was a weird thing to do. They hugged. Silas thanked Kiki for listening, then she left.

Ava got off the hospital elevator and told her two guards to wait there. Nina was going down the hall and the women collided into each other. Ava apologized, and Nina smiled and said it was okay; people always run into disabled people like they're not there. Ava clarified that she didn't notice Nina because she was distracted. Ava was caught off guard when Nina referred to Ava by name. Nina explained that although she and Ava never met, she recognized Ava from her pictures, especially the one of Ava wrapped around Nina's husband. Ava stated that she had somewhere to be, and she started to walk away, but Nina followed and noted that time hadn't been kind to Ava – she'd lost the youthful glow she had in the pictures. Nina was about to introduce herself, but Ava cut her off and made it clear that she knew who Nina was. Ava hissed that she had a pressing matter to attend to, and she turned to leave. Nina grabbed Ava's arm and snarled that she had waited twenty years for this conversation, so Ava had better make time for it. Ava noted that Nina was very strong for an invalid, and Nina snapped that her arms and hands worked fine. One of Ava's guards approached the pair, and Ava assured him that it was okay. Ava knelt down and told Nina that she was sorry that Silas didn't come out and tell Nina he was dissatisfied with his marriage and life with Nina and that Nina had to find out in such a sordid and humiliating way – seeing the pictures. Ava added that she was sorry that Nina got hurt. Nina didn't consider Ava's speech to be an apology. Ava countered that she said she was sorry, and she pointed out that Nina won since Silas broke up with Ava when Nina slipped into the coma. “Too bad I wasn't awake to appreciate his gesture” Nina sarcastically stated. Ava stated that that this was all ancient history. Nina noted that for her, it was like this all just happened. Unsympathetic, Ava told Nina to catch up.

Ava reiterated that she didn't get Silas. Nina pointed out that Ava got his child. Ava grew tense when Nina gushed about how lovely Kiki was. Nina added that she had been getting to know Kiki. Ava was adamant that Nina would never have a relationship with Ava's daughter. Nina was curious why Ava was being so stingy, when Ava had a spare. Ava stated that her child was not a spare, and she theorized that Nina was being so flippant because she didn't have a child of her own. Nina admitted that she didn't have a baby. The subject of the paternity of Ava's new baby arose, and Nina made some snide comments about Ava's predicament. Ava was curious who told Ava about all this. Nina replied that Franco told her. Nina had heard that Ava put Franco through the wringer and lead him to believe he was Kiki's father. Nina made it clear that she wasn't judging Ava. Nina wished she was the one in the middle of paternity drama because it would mean she was about to have a baby. Nina told Ava that she'd just found out she was pregnant when she was struck down. Ava pointed out that Nina's mother poisoned Nina, not Ava.

Nina revealed that she and Silas were sleeping together again, then she added that her Ob-Gyn had just said Nina could have a baby. With that, Nina reached out and touched Ava's belly. “Please don't touch me” Ava snapped. Nina thought that Ava's child was in for a rough time having to deal with Ava's attitude. Nina announced that she had to go tell Silas the good news. She sweetly said she was sure she'd see Ava again really soon, then she left. Ava spotted Franco walking by and she told him she just ran into Nina. Franco tried to ignore Ava, but she cornered him and tried to use his insecurities about Carly and Sonny to convince him to help her get the recording. Franco made it clear that he didn't want to help Ava get the recording. He told Ava that she was wrong about Carly and Sonny and that Sonny was no threat to him. Ava tried another tactic and told Franco that if he didn't help it would have far reaching consequences for other people, including Kiki. Franco told Ava that dragging his friend Kiki into this wouldn't score her any points. He refused to help her and he walked away. Sabrina arrived at work and came face to face with Ava.

Nina went to Silas's office and told him she skipped physical therapy again. She said she ran into her cousin Britt and that Britt gave her an exam and told her that she was still capable of having a baby.

Michael and Morgan had just found out Lulu was missing so they stopped by Sonny's office looking for details. Sonny had heard that Dante had tracked Lulu down. Morgan thought their whole family should be together right now and he asked where Carly was. Sonny told them that Carly had been at the station last night and she knew what was going on. He added that he was glad Michael and Morgan were there with him. Morgan wondered why no one called him and Michael and told them Lulu was missing. Michael pointed out that they had been hard to reach since they'd been spending all their time at the hospital. Michael added that he only left GH long enough to have dinner with Kiki and Ava. Morgan and Sonny were both shocked, and Michael explained that he went because it was important to Kiki. Both Morgan and Sonny understood. Michael added that he wanted to get along with Ava for the sake of the Corinthos child she was carrying. He also explained that he felt like he had to see the place where Carlos shot AJ because he never wanted to forget what Carlos did. Sonny didn't think Michael should worry about Carlos, now that he was behind bars. Morgan was worried that Michael wanted to kill Carlos. Morgan reminded Michael that it had been hard on him (Morgan) when Michael was in Pentonville, and he asked him not to put him through that again. Michael noted that Morgan was making it all about him. Sonny interrupted to urge them to focus on Dante and Lulu right now. Carly came by and was delighted to see her sons. They explained that they were on their way to the police department to get information. After Michael and Morgan left, Carly told Sonny it was nice to see him and Morgan getting along. Sonny hoped that Morgan had turned a corner. Then he asked if Carly was there to tell him she'd turned a corner too. Carly announced that she and Franco were back on track and she wanted to be with Franco and not Sonny. She added that she wanted to put what happened between her and Sonny behind her. Sonny pretended not to know what Carly meant. Carly firmly stated that if Sonny ever loved her, he wouldn't tell Franco that they slept together. Kiki was on her way into Sonny's office and her jaw dropped when she overheard Carly.

A frantic Peter/Levi prepared to move Maxie and Lulu away from the cabin. He was unhappy about having to move up his boss's time-line, but he felt he had no choice. Just then, everyone heard Dante talking on a loudspeaker. He told Peter to come out with his hands up. Lulu and Maxie urged Peter to listen to Dante, but Peter countered that he still had the two of them as leverage. He was certain that Dante and Nathan would do anything to make sure that they didn't get hurt. Maxie and Lulu argued that Dante and Nathan were cops who'd follow procedure and that it was in Peter's best interest to surrender. Outside, Nathan, Dante and several other officers had the cabin surrounded. Nathan was worried that Maxie and Lulu would get hurt. He thought that they should come up with a backup plan just in case. Peter suddenly emerged from the cabin. He was using the terrified Lulu as a human shield, and he had a gun pressed against her chest. Dante tried to convince Peter that his only option was to surrender, but Peter maintained that he was the one in charge. He threatened to kill Lulu if everyone didn't back up. He also wanted a helicopter. Dante replied that his men had moved back as far as they were going to go and a helicopter was out of the question. Peter shot the gun in the air. Maxie yelped from inside the cabin. Nathan looked in through the open doorway and mouthed something reassuring to Maxie. Peter threatened to shoot Lulu in the gut, so she'd slowly bleed to death. He finished his list of demands – in addition to the helicopter, he wanted $100,000, and some duct tape and handcuffs for the hostages. Dante assured Peter that he was working on getting the helicopter, and he urged him to make a show of good faith and let one hostage go. Peter promised to let Maxie go once the helicopter arrived, but he insisted that Lulu had to go with him. “Lulu has extra value where I'm going. There are plans for her.” Dante wanted to know what this meant, but Peter refused to elaborate. They argued about whether Peter would be allowed to take Lulu. Nathan slipped around to the back of the cabin. Meanwhile, Maxie was loosening her ropes. Lulu suddenly elbowed Peter in the chest, and Dante pulled the trigger and shot Peter in the shoulder. When he collapsed, the cops rushed into the cabin.

Dante apologized to Lulu for letting her get kidnapped and for not getting there sooner. She assured him that it was okay, and they kissed and held each other tight. Lulu asked about Peter, and Dante said he'd be fine and would live to see his trial. Maxie asked where Nathan was, and Dante told her that he'd gone around back to look for another way into the cabin. Someone suddenly threw a gas bomb into the cabin and everyone passed out. A bunch of people in hazmat suits rushed in carrying machine guns. They gave the all clear and a mysterious man, whose face wasn't shown, walked in. He approached Dante and Lulu. Nathan peered in through a window and saw what happened.

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