GH Update Friday 8/29/14

General Hospital Update Friday 8/29/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Sabrina goes to the prison to see her ex-boyfriend Carlos. The guards bring him into the room and he hugs her, expressing how happy he is to see her. She knows he might have information about what happened to her baby.

Ava furiously tells Julian that she is not going to comply with anything that their boss wants now that she knows that he has put his hands on her daughter. He, however, reminds her she might not have a choice. If killing Michael is not an option for her, Julian tells her, then the only thing that will “appease” their boss and keep Kiki safe is Sonny's head on a platter. If she could get a hold of the tape that proves he killed AJ Quartermaine, that will do the trick for their boss. However, finding it is easier said than done.

At the police station, Dante and Nathan get calls from Lulu and Maxie. It appears the two women have managed to get their hands on Levi's cell phone in the cabin where they're being held. They admit, however, they do not know exactly where they are or where the cops can find them.

As soon as the prison guard observes Carlos hugging Sabrina, he aggressively confronts him and tells him it can all end right here and now. He scares them both. As soon as he sits down, however, Carlos tells her it's all right. He is so happy to see her. He asks her how her baby is doing? She cries and replies her baby died. He cries with her and is as devastated by the loss as she is.

On the phone to Dante, Maxie informs him that all she and Lulu now know is that Scribner has been shot. Dante explains that they have found out that Levi has issues with her mom and Frisco and with the Aztec jewelry. Levi's real name is Peter Harrell, possibly the son of Felicia's ex-fiance.

At Dante's apartment, while watching baby Rocco, Nikolas talks to Elizabeth. He tells her that he knows they have been through a lot of things and have had the wrong timing. However, he tells her he is very adamant about them having a future together. He declares he loves her and he kisses her. At that point, she angrily pulls away, slaps him and tells him he's an arrogant jackass.

At the hospital, Nina finds Britt. They touch base and acknowledge they are first cousins and although they are not proud to share a mother and aunt, they are happy to share an awesome brother and cousin, Nathan. Nina tells her cousin the reason she is there is because she needs a doctor's help in getting pregnant. Noticing her cousin is in a wheelchair and has been in a coma for many years, Britt questions how that could happen. Nina tells her it can happen by making love to her husband.

Not far away, Franco talks to Silas about him getting to know Nina. Silas admits he finds it very odd that his wife, whom he believes is presently dependent on a wheelchair and in need of physical therapy in order to walk, chooses to skip physical therapy at the hospital and instead engages in art therapy with him.

Nikolas tells Elizabeth he cannot believe that he just declared that he loves her and she calls him a jackass. She tells him that she means that. He asks her how on earth his gesture would not be welcomed by her. She tells him it's obvious to see that he does not only have eyes for her. She happens to know that he was ready to have sex with Britt and it probably would have happened if she had not called him to tell him what happened to Lulu. He admits that is true but still does not want to lose his chance with Elizabeth.

After Nina informs Britt that she had sex with her husband just last night, Britt tells her that medically, it is impossible to find out if she is pregnant or not at this point. Nina reminds her she knows what it feels like to be pregnant. She was pregnant before, many years ago until her mom and Britt's aunt prevented her from having her baby. Britt hears that and reflects she knows all too well about their crazy respective mothers.

Outside the hospital exam room, Silas tells Franco that he needs to know if Nina wants to get out of her wheelchair, she will need to attend physical therapy instead of spending that time with him. Hearing that, Franco laughs realizing he knows something that Silas does not know regarding Nina and her wheelchair.

Inside the room, Nina continues to “work up” to telling her cousin that she might have other reasons to consult Britt's help.

While Ava and Julian brainstorm what they are going to do in order to keep their evil boss at bay, Sabrina talks to Carlos about how she lost her baby and also reflects she is so sorry that he has gotten falsely imprisoned for a crime she knows he did not commit.

Dante attempts to talk to Lulu about the clues they've both discovered involving Maxie, Felicia, Frisco, Levi/Peter and the Aztec jewelry. He also tells her he found out that somehow her parents, Luke and Laura, were also involved in it. He's about to tell her that there's some mystery involving Luke that nobody can find out about. Before they can continue their conversation, Levi walks in and grabs his phone back. He begins to tell Dante that his wife can't talk to him right now. Wanting to keep him on long enough to get coordinates to the phone's location, Dante tries to keep Levi talking but the criminal is smart enough to know he shouldn't be on the phone too long and hangs up.

Sabrina reveals to Carlos that she made the mistake of blaming him for her child's death. She did not understand why he confessed to a murder he did not commit. She heard about how because of some issue he had with someone, it happened. He then remembers months ago, Ava threatening Sabrina and her baby if he revealed the secret she does not want revealed. However, in the present conversation, now knowing who is responsible for the death of her son, Sabrina affirms to Carlos she knows that he is completely blameless for Gabriel's death.

Ava is on the phone wasting no time attempting to get the wheels into motion to put an end not only to the boss but also to Sonny by getting a hold on the incriminating tape.

Nina tells Britt she would like to have some blood work done to find out if she is pregnant or how she can make that happen. In the conversation, Nina asks Britt if she presently has any children. Britt is momentarily speechless not wanting to get into the subject.

Elizabeth tells Nikolas that she is not about to “meet his needs” nor justify his considering having sex with Britt. She wants someone who can be faithful to her and only her.

In response to the question, Britt admits to Nina that she did do a desperate and horrible thing in order to get pregnant. She stole embryos from a couple who could not have a baby and almost got away with it until it cost her dearly and she had to give up the baby only months after he was born. She adds that that may make her seem like a “terrible person” and tells Nina if she wants another doctor, she will understand. Nina responds to Britt smiling and affirms she does not believe what Britt did was terrible. She admits she knows all too well what it is like for someone to have reason to resort to drastic measures in order to have a baby.

Nikolas attempts to justify himself to Elizabeth and assures her he does not just want to sleep with her. She tells him that's good because it won’t happen. He tells her that his sudden impulsive decision to consider sleeping with Britt was in the heat of the moment. He was with her at Kelly's when Britt came out of nowhere to interrupt them when they least expected it. They have both been with other people and timing has been wrong for them for a long time throughout their history. He is upset and unable to keep his voice down in the conversation although she cautions him not to wake the baby. Rocco hears the loud voices and starts to cry. Once they get the baby back to sleep, Elizabeth reminds Nikolas that not everybody can conveniently have their child in the care of servants and be able to gallivant and come and go as they please. She does not like the thought of him casually bouncing between women when it suits him. He angrily tells her he resents her implying that that is what he is doing. He thought they knew each other better than that and that she respected him more than that.

In the prison visiting room, Sabrina informs Carlos that Rafe Kovich, nephew of Dr. Silas Clay, was the one who ran her and Patrick off the road. Remembering about the other “theory” (Ava looking very much like the culprit), he asks her if he is really certain of that and what she'd think would be the motive for Rafe to hit and run and cause the accident.

After Ava finishes her phone conversation and Julian reminds her that she will have to come up with some very “valuable” plan to make sure their boss is not a threat to them, she tells him that she knows her only hope for getting Sonny's taped confession is Franco. She knows she can't motivate him by having him kidnapped. Although Julian warns her that she's making herself vulnerable to Sonny by leaving the apartment, Ava's willing to take the chance, hoping that her two bodyguards will protect her.

After Britt runs the blood work and obtains the results for Nina, Nina imagines her declaring that as incredible and unbelievable as it would seem, the tests are conclusive that Nina is pregnant. Nina stands up and reveals that miracles are in the making. The reality, however, is Britt announcing that she's found out that Nina is already in menopause and it's too late to have a baby now or ever. Nina asks how on earth that could happen because she's too young. Britt admits she is not entirely certain, but knowing that Nina has been comatose for so many years, it's taken a toll on her body. She tells her how sorry she is. Hearing that, Nina tells Britt she does not believe Britt is really “sorry”. She is not going to accept this verdict.

At the station, Dante is very worried that he may never see his wife again and they are no closer to finding Maxie and Lulu than they were before. However, Nathan encourages him to know that they can and will prevail and to know that they are onto Levi as he lived with him and knows how he thinks and operates.

After Levi threatens to make Maxie and Lulu pay for “defying” him, Maxie tells the story about how stupid she was to make the wrong choice by choosing the wrong guy. She remarks she'd rather be his hostage than his wife. Lulu is really happy to hear that. She tells them she should have seen the cosmic signs when she first met Nathan. Lulu smiles and listens very intently and very encouraged to hear Maxie “coming around”. Maxie declares she should have noticed how kind and honorable, how down to earth and how gorgeous Nathan was. Then when she returned to the apartment after having met “this loser”, Nathan was there and told her that he needed a place to stay. Maybe it was her “cosmic punishment” that this has happened, for believing in whoever this guy's name is. He listens to the two women talk about how much better Nathan is and he furiously screams for them to shut up. Maxie fascinates Lulu to reveal that she had a chance to stay in Port Charles and get to know Nathan before she went on the trip to meet this undesirable “human being standing before them”. Instead, she returned home with this vile disgusting lying pig who stole jewelry from his mom. As he listens, Levi/Peter gets more and more agitated and infuriated. Maxie and Lulu become more confident. Maxie asks him, however, just what Lulu has to do with all of this. He tells them there is something very profound with Lulu and her own family for which he has a score to settle.

Back at the station, Dante and Nathan realize they have a location just half an hour away. Taking two of their best police officers with them, they head out on their mission.

Maxie reminds Levi that Lulu hasn't done anything to deserve this. She reflects neither has she, but she realizes maybe this is her “cosmic punishment”. He concludes that the two cops have been tracing the call so the three of them have to get out of there.

Britt tells Nina she can refer her to another doctor for her issues. Nina asks her if she can have a moment alone. Britt agrees and leaves the room.

Franco reveals to Silas that Nina told him that she wanted to have a child and had a romantic evening planned with her husband. Hearing that, Silas admits he is surprised. Franco cannot believe Nina would still love him after he cheated on her with Ava.

Julian asks Ava just what her plan is. She tells him she has to go to the hospital and find Franco. He asks her how she thinks she can motivate him to turn against Carly. Ava tells her brother she is not going to give up on what she has to do and needs to do whatever is necessary. She'll think of something. This is the only move she has. She goes out the door.

When Sabrina reveals to Carlos she heard that somebody put Rafe up to running her and Patrick off the road, he reveals that he might know something he is not telling her (remembering his conversation with Ava before the incident). Sabrina can sense that there is something he is not telling her and she him to tell her what he knows.

At the hospital, Silas terminates his conversation with Franco when he gets a call. He rushes to get on the elevator and departs.

While Nina is alone in the hospital exam room after hearing the devastating news, she is ready to cry and sink into despair. She walks over to the computer and affirms she will no longer feel sorry for herself. She is going to have Silas' baby one way or another.

Carlos at first hesitates to answer Sabrina's question (remembering Ava's threats to him regarding her). When she demands he fesses up, he informs her that the reason he is in this prison cell, in the first place, is to protect her. Hearing that, she asks from what. Looking askance at the guard, Carlos lowers his voice and replies from Ava Jerome.

Ava rushes into the hospital to find Franco. In the process, she stumbles into Nina in her wheelchair. Nina sees her and looks at her coldly and furiously.

While Elizabeth is alone in Dante's apartment with Rocco, Nikolas goes to the station and runs into Britt. She tells him last she heard, Nathan and Dante were following up on some lead they just got after they traced the call to where Levi has taken Maxie and Lulu.

Realizing he may have been found by the cops, Levi rushes to flee with the women and take them elsewhere. He reveals, however to them for the first time, that he may have a “boss”. They ask about that, but he won't tell. Before he has a chance to make his move, however, he hears Dante's voice announcing that the cops are outside and have him surrounded.

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