GH Update Thursday 8/28/14

General Hospital Update Thursday 8/28/14


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Dante was in bed, with Rocco next to him. As Dante played with his son, he thought about the way the three of them would sit in bed together. Dante promised Rocco that he'd bring his mom home. Elizabeth came by to babysit, and she brought she brought a bunch of Aiden's old toys to give to Rocco. Liz could tell that Dante was down, so she told him that Lulu was a Spencer and Spencers were survivors. Dante thanked her, then he went to work.

At the PCPD, Nathan was so wound up that he snapped at a reporter who called to ask for a comment on the kidnapping case. He thought to himself that he hoped Maxie was okay. He spotted his handcuffs and thought back to the night he and Maxie fell asleep on the couch handcuffed to each other. Britt and Nikolas arrived; they'd brought Nathan breakfast. Nathan was grateful, and Nik told him it was Britt's idea. Anna arrived and asked to speak to Nathan in private. Nik was eager to find out if Anna had found something that would help locate his sister. Anna explained that they had a promising lead but nothing was concrete yet. Britt hugged Nathan goodbye and assured him that he'd find Maxie and be able to tell her how he felt about her. Nathan swore that once Maxie was in his arms, nothing would ever come between them again. Nathan left, and Nik told Britt that Nathan was lucky to have her as a sister. Britt hoped she hadn't given Nathan false hope, but Nik told her that she had to be correct – Lulu and Maxie would be found. Britt told Nik she had to go to work, and she asked if he would be okay. Nik smiled and said at some point he had to learn to make it through the day without her. Britt gave Nik a goodbye peck on the cheek. He thanked her for everything, then she left.

When Dante got to work, Anna brought him and Nathan up to speed. They now knew Levi's real name was Peter Harrell. Anna showed the detectives a picture of Felicia's ex fiance, also named Peter Harrell. In 1984, Frisco and Felicia had thwarted the older Peter's attempt to steal the Aztec jewels. Anna theorized that the two Harrells were father and son. Anna explained that Peter Sr. had fallen into a waterfall and been presumed dead, but he resurfaced later and attempted to lure Felicia away. When he failed, he went into hiding in Brazil and hadn't been heard from since. Anna said that Felicia wasn't aware of Peter having had kids back when she knew him. Anna had turned to the WSB for information, but she'd been frozen out for some reason. Everyone was convinced that the two Peter Farrells were father and son. Anna left to try and make inroads with the WSB. Dante was frustrated because although they put some pieces together, they still hadn't made any progress in finding Lulu and Maxie.

Liz spotted a picture of Rocco with Nik. She chattered to the baby about his uncle, then answered the knock at the door. It was Nik. He held Rocco and told Liz what happened at the station. Nik explained that he'd come by to check on Dante, and Liz replied that he just left. Nik thanked Liz for babysitting, and Liz replied that it was the least she could do. She bitterly added that she'd like to help Nik too, but Britt seemed to have it covered. Nik sounded exasperated and he told Liz that Britt had been a godsend. Liz confessed that she was surprised Britt wasn't here right now, since she had been stuck to Nik's side to him since Lulu's kidnapping. Liz admitted this made sense, since Britt and Nik were close to getting back together. Nik asked where she got that idea. Liz explained that Britt had “just happened” to let it slip that she and Nik were on the verge of having sex when Liz called to tell him about Lulu. Nik didn't understand why Britt would say that, but Liz thought it was obvious that Britt was trying to get under Liz's skin. Liz told Nik that it was no secret that she and Britt were competing for Nik's affection. She quipped that soon he'd be handing out roses. Liz figured that Britt was winning, unless she'd exaggerated. Liz's hopeful expression faded when Nik admitted that Britt had been telling the truth. Nik told Liz that he hadn't planned for it to happen. He began to explain how things led up to the moment with Britt, but Liz told him that they didn't need to discuss this, especially while Lulu was missing. Nik was still eager to explain, but Liz cut him off and told him that she accepted his choice. Nik told Liz that he didn't choose Britt – he'd told Britt he still had feelings for Liz.

Maxie also thought about the night she and Nathan spent handcuffed to each other. She and Lulu were in another cabin, gagged and tied to chairs. As Levi/Peter entered the cabin, he tried to reach someone by phone, but they didn't answer. He'd brought soda for Maxie and Lulu. He removed Maxie's gag, and she screamed for help until Levi told her that no one would be able to hear her. Maxie noted that Levi had cut his hair, and asked if he thought it would disguise him. Levi explained that he only wore his hair long to convince Maxie that he was a hippie. Next, Levi removed Lulu's gag. She had harsh words for her captor, and Levi mockingly asked if she was upset about seeing him shoot his partner. Maxie called Levi an equal opportunity traitor, and said at least Scribner wasn't stupid enough to sleep with Levi. Levi replied that Scribner was just a means to an end and that Scribner never had any idea what this was all really about. Levi revealed that this was never about the money – it was personal and Maxie was more than a hostage. “Then keep me here and let Lulu go,” Maxie said. Lulu refused to leave without Maxie. Levi admitted that he'd love to make things easier on himself by letting Lulu go, but he couldn't because Lulu was just as much a part of this as Maxie was.

Lulu and Maxie tried to make Levi nervous. They noted that that the person he kept trying to contact hadn't called back. Maxie suggested that Levi might be as disposable as Scribner. They theorized that Scribner had told Nathan and Dante were to find Levi. Levi ordered them to shut up, then he looked out the window. Maxie told Levi that if he let them go and left now, he might be able to make it to Canada before the police got there. Levi got so agitated he threw something at Maxie, which knocked her drink from her hands. He yelled that Maxie was as bad as her mother. Maxie was offended that Levi insulted her mother. She was also thrown because she thought Levi liked Felicia. Levi snapped that he'd been putting on an act long enough to flush out the jewels. Levi added that Felicia was a master at acting – she pretended to be sweet, but she was actually a lying cheating bitch. Maxie defended her mother, but Levi continued his tirade. “Sure she makes promises, but as soon as Frisco Jones comes along, nothing and no one else matters,” he grumbled. Levi thought that Maxie should be able to understand, since Felicia had abandoned her and Georgie for Frisco, too. Maxie admitted Felicia made mistakes, but she pointed out that she'd chosen Mac over Frisco. Levi noted that Mac wasn't the only man that Felicia had screwed over for Frisco. Maxie wondered what he meant, but Levi refused to say more. Lulu assured Levi that he'd be put out of his misery soon enough when her husband came. Maxie and Lulu predicted that Levi would either die or go to prison. Levi got annoyed and he stormed out of the cabin. Lulu called Maxie's attention to Levi's phone. He'd left it on the floor a few inches away from Maxie. Maxie used her foot to pull it toward her, then she used the soccer skills she learned as a child to kick it into Lulu's hands. Lulu called Dante and he answered.

Brad woke up and touched the sleeping Lucas, waking him up. Brad confessed that he touched him because he had to be sure this wasn't a dream. Lucas revealed that he'd been dreaming about the way he and Brad found their way back to each other instead of having a threesome last night. Brad corrected Lucas and told him that it the threesome was supposed to have happened a couple of days ago. Lucas was shocked to realize that he and Brad had been in bed for two days, sleeping together and watching reruns. They began to kiss, but Brad pulled back when it hit him that Obrecht would be angry that he went AWOL. Lucas suggested that Brad ask Britt to talk to her mom on his behalf. Brad's eyes widened. He'd forgotten to call Britt and tell her it was okay to come back home. Brad hoped that Britt made some progress with Nik. Lucas was confused because he thought that Nik broke up with Britt. Brad explained that he encouraged Britt not to give up. Lucas laughed and called Brad tenacious. Brad pointed out that things worked out out for him and Lucas. He wondered if Nik and Britt were as happy as he and Lucas were. Lucas didn't think that was possible. They kissed again. Britt walked in yelling “How was the big threesome?!” She was startled and apologetic when she realized she'd just walked in on them in bed. Britt sat down. She noted that they must have had a good time and she asked where Felix was. Brad explained that he and Lucas realized they didn't want a threesome – they wanted each other. Brad was curious to hear if she'd been with Nik the last couple of days. Britt confirmed that she was, but she clarified that she and Nik weren't back together. She realized that Brad and Lucas hadn't heard that Lulu had been had been kidnapped, so she told them. Brad and Lucas got dressed after Britt filled them in. Britt remembered that Lucas and Lulu were cousins, and she apologized about the way she just blurted the news out. Lucas told her that Maxie was his cousin too; he felt that he should be with his family right now. Brad offered to go with Lucas. Lucas appreciated the offer but he said no. Brad was sorry things ended like this, but Lucas assured him that this was the beginning for them. Lucas kissed Brad goodbye and promised to call. After Lucas left, Britt told Brad how happy she was for him. Brad felt bad that Britt hadn't sealed the deal with Nik. Britt confided that she and Nik were about to have sex when “Debbie Downer” called. Britt smirked and told Brad that she “accidentally” told Liz about it too.

Sabrina surprised Felix at GH. Felix was thrilled to see his friend. He explained that he'd been planning a little welcome home dinner for her but he hadn't gotten the chance because he'd been too busy working. Sabrina admitted that when she came home to an empty apartment, she'd hoped that it meant Felix was out with Lucas. Felix told her about the threesome that almost happened. He also told her about Milo's crush on Epiphany. Sabrina knew that Epiphany liked Milo too, so she was happy for her. Felix explained that he'd been moved by Milo's adoration for Epiphany and realized he wanted the same thing for himself, not a threesome. The conversation shifted and Sabrina told Felix that someone had Rafe run Patrick's car off the road on purpose. Sabrina got choked up over Gabriel's death, and Felix hugged her. Sabrina swore on Gabriel's soul that she would find out who was behind the crash. Felix was concerned that Sabrina would have a setback if she did her own investigation. He advised her to let the professionals handle it, but Sabrina felt that she owed it to her son to find out the truth. Sabrina assured Felix that she appreciated his concern. Felix asked Sabrina to be careful.

Sabrina went to a prison and a guard left her in a meeting room.

Brad got to work and asked Felix if there were no hard feelings. Felix assured Brad that he was happy for him and Lucas. Brad really wanted to tell Felix what happened. Felix gave him the go ahead, and Brad gushed about how great things were between him and Lucas.

Nina woke up in bed with Silas and fantasized about stabbing him with a butcher knife to punish him for cheating on her. Silas woke up, and Nina told him how she used to watch him sleep 20 years ago. It had made her feel safe and she'd assumed that they had their whole lives ahead of them. “Little did I know,” Nina sighed. Silas urged her to focus on the fact that they were together now. Nina remarked that last night, they made love for the first time in twenty years. Nina was curious if Silas had liked being with her. Silas assured her that last night had been great. He thanked her for giving him the push he needed. They had sex again, and Nina told him she couldn't wait to get stronger so that they could be more crazy in the bedroom, like they used to be. Silas was impressed at how much improvement Nina had already made. Nina told Silas that he'd motivated her.

Nina wondered whether she and Silas had conceived another baby. Silas gently pointed out that they still had no idea whether she could conceive or carry to term. He knew that she was still hurting for the baby they lost, but he was concerned because he didn't want her to get disappointed if things didn't go like she hoped. Nina admitted that she knew the odds were against her, and she explained that she was just trying to get everything back that was taken from her. Nina wanted to stay in bed with Silas all day, and they reminisced about when they used to do that. Nina asked Silas not to make her go to physical therapy, and Silas reminded her that she said she wanted to get strong. Nina confirmed that she did want to, especially if she was pregnant, but today she wanted to stay with Silas. Silas felt that it was a nice idea, but he couldn't because he had to go to work. He kissed her, then he went to take a shower. Nina was torn – she wanted to hate Silas, but the time they'd just spent together had been incredible.

At GH, Nina ran into Britt. The cousins introduced themselves to each other and talked about their mutual brother Nathan. Britt cut the chat short because she had a patient. Nina revealed that she was the patient and that she was there to see if she was pregnant.

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