GH Update Wednesday 8/27/14

General Hospital Update Wednesday 8/27/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Mac is with Felicia at the hospital with his arm in a sling and ready to get out to find his daughter. The ambulance staff suddenly wheel Scribner in through the ER door on a stretcher. Mac exclaims that is the SOB who took Maxie and Lulu.

Silas is in his apartment watching the television news about the kidnapping of Maxie Jones and Lulu Spencer Falconeri and the fact that the police have identified two suspects; Levi Dunkleman and Jeffrey Scribner. He's hurriedly consuming a drink in his hands and turns off the television when he hears Nina trying to open the door. He opens it for her and Nina enters in her wheelchair. She happily tells him that tonight is Rosalie's night off. She talks about how happy she will be when she is finally rid of her wheelchair and wants to burn it. She asks how his talk with Sam went. He tells her that they went through some of Rafe's things. She asks if they found any clues that could give them any information about his nephew or the details of the accident. He then shows Nina a business card from Crichton-Clark Clinic, where (unknown to them) Victor Cassadine is keeping Robin Scorpio-Drake, and coincidentally also where Nina was while she was in a coma. He asks her if she might have any clue as to why Rafe would have this business card in his belongings.

Sam and Patrick run into each other at the Floating Rib. They both reflect that they are alone in their home with their respective children and a sitter when they are out, and nobody else to come home to.

When Silas asks Nina if she might know what association Rafe could have had with the clinic where she stayed, she admits she hasn't a clue, but maybe Rosalie brought it into the apartment with Nina's clothes. He tells her there is one more thing he cannot figure out that gives him cause for concern. He reaches in his deceased nephew's wallet, pulls out large bills and asks her where she thinks Rafe could have gotten $500 in cash.

When Carly is in the police station and worried about Lulu, Sonny is also there. He touches her and it appears he might want to offer her some comfort.

Not far away, Anna appears and Mac and Felicia question how it is that the cops believe that Scribner has been injured by Levi Dunkleman when he was Levi's partner in the kidnapping. She explains that the two guys had a “falling out”. Nathan and Dante got a lead to a cabin by a lake and found Scribner there, after being shot and he informed them that Levi shot him. However, nobody has found Maxie or Lulu. Mac and Felicia are very worried about being back to square one although Anna assures them that her detectives are on it right now.

Dante and Nathan at the cabin looking for clues. They see a newspaper article in a book that appears to belong to Levi. It's a story and picture of Maxie's father, Andrew "Frisco Jones" and the Aztec jewelry. They brainstorm on how to find him since he's now a WSB agent. Dante concludes that he believes that Commissioner Devane might have some information about that since she used to be an agent in the same line of work as Frisco. So Nathan goes to find Anna at the hospital while Dante returns to the police station.

At the station, Franco finds out from Scott Baldwin (his dad) that during the time when Carly alleges she was in her house with Bobbie while he was stuck on the elevator, that Bobbie was with Scott instead. So they both piece together the lack of credibility in Carly assuring Franco she was not with Sonny on the night in question.

When Sam and Patrick are alone at the Floating Rib and she tells him of her most recent dispute with Silas in trying to find clues about Nina, Silas asks Nina what she might know about the clues he found from Rafe's personal stuff. Noticing the large amount of cash, Nina remarks that that is a lot of money for a teenager to be carrying around. He tells her that on the night, right before the crash, his nephew asked him for $400 for a camping trip. That could very well be his attempt to get his uncle to front him money for drugs. But, he explains to Nina, he did not give Rafe the money he asked for at that point and instead invited him to have dinner and talk. So, he happens to know that somewhere, somehow between that point and when he crashed the car, Rafe obviously got the money from somewhere or from someone. She then realizes that Silas is implying that she gave Rafe the $500. He faces her without smiling and asks her if she did in fact do so.

Nathan goes to the hospital to touch base with Anna and find Mac and Felicia. He shows Felicia the article he and Dante found about Frisco and the Aztec jewels and asks if she might have a clue where to find her daughter's father is. She admits that with Frisco's line of work, when he disappears for long stretches of time, nobody can find him. It can be months and sometimes years. So when she called the WSB recently, they told her that Frisco is unreachable. Anna hears that and realizes that since she still has pretty high clearance with the WSB, maybe she can find Frisco.

Not far away, Sonny continues to urge Carly to admit her feelings for him, but she tells him she has to go, afraid that Franco will see them together and become suspicious again.

In the other room, at the station, Scott admits to Franco that when he had a nightcap with Bobbie on the night in question, she said nothing about just leaving Carly's after having a drink with her daughter. He asks his son why he is “looking for trouble”. He urges Franco not to get in the middle of Sonny and Carly. Scott reflects to his son that “that guy is trouble”. Franco demands that Scott lets him look at his phone so he can see when the call he had with Bobbie was made and be able to find out if what Carly and Bobbie told him was true or not, but Scott refuses. Carly walks in and smiles, telling Franco she was looking all over for him.

At Silas' apartment, Nina assures him she did not give his nephew the money. What happened before the car crash was she noticed Rafe running frantically into the apartment, knocking her down and leaving. They did not speak. He tells her ok but she knows he is not ok and asks where it's coming from to accuse her of giving his nephew money when he's doing an investigation. She tells him she knows this suspicion has come from Sam. He admits that yes, he and Sam have discussed it. Nina asks him, however, if they realize that she had nothing to do with Dr. Drake's accident as she wasn't even in Port Charles when that happened. He realizes that is true. But he has to make some sense out of how Patrick’s son had to die and why Rafe also had to. She then moves closer to him and tells him it's part of being with the person one loves. She wants him to get what he wants. And she needs him to know what it is that she wants. He asks what that is. She replies that what she wants is a baby.

Sam tells Patrick she realizes maybe she was not “fair” to confront Silas about being alone in his home with a woman who is his wife. Maybe it's none of her business. He tells her, however, he knows she still cares about Silas so he thinks it's fair for her to ask him about the status of his relationship with Nina. She tells him she realizes it was she who broke up with Silas. She laughs and tells Patrick she wants him to stop her when she “goes down this road”. They then both laugh and talk about how they have both become “sad sacks” in their respective solitude and depressing lives. So they decide to have fun, liven up their evening and play a game of pool. Right then, he tells her a way to make their night more “interesting” is for whoever wins the game to get to ask the other person to do something; whatever it is they want. Hearing that, Sam agrees and tells him he's “on”. Patrick goes to finish his beer while Sam is able to boldly shoot a ball in a pocket. She tells him she thinks things are “getting interesting.”

Nina reflects to Silas that she has always wanted a baby ever since her mom put her in a coma and made her miscarry their child. As soon as she woke up, that was one of the first things she remembered. She still wants it and would like to take back what she lost all those years ago. She admits that she was happy to be able to find him but she saw he'd moved on. However, now that he and Sam are through, it might be the perfect time for them to have a baby.

When Carly finds Franco with Scott, she wants to separate them and go home, but Franco is ready to confront her about her being with Sonny.

Dante returns to the station where he finds both Sonny and Olivia. He tells his two parents that he is very worried about Lulu having been gone over 24 hours and the fact that he was hoping Anna would have some leads about Levi and his possible ties to Frisco, but he can't find the commissioner. He admits he is panicking about his wife being gone and is losing hope. Olivia wants him to get some rest and spend some time with his son.

At the hospital, Anna and Nathan return to Mac and Felicia and she admits she has tried and failed to find Frisco. Robert is also on this. But there are some very strange things happening in the USB that weren't going on before. Mac suggests maybe the reason they cannot find Frisco is because he does not want to be found. He tells her his theory is that Frisco is involved in this kidnapping. Felicia, Anna and Nathan all look at him in disbelief. Felicia reminds her husband that Maxie is Frisco's daughter. Mac reminds her that Frisco never sees his daughter. Felicia tells Mac Frisco would never jeopardize Maxie no matter what faults he may have. However, Mac reminds her, when they first met, Frisco had an obsession about jewels. And isn't it a bit “coincidental” that right when they find a criminal on the hunt for the Aztec jewels, suddenly Frisco is unreachable ?

At the police station, Olivia tells Dante he needs to get some rest and take care of himself. He tells her his wife needs him. She tells him so does his son. Sonny then tells his son that he will stay there and find out if there's any information about Lulu while Olivia takes Dante home to be with Rocco.

In the other room, Franco confronts Carly about what is really going on between herself and Sonny.

Silas asks Nina if she is really serious about wanting a child, reminding her that it might not be possible since she's been in a coma for 20 years. She tells him she realizes that, but even if it's not possible, she still wants to make love to her husband.

At The Floating Rib, Sam and Patrick both play pool to win, each wanting the “honors” of being the winner. At the end, it appears she has won but still needs to put the 8 ball in the hole. She succeeds. He then admits he's at her mercy and he asks her what she wants him to do.

Nina tells Silas ever since she's come back and since he's broken up with Sam, they've slept in separate beds. She tells him that sometimes when he looks at her, she sees the “old Silas” whom she had all of her intimate moments with. She tells him she misses all the things they did and had together. He admits he misses it too. She tells him she does not know what the future holds. She tells him she is not an idiot and realizes he is still getting over Sam. But, she tells him, if they “never try...” She then shakily gets out of her wheelchair and stands. She reflects that her mother tried to break them up. But now they are together. She is standing before him and wants to be with him as his wife. She unbuttons her blouse. He holds her hand and tells her she looks beautiful. She tells him he needs to either take her or reject her, but she cannot live in this limbo anymore. Silas touches her not knowing what to do when she says she wants to touch him and feel him and be with him again. She has stripped to her bra. He says nothing. And then he suddenly scoops her up and carries her to the bedroom.

When Sam declares her pool victory, she tells Patrick she wants him to shave. He laughs about how and when she expects him to get rid of his beard. Does she want him to go into the bathroom of the Floating Rib and cut it off with a steak knife? She tells him, laughing and enjoying being with him, that he may remove that scruffy thing in the comfort of his home or a barber shop or wherever he prefers, but the next time she sees him, she wants it off his face and to see him smooth and baby soft. They both smile and raise their beer glasses.

When Carly walks in on Franco's conversation with Scott Baldwin, Scott gets a call. Franco tells him they are not finished with this conversation, but Scott declares they are. Franco asks Sonny what he's doing there, he says he promised Dante he'd stay there while his son goes home to get some rest. Carly leaves with Franco. As Franco walks toward the door, he turns around  and warns Sonny to stay away from Carly.

Olivia goes home with Dante to be with baby Rocco. Watching his son sleeping, Dante admits to his mom he is horrified about what has happened to his wife.

When Scribner is in the hospital bed, Anna goes in to question him with Mac and Felicia standing beside her. He admits he has never seen Frisco before. Levi Dunkleman is not the real name of his partner in crime. It's an alias. His real name is Peter Harrell. Hearing that, Felicia is shocked remembering that is the name of her fiancÚ.

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