GH Update Tuesday 8/26/14

General Hospital Update Tuesday 8/26/14


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

At GH, Carly had a flashback to kissing and undressing Sonny. Franco walked up. He noted that she seemed troubled and asked if she was okay. Carly explained that she was there to surprise him with a romantic date, to make up for the one he missed out on while he was stuck in the elevator. Franco countered that he was the one who messed up by ruining her bonding moment with her mom by accusing her of sleeping with Carly. Carly explained that she owed him because she hadn't been up front with him about Sonny kissing her. Franco admitted that her decision to keep it to herself was probably sensible, given his reaction. Carly disagreed and began to talk about the tension and anxiety she caused by concealing the truth. Franco stopped her by kissing her. They agreed to focus on their date. Franco gave Carly the flower arrangement that had been meant for Alice, and they left.

Julian visited Sonny at his office and told him he wanted to do him a favor – the kind that would keep Sonny's family alive. Sonny thought that sounded like a threat. Julian proposed a truce between them since their business interests didn't overlap. Sonny demanded to know where this was coming from. Julian explained that he'd been affected by Lucas's shooting and Alexis's house burning down and he didn't want any more of his loved ones to get caught in the crossfire. Sonny pointed out that he'd never targeted Julian's relatives, the way Julian had targeted Sonny's. Sonny stated that he and Julian had a different code and couldn't coexist. He added that this was his territory and one day, Julian and Ava would just be bad memories. Julian was adamant that he wasn't going anywhere. Sonny showed Julian the door. “Don't say I never warned you” Julian said, before leaving.

Ava urged Michael to try the chocolate mousse she'd secretly poisoned. Kiki added that Ava made killer desserts. Michael was about to eat a spoonful, when Ava yelled “stop.” She made a speech about how grateful she was that Kiki and Michael came to dinner. She admitted she wasn't perfect, but she told them that everything she did she did for her family. She told Kiki that she'd do anything to protect her. Michael could relate to Ava's desire to protect Kiki, and he told her how he'd flown off the handle when he found out Luke made a pass at Kiki. Ava demanded to know what happened. Kiki didn't think it was worth discussing because it was over, but Ava insisted on hearing the details. Kiki explained that the day Ava saw Morgan hugging Kiki and got the wrong impression, he'd been comforting her because of Luke's actions. Kiki told Ava how Luke forced his way into her home and scolded her for telling Tracy that he came on to Kiki.

Kiki tried to minimize what Fluke had done, but Michael wouldn't let her. He told Ava that Luke had tried to pin Kiki down and she kneed him in the groin. Ava was outraged, and she asked Kiki why she didn't tell her or report him. Kiki explained that Luke had been creepy in the past, but she saw his actions as harmless. Ava wanted to know what he'd done, and Kiki told her that he grabbed her butt. “That is not harmless! That is assault!” Ava bellowed. Kiki admitted she should have told Ava. Kiki pointed out that Luke was a God in Port Charles, while Kiki was just the girl who left one brother for another. She didn't think anyone would believe her. Ava assured Kiki that she would have believed her and helped her handle it. Kiki revealed that she told Tracy, but Tracy didn't believe her. Michael added that he went ballistic when he found out and that he and Kiki took steps to neutralize Luke. Kiki asked if they could drop the subject. Michael was about to take a bite of his dessert, when Ava yelled at him not toe eat that and knocked the glass out of his hand. Kiki demanded to know what was wrong with Ava. Ava apologized to Michael and explained that she was angry about what Luke had done. Kiki insisted that it was all over now, but Ava vowed to make Luke pay. Kiki begged Ava to let it go. Kiki didn't want Ava to draw Luke's attention and become his target. “Too late,” Ava murmured. Julian came home and apologized for interrupting. Ava announced that she was tired and asked if they could call it a night. Michael and Kiki said their goodbyes and left. In the hallway, Michael noted that he and Ava had something in common – they hated what Luke did to Kiki. Michael and Kiki agreed that it was weird that Ava had knocked Michael's dessert out of his hands. Back in the penthouse, Julian asked how long until it would take Michael to die from the poison. Ava revealed that she didn't poison Michael. She told Julian that Fluke almost raped Kiki. Ava now thought that Fluke wanted Michael dead so he'd no longer be an obstacle between Fluke and Kiki. Ava grabbed the laptop to call Fluke and put him on notice. Julian refused to let her do so. Ava snapped that unlike Julian, she wouldn't take orders from someone who targeted her child. Julian told Ava that she was going to take orders from Fluke. He added that Fluke may have lost interest in Kiki by now. Julian warned Ava that if she made Fluke angry, he might retaliate by hurting Kiki. Ava was distraught and unsure of what to do now that she was unwilling to kill Michael. Julian thought Ava might be able to placate Fluke by giving him the proof that Sonny killed AJ. Ava didn't think she'd be able to get Sonny or Carly's copy of the recording. Julian recalled that Ava had asked Franco to help her. Ava didn't think Franco would be willing to help as long as he thought Carly was committed to him.

The police had just taken Coleman out of The Floating Rib. Olivia was worried that Coleman would skate on the charges, but Ned was sure Coleman would pay, since he'd confessed to abetting the kidnappers. Ned asked Olivia what he could do to help, and she told him she was grateful he was putting up with her. Ned assured her that he didn't have a problem spending time with her. Tracy walked in and was dismayed to see Ned. Ned approached her and said they needed to talk, but Tracy wouldn't let him get a word in. she railed at him for kicking her out of the Quartermaine house and called Olivia his “Bensonhurst bimbo.” Ned yelled at her to shut up, then he told her that Lulu had been kidnapped. Ned gave Tracy all the details. She quietly thanked him and walked away. Olivia decided to go bring Sonny up to speed. Ned asked if she was sure she wanted to be the one to tell him. Olivia was willing to put her differences with Sonny aside right now because they were family. After Olivia left, Ned told Tracy that Olivia was right about family. Ned acknowledged that Tracy loved Lulu. “Like a daughter,” Tracy said. Ned told her that she needed to call Luke. Tracy took Ned's advice, but Luke didn't answer. Ned offered to track Luke down. Tracy assumed that Ned planned to use ELQ's resources to find Luke. She went off on Ned for wanting to use her company's money to track down her husband/accomplice. Ned admitted he disliked Luke, but as a father, he thought Luke deserved to know know what happened to Lulu. Carly and Franco arrived just as Ned said this, and Carly demanded to know what happened to Lulu. Ned filled her in. Carly wanted to call Sonny, but Ned told her Olivia was taking care of it.

Carly told Franco that Sonny had connections that the police didn't. Franco suggested that they should let Olivia talk to Sonny and that they should go to the police station for answers. Carly asked what about their date, and Franco told her they could have the date when her cousin was found. They left, and Tracy left Luke another urgent message, which she stressed was about Lulu. Ned reminded Tracy of his offer to have ELQ security track Luke down. Tracy didn't think that was necessary, since Luke wasn't missing, just unavailable. Ned wondered if Lulu's safety wasn't Luke's top priority.

Olivia had stepped outside the bar. She called Sonny and told him Lulu had been kidnapped. Sonny already knew, and he told her that he advised Dante to talk to Coleman. Olivia brought Sonny up to speed on Coleman's connection to Levi and Scribner. Sonny suggested that he and Olivia meet at the police station. Olivia worried that Lulu would be killed. Sonny thought the kidnappers were smart enough to know that he would kill them if they hurt Lulu.

Nathan and Dante found the cabin where Levi and Scribner had been holding Maxie and Dante. They burst in and found a blood stain on the floor. Dante found Maxie and Lulu's dresses. There was no blood on them, and it gave Dante and Lulu hope that the blood wasn't theirs. Just then, Scribner, who was bleeding from his abdomen, came stumbling into the living room and collapsed on the floor. Dante went and searched the cabin – no one else was there. Scribner came to, and Nathan rendered first aid, while Dante questioned him. Scribner revealed that Levi turned on him when Scribner said he didn't want to hurt Maxie and Lulu. After Levi shot Scribner, he took the women and left. Scribner passed out again. Dante stated that Scribner couldn't die, because he was their only link to find Maxie and Lulu.

Lucy went to the PCPD and asked an officer if there was any news on Lulu and Maxie. He didn't have any information on the case. Lucy was trying to convince the man to let her see Anna when Scott arrived. He assumed that Lucy was there to visit him. Lucy told Scott why she was really there, and he told her that Nathan and Dante were out searching for the women. They went to a private room to talk, and Lucy admitted that she couldn't help imagining what it would be like if Serena was the one who'd been taken. Scott told her that their daughter was strong and smart, just like them, and she'd be fine. Lucy agreed that they'd done a good job with her. Scott felt that Luke, Laura, Mac and Felicia had done a good job too. Scott knew that Lucy saw Maxie and Lulu as vulnerable, but he told her that they came from formidable people and they'd be fine. Scott tried to hug Lucy, but she pulled away and told him not to touch her until he'd chosen between her and Bobbie. Lucy was annoyed that Scott had left his suite rather than choose between her and Bobbie the day he walked in on them fighting. Scott reminded her that he'd left for a meeting, but Lucy thought he used the meeting as an excuse to avoid making a choice. Scott told her he had another case to work on, and he started toward the door. Lucy acknowledged that Scott had a hectic schedule as DA, but she urged him to put her and Bobbie on his docket and figure out which of them he wanted. Scott didn't think he could make a major decision while two women were being held hostage. Lucy got upset because she hadn't realized that Scott really didn't know who he wanted. “What I want is to” Scott slowly said, but his phone rang before he could finish his thought. Lucy insisted that he let it go to voice mail, but Scott refused because it was Anna. Carly and Franco arrived just as Scott hung up. Lucy and Carly bombarded Scott with questions. Scott got annoyed with Carly's demanding tone. Franco tried to ease the tension and he told Scott that they just needed a little information. “Please, dad?” he added. Scott didn't seem impressed with Franco playing the “dad” card, but he answered their questions. He told them that Scribner was on his way to the hospital but he was in bad shape, and if he died, the police would lose their only lead on Levi. Sonny and Olivia arrived. Carly asked Scott if Anna had someone at the ER waiting for Scribner to wake up. Scott promised to give them an update when he had more information. He walked away. Lucy followed him and told him that if he didn't make a decision about who he wanted to be with soon, he might lose both her and Bobbie. Lucy left, and Franco went over to Scott and thanked him for answering their questions. Franco noticed that Scott was distracted and he assumed it was because of Lucy and Bobbie. Scott admitted he had a tough choice to make. Franco made an offhand comment about what Lucy would do if she found out Scott recently met Bobbie for a nightcap. Scott asked what nightcap. Franco had a realization, and he turned and looked at Carly, who was across the room talking to Sonny about Lulu. Carly told Sonny that he needed to make some phone calls. Sonny replied that Dante would let him know if he needed Sonny's help. Carly didn't think they should wait for Dante to reach out. Sonny replied that Dante was a good detective who would bring Lulu home.

Dante and Nathan put on gloves and searched the cabin for clues. Dante took a phone call and asked someone to send CSU in. He stated that he and Nathan weren't leaving until they found something to lead them to Maxie and Lulu. Later, Dante told Nathan that Lulu and Maxie were resourceful and might have left a clue behind. Nathan theorized that Maxie could have distracted Levi with one of her rambling stories, causing him to accidentally leave a clue behind. Nathan thought that Levi had underestimated Maxie's intelligence and that he was bound to have made a mistake while trying to control too uncooperative hostages. Dante flipped through some books. He found a newspaper clipping of an article about Frisco recovering the Aztec jewels. Someone had circled the picture of Frisco.

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