GH Update Monday 8/25/14

General Hospital Update Monday 8/25/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At the brownstone, Kiki tells Michael if he wants more time with Alice, she can cancel their plans to have dinner with Ava. He tells her that he has set aside time for them. She kisses him and tells him they need to go and grab dinner with her mother.

Ava returns to the apartment with guys helping her carry groceries inside. Julian sees his sister and admits he is suspicious that she has left and could be seen out and about by the wrong person. He reminds her that Sonny is probably on the war path to prevent her from having her freedom.

Sonny is on the phone when Dante comes to visit his dad. Sonny admits he's surprised to see him and realizes that Dante has been angry with him and not in a friendly mood recently. Dante admits he is not there for a “pleasant family reunion”. Sonny asks Dante if he and Lulu are going through with the fertility treatments he's heard of.

Olivia goes to The Floating Rib with Ned after taking in a movie. She is still unaware of what happened to Lulu and Maxie and wonders why she has not heard from her daughter in law. She remembers that today was Lulu's appointment to have her fertility treatment. Dante does not respond to that and appears sullen.

In Sonny's office, Dante admits he realizes he has been harsh with him about his issues with Olivia. But he needs a favor from Sonny. Not knowing what it will be, Sonny, asks his son to name whatever it is. Dante then admits Maxie and Lulu have been kidnapped. They are gone and does not know where to find them.

Maxie is tied to a chair struggling to break free. Levi enters the cabin and smirks. She demands to know where Lulu is.

Nikolas goes to the station with both Elizabeth and Britt accompanying him to help find Lulu. He has hired private detectives yet has come up with nothing. Britt tells him her brother Nathan is on the case.

At the cabin, Maxie sees only Levi and demands to know where he took Lulu. He smirks and does not answer while she panics.

Ned and Olivia are at the bar talking about the things they did for fun in their younger days involving Connie and Lois.

Ava informs Julian that she realizes that she has to do whatever is needed in order to keep her daughter safe. She admits it makes her ill to think of the threats of that “Luke Spencer Lookalike”. Yet, she has no choice. So, she reminds Julian, she feels she has no choice except to do what he says in order to prevent the consequences happening to her family that has already happened to his.

While Michael and Kiki get ready to have dinner with Ava, Julian asks his sister what she plans to do. Wait until Michael goes to the bathroom and then pull a gun on him? Slit his throat? She tells her brother no. She has another plan -- poison.

Dante tells Sonny how he and Nathan tried and failed to prevent Levi and Scribner from kidnapping Maxie and Lulu. He regrets that he was not onto Maxie's fiancé. Hearing that, Sonny tells his son he will help him with whatever he needs to get his daughter-in-law back. He Dante just what it is he needs.

Nathan meets with Nikolas, Elizabeth and Britt and admits that he's tried and failed to find Maxie and Lulu.

Maxie and Lulu are still missing. Levi and his accomplice, Scribbner have them in an abandoned house somewhere. They are alive and well and not really afraid of what will happen to them. However, back at Port Charles everybody is frantic and worried that they cannot find them and that they did not know Levi's agenda until now. Dante and Nathan attempt to find them but have not yet succeeded. It looks like Levi has taken the girls somewhere when the two detectives go to find them

Ava concludes, after realizing what happened when Julian attempted to "cross" their boss (the man who looks just like Luke Spencer), that she has to do what he says or else. He's told her he needs her to kill Michael Corinthos. Julian convinces her if she does not do that, the boss will kill Kiki. So she invites her daughter and Michael over for dinner with a plan to secretly poison Michael although she does not feel good about doing that.

At the cabin, Maxie demands that Levi tell her what happened to Lulu or she will kill him. She reminds him that after he shot her stepfather, that thing he calls “karma” will come back to bite him. Scribner enters with Lulu bringing supplies in from the car. While the guys are distracted and their backs are turned, Maxie secretly knocks the gun Levi left on the table on to the floor. Lulu grabs it and holds the gun on the guys and tells them they won't get to do what they want.

At The Floating Rib, Ned and Olivia drink and relive their respective “histories”. He admits that he slept with Monica, his aunt by marriage when he did not know she was his aunt. It happened only once. He attended a boarding school and did not have a chance to be out and about. One summer he came home. He met an older woman while he was working as a tennis instructor. He admits that it was ironic that when he made efforts to get away from his family, it was a path to get back to them. They both affirm that they are happy for whatever it is that caused their paths to cross.

Julian observes the “potion” that Ava has to drug and kill Michael. He asks her if that thing she may have bought at the grocery store that appears to be food seasoning will “do the job”. She tells him she found a way to put poison inside the bottle and disguise it as seasoning. He asks how is she going to cover her tracks if or when they do an autopsy? He questions her “effectiveness” in her proposed plan. She then emotionally asks her brother if he thinks she enjoys this. She will be ending the life of the man her daughter loves. Although she's been assured this will be a painless death for Michael, she knows Kiki will be devastated. Julian reminds her that their boss has given them no choice and they both affirm it's better they save Kiki's life. Ava also assesses that she will be there to offer her daughter all the emotional support she needs during this time of sorrow for her and hopefully it will give them a chance to bond.

Michael talks to Kiki about how he wants to make the person who killed AJ pay, remembering it's the anniversary of his father's death. He angrily tells her that he can see Carlos Rivera got off too easy and there is no justice. Sensing he may not be in great spirits given this, Kiki again assures Michael that it's fine with her and Ava will understand if he wants to cancel this dinner.

Dante tells Sonny the only clues he knows about Levi's secret scam is that he had an “agenda” to get his hands on Felicia's Aztec jewelry. Hearing that, Sonny brainstorms with his son about who might have enabled him to traffic the jewelry or have a hand in it somehow.

At the police station, Nathan admits to Britt that he had a “personal” reason to attempt to prevent Maxie from marrying Levi even before he know that Levi was a criminal. He tells her he believed Maxie was a good person and he saw her as a friend. Hearing that, Britt smiles and tells her brother it sounds like he sees Maxie as more than a friend.

Lulu holds the gun on both guys, but Levi grabs his own gun and tells her she better put it down or he will shoot Maxie.

After Julian leaves Ava alone to await her dinner guests, Kiki and Michael arrive. Michael gives Ava a bottle of sparkling cider remembering she is pregnant. She smiles and tells him how “sweet of him” that was. She tells them she will go and put it in her refrigerator. While they are alone, Kiki again tells Michael it's fine with her if he wants to go and take care of other things or if he's not comfortable to be there on the anniversary of the day his dad AJ got shot. But he wants to be with his girlfriend and her mother. Right then Ava returns wearing an apron. Kiki remarks to her mom that this is “not like her”, remembering she has never seen her mom cook throughout her childhood. Julian appears and both young people are suspicious and not happy to see him. Ava assures them her brother was just leaving. And she follows him out the door. Alone, they talk privately about Ava's “plans” when they are out of earshot of Michael and Kiki. Julian wants his sister to be “successful” in preventing danger from happening to her daughter and his niece. But he questions whether she will be able to “pull off her plan”.

Sonny tips Dante off that he knows that Coleman had involvement in the jewelry trafficking, and thereby might have enabled Levi and his accomplice to commit their crime. He has heard that Coleman had gotten back into the black market and tells Dante that's probably his best “lead”.

At The Floating Rib, Coleman informs Olivia for the first time that Maxie's fiancé shot Mac and made off with her and Lulu, kidnapping them on a boat into the ocean.

Elizabeth talks to Nikolas at the station about how he should not have to go through this time “alone. He admits he was not alone. Britt was with him. Meanwhile, Nathan and Britt talk about his “would-be” relationship with Maxie not unlike her “would-be” relationship with Nikolas.

As soon as Dante hears that Coleman might be involved in helping Levi and Scribner with their crime, he goes to the Floating Rib and is ready to hurt Coleman for what he has just learned.

Ava, Kiki, and Michael sit at the table and have dinner. Kiki remarks that her mom prepared a good salad. Ava talks about how she needs to eat leafy greens for her pregnancy. Michael is gracious although Ava tells him she knows this is a very awkward situation for him. She assures him she did not mean to hurt his brother. He tells her regardless, she did. However, he tells her that no matter how the baby was conceived, s/he is a part of his family and he will be in her/his life.

When the two criminals leave Maxie and Lulu alone, Maxie tells Lulu that she blames herself for this. Everyone tried to warn her about Levi but she did not listen and fell for his act. She tells her that Levi should have only taken her and not gotten Lulu involved. Lulu should be with Dante today getting her fertility treatment so they can get ready to have another baby. She is afraid she has taken yet another baby from Lulu and Dante. Lulu tells Maxie she cannot blame herself. Nobody was able to tell that Levi was a con artist or criminal. She tells Maxie they have to be strong and get through this together. She has a son back home who needs her and she reminds Maxie that she has a daughter who needs her and remembers today is Georgie's birthday. Maxie then reflects that Levi discouraged her from fighting to get custody of her daughter. She now knows for the first time that he would have prevented her from having that chance. She should have listened to Nathan. And now he's gotten into this big mess because of her when he cared about her and really had her best interest at heart.

Nathan talks to Britt about his worries regarding finding Maxie and that it might be too late. But she encourages her brother to not give up. He then gets a text from Dante who tell shim he was “following up a lead at the Floating Rib”.

Dante furiously confronts Coleman assuming he might be (directly or indirectly) in on the kidnapping. Although Olivia urges her son to know that Coleman knows nothing about what happened to Lulu and Maxie, he demands to know if Coleman might have engaged in business or aided and abetted two “customers” named Dunkleman and Scribner.

At Ava's dinner table, she remarks that she made Michael's favorite dish and wonders why he is not hungry. He tells her he's sorry. But this is the anniversary of his father's death. And Kiki reminds her mom that Carlos (so they believe) killed AJ in this very room. Hearing that, she tells him she is sorry that Carlos Rivera, whom she used to work with and befriend, has taken his father from him. (although she does not reveal to him what he really knows about who killed AJ)

Lulu reminds the guys that they now have the jewels and do not need herself and Maxie. But Levi smirks and “reflects” upon all the “fun” he used to have with Maxie. In response to that, Maxie tells him she remembers how she used to stupidly trust him by believing she was “spiritually enlightened”. She merely “pretended” to enjoy sex with him as not to hurt his feelings. Actually he was very lousy in the sack. Lulu chimes in and laughs as she reflects that does not surprise her. Hearing that, Levi angrily demands they shut up. Maxie asks what his problem is. Now that they are on the subject, she wants to let everyone know all about his inadequacies. Scribner then indicates that once they get all the money they want, they will let the girls go. Levi has other plans. He admits (to everyone's surprise including Scribner) that he has no intention of letting them go.

At The Floating Rib, Coleman admits to Dante that he did intend to turn a profit of Felicia's jewelry with Levi and Scribner. But he never thought anything like this would go down. But Dante knows that he did (intentionally or unintentionally) help them pull off their plan that got the two young women kidnapped.

At the station, Nikolas leaves Britt alone with Elizabeth who tells her she does not buy her “graciousness”. She happens to know that Britt is moving in on Nikolas and was with him right when he got the call about his sister. Britt asks Elizabeth if she also heard that when he got the call he was about to have sex with her.

Dante and Nathan attempt to find where the kidnappers have taken Maxie and Lulu. When Olivia is alone with Coleman, after she finds out he may have carelessly enabled the kidnapping, she furiously tells him if any harm comes to her daughter-in-law and her friend, she will make him wish he were dead.

Dante and Nathan may or may not be getting closer to finding and saving their women. It appears they find the house but it's dark and “something” is not ok.

Sonny is on the phone to his contact demanding that somebody do something to catch Levi because he has Sonny's daughter in law. An unexpected visitor arrives. It's Julian.

Michael sits with Kiki after dinner in Ava's apartment. She goes into the living room carrying a tray with three desserts. She hopes that Michael has saved room for some of her special chocolate mousse.

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