GH Update Friday 8/22/14

General Hospital Update Friday 8/22/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Alone in the private hospital room with Rosalie, Nina furiously rants about how Silas is alone in the apartment with that bimbo Sam, and now she finds out that Ava Jerome is knocked up again.

In her apartment, Ava informs Julian that she just spoke to their boss and he wants her to kill Michael Corinthos.

Carly goes to confront Sonny in his office about his recent “behavior” that could have ended her relationship with Franco.

While Sam is with Silas and they go through Rafe's things, they come across hundreds of dollars in cash, wondering where he got it and suspecting it was illegal activity. Then they see a picture of them on his phone. They remember that he loved them both and conclude that he did not mean to hurt anyone. So why was it that someone pressured him to use or peddle drugs, get into trouble, and run Patrick and his family off the road and leave the scene of the accident. Sam looks through the contacts on Rafe's phone. She declares that she thinks she might have a clue about that.

While Nina's pretending to be in physical therapy at the hospital, she discusses with Rosalie why it is that Ava and so many others can get pregnant but she cannot. She remembers that she lost her baby many years ago and did not even know if it was a boy or a girl. The baby she was supposed to have was going to end Silas' relationship with Ava. But now Ava has 2 children and she has none. Rosalie then asks her just what she is missing. Is Silas the father of Ava's baby? Nina angrily tells her no. She knows otherwise. She then admits to Rosalie that Ava does not even know who the father of her baby is.

When Julian finds out that their boss wants Ava to murder Michael Corinthos, he asks if perhaps it was a way to end Sonny's “bloodline”. She tells him no. The “boss” just wanted to hurt Michael, because he ruined Luke's plan to take over ELQ. He found out that Tracy was helping Luke scam them and fired her. That's why he wants to kill him, but she can't kill Michael. Julian asks her why. She tells him because of Kiki.

At the hospital, Franco finds Michael with Morgan and Kiki and indicates he has an issue with Sonny.

Carly tells Sonny that he is really full of himself and she's getting really tired of his playing games and getting the idea that she is interested in him. The reason she is there is to declare that she has no interest in him. She announces that what happened last night will never happen again. But he does not buy that. He asks her why, if she just wanted to tell him that, did she not simply call or text him. That would have been much easier. He faces her and asks why she is really there, in his office.

Nina informs Rosalie that Ava not only had sex with one of the most notorious gangsters in history, she was also sleeping with his son. Hearing that, Rosalie then puts 2 and 2 together and concludes that she might know one of the “baby daddies” (remembering her meeting and talking to Morgan in the park).

Not far away, in the hospital lobby, Franco informs Michael, Morgan, and Kiki that Sonny crossed the line by putting his hands on Carly, but she pushes him away.

At Sonny's office, Carly tells her ex that he needs to realize that it won't just result in hurting Franco and ending her relationship with him if he finds out they slept together. Sonny needs to remember, she reminds him, that if Franco gets angry with him, he will tell Michael that Sonny killed AJ.

Silas and Sam continue to brainstorm about who could have put Rafe up to running Patrick off the road as she goes through his phone.

At Patrick's home, he talks to Sabrina about his recently spending time with Sam, becoming friends with her and having her help him uncover many things for him (including who is responsible for the death of their child). Hearing that, she is able to sense that he has some sort of “guilt” toward Sam and she wonders what that is. He then realizes he cannot reveal his secret although Sabrina tells him there is nothing he can't tell her since they buried their child together and went through hell and back together. She assures him that she is there for him if nothing else to listen. She assures him that anything he tells her stays between them. Patrick then informs her that although Robin said she went to Africa to do research, she left to save Sam's husband.

At Silas' apartment, he asks Sam if they are really on the same page with the issue regarding Rafe. He reminds her that she and Patrick have spent a lot of time together recently. Hearing that, she tells him that's not unlike him and his ex wife.

Rosalie informs Nina that she did run into Morgan in the park and he shared a lot of personal stuff with her regarding the baby that this older woman is having that is either his or his father's child.

Julian tells Ava that although she'd like to “handle” this guy who is his boss, it's easier said than done. When he first told the boss he was leaving the organization, he tried to kill Lucas. Then he blew up Alexis' home. This guy is ruthless. Hearing that, Ava reflects that the “Luke Spencer” she knows is not capable of behaviors like that. In response to that, Julian informs his sister, for the first time, that this man is not Luke Spencer. He is someone else pretending to be Luke.

At the hospital, Franco announces to Kiki, Michael, and Morgan that Sonny has the mistaken idea that he's going to get Carly back, but she is with him (Franco), and that is the reality (or so he believes).

Sonny firmly tells Carly that although she tells him she loves Franco, he is a slimeball and a psychopath, but she obviously does not want to admit it. Although she argues and fights him, Sonny kisses her again and she responds.

Sabrina tells Patrick she does not understand how Robin would be going away to save Sam's husband when he's dead. He tells her that is what everyone has believed up until now. But Robin heard otherwise. She had to keep a secret and swear him to secrecy about it and tell nobody including Sam. Sabrina finds that very surprising and asks how he knows this to be a fact. Patrick then informs her (the first person he's revealed it to) that when he and Sam were recently in a clinic to investigate Nina Clay, he ran into Robin. She informed him that she tried and failed to save Jason and he's dead. Yet she still “chooses” to stay at the clinic, not even contact him or Emma and is not coming home. So he has no choice except to file for divorce. And what is upsetting him more than anything is the fact that he has to keep this secret about Jason from Sam.

At Silas' home, Sam tells him she does not intend to be judgmental but she has some reasonable cause for concern. Not long ago, she walked into his apartment to see him and Nina making out on his couch. So, Sam asks Silas, do he and Nina have “marital relations”? Are they likely to get back together?

Nina tells Rosalie that her life has been ruined. She has had 20 years of her life, her marriage and her baby taken from her. She got rid of Sam, but now Silas does not want to have sex with her so she has no chance of getting pregnant. Silas has a child. Sam has a baby. Yet, she can't have a baby with her husband.

As Sam and Silas discuss what is going on between him and Nina, Rosalie assures Nina there is nothing going on between Silas and Sam. Hearing that, Nina is suddenly happy and encouraged and thanks Rosalie for her encouragement. She tells her that she knows she can have what she wants. She tells her she will get her husband back and she will have a baby with him.

Ava tells Julian that he needs to know that their boss is most definitely Luke Spencer. She saw him with her own eyes on the Skype. He's a very noticeable man. But Julian reveals to his sister he knows otherwise. He explains to her that when Luke was rescued from the Miscavige institution, something “happened”. Hearing that, Ava asks if the brain injury and trauma “changed” Luke forever. Julian tells his sister she is not listening and does not understand. The man that has come back is not the Luke they know. He's an entirely different person.

Patrick tells Sabrina that after all this while of keeping from Sam that Jason was alive, now that he knows he's dead, maybe he can come clean with Sam about that. But Sabrina asks why he would want to do that. Why get Sam's hopes up only to break her heart and have her lose her husband all over again?

At Silas' apartment, Sam asks Silas if she can take Rafe's phone to her apartment and look into some more clues. He tells her she may. She graciously tells him she knows how hard it has been for him to have to re-live what happened to Rafe. When she goes out the door, Silas encourages her to take care of herself. They may have reconciled their differences

Rosalie “suggests” to Nina that maybe she should not get her hopes up about having a baby. Hearing that, Nina asks if she is implying that she is getting “old”. She tells Rosalie that she will have a baby with Silas yet.

Julian explains to Ava that “their boss” let him have his life back. He got all the power he wanted with the company. He thought he could trust this guy. But right when it was too late for him to get out, after he'd gotten in over his head, this guy changed all the rules. And he's now had to find out the hard way that the Luke imposter is a socio-path with no conscience and ice running through is veins.

At the hospital, while Michael and Morgan both “reflect” to Franco how their father has always “had his way” with their mother and she's always chosen to give it to him, Kiki asks the two guys to realize that Carly is now with Franco and that they need to respect that, but they both go on about how he has manipulated Carly just like Ava has manipulated Sonny. Kiki then asks Franco just what it is that he was about to say about Ava.

Ava tells Julian that their boss wants her to murder Michael. He tells her he knows she does not want to do that to her daughter, but if she does not do what their boss wants, he won't think twice about murdering Kiki just to spite her. So wouldn't it be better for Kiki to lose her boyfriend than to lose her life?

Patrick tells Sabrina perhaps she is right that it would not benefit anyone for Sam to know that Jason was alive when the thought he'd died, that Robin tried to save him, yet now he's dead. But, he tells her , it doesn't make him wonder every day about the secret he kept from Sam. And right then, when they least expect it, Sam appears at Patrick's door. She greets Sabrina and tells her she hopes things are going ok for her and his happy she's back in town. She tells them she thinks she might have uncovered some clues about who it was that put Rafe up to running them off the road and killing their baby.

When Silas is alone in his apartment and going through Rafe's things, he comes across a business card from Crichton-Clark Clinic, the place where Victor Cassadine is holding Robin hostage. He is the person who put Rafe up to running Patrick's car off the road.

Nina tells Rosalie although she's like to have a baby with Silas, if she can't have his baby, she will have one with someone else.

While Franco finishes his conversation with Kiki and the Corinthos brothers and gets on the elevator, Carly asks Sonny if what “this” is all about is to break up her and Franco. She tells him she is not going to break up with him for Sonny or because of him. Sonny keeps telling her he knows that she will come around.

Rosalie asks Nina if she intends to sleep with another man when she says she loves Silas with all her heart a soul. She tells him that she does love him but she also hates him with a passion. Rosalie asks her if she intends to cheat on Silas. Nina tells her she needs not cheat. There are other ways to have a baby.

Ava emotionally asks Julian how she can hurt Kiki by ending Michael. He tells her that maybe Kiki can get over the loss of her boyfriend. As soon as he leaves Ava alone, she cries then calls her daughter and invites her and Michael to dinner.

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