GH Update Thursday 8/21/14

General Hospital Update Thursday 8/21/14


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Sabrina dropped by Patrick's. He was surprised she was back in town, and she explained that she just got back from Puerto Rico. She asked about Emma, and Patrick told her that she was at camp. Sabrina felt better after her break and she was ready to go back to work. Sabrina figured that Obrecht didn't understand why Sabrina took time off. The subject of Obrecht lead to Patrick telling Sabrina that Obrecht fired him. Patrick added that he'd put in an appeal to the board. Sabrina didn't understand why Obrecht would fire one of the top surgeons in the country. Patrick explained that there was an accusation that he purposely caused a patient to become brain dead. Sabrina was confident that Patrick would never do such a thing. Patrick admitted that he'd considered it. Sabrina didn't understand, and Patrick revealed that his patient was the one who caused Gabriel to be born prematurely. Sabrina was stunned and upset that Patrick knew who caused the accident and had kept it from her. Patrick explained that he hadn't said anything to Sabrina, and he'd asked Felix to do the same because he wasn't sure whether the information would help or hurt her recovery. Sabrina admitted that she wasn't sure what effect the news would have had on her back then, but she was ready for it now. “Who took our son from us?,” she asked. Patrick replied that it was Rafe. He filled her in about Rafe's accident and how he was forced to operate on him because there were no other available surgeons. Patrick explained that he'd considered avenging Gabriel's death for a split second, but in the end he did all he could to save Rafe. Sabrina wasn't surprised that Patrick had done the right thing, and she didn't think anyone would believe he'd do otherwise. Patrick told her that Silas thought he deliberately caused Rafe's condition. Sabrina was saddened to learn that another boy had died. Patrick admitted that he wasn't as sympathetic toward Rafe. Sabrina replied that Rafe was a scared teenager who didn't mean to cause the crash. Patrick looked uncomfortable, and Sabrina asked if Rafe had been drinking and driving. Patrick told her that, according to Molly, Rafe had turned to drugs to cope with having caused the crash. He added that he'd just found out Rafe said someone put him up to causing the crash. Sabrina was shaken, and she asked why someone would want them to get hurt. Patrick didn't have any ideas, and he hoped Sam would be able to figure it out.

Jordan and Shawn woke up at Jordan's. Shawn wanted to stay in bed with Jordan, but she told him it was time for him to go work for Sonny.

Sonny was at his office. He texted Carly to see if everything was okay. She replied that things would be fine as soon as he stopped texting her. Shawn arrived and reminded Sonny he was supposed to meet him at Kelly's to talk about Ava. Sonny explained that he'd gone to the diner as planned, but he left after TJ said that Shawn never came home last night. Sonny acknowledged that it was none of his business what Shawn did during his free time. Shawn admitted that Sonny might be concerned about this. He confessed that he'd been seeing Jordan for the past two weeks and that they'd been keeping it from TJ. Shawn also admitted that he was concerned about how Sonny would feel about Shawn seeing a Jerome employee. Sonny wasn't worried because he knew that Shawn was loyal to him, but he warned Shawn that he was making himself vulnerable. Shawn assured Sonny that he and Jordan were taking every precaution. Shawn was surprised that Sonny was being so relaxed about this. Sonny confessed that he was in no position to judge since he'd slept with Carly last night.

Fake Luke reached out to Julian through video chat. Fake Luke announced that he was about to cause Sonny to have a very bad day. Julian was on board, and he asked what Fake Luke had in mind. Fake Luke revealed that Julian wouldn't be a part of this because Ava was already taking care of it. Fake Luke enjoyed Ava and he thought she enjoyed him too. Fake Luke added that he wanted Ava to keep thinking he was the real Luke Spencer. Julian asked Fake Luke what he had in store for Sonny. Jordan let herself in, and Julian demanded to know how she got past the guards. Jordan explained that they let her by when she reminded them that she worked for Julian. Julian glanced at his monitor and Fake Luke signaled him not to say anything, then he ended the call. Jordan realized Julian was video chatting, so she walked over and looked at the screen. She asked Julian if he'd been talking to Luke. Julian kept calm and asked why she'd say that. Jordan explained that she'd answered Mickey's phone after Julian shot him and the voice on the other end sounded like Luke. Jordan noted that she'd seen Julian and Luke together at the gallery several times. She asked if Luke was their boss. Julian burst out laughing and he told her no. He reminded her that Luke had been at the gallery to buy art. Jordan recalled walking in on Luke and Julian at the gallery and seeing a briefcase full of drug money that she'd recently given to Julian. At the time, Jordan had been surprised Julian would be so cavalier with his shady dealings, but now she wondered if she'd walked in on Julian about to hand the money over to Luke. Julian swore on his family's lives that the man on the phone was not Luke. He told her the discussion was closed, then he admitted that it must be frustrating to her not to know who she was answering to. Jordan clarified that she wanted to move up in the ranks. Julian understood, but he told her that their boss was not someone she wanted to get close to. “He's already cost me my relationship with Alexis” Julian added.

Franco came downstairs and Carly told him there was coffee. Franco didn't have time because he had to go to work. Before he left, he apologized again for accusing Carly of hiding Sonny in their house and not believing her when she said she'd spent the evening with her mother. Carly told him that it was okay, but Franco still felt that he'd been out of line. Carly wanted to put it behind them. Franco confessed that he wished Nina had never seen Sonny and Carly kissing. Carly wished that the kiss never happened, and she stressed that she'd physically pushed Sonny away. Franco assured her that he believed her. He apologized again and told Carly he wanted to make it up to her. Carly maintained that it wasn't necessary, but Franco insisted on making things right as soon as he came home from work. They kissed, and Franco left. Bobbie immediately appeared, and said she'd like the truth from Carly, now that Carly was finished lying to Franco. Carly didn't want to get into it, and Bobbie replied that she didn't want to get dragged into the middle of Carly and Franco's problems last night. Carly apologized. Bobbie said she covered for Carly because she was worried about her. Bobbie pointed out that Franco was Scott's son, and while Bobbie wasn't Franco's biggest fan, she'd thought Carly was. Carly swore that she was, so Bobbie asked her why she would sneak around behind his back with Sonny, of all people. Carly explained that she and Sonny had gotten close again because he was going through a hard time.

Carly told her mother about pushing Sonny away after the first kiss, but last night she'd gotten caught up in the moment and slept with him. Bobbie was curious to hear what Carly said to Sonny when she went outside to talk with him. Carly replied that she'd told Sonny that it wouldn't happen again. Bobbie wondered if Carly meant it. Carly said she did, but she admitted that she'd also meant it when she told Sonny that nothing would happen between them after he kissed her. Bobbie asked Carly if she wanted to be with Sonny. Carly said Sonny wanted to be with her. Carly told Bobbie how Sonny kissed her to prove he knew her better than she knew herself. Carly confided that the way the kiss felt surprised both her and Sonny. Before the kiss, Carly had thought that the attraction was behind them. Bobbie asked if it wasn't anymore. Carly wasn't sure. She only knew that kissing and sleeping with Sonny felt wrong, but he told her that wrong was right for them. Carly called herself a deceitful, horrible, awful person. Bobbie disagreed with that. She felt that Carly just seemed lost ever since... Carly finished her mother's sentence – since the loss of Jason. Bobbie was concerned that Carly was going to trade one mistake for another. Carly insisted that Franco wasn't a mistake, but Bobbie disagreed. Bobbie urged Carly to take a deep breath and figure things out, because Franco and Sonny were both volatile, and Bobbie didn't want to see Carly get burned.

Back at Sonny's office, Shawn wondered if Sonny was going to keep seeing Carly. Sonny said it remained to be seen. Shawn thought Franco was capable of going after Carly if he found out what happened between her and Sonny. “Let him try” Sonny replied. Shawn noted that Franco also had dirt on Sonny. Sonny admitted that was a problem, but he told Shawn that was why he had him. Shawn asked if Sonny wanted him to take Franco out. Carly burst in and told Sonny they needed to talk. Shawn got up to leave, and Sonny told him to keep working on the thing with Ava. Shawn left. Sonny called Carly's visit a nice surprise and asked what brought her by.

Alexis was leaving the hospital after visiting Alice, when she ran into Ned. Alexis let Ned know that Alice had hinted that things weren't going well between him and Tracy. Ned admitted that he and Monica had just thrown Tracy out of the house. Alexis was curious why he'd do that to his mother. Ned told Alexis that her theory had been right – Tracy and Luke were still together. Alexis apologetically told Ned that she'd done her best to authenticate the annulment papers, and Ned assured her that he didn't blame her; only Luke. Ned felt that Luke was pulling Tracy's strings and that he couldn't be allowed near the business or the family home. Alexis pointed out that Luke had lived there longer than Ned had, in the past ten years. Ned explained that Luke had changed; he'd been a freeloader in the past, but now he was threatening and malevolent. Ned acknowledged Alexis's soft spot for Luke, and she assured Ned that she trusted his instincts.

Ned asked how Alexis was dealing with the loss of her home. Alexis confided that she still hadn't been able to process what happened. Ned was curious what caused the explosion, and Alexis explained that the investigators thought Mickey Diamond planted a bomb. Alexis was shocked when Ned told her that Alice received Mickey's heart. He added that the Quartermaines owed Jordan a debt of gratitude. Ned realized that Mickey must be connected to Julian, and he asked Alexis if Mickey had been trying to force Julian back into the mob. Alexis confessed that Julian never left the mob and that she broke up with him for good. Ned said he was sorry, but Alexis told him she knew he wasn't. Ned admitted that he was glad that Alexis was no longer seeing “that drug dealer.” He told Alexis she deserved better. Alexis said that during the day, she almost believed that was true, but her moral certainty didn't keep her warm at night.

Nina was trying to get the hang of texting. Silas was about to help her, when Sam dropped by. Sam said she needed to talk to Silas alone, unless Nina had a problem with that. Nina had a flashback to Sam saying that she wanted to tell Silas something about Nina. In the present, Nina replied that she did have a problem with that because was her home and Silas was her husband. Sam countered that married couples had separate conversations all the time, and this had nothing to do with Nina. Nina asked what it did have to do with. “Rafe,” Sam replied. Nina argued that Rafe was her nephew, too, but Sam pointed out that she barely knew him. Silas put an end to the disagreement by reminding Nina that Rosalie was probably waiting to take her to physical therapy and that she didn't need to miss anymore sessions. Nina didn't think one session would matter, but Silas disagreed. Nina left, and Sam asked Silas why Nina had been missing PT. Silas told her that Nina had been doing art therapy with Franco. Sam explained that Patrick asked her to find out who put Rafe up to running Patrick off the road. Sam was hoping to look through Rafe's things. Silas admitted that he hadn't had the heart to do that, yet. Sam asked if he wanted to do it another time, but Silas was okay with doing it now. He went to Rafe's room, and Sam glanced at the breakfast Silas and Nina had been planning to share. Silas returned with a small box and a bag containing the things Rafe had on him at the hospital.

Sam charged Rafe's phone, and Silas went through Rafe's wallet. He was startled when he found out Rafe had $500. Silas told Sam that Rafe had asked him for $400 for a camping trip. Silas admitted that it never occurred to him that Rafe was lying and wanted the money for drugs. Sam pointed out that she didn't realize Rafe had a problem, either. Silas explained that he and Rafe were going to discuss Rafe's request over dinner, but they never got the chance. Silas and Sam wondered where Rafe could have gotten the money. Silas asked if Molly had given it to him, but Sam knew Molly didn't have that much money. Sam reminded Silas that Rafe had come back to the apartment, and she suggested that Nina had given him the money. Silas didn't buy it because he didn't think Nina had that kind of money, now that her assets had been frozen due to Madeline's legal troubles. Sam knew that Nina and Rosalie had been the last people to see Rafe, and she didn't think Rosalie had that kind of money either. Silas got defensive on Nina's behalf, and Sam told him she was just going over every scenario, which was how you did an investigation. Silas sarcastically thanked Sam for enlightening him, and he admitted that it felt like a witch hunt to him. He accused her of trying to make Nina the bad guy, and Sam argued that she was just trying to do her job. “I know you don't like her, but Nina's not responsible for every bad thing that happens in this town” Silas said. Sam noted that this wasn't getting them anywhere. Silas apologized and said Nina was a touchy subject. Sam noticed that Rafe's phone was charged, so she turned it on.

Franco and Nina ran into each other at GH. Franco was surprised to see Nina getting off an elevator since they'd gotten stuck in one the night before. Nina replied that she didn't have any other choice. Franco made it clear that he knew that wasn't true, but he assured Nina that he was going to keep her secret. Nina asked Franco if he'd confronted Carly about kissing Sonny. Franco told her that Carly had pushed Sonny away. Nina was glad to hear that everything worked out. Franco admitted that he'd searched the bedroom for Sonny. Franco assumed that Nina thought he was crazy, and Nina assured him that she just thought he was impulsive and jealous. Nina admitted she would have done the same thing in his shoes. She said she was envious of him, and she wished she'd done the same thing 25 years ago, so she wouldn't have been blindsided when she found out Silas was cheating. That made Franco feel worse, so Nina told him that just because Silas was lying to her, it didn't mean Carly was lying to him. Nina told Franco she had to go to physical therapy. Franco asked when she started going there, and she explained that Silas overheard that she had a secret, so she confessed about skipping PT. Franco thought Nina was hiding her ability to walk so she could blindside Silas the way he blindsided her. Nina didn't know what that meant, but she told Franco that turnabout was fair play.

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