GH Update Wednesday 8/20/14

General Hospital Update Wednesday 8/20/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Ava celebrates her birthday with Kiki. She puts a candle on a cupcake and insists that her daughter makes a wish. She tells Kiki she gets to ask her to do that since it's her birthday. Kiki smiles and blows out the candles. Ava asks her daughter what she wished for.

While Ned and Michael are at the hospital both so happy that Alice has a new heart and will be ok, yet both suspecting Tracy, she is secretly talking to “Luke” on Skype. She tells her husband they have an urgent matter on their hands that requires he returns home right away. She is very worried, she tells him. Their plan might all be ruined.

When Franco returns to Carly after being let out of the hospital elevator unexpectedly, he tells her he knows she did not spend the evening alone while he was stuck on the elevator. He sees her wearing just a robe and notices 2 glasses of wine on her coffee table. He asks if she might want to tell him who took his place. Sonny is not far away overhearing unseen while Franco tells her his money is “on Sonny”.

Kiki tells her mom she can't believe she is pregnant now, remembering all the times she bugged her for a little brother and sister throughout her childhood. They both remember being the single mother with the only-child daughter as the two of them against the world. Ava assures her daughter that she did not “plan” on this pregnancy happening right now. She realizes the importance of having a child and remembers how the baby she had years ago has now turned into a smart, strong intelligent and independent adult. Kiki tells her she got that from her mom. When Kiki happily talks to her mom about “raising the baby”, Ava does not want to reveal the morbid reality that she is remembering, of Sonny telling her that throughout her pregnancy she will be watched over like a hawk and then he will kill her.

Jordan and Shawn are in bed together talking about the conflict of interest they have working on different “teams”. Knowing that he works for Sonny and she-for Julian, he tells her they have an issue about the future of their relationship knowing whom she has to answer to. She then gets out of bed and asks him “what if” she does not have to “answer” to anyone.

While Skype-ing “Luke”, Tracy asks just how serious the issue is with Alice breaching their “trust” in knowing their secret. She tells him it's “fatal”. Alice ratted them out to Michael. She told Michael they were working together to oust him from ELQ. “Luke” tells her that they can allege that Alice was not thinking straight and had delusions from pain meds and post-surgical trauma. Tracy protests that she already attempted to sell that to Michael but he did not buy a word of it and he fired her. Hearing that, Luke furiously declares: “that little punk.”

Michael informs Ned that when he found out about Tracy and Luke's secret plan to overthrow them, he fired Tracy. Ned tells Michael that although Tracy assured them both that she got her marriage to Luke annulled, she was lying. He found out from Alexis that her divorce and annulment papers were all a fake. So all along, Tracy has been working with Luke to cheat them out of their rights to ELQ.

When Franco returns home to Carly and she attempts to protest to him that she has not spent the evening with Sonny (although Sonny is right in the next room and Carly has slept with him) Bobbie appears and overhears their conversation.

Ava secretly remembers Sonny's threats to her (although she does not verbally reveal that to her daughter). Kiki is concerned and asks if she should call a doctor regarding what could be an issue with her mom's pregnancy. Ava tells her daughter she felt a kick. They both happily laugh and are getting along great, lovingly bonding, hugging, acknowledging they love each other and are so happy and looking forward to a new addition to their family. Ava tells her daughter that she knows Kiki needs to get back to her boyfriend Michael. And, Ava realizes, although Morgan will never forgive her and their relationship is over, he might have feelings for Kiki or she-for him. Kiki assures her mom that she and Morgan are merely friends and she only has eyes for Michael. Ava also reflects that she's concerned about the new apartment downtown where her daughter is living and she does not feel good about Kiki being alone without her boyfriend and his brother there, given all the crime and danger in the area recently. Kiki then decides instead of returning home alone, she will pick up Michael at the hospital before returning home with him. And she departs.

Tracy and Luke reveal that they are very worried and running out of options. She tells him that it's too late to scam anyone into believing that they have split. So, she concludes to Luke, she thinks it's time for him to come home to her and be there for her as her husband.

While with Shawn, he continues to probe Jordan to tell him whom she answers to. Yet she tells him what he suspects is not true. She explains although Julian and Ava are technically “at the top of the food chain”, she doesn't exactly “work for” them. She's more like an independent contractor. She tells him she is running the operation and the Jerome's collect the shares. They do not micro-manage her, she tells him. And she asks him just how short the leash is that Sonny has him on.

When Bobbie walks in on Carly and Franco's conversation regarding what she did when she was alone (Carly), Bobbie jumps in and assures Franco that her daughter spent the evening with her. She explains they had a “girls night in”. He finds it hard to believe, however, that he just now finds Bobbie entering the house for the first time, while Carly is in her robe. They explain that Bobbie went out for a night cap and came back while Carly hit the hay. They ask if he is satisfied with that explanation. He replies he will be. As soon as he has a look inside the bedroom. Sonny is sitting on Carly's bed with only his undershorts and a picture of Carly and Franco with the glass broken.

Jordan gets up out of bed and boldly asks Shawn just what there is between him and Sonny. Sonny puts him up to killing people and doing his dirty work for him in the place of Sonny's precious predecessor, Jason Morgan. Doesn't he know that he's going to go down with Sonny when it all goes down and he is nothing more than Sonny's lap dog? In response to that, Shawn reminds her that it won't be long before Julian and Ava and their organization as well as any “independent contractors” they have will be in prison for drug peddling and all the hideous crimes they do. She can judge Sonny all she wants but he's not a drug smuggler and there is no evidence that he is a criminal. In response to that, she tells him that whether Sonny is into drugs or not, he is not a saint and just as many people get hurt by him and his organization as they do by the Jerome's. He tells her that Sonny is not putting drugs in kids' hands but she is. He reminds her that Rafe was high while driving and has gotten himself killed after putting many innocent people in danger. Doesn't she ever realize what happens when kids have access to drugs? She needs to think about what if it was TJ who was the kid brain dead in that bed. Or is she too hyped to make money and have power to even give a damn? Hearing that and not knowing what to say, she angrily tells him he does not know what he is talking about.

On Skype, Tracy asks Luke how much longer he thinks she can single-handedly go against all of the people who are onto them, without him by her side. He tells her she needs to know that she has been successfully fighting them all her life and has the recognition and the power. So there is no difference now. She protests that there is. She is married to the man she loves. And he's half way around the world away from her. He tells her he is working in her best interests. And she needs to just be a little bit patient. That's all. She protests she is nothing but patient. He tells her that it will work as planned. But they have to stick to their plan which is to rid ELQ of the vermin that is Ned and Michael. He assures her it's all going to be worth it. Before Tracy is aware, Ned jumps into the room, gets his face right into the computer and furiously tells Luke WRONG! His days of scamming and corrupting his family's company are over!

In the hospital hallway, Kiki enters, finds Michael and tells him she had a surprisingly good evening talking to her mom. She was not behaving like she has in the past. For some odd reason, Ava was downright maternal.

As soon as Ava is alone, she gets on her computer and sees “Luke” on Skype. He asks his new “silent partner” if she is sticking to their agreement as they'd previously planned.

At Carly's, she asks Franco, if he needs to go into the bedroom in order to believe what she and Bobbie have told him is because he's calling her and her mother liars. He tells her he “might” call her worse. He looks at her grimly and tells her he will be back in a jiffy. He walks into the bedroom. Alone with Carly, Bobbie asks her daughter if Franco is going to walk in and see Sonny in her bed. Carly replies to her mom yes.

Kiki can see that Michael is not entirely happy and asks him why since Alice is going to be ok after they'd all given up hope. He tells her of course he's happy about Alice. But he's just found out that they have all been scammed, betrayed and lead to falsely believe someone whom they cannot trust.

When Ned walks in and catches Tracy off-guard in her conversation with Luke, she angrily tells her son how dare he barge in on her private conversation. He angrily tells his mom how dare she lie and scam them all about what she is secretly plotting with Luke Spencer. He tells her she better believe that when he has his say, she will have plenty of time to think about her scheme with that thug. She tells him she has heard enough righteous lectures from Michael today. He tells her he does not care. She tells him that he betrayed his mother by secretly siding with Michael. He tells her he has no reason to distrust Michael. She asks him just how much of value Michael will be to them when he runs her father's legacy into the ground. Ned tells his mom that his grandfather must be rolling around in his grave to know that Tracy put her “power play” above her concern for Alice. She tells him how dare he assume to know what her father would say or do or want. She reminds him that none of this would have had to happen if he had not become a traitor and voted her out behind her back. He protests that he did it to protect ELQ from Luke. He urges his mom to know that Luke is not the man she believes he is. He's a maniac and a psycho and he pulled a gun on Ned. Everyone can see Luke for who he really is. Why can't she?

When Ava talks to “Luke”, he tells her he needs her to step up her efforts to get the goods on Sonny. She seems pretty confident in telling him that she knows of the perfect person to help them do just that. She knows that her “associate” has just as much to gain from doing what they both want to Sonny as they do.

Franco goes into Carly's bedroom in search of what he believes he will find (Sonny). But he doesn't seem to find him. Not far away, in her living room, she and Bobbie are frantically wondering what they do now. Carly urges her mom to go into the room and attempt to “stall” Franco although Bobbie hasn't a clue just how she does that. Carly's phone rings. It's Sonny who informs her he's snuck out her bedroom window and is now outside her front door. She runs out to talk to him urging him to get out before Franco sees him. He tells her he should have stayed in the room against her wishes, and again protests to her that Franco is a threat to society, reminding her that if he'd done what needs to be done, Franco would have told Michael that Sonny shot AJ.

Shawn tells Jordan she can't act like the honorable citizen and mom when she is peddling drugs. She tells him he needs to look her in the eye and tell her that he is ok with what Sonny does and the fact that he has to make sacrifices and compromises and do what Sonny wants. She tells him she has to do what she has to do in order to sleep at night. But he protests that he knows this is not just about her. What about her son? Doesn't she care about what happens to him? She tells him of course she does. And she reminds Shawn he does not know everything but she will tell him this much. She won't be working for the Jeromes forever. And if her plan works, very soon she will be free as a bird.

Bobbie finds Franco looking underneath Carly's bed and asks him what he is doing there. He tells her he's looking for clues that Sonny was there. He comes across a black pen on the floor and concludes that means Sonny was in fact there. He knows that Carly hates black ink, does not use pens, only writes with computers or texts. Bobbie urges him to realizes he's just being paranoid. He asks her if Carly informed her that she and Sonny kissed. Bobbie admits no but it does not surprise her. She believes that Sonny probably made a pass at Carly. He must know that Sonny has a pattern, whenever he is in a personal crises of running to Carly. She offers him support and loyalty and he takes it for meaning more when it does not. They have a friendship and have 2 children together but that is it. She tells him that Carly is not going to go down that road with Sonny again...unless. He asks her unless what. Bobbie replies unless he does something that pushes her in that direction again.

Outside the door, Carly tells Sonny she's glad he's thinking about Michael. But what about her? Does he not know what would have happened if Franco had walked into her room and seen him there? After she's been swearing to Franco that he is not there? Sonny asks her if she thinks that he could not “protect her from Franco”? She tells Sonny she doesn't want to find out what would have happened. He tells her he would have blown Franco to kingdom come. And he tells her the reason why is because she does not need that maniac in her house. They argue again and he kisses her. She does not stop him.

Ned asks his mom if she wants to be a Quartermaine or if she wants to be a “patsy” to Luke Spencer. He tells her she needs to look at what that man has been doing. First, he lured her into a “quickie” wedding. Then, he somehow convinced her to take over ELQ when he was afraid he'd lose her, and has her orchestrate a sham annulment. And now he's disappeared and left her there all alone. All the while, he's pitting her against her own family for his own profit. He tells her mom that's not love. That's not a marriage. Is that what she signed up for? She tells her son what he's saying about Luke is not true. He asks her why, then, he has not come back to be there for her before everything crumbles. Why isn't Luke there to see Alice while she was dying? It's because Luke does not care about Alice or about Tracy, or the family or anyone. All he cares about is using Tracy to get his hands on ELQ. In response to that, Tracy slaps her son and gets in his face to tell him that Luke does love her. More than anyone else in this rotten family. And he's going to help her get back what her father earned and gave to her. He is going to help her get back ELQ. Ned tells her in that case, she will do it from a new home. She's out of there.

At the hospital, Kiki is shocked to learn, from Michael, for the first time, that Tracy's annulment to Luke was an act. He tells her it was a ploy. It was so that Tracy could steal ELQ from within. So he had no choice except to fire her. He tells her he's not worried that he caught Tracy before she had a chance to do what she intended to do. But Kiki reminds him if Tracy is still married to Luke, it means Luke is not out of their lives.

Luke talks to Ava on Skype, telling her he really hopes that she can come through for him. She attempts to convince him that she can and will do that. He concludes to her that so far, she has been absolutely useless. She tells him she would like to prove otherwise to him. She is a resourceful woman and would like to know just how she can be of benefit to him. He tells her he knows of one way. He wants her to kill Michael Corinthos.

After Ned tells Tracy she is evicted from the Quartermaine house, she tells him Monica will never agree to that. He tells her he is confident that Monica will very much agree to boot Tracy from her house. She asks what motive she would have to do that. Ned tells his mom when Monica finds out what Tracy did to screw Monica's grandson over, she'll see things his way. He reminds Tracy that Michael is Monica's last connection to AJ and she will do anything to protect him. Ned walks away and Tracy asks him if he would evict his own mother. He tells her she did the same to him. He's just returning the favor. So he suggests she starts packing.

While Michael assures Kiki if Luke comes near her, he will answer to Michael, Ava is on Skype with “Luke” after he's told her the only way she can make herself useful is to murder Michael. She is silent and stunned after hearing that. But “Luke” tells her he could care less what she has to do in order to “end” Michael. Didn't she tell him she is not a coward like her brother, Julian? She protests that Michael is her daughter's boyfriend. Kiki is in love with him. She could not do that. But he tells her she is wasting his time if she can't do what he needs her to do. And he disconnects.

Sonny asks Carly if she does not feel the connection that they have. She tells Sonny he needs to go although he says no. She gets back inside the house.

Shawn asks Jordan just exactly what she has up her sleeve. Does she plan to run the organization? Take on Julian and Ava? She tells him right now he is the only one she plans to “take on”. And she kisses him.

When Carly gets inside, having mixed feelings and afraid she and Franco are through, he returns to her. He tells her he apologizes for his jealousy, his suspicions and false accusations of her being with Sonny. She takes him into her arms and holds him, but she looks like she might not be entirely resolved or contented with what is going on in her life with the two men.

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