GH Update Tuesday 8/19/14

General Hospital Update Tuesday 8/19/14


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Alice's surgery was a success. When she woke up, Michael, Morgan, Tracy and Ned were at her bedside. Alice marveled at what supportive bosses she had. Ned replied that they weren't her bosses; they were her family. He stepped out of the room to call Dillon and Brook Lynn and tell them Alice was awake. Michael went to call Kiki. Tracy suggested that Morgan go buy Alice some magazines from the gift shop. He left. Tracy told Alice that their deal was still in place – Alice had a new heart which meant she wouldn't tell anyone that Tracy and Luke were trying to take over ELQ. Alice pointed out that Tracy had promised to find her a heart, but she didn't have anything to do with Alice getting Mickey's heart. Tracy snapped that she searched high and low for a heart for Alice. Tracy demanded to know if Alice was going to rat her out to Michael or not. Just then, Michael walked in. He'd overheard Tracy's question, and he wanted an explanation. Tracy tried stall by saying Alice needed her rest, but Alice announced that she could speak for herself. “Miss Tracy, you know how much I respect and admire you” Alice said. Tracy assured her that the feeling was mutual. Alice continued and said Tracy's loyalty to her family used to be something to behold. Alice felt that Tracy had turned her back on her family, and she was upset that Tracy wanted Alice to do the same thing. Alice told Michael that Tracy and Luke were plotting to take over ELQ. Tracy tried to discredit Alice by claiming the pain medication made her delirious. Michael didn't buy it, and he fired Tracy. Tracy argued that Alice's memory of what happened just before her collapse wasn't reliable, and she threatened to file a wrongful termination suit. Michael wouldn't back down. Michael vowed never to ignore his gut and give Tracy the benefit of the doubt again.

Ned ended a conversation with his daughter Brook Lynn, just as Olivia walked up. She explained that she'd come by to check on Alice. Ned filled her in, then he wondered why she came by the hospital this late instead of just calling. Olivia admitted that she had an ulterior motive – she wanted Ned to know she came clean and told Sonny that she and Ned weren't dating. Olivia hoped this would mean Ned didn't lose any more sleep over the possibility of Sonny retaliating. Ned revealed that he hadn't lost any sleep over Sonny. Olivia was glad. She thanked Ned for playing along and told him he was off the hook for having to hang out with her. Ned asked what if he didn't want to be off the hook. Ned enjoyed hanging out with Olivia because she was fun, had a good sense of humor, and was devoted to dogs. Olivia admitted her drunken attempt to adopt several dogs hadn't been her proudest moment, and she thanked Ned for stopping her. Olivia explained that her break up with Sonny was still fresh she wasn't ready to date yet. “Who said anything about dating?” Ned asked, then he assured Olivia that he wasn't trying to plan a future for the two of them. He explained that he didn't have any friends in town anymore, except Alexis, and he thought it would be nice to hang out. Olivia admitted that her only friends were Dante and Lulu. She and Ned made plans to go to the movies tomorrow, then they parted ways with smiles on their faces.

Back in Alice's room, Tracy yelled that she'd gone toe to toe with corporate raiders, mobsters and her own father. She warned Michael that he wouldn't get away with this. Ned entered the room just in time to witness Tracy storming out. Ned noted that the warm family moment hadn't lasted long, and he asked what he missed.

Silas was working at the nurses station when Rosalie walked up and told him she couldn't find Nina. Silas told her about Nina being trapped in an elevator. Rosalie was annoyed that Silas was working instead of doing something to help Nina. Silas revealed that he'd done all he could, then he'd decided to care for his patients. Rosalie made a snide comment about Silas's treatment of Nina, and Silas snapped that he paid her to take care of Nina, not to comment on his proficiency as a husband. Fed up, he warned Rosalie that he'd fire her if she made one more comment like that. Silas went to wait by the elevator for Nina.

A maintenance man had just freed Franco and Nina from the elevator. Franco asked Nina if she needed a push somewhere, and she whispered that he knew she didn't. Nina was curious about Franco's plans. Franco explained that he was going to go talk to Carly about Sonny kissing her. Nina clarified that she wanted to know if he was going to keep her secret about not needing a wheelchair. Franco assured her that he would, but he wondered why she was pretending to need a wheelchair and how long she could keep this up. Nina blew off his questions, then she reminded him that she was keeping his secrets too - things that could destroy his relationship with Carly. Franco assumed Nina was threatening him, but Nina explained that she was just hoping he'd return the favor. Franco reiterated that he wasn't going to tell her secret to Silas or anyone else. Silas was walking up from around the corner. He stopped and listened when he overheard Franco say Nina had a secret. Franco announced that he had to go interrogate his possibly soon to be ex girlfriend, and he left. Silas walked up and asked Nina what she was keeping from him. Nina pretended not to know what Silas meant, and he revealed that he overheard Franco. Nina tried to avoid answering the question, but Silas pressed her to stop stalling. Nina admitted that she'd been lying to Silas. Silas steeled himself and asked what about. Nina asked if he promised not to be mad, but Silas said no. Nina confessed to skipping her physical therapy appointments and going to Franco's art therapy class instead. Silas pointed out that PT was necessary for her health, not an outlet like art therapy. Nina explained that she needed an outlet. She told Silas that she'd been putting on a smile, but inside, she was struggling because to her, one day she was married and pregnant, and the next she learned that two decades had passed and everything had changed. She added that she lost their baby, and his mistress had his baby instead. Silas sat down next to Nina. She admitted that she used to think their lives were perfect before Madeline told her about Ava. Nina reminisced about how excited she'd been to tell Silas about the baby. Silas's eyes filled with tears as Nina told him about how she'd planned to make a special dinner and hide a rattle under his napkin. She began to sob as she told Silas that she never got to make the dinner or the announcement. Silas asked what he could do. Nina asked him to turn back time, then she admitted she knew that was impossible. Nina said she was trying to be strong. Silas took her hand and tried to assure her that she was strong, but Nina disagreed. She told Silas that this terrible situation would drive a lesser woman mad. Nina apologized for dumping all this on Silas, but he assured her that he was glad she confided in him. Silas admitted he'd been so focused on her physical health that he hadn't considered her mental health. Silas told Nina that GH had a great psych department. Nina pointed out that that path was what lead to her being in a coma. Silas assured her that he wasn't talking about putting her on medication, just talking to someone who could help her make sense of all this. Nina replied that that was what she was doing in art therapy. Silas supported Nina continuing the art therapy, but he told her that skipping PT wasn't an option and that they'd find a way for her to do both.

Rosalie spotted Morgan and said hello. She asked about his head, and he joked that he was keeping an eye out for flying cellphones. Morgan noted that Rosalie looked upset, and she told him that her boss had just chewed her out. Morgan suggested that she quit, which caused Rosalie to laugh and ask if he'd ever had a job before. Morgan admitted that he'd never kept a job for long, then he jokingly offered to beat up her boss. Rosalie said she just had to keep reminding herself that she'd have the last laugh. Morgan thought it sounded like Rosalie had a plan of attack. Rosalie changed the subject and asked how Morgan's friend was. Morgan shared the good news, and Rosalie explained that when Morgan never called her, she'd feared that the worst had happened. Rosalie guessed that the only thing weighing on Morgan now was the situation with Sonny and Ava. Morgan told her that things were a bit better between him and his dad. Morgan was optimistic that they'd be able to get past everything. Morgan asked Rosalie how things were between her and her dad. Rosalie was confused, and Morgan reminded her that the day they met, she said she threw her phone because her dad made her angry. Rosalie said she did have a fight but she didn't want to talk about it. She changed the subject and asked Morgan if he'd like to go for drinks. Morgan asked for a rain check, since he had to go get magazines for Alice. Rosalie vowed to hold him to it. Rosalie spotted Silas and Nina coming their way and she asked Morgan to go before her boss yelled at her for fraternizing. Morgan left, and Rosalie raced over to check on Nina. Silas went to get the car, and Rosalie asked Nina if she was okay after her ordeal. Nina replied that it had been illuminating. “That bitch, Ava Jerome, is pregnant again” Nina hissed.

Carly and Sonny took a break from kissing, and Carly stated that they had the house to themselves until morning. They went upstairs to Carly and Franco's bedroom, undressed, and moved to the bed. Sonny noticed a portrait of Carly and Franco on the nightstand. He swiped it with his arm, causing it to fall and shatter. They had sex, and afterward, Carly noted that it had been the same. Sonny cuddled up next to her and said it was different, too. He started to talk about the way they supported each other, when Carly noticed the picture frame. She picked it up and was overcome with guilt. She noted that Franco had been worried about this happening and she'd just proven him right. Sonny tried to pull her into a kiss, but she hopped out of bed and started freaking out and calling herself a liar and a cheater. Sonny thought Carly was being too hard on herself. He pointed out that she and Franco didn't have a stable relationship and that Franco wasn't a stable person. Carly told Sonny not to talk about Franco. She admitted that she and Franco had been arguing recently but it was only because Franco was upset about Carly's connection to Sonny. “Look at us!” Carly yelled, pointing out that Franco's concerns weren't unfounded. Sonny started flirting with Carly. He was unapologetic about what just happened and he told Carly that he enjoyed every second. He pulled her into a kiss. Carly didn't resist, but she told Sonny that they couldn't. Sonny countered that they already had, there was no taking it back, and that they had all night. They kissed again. Suddenly Franco came home. The pair ignored the noise at first, but then Franco called out for Carly. Carly put on a robe, then frantically rushed around trying to cover up any signs of what happened. Sonny sat calmly in bed. Carly gathered his clothes and hissed that he had to hide, but Sonny refused because he'd never hidden from a man in his life. Carly threw Sonny's clothes at him and ordered him to get out of bed. Sonny tossed the clothes on the floor and told her that she'd thank him for this one day. Carly warned Sonny that if Franco caught him in his bed, he'd go to the cops and tell them that Sonny shot AJ.

Meanwhile, Franco was downstairs yelling Carly's name. He noticed the candles, pizza and two glasses of wine on the coffee table. Franco used his fingers to extinguish the flames on the candle, then he inspected the wine glasses. He was about to charge upstairs when Carly came bounding down. She put on a cheerful act and mentioned that she thought he would be gone all night. She tried to hug him, but he grabbed her by the shoulders and told her he knew what happened between her and Sonny. Carly asked what he meant, and he told her that Nina saw her and Sonny kissing. Carly got defensive and yelled that she stopped the kiss and told Sonny that nothing would happen between them because she was with Franco. She added that if Nina was going to spy, she should be sure to stick around and see how things panned out. Franco asked why Carly didn't tell him about the kiss, and Carly said she'd been trying to avoid this kind of scene and that she'd handled it. Franco picked up one of the wine glasses and asked whose it was.

Sonny began to get dressed. He could hear what was going on downstairs.

A depressed Ava called her mother Delia's house, but she wasn't home. A guard walked in and told Ava she had a visitor – it was Kiki. Ava was thrilled to see her, but she was surprised that Kiki would come by right now, as it was nearly midnight. Kiki noted that this meant she wasn't too late, then she wished Ava a happy birthday. Kiki had brought Ava a pack of snack cakes she got at the hospital. She explained that she'd been so focused on Alice that she almost forgot what day it was. Ava admitted that she was surprised Kiki came over, considering the rift between them. Kiki revealed that watching the Quartermaines come together for Alice made her realize that you only got one family. Ava wondered if Kiki's visit meant that she wasn't still mad at her for moving in with Sonny. Kiki confessed that she didn't understand why Ava would move in with Sonny to protect her from Julian, then move out of Sonny's and back in with Julian. Ava thought that the Jeromes were sort of like the Quartermaines, in that when the chips were down, they would do whatever it took to protect their own. Kiki received Michael's call, then she relayed the information to Ava. Ava was happy because Alice had treated her well when Ava lived in the Quartermaine home. Kiki agreed, and she called Alice honest, strong and dependable. Ava admitted that she (Ava) didn't share those qualities, but Kiki explained that she didn't mean it like that. Kiki thought that the Quartermaines needed someone like Alice. The conversation shifted, and Ava noted that it sounded like things must be better between Kiki and Michael. Kiki explained that she and Michael slowed things down and now things were just like they used to be. Ava asked if they were living together again, and Kiki revealed that she was living with Morgan. She quickly stated that they were friends, and nothing more. Ava assumed Kiki moved because she wasn't happy living with her father. Kiki explained that she only moved out of Silas's because it was crowded and it felt awkward to live with Nina. Ava's eyes widened because she hadn't been aware that Silas and Nina were living together.

Ava asked how her niece was taking Silas's new living arrangement. Kiki told her that Sam and Silas broke up. Ava grinned, but she tried to hide her amusement when she noticed Kiki's disapproving expression. Kiki explained that Sam thought Nina had tried to undermine her relationship with Silas. Ava asked if Nina and Silas were together. Kiki said no, but Kiki had the feeling that Nina wanted Silas back. Ava thought it was a good thing that Kiki moved out. Kiki clarified that Nina and Silas would have been find with her staying. Ava admitted she assumed that it would be hard for Nina to have Kiki around. Kiki exclaimed that she'd thought the same thing, but Nina had assured her that she'd gotten over being cheated on. Ava burst out laughing because she didn't believe that Nina had really forgiven the affair. Later, Ava and Kiki put candles in the snack cakes. Ava thought it almost felt like old times between them. Ava asked Kiki to be careful around Nina. Kiki was didn't think she didn't have anything to worry about, and she revealed that Nina wanted to get to know Kiki because they both cared about Silas. Kiki assured Ava that Nina would never be able to replace her. “You're stuck with me,” Kiki said, with a smile. Kiki pointed out the candles were melting. Ava made a wish and blew them out.

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