GH Update Monday 8/18/14

General Hospital Update Monday 8/18/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Anna is out at the docks in the rain attempting to get the Coast Guard to catch Levi and his accomplice after they kidnapped Maxie and Lulu on the boat. The guys ask her how this happened. She tells them the story of how “Mr. Dunkleman” was ready to marry Maxie Jones when Detective West suspected him of stealing Aztec jewelry and went to confront him at the Haunted Star before the wedding was final. Detective West discovered the stolen jewelry and also that Mr. Dunkleman was pulling off a scam. Yet the “suspect” over-powered Detective West. Detective Falconeri found Detective West and they attempted to place the suspect under arrest, but they were unsuccessful. She realizes she doesn't even know his real name or true identity. He had them believing he was an Australian immigrant, and they were all unaware that a man who they thought was from Immigrations and ready to deport the “suspect” and send him back to Australia, is actually this suspect's “accomplice” who is helping him commit this crime. Detectives West and Falconeri were able to intervene before the suspect was officially married to Maxie, but the two criminals kidnapped both Maxie Jones and her “would-be” matron of honor, Lulu Falconeri. Now they're off on a boat out of the harbor and possibly into the lake.

At Windermere, Britt kisses Nikolas. He, at first, does not stop her but later pulls away. She thinks that he cannot tell her he has no feelings for her.

At the hospital, Elizabeth contacts a repairman about the elevator that is stuck. He tells her Dr. Obrecht told them the “part” they need to get it fixed is too expensive, so they have to wait another day to get “those two folks” out of the elevator.

While stuck on the elevator, Nina indicates to Franco that she has a secret she is hesitating to reveal to him regarding Sonny and Carly. He demands she tells him what she saw. She then admits she saw Sonny and Carly kissing.

Carly protests to Sonny that he needs to stop getting this idea that she doesn't know what is right for her. If he were her friend, he'd respect her decisions.

Anna, Dante, and Nathan go out in the rain to find the man who owned the boat where Levi and his accomplice are holding the two young women. The search team returns to Anna and informs her that they have boats and choppers tracking the boat. She asks the man who owns the boat if he was “working” for “Dunkleman”. He tells her no. He just has a “boat for hire”. Dante and Nathan both demand to know about the hostages and if they are ok. The guy does have information about Maxie and Lulu, has overheard their conversation but did not suspect foul play. He admits that before he had a chance to do anything, a guy who matches Levi's description pulled a gun on him and threw him off his boat.

Felicia and Lucy take Mac to the hospital where Elizabeth recognizes them and is shocked. They tell her about the shocking event involving Maxie's “would-be” wedding.

Nikolas admits to Britt that he still has feelings for Elizabeth. He's not going to lie. They have known each other forever. They always have the wrong timing and there's this “dance” they always do about whether they should be friends or more than friends.

Franco asks Nina what she observed regarding the kiss between Carly and Sonny. She admits she does not know much and doesn't want him to get too suspicious, but he wants to murder Sonny.

At Carly's home, Sonny tells her that he cannot ignore this terrible mistake she is making by being with Franco. She has three kids who hate the guy. Also he knows if she really loved Franco, she would be behaving differently toward him. He knows she has feelings for him whether she realizes or admits it or not. He wants his ex-wife to think about that kiss and tell him what she feels toward him.

Nikolas admits to Britt that he does have feelings for her even if Elizabeth is somewhat “in the picture” for him right now. It hasn't changed. He can't just stop loving her, but it's very complicated. She betrayed him for months. She asks him what she has to do in order to prove to him that she's changed. He admits that he has valued being with her recently. He doesn't know how he would have gotten through the whole Spencer thing without her. He does still care about her. However, he doesn't want to just sleep with her and get her hopes up when he also has feelings for Elizabeth. She insists that she does not care about that and she does want to sleep with him regardless.

At the hospital, Lucy and Felicia tells Elizabeth all about the scam involving Maxie's fiancé."

Dante, Nathan and Anna go to find the man whose boat the kidnappers chartered. Dante demands he gets some answers because his wife is missing. The man admits that Levi and his accomplice did not tell him where they were going. All he knows is that they headed northwest and out of the harbor. Anna has the uniform cops take the man to the station although he protests that he was a victim. They threw him out of their boat and stole it. The guy from the Coast Guard comes by and tells Anna, Dante, and Nathan that he did not find the women. The boat was sinking before he had a chance to get to it.

Carly tells Sonny she doesn't find him that important in her life anymore. She is busy with her work, her kids, her new relationship and many other things. She tells Sonny that she has not thought about it. He has not been on her mind. It's as if that kiss never happened. When he hears that, he tells her he finds that hard to believe and kisses her again.

After Nina reveals to Franco that she observed Sonny and Carly kissing, he instantly tantrums and bangs his fist on the elevator door. She urges him to stop before he hurts himself. In the process, she forgets that she has to pretend she cannot walk. She stands up and grabs a hold of Franco. He stares speechlessly at her. They draw near.

Carly tells Sonny that “this” cannot happen. He asks her why. She replies because of Franco.

Franco and Nina stand and face each other in the elevator. It takes her a long time to realize that she needs him to believe she can't walk. So she holds onto him in an attempt to make it appear as though she needs him to physically hold her up. However, he can tell she does not need that chair and asks why she's pretending she does.

After hearing it may be too late to rescue Maxie and Lulu, Dante frantically urges the cops to hurry and take drastic action because that maniac has his wife. Anna urges him to stay with Nathan while she goes off with the search team. Alone with Dante, Nathan tells him he is really sorry and feels this whole big mess is his fault.

While Mac is in his hospital bed, he is not badly hurt but very frustrated and stressed that he can't do anything except wait to be stitched up. Lucy expresses to Elizabeth that she cannot believe that they could not see this happen until it was too late. Levi had Maxie believing he loved her only so he could scam and rob her family. They explain that they mistakenly thought that Levi's partner was an Immigrations officer. Mac regrets never looking to see his badge before his daughter got kidnapped. Those thugs also took Lulu hostage. Hearing that, Elizabeth asks if they called Nikolas to tell him what happened to his sister.

Britt moves closer to Nikolas and tells him that she doesn't want to complicate things or have any expectations or demands. She just wants to be close to him, be in his arms and kiss him again. He does not stop her but appears not to know what to do. She holds him and puts her arms around him while he admits it's been a long time for him too. She asks if they could just spend one stormy night together with no strings attached. She faces Nikolas and asks him if he still wants her.

On the docks, Anna calls Mac and asks how he is after the shooting and informs him that she does have some news.

Not far away, Nathan reveals to Dante that he lived with Dunkleman for months but couldn't see the signs all that time. He did not trust him, but he was so stupid and naïve that he did not take him for a criminal, the way a cop is supposed to do. He thought Levi was too much of a loser to pull something off like that and did not see it coming until it was too late. Dante tells him that nobody saw him as a threat nor saw it coming and nobody suspected his accomplice Scribner either. The Coast Guard guy finds them and regretfully tells them the news about Maxie and Lulu is “not good”.

Nina does not answer Franco's question about her scam but asks him to please not tell anyone. She tells him she intends to donate the wheelchair to someone in need when she's done with it. He tells her he's not really concerned about that right now. He has his own rage and betrayal to deal with. She asks him if he really wants for Sonny's soul to leave his body. He tells her he doubts Sonny has a soul. Nina tells him that she knows he's not stupid. If he has a chance to think it through, he would not want to kill the father of Carly's kids. He tells her she should not be so certain of that. She doesn't want him to get in trouble or do anything he regrets, as he's the first friend she's had in 20 years.

Carly affirms to Sonny that she wants him to respect her relationship with Franco. He asks why he should respect a relationship that everybody hates. He tells her he knows who she is and the fact the more people don't want her to do something, the more she wants to do it. She tells him she is making her own decision and she does not want to discuss it. He tells her if Franco is the man she wants to be with, then she just needs to tell him to go. She shouts “Go” to Sonny, but before he gets to the door, she tells him she wants him to stay, and she kisses him.

The repairman has managed to find replacement parts to get Franco and Nina out of the elevator. Before they part company, he asks if she needs help out of the building. She tells him he knows she does not. She asks him what he is going to do now that he is free to roam and urges him not to do anything stupid. He tells her he's going to confront Sonny for moving in on his girlfriend.

Britt lies on top of Nikolas on his couch and wants to kiss when he gets a call. She tells him to ignore it, but when the phone rings a second time, he answers. It's Elizabeth who tells him she is sorry to call him so late but this is about his sister.

In Mac's hospital room, when he gets off the phone to Anna, Felicia and Lucy see his bleak expression and ask what he heard. He tells them the boat sank. Both women are devastated.

The Coast Guard bring the only thing they can find for the cops as evidence of the two kidnapped young women. Nathan sees that it's Maxie's veil.

Maxie and Lulu are alive and well and arguing with their two captors. They are on land walking in the wilderness. The guys hold guns on them. The women are very confident that Dante and Nathan will find them and kill their kidnappers very easily. They think Levi sounds nervous to know that two men who are excellent shots are gunning for him. Levi doesn't want to take anymore of their guff and orders them to get the hell inside the cabin. Once the hostages are seated inside, "Levi" and "Scribs" congratulate each other on their achievement with fist bumps. They think that sinking that boat was brilliant. "Levi" flings a bag with dry clothes toward the women who urge them to start running for their lives immediately before their men come and blow their "stupid" heads off. “Levi” appreciates their concern but informs them they will be together for a while.

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