GH Update Friday 8/15/14

General Hospital Update Friday 8/15/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Elizabeth returns to the hospital and Epiphany notices that she has been suddenly called back and had to cut her date with Nikolas short. They both know it was Obrecht's doing to get her away from Nikolas for her daughter.

Nikolas has invited Britt to stay at his home in one of his many guest rooms at Windermere. He realizes that she needs a place to stay for a short time since Brad needs “privacy” while he's having “a guy over”. She clarifies, as she smiles, that Brad is actually having 2 guys over.

When Lucas enters his apartment, Brad asks where Felix is. Brad says he's been delayed but will be there soon, because they know he doesn't want to miss out on the threesome.

Felix goes to leave the hospital when Milo gets off the elevator. He can see that Milo looks upset and asks if he's sick. Milo recalls his recent conversation with Sonny regarding the fact that he has “interest in someone” whom his family might not approve of. Milo tells Felix he really needs to talk to him.

When Carly is planning a romantic dinner alone with Franco, he calls to tell her he is stuck in the hospital elevator, and they won't be able to get him out until the next day. He just happens to be stuck there with Nina. While Carly is on the phone with him, her doorbell rings. She opens the door and sees Sonny. She appears stunned and speechless.

Although Felix is eager to spend the evening with the two other guys and headed out the door to do so, he realizes that Milo has something important to tell him so he postpones leaving in order to talk to him.

Brad and Lucas are awkward while alone in the apartment waiting for Felix. Brad attempts to make a joke that does not amuse Lucas. He admits that he has had experiences of wanting straight guys. Lucas asks him who they were. Brad replies Michael Corinthos and Nikolas Cassadine to name a couple.

At Windermere, Nikolas asks Britt to clarify if she told him that Brad is having a “threesome”. She tells him that she is surprised that he'd “bat an eye”. She remembers his telling her about how his family keeps enough secrets. She talks about how Elizabeth has faulty manners with spilling the milkshake on her. Nikolas does not know what to say or do about that.

Elizabeth is at the hospital informing Epiphany she would not be surprised if Obrecht “planned” for her to have to end her date with Nikolas. When they were alone together at Kelly's, Britt had to show up unexpectedly.

At Carly's, while Sonny stands outside her door with pizza, Franco tells her on the phone that he is stuck in the elevator and Obrecht can't do anything about it for another day. When she tells him her pizza has just arrived, he says his good-byes and hangs up. Carly turns to face Sonny and indicates she is not happy that he has shown up unannounced at a time like this.

Nikolas and Britt debate their opinions about Elizabeth and he indicates he may know that she is secretly scheming to keep him from seeing Elizabeth.

At the hospital, Epiphany wholeheartedly agrees with Elizabeth that Britt is not one of her favorite people. Elizabeth tells her she does not like to see her friends get manipulated by Britt; naming Patrick, Sabrina, and Nikolas as examples. Epiphany remarks, however, she wonders if Elizabeth might have “another reason” for not wanting Britt to be with Nikolas. Does she maybe want Nikolas for herself?

While stuck on the elevator with Franco, Nina calls Silas and tells him that her “aunt” might not listen to him if he asks her to do something about the elevator. Chief Obrecht might fault him for getting her and Patrick in trouble for what happened to Rafe. She assures her husband he need not worry about her. She will be fine, she tells him and encourages him to “sleep tight”. As soon as she hangs up, she furiously throws the phone and indicates she is very upset. She reveals to Franco that tonight she was going to get pregnant.

At Brad's apartment, Lucas tells him he is not impressed by Brad's interest in Lucas' nephew and would have to kill him if he did anything to hurt Michael. He's less concerned to find out that Brad was interested in Nikolas. Brad admits that neither of the heterosexual guys were interested in him. He also talks about how Nikolas was with Britt which further disappointed him. Also he is now encouraging his female friend to get back with Nikolas. Hearing that, Lucas tells him from what he hears, Elizabeth is giving Britt a run for her money with getting Nikolas back.

Carly asks Sonny if he planned this in order to upset her boyfriend. Sonny says he knows that Franco is not there.

Lucas then tells Brad maybe instead of talking about the three of them “hanging out”, they should talk more about what they really want to do.

Felix is still back at the hospital intrigued with finding out about what Milo is about to reveal to him regarding his “feelings for someone”. Milo reveals that “this person” works right in this hospital. Assuming and hoping he already knows whom he is talking about, Milo asks if “the person” is a doctor or nurse. Milo admits “they” are a nurse. Also the person is African American. He comes from a racist family. Also he's afraid “the person” has different interests. Felix believes he knows that Milo is beating around the bush trying to admit that he is interested in him. He admits he cannot tell him how long he's been waiting to hear Milo say that he returns Felix's “attraction”. Milo surprises him by telling him he is interested in Epiphany Johnson.

At the nurses' desk, Epiphany tells Elizabeth she knows that she wants Nikolas bad. It's obvious to see, although Elizabeth talks about how they have both been with so many different people. Epiphany asks Elizabeth what she plans to do now that they are both single. She tells Elizabeth she needs to stop stalling. She offers to cover for her with Dr. Obrecht while Elizabeth goes to Windermere and “jumps on that man”.

At Windermere, while Britt and Nikolas are talking about Britt's manipulations, Spencer rushes in, hugs Britt, tells her how happy he is to see her and asks if this means that she and his father are back together.

Carly gives Sonny the money for the pizza and dismisses him so that she can enjoy it and spend the evening with her boyfriend. If Franco cannot make it back in time, she'd rather be alone than with Sonny. She pushes him out the door but they notice it's pouring rain outside. At that point, she reconsiders. She tells Sonny he better get inside before she changes her mind.

In the elevator, Franco asks Nina why she can only have a baby tonight. Can't she do it another time? She tells him that 20 years ago, her mom drugged her so that she miscarried, and it put her in a coma. Now could be too late. He knows there is something else on her mind. She admits that every morning she wakes up and believes that she should have had Silas' baby. She should have had a life. It should just be the three of them, but 20 years of her life have been taken from her. She was cheated out of her life. She tells him he does not know how that feels. He tells her actually he knows exactly how it feels. She asks him if he lost a child. He tells her in a way he did. He informs her for the first time that Ava Jerome lead him to believe for years, decades, that Kiki was his daughter. Hearing that, she is very surprised to know that Kiki also just happens to be her husband's daughter. With hate in her eyes, she vows to make Ava pay.

At Windermere, Britt attempts to explain to Spencer the reason she is staying at his dad's home just for tonight. She tells him her roommate needed some privacy because he was having guests over. Hearing that, Spencer (brilliant kid that he is, with nothing getting past him), asks her just what her roommate and his guests were “really doing”. At that point, Nikolas pulls him aside, tells him he will have Alfred make up Britt's favorite yellow room while Spencer and Britt can visit together for 10 minutes. As soon as they are alone, Spencer urges her to hurry up so that she and Nikolas get back together. She tells him it might be easier said than done since he believes Elizabeth rescued him instead of herself. Spencer reminds her that Elizabeth is not here now so it's her big chance.

Elizabeth tells Epiphany that it's a little too forward and not her style for her to go to Windermere unannounced and throw herself at Nikolas although Epiphany disagrees. Also, Epiphany reveals to Elizabeth that there is a guy she likes but is afraid there's no way someone like him would “go for someone like her”.

In another room in the hospital, Felix asks Milo if he is serious that he is “interested” in Epiphany, whom he knows as his no-nonsense serious boss. Milo tells him that he really has an attraction for her and is afraid she might not feel the same way.

At Brad's apartment, Lucas admits he once hated and believed Brad was a sleazeball for what he did to Lucas' cousin Lulu away from her child. Hearing that, Brad concludes that Lucas respects Felix as a person, thinks much more highly of him and is only using Brad for sex.

Franco and Nina are talking alone in the elevator about their respective disappointments and resentments.

While Sonny is with her in her home, Carly talks to her ex about her recent conversation with Olivia regarding him.

At Windermere, Spencer wastes no time engaging Britt to roast marshmallows with him in the fireplace. When Nikolas returns, he happily asks him to join them in making s'mores.

At the hospital, Epiphany tells Elizabeth she believes Milo is kind, smart, gorgeous and fit. But she does not believe it's realistic to believe he'd be interested in her. Elizabeth tells her she should not think for a minute that a strong, intelligent awesome woman who doesn't take garbage from anyone wouldn't be valued by a man like Milo. She thinks Milo would be very lucky to have her. Epiphany asks if Elizabeth is maybe just saying that because she is her boss although she does sound encouraged to hear that.

When Felix hears Milo admit he's attracted to Epiphany, he tells him he is not “sad”. He's glad that Milo sees him as a friend. He then admits that while hearing Milo talk about Epiphany, he realizes that he needs to find a very special person for himself. He admits that he has been alone too long and too discouraged to think it could happen, and it's made him tempted to do “things that are not him”. Milo asks him “like what”? Felix tells him he does not want to know. He realizes his hesitation to join the threesome is there for a reason. Milo smiles and tells him not to be discouraged about finding the right person. He tells Felix any guy would be very lucky to have him.

Lucas tells Brad he does not believe that Felix is “better” than him. He would not use Brad for anything. Yes, he was not ok with what Brad did to Lulu and Dante, but seeing that his cousin has her baby now, he realizes he can get over it also. He does value Brad as a person. He remembers Brad harassing him and being very annoying and persistent about getting him back and refusing to take no for an answer. Hearing that, Brad appears embarrassed and tells him he regrets making such an ass of himself. Lucas tells him now that they look back on it, he can joke about it. He admits maybe he really saw Brad's “annoying pursuit” of him as “kind of hot”. He then reveals that when he went to the hospital to divulge who he wanted, he has chosen Brad.

As Franco and Nina are talking about what to do with Ava, he reveals to her that Ava is pregnant. He assures her that it's not with Silas. She's apparently either pregnant by Sonny or by his son. Hearing that, Nina is shocked and astounded to find out how Sonny “gets around”.

At Carly's home, Sonny debates with his ex wife about who they should be with. She tells him that it was a mistake for him to have kissed her in the parking garage not long ago. He looks at her and asks what if it was not.

Spencer goes to bed and leaves Nikolas and Britt alone to talk. He realizes that Spencer has an agenda. He doesn't know how he ended up with such a lively son, but he's glad. Seeing that Britt is laughing, he asks her what she finds so funny. She can see he has marshmallow all over his face. She goes to attempt to remove it and they end up kissing.

At the hospital, Epiphany encourages Elizabeth to go after her man, but her friend sees Milo approaching. He goes up to Epiphany who asks if he needs something. He assures her he's fine but would like to ask her to out with him sometime soon. With a little push from Elizabeth, Epiphany goes toward Milo, smiles, and agrees to make time for him.

Brad can't believe that Lucas actually has feelings for him. They wonder what they're going to tell Felix.

When Felix is alone, he calls Brad's phone and tells him he's decided this “3 way thing” is not for him. He encourages the two of them to be together. Turning to Lucas, Brad asks if they can have a "two-way. Lucas answers with a passionate kiss.

In the elevator, Franco asks Nina what she means about Sonny since he only got one woman pregnant, Ava. Nina insists she didn't mean anything by it. When he yells at her to tell him the truth, she divulges that not long ago, she saw Sonny and Carly kissing.

When Carly talks to Sonny, they debate all of the mistakes they have seen the other making in the romance department. They debate her recent choice to be with Franco. He thinks she doesn't know her real mind and wants to save her from herself, but she's too stubborn to admit it. He insists that when he just showed up he knew exactly what he was doing and what he wanted.

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