GH Update Thursday 8/14/14

General Hospital Update Thursday 8/14/14


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita


Elizabeth and Nikolas were at Kelly's, when Britt arrived and announced that she'd changed her mind and decided to accept the invitation to have lunch with them. Elizabeth and Nik both tried to tell Britt that they were in the middle of something, but she ignored them and tried to monopolize Nik's attention by showing him pictures of Spencer that she took with her phone while he was at camp. Liz shot Nik an exasperated look, then she reached for Britt's phone to stop her. In the process, Liz knocked a drink into Britt's lap “Oops,” Liz said in an insincere tone. “What the hell is the matter with you?,” she yelled. Liz apologized, but it was clear she didn't mean it. Nik told Britt that it was an accident. Britt sarcastically likened it to the time Liz supposedly accidentally knocked Britt off the ferry. Liz replied she just happened to bump into the milkshake, the same way Britt just happened to have so many pictures of Spencer to share. Liz suggested that Britt go clean up before the fruit flies started circling her. Britt went to the restroom, and Nik revealed that he knew Liz did it on purpose. He called it a “Spencer move.” Liz grumbled about Britt's antics with the pictures of Spencer, and Nik admitted that the way Liz and Britt hurled accusations at each other drove him crazy. He asked if Liz really did knock Britt off the launch on purpose, and Liz chuckled and swore it was an accident. Liz reminded Nik that they had a lot to talk about, and she suggested that he ditch Britt so Liz could talk to him in private.

At GH, Lucas asked Brad and Felix if they were free tonight. Brad wondered which guy he was talking to, and Lucas said he was talking to both of them. Neither man had any plans. Felix asked what Lucas had in mind, and Brad assumed Lucas wanted to get together and watch Golden Girls reruns. Lucas remembered talking to Carly about the possibility of a threesome between himself, Brad and Felix. Lucas explained that he was thinking something along the lines of Three's Company, or they could leave the TV off and “hang out.” Felix remembered Franco encouraging him to get with both guys if he could. Brad remembered Britt giving him similar advice. Both of them nervously accepted Lucas's invitation. “Great. It's a date,” Lucas said. Felix asked where they would go. Lucas said that Carly's was off the table. Lucas suggested Felix's place, but Felix explained that Sabrina was coming home tomorrow and he didn't want her to walk in on them. Lucas pointed out that Lucas and Brad had “hung out” at Brad's place before. Brad wasn't sure his place was big enough for three. Also, Britt lived there. Lucas wondered if their difficulties finding a place to go was a sign that they weren't meant to do this. They thought about getting a hotel room, but Felix was afraid they'd run into Carly and she'd figure out what they were up to.

Felix wondered if they should postpone. Brad insisted that they had to do this tonight, before someone chickened out. He told everyone to be at his place in half an hour. Everyone left to get ready for their night. Brad called Britt and asked what was going on. Britt told him that she had ice cream on her and it was his fault. Brad wondered how he was to blame, and Britt told him she took his advice and tracked Nik down, but Liz scored the first point. Brad told her about his plans. She was happy for him until he told her she'd have to find somewhere to go for the night. Brad suggested that Britt use the time to get closer to Nik. Brad went home and arranged the pillows on his bed. There was a knock at the door, and Brad unbuttoned the top button on his shirt, then answered it. It was Lucas. Brad asked where Felix was, and Lucas said he was running late.

Obrecht was also at GH. She listened to a voice message from Britt, who was annoyed that Obrecht hadn't followed through with the promise to keep Liz busy at work so she couldn't spend time with Nik. Britt had ordered her mother to do something. Nina was on her way somewhere when Obrecht blocked her path. Obrecht introduced herself. Nina replied that she already knew who Obrecht was – Nathan's biological mother. Obrecht added that she was also Nina's Tante. She translated it as “aunt” in case Magda hadn't taught Nina the family's mother-tongue. Nina countered that English was her mother-tongue. Obrecht grumbled that English wasn't anyone's mother-tongue. Nina made it clear that she knew her mother as Madeline, not Magda, then she added that Madeline hadn't been much of a mother. Obrecht felt that Madeline had lost her humanity when she changed her name. Nina didn't think Obrecht had room to talk. Nina had been reading up on Obrecht and learned about Obrecht's crime spree this spring. Obrecht conceded that she'd never win mother of the year, but she pointed out that she'd never tried to kill her own progeny. Obrecht thought her sister had done a depraved thing by poisoning Nina in order to cause her to have a miscarriage. Nina tersely replied that she didn't like to talk about that. Obrecht thought that the apple didn't fall far from the tree where Nina and Madeline were concerned. Nina asked Obrecht what she was talking about. Obrecht told Nina that there was no need to be coy because she was among friends. Nina wasn't so sure about that. Obrecht revealed that she knew that Nina had been skipping her physical therapy appointments, and she wanted an explanation. Nina didn't think it was any of Obrecht's business, but Obrecht argued that it was both because Obrecht was in charge of the hospital and because they were family. Obrecht cheerfully added that she and Nina had a common goal – they both wanted her to get back on her feet. Franco happened upon them, having overheard part of the conversation. He took full responsibility for Nina missing her appointments. He claimed that he was taking up all her time with their art therapy sessions. Obrecht brightened when Franco arrived. She was surprised to learn that Franco knew Nina, and she asked if he was aware that this “beautiful creature” was her niece. Franco was aware, and he told Obrecht that Nina was one of his most devoted patients. Obrecht thought Nina was fortunate to be working with Franco. Nina agreed and said Franco was fantastic. Franco reiterated that he was to blame for Nina missing her sessions. Nina countered that it was her responsibility to make it to her appointments. Obrecht stated that art therapy was no substitute for physical therapy. Obrecht decided to personally escort Nina to physical therapy. Franco offered to take Nina instead. Obrecht felt that, as Nina's aunt, she should be the one to take Nina to PT. Franco used flattery on Obrecht to get her to agree to let him take Nina to PT instead. Obrecht agreed on the condition that Franco give her some art for her office. Franco accepted the terms and then Obrecht left.

Nina thanked Franco and told him that she owed him. Franco replied that this was a free favor. He and Nina got on the elevator. Lucas went toward the elevator and called for them to hold it for him, but Franco ignored him. Nina was curious why he did that, and Franco told her that he didn't want Carly's little brother going back and reporting on Franco's activities to Carly. Nina asked if there was trouble at home. Franco shortly said no, and he refused to elaborate when Nina asked him to. Nina reminded him that she didn't rat him out to Carly and that he'd just saved her from her busybody aunt. Franco called himself heroic, and Nina agreed that he was heroic, in his own way. The elevator suddenly stopped. Franco pressed all the buttons in an unsuccessful attempt to get the it going again, then he used the call button. Obrecht told them that she was working on getting the elevator repaired.

Back at Kelly's, Nik agreed that Liz was right about the two of them needing to talk. They didn't get the chance to ditch Britt because Obrecht called Liz called into work. Liz replied that she just finished her shift. She said she couldn't come back, but Obrecht wouldn't take no for an answer. Britt returned. Liz told Britt she had to go back to work. Britt said it was a shame that they wouldn't be able to have a pie fight next. Liz laughed and suggested that they use knives instead. Nik told Liz that they could pick up where they left off later, then Liz left. Britt got a text from Obrecht that said “You're welcome.” Britt told Nik that Brad needed the apartment, so she had to find a place to spend the night. Nik was curious who Brad was spending the night with - Felix or Lucas. Britt dodged the question and said she'd stay with her brother, but Maxie had kicked him out. Nik asked if she'd asked Obrecht. “Would you?” Britt asked. Nik admitted that she had a point. Britt pondered getting a hotel room, but she said it would be hard since money was tight. He invited Britt to stay at his place. Britt refused and said she didn't want to cause trouble and she'd just stay in the on call room. Nik insisted; he told her that there were at least 20 bedrooms at Wyndemere. Nik added that Britt would be doing him a favor since her presence would put Spencer in a good mood. Britt accepted.

When Liz got back to work, Obrecht commented on her annoyed expression and asked if she'd taken Liz away from something important. “It'll keep” Liz replied, without taking her eyes away from the computer screen.

Sonny was sitting at a table outside Kelly's. He remembered kissing Carly in an effort to prove Sonny's theory that Carly was lying to herself about being in love with Franco. He spotted Milo walking by and invited him to join him. He did and they chatted. Milo confessed that he'd fallen on hard times after leaving Sonny's employ. Lucy never opened her spa, so the job she'd promised Milo fell through. Milo had lost his apartment; he'd had to move in with Max and he was working two jobs trying to make ends meet. Sonny offered to rehire Milo. Milo was grateful for the offer, but he turned Sonny down because he didn't have the temperament to work in the business and because he still wanted to find a job in the fitness industry. Sonny appreciated that Milo was still holding onto his dream, and he encouraged him to stick to it. Milo confided that his love life was in even worse shape than his career. Milo was romantically interested in someone who he couldn't have. Sonny assumed Milo was talking about Lulu, and Milo assured him that he'd come to his senses and realized Lulu wasn't the one. Milo explained that he was hesitant to approach the person because his father wouldn't approve of the relationship. Milo asked how he was supposed to come out and be honest when his father might disown him for it. Sonny was sympathetic, but he told Milo not to ever let anyone come between you and what made you happy.

Milo explained that the situation was complicated. Sonny replied that he knew about things being complicated. Milo agreed, and he admitted that he'd heard Sonny and Olivia broke up and that Ava was pregnant. Sonny confessed that it was a lot more complicated than that. “What does this girl say about it?” Sonny asked. “Girl?” Milo said. Sonny corrected himself and said “woman.” Sonny realized that Milo hadn't told the person how he felt, and he encouraged him to do so. Sonny thought that it was possible that the person would win Milo's father over, or that Milo might end up in a relationship that was so good that Milo wouldn't care how his dad felt. Milo was curious if Sonny had taken his own advice and if it worked. Milo got a call – Carly had ordered a pizza, and one of Milo's jobs was pizza delivery. Milo explained that Carly ordered pizza so often that he made enough money to afford food other than ramen. Sonny announced that he had a proposition for Milo.

Carly remembered Sonny kissing her, and her telling him that it was wrong. Sonny had replied that wrong was right for them. She then received a text from Franco that said “Glad we only have eyes for each other. I'm not sharing you with anyone. Love you.” There was a knock at the door. Carly answered and looked a little disappointed to see Olivia on her doorstep. Carly warily told Olivia that she didn't want to fight about Sonny. Olivia revealed that she was there to apologize. Carly let Olivia in. Olivia admitted that she'd been wrong to publicly start an argument with Carly. Carly admitted that she (Carly) hadn't always acted with decorum, either. Olivia admitted that she had taken her anger with Sonny out on Carly. Carly accepted the apology, and Olivia promised to handle her issues with Sonny like a big girl from now on. Carly knew that was easier said than done when it came to Sonny. Olivia revealed that she and Sonny worked things out. Carly asked if they were getting back together. Olivia was adamant that she and Sonny were through for good, but they'd always be family. Olivia added that she couldn't say the same for Carly and Sonny. Carly told Olivia she sucked at apologies. Olivia asked Carly how long Carly thought everyone was going to keep turning a blind eye to Carly's feelings for Sonny. Carly yelled that her feelings for Sonny were the same as always – he was her ex. Olivia thought that Carly had looked relieved when she found out that Olivia and Sonny weren't getting back together and that she looked disappointed when she realized that it was Olivia at the door. Olivia thought that Carly had hoped it was Sonny. Carly spat that she was hoping it was her boyfriend. Olivia noted that Franco lived there and wouldn't knock, but Carly replied that he forgot his key sometimes. Olivia didn't buy it. “Just admit it. You're hot for Sonny again,” Olivia said.

According to Olivia, Carly's romance with Franco was a fraud, just like Franco was. Olivia reminded Carly that Franco had strapped Carly's cousin Lulu to a bomb, convinced Sam that he raped her and Michael... Carly told Olivia not to talk about her son. Olivia didn't know all the details, but she thought someone needed to point out that Michael seemed ready to snap at the mention of Franco's name. Carly asked if Olivia thought she'd be involved with someone who intentionally hurt her son. Olivia speculated that Carly got involved with Franco because he was thought to be Jason's twin at the time, and Carly had been desperate to hold onto a part of Jason. Carly demanded that Olivia stop talking about Jason. Olivia asked Carly if she would really be involved with Franco if Jason weren't around. Olivia thought that Carly got more deeply involved with Franco than she should have and had stayed in the relationship because she was too stubborn to admit that she made a mistake. Olivia asked if Carly really thought that was a healthy relationship. “Well you would know!” Carly spat. Olivia gently said she was just trying to help. Carly thought that Olivia just wanted Carly to be miserable like Olivia was. Carly ordered Olivia to take her insight and get the hell out of her house. Olivia thought Carly was so angry because the truth hurt. She left. Back at GH, Franco called Carly. She answered and urged him to hurry home because they had the place to themselves, she just ordered pizza, and she was ready for some romance. Franco told her about his predicament and added that Nina was in the elevator with him. Nina yelled hi to Carly. Carly tersely returned the greeting. Franco told Carly that this was no picnic. Franco wished he could be home with Carly, but he told her he could be stuck there for awhile and it seemed that she'd be on her own for the night. While Franco was talking, the doorbell rang. Carly opened the door and found Sonny carrying a pizza and smiling.

Felix was frustrated because the elevator wasn't working. The doors of one of the elevators suddenly opened, and Milo got out and walked up to Felix.

At the Haunted Star, Maxie and Levi's wedding had taken a dark turn. Levi had a gun on Maxie, and Nathan had a gun on Levi. Dante rushed in, gun drawn, and told Levi to drop his weapon. Everyone was stunned when Agent Scribner suddenly pulled a gun on Lulu. Scribner told Dante to do what he told, or Lulu would get shot. Nathan and Dante were forced to drop their weapons. Maxie was surprised and angry that this was all a set up. Levi, who'd dropped his fake Australian accent and was using his real American one, crowed that he wasn't really an immigrant and that Scribner was his accomplice. Maxie didn't understand why Levi went through with the wedding. Levi explained that Nathan's growing suspicions caused Levi to have to speed up the plan, and he knew that a wedding would get Felicia to bring out her Aztec ring. Maxie remembered that Nathan's phone showed that a call had been placed to immigration. Scribner revealed that he'd answered Maxie's call and pretended to be from Immigration. Levi and Scribner laughed, then Levi revealed that they had a speedboat waiting to take them away from Port Charles. Maxie apologized to Nathan and Mac for ignoring their warnings about Levi, and she apologized to Felicia for costing her her jewelry. Felicia assured her that the pieces were just things. Maxie felt bad for bringing Levi into everyone's lives. Levi told her that she had loved it, then he made a comment about their sex life. Nathan growled that he should have shot Levi when he had the chance. Levi pointed out that it was too late, now and he threatened to shoot Maxie.

Maxie told Nathan that it was okay to let Levi and Scribner go, since their speedboat wouldn't get them far on a lake. Lulu also maintained that Levi and Scribner wouldn't get away and that they should just give up now. Levi revealed that he and Scribner planned to take Lulu and Maxie with them as hostages. Felicia and Dante urged the men to take the jewels and go, but Levi refused because he knew that Mac would never just let him go; he'd hunt him to the ends of the earth. Lucy spoke up in favor of releasing the women, and Scribner asked if she wanted to take their place. Lucy agreed to go with them in exchange for Lulu and Maxie's release, but Scribner and Levi decided that Maxie and Lulu were the more valuable hostages. “If you want your best girls to come home in one piece, you won't even think about following us” Levi said. Dante yelled that they had his word that no one would come after them. He added that Maxie and Lulu were mothers who had children to go home to. “Maxie doesn't. Isn't that right, Nathan?” Levi said with a grin. Nathan told him he was already in enough trouble and shouldn't add kidnapping to the list. Felicia tried a different tactic and told them that she gave them the jewels willingly, which meant they hadn't committed a crime and the authorities would have no reason to go after them. Dante added that hostages were more trouble than they were worth, and he urged Levi and Scribner to let them go.

Scribner and Levi began to force Maxie and Lulu to leave. Levi told Mac he was sorry he didn't get to try the ribs. Near tears, Maxie apologized to Nathan and admitted he'd been right all along. Nathan told Maxie it wasn't her fault. Mac approached Levi and Scribner and ordered them to let Maxie and Lulu go. Levi shot Mac in the chest. Maxie struggled to get to Mac, but she couldn't escape Levi. Nathan, Felicia and Lucy crowded around Mac and gave him first aid. Mac assured Maxie that he'd be okay. Dante threatened to kill Scribner if he hurt Lulu. Maxie started crying and began to say what she'd do if Mac was seriously hurt. Levi snapped that he would have shot Mac in the guts if he really wanted to hurt him. He threatened to do that to Felicia if Maxie didn't go quietly. Nathan vowed to make Levi pay, but Levi wasn't fazed. Dante advised Maxie and Lulu to cooperate and he promised that everything would be okay. Levi warned everyone that if they were followed, they would kill one of the hostages. Nathan promised Maxie that he'd find her. Then Dante and Nathan watched helplessly as Scribner and Levi dragged the women away.

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