GH Update Wednesday 8/13/14

General Hospital Update Wednesday 8/13/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Outside Kelly's, Olivia calls and leaves a message for Lulu and Dante telling them how happy she is that they are ready to have another baby and give her another grandchild. She runs into Sonny and her smile fades.

Carly is sleeping on her couch and having a dream of the conversation she had with Sonny, not long ago, where he tells her she was fooling herself to be hiding her feelings for him and he kissed her in the parking garage. Lucas enters and can tell that his sister has been having an “erotic” dream. And he assumes it must be about Franco.

Franco runs into Felix while is in the locker room ready to shower after getting paint all over him while doing art therapy with psych patients. He also remarks that he gets along well with Dr. Obrecht, she's been nice to him and is a fan of his work. Felix hears that and is surprised knowing that very few others in the hospital are ok with Dr. Obrecht.  Franco makes jokes to Felix about his prowess with other guys. Brad walks in.

While Britt is alone and lost in thought at work, she is surprised to see Nikolas come by to greet her. She asks how he is. He tells her that he is busy grounding Spencer. He just spent the entire board meeting texting the servants to not let his son bribe them, fool them, escape from where he is supposed to be or get his way again while grounded. She invites Nikolas to join her on her dinner break. He graciously admits to her that is tempting but informs her he “already has plans”. And right then, Elizabeth appears and asks Nikolas if he is “ready”. Britt looks at them and her smile fades.

At the Haunted Star, Lucy is ready to perform the wedding ceremony for Maxie and Levi. Dante has gone to find Nathan while she tells all of the others, gathered around, that before she starts, she needs to find out of anyone knows any reason why these two should not get married. We see Mac, Lulu and Felicia all silent. She then concludes that it's time to start the marriage vows. Levi agrees in smug satisfaction.

Not far away, Dante opens the door to Levi's room and finds Nathan bound, gagged and with blood on his face. He rushes in and asks what on earth happened. Nathan replies Levi happened. And he exclaims that they cannot let Levi marry Maxie. 

Not far away, at the ceremony, we hear Lucy ask Maxie if she takes Levi as her lawfully wed husband.

Back at Carly's home, Lucas wants to talk to Carly about her “love life” and the dilemma of whom she has feelings for. But she tells her brother she can see he has enough going on in his own “love triangle” involving himself, Brad and Felix.

Franco talks to Felix in the hospital locker room about the same thing. He leaves to shower and Brad admits his “awkwardness” to run into Felix unexpectedly. Brad leaves to get dressed and Franco asks what the hell was that.

At the hospital, Nikolas announces to Britt that he and Elizabeth were headed to Kelly's and asks if she'd like to join them. Elizabeth also encourages Britt to do so. But Britt tells them her break is not long enough to spend that much time so she declines.

Outside of Kelly's, Sonny remarks to Olivia that he ran into her with Ned (seeing her first holding Ned and then kissing him). Sonny somewhat awkwardly tells Olivia that he encourages her to consider being with a nice guy like Ned. He admits that he doesn't get along great with Ned. But, he tells her maybe Ned can “treat her better than he can”. Olivia then demands that Sonny stops and she admits she has been lying to him.

At the wedding ceremony, Maxie hesitates to reply to the question of whether she takes Levi to be her husband.

At Kelly's, Elizabeth remarks to Nikolas that it appears Britt might be interested in him.

Back at the hospital, alone, Britt gets on her phone to her mom telling her their plan is not working. Elizabeth has enough time to spend with Nikolas. Brad comes by and asks her what is up. She tells him that it seemed to her that maybe Nikolas was reconsidering. He was nice to her and indicated he might still have feelings for her. But once again, Elizabeth is taking up a lot of his time and they are having lunch together at Kelly's. She admits they invited her. Brad asks why she did not accept the invitation. Britt tells him she is not about to be the 3rd wheel. She knows the old saying that 2 is company and 3is a crowd.

In the hospital locker room, Franco asks Felix what is going on regarding both his previous relationship with Brad and recent relationship with Lucas. He knows that Brad might not be any of his business. But Lucas is Carly's brother. He does not want anybody to hurt his girlfriend's little brother so Felix better not be sneaking around behind his back.

At Carly's, she is having the same conversation with Lucas regarding Felix. She tells her brother that Felix is a friend of hers' so she does not want him to hurt Felix. He can't have both Brad and Felix. But Lucas asks her what if he could.

While Dante goes to untie Nathan, he asks if he confronted Levi about the things he was concerned about. Nathan tells Dante he knows that Levi stole Felicia's Aztec jewelry. He's found out that Levi has lied about everything and is not even Australian. He pulled a gun on Nathan and assaulted him after preaching about non-violence and being politically correct. And, he urges Dante, they have to hurry to prevent Maxie from marrying him before it's too late. She doesn't have a clue what she's getting herself into. He's lied to her the whole time. And she could be in real danger.

Maxie hesitates to answer whether she takes Levi to be her husband. She looks at the Aztec ring her mom gave her and remembers all the conversations she's had with people she loves. And at that point, she pulls away and tells them she's sorry. She doesn't think she can do this.

At Kelly's, Nikolas admit to Elizabeth that there is “a lot less tension” between himself and Britt. Recently she has done some good things. She volunteered at the camp. She helped him find Spencer. She gets along really well with Spencer. And, Elizabeth must remember, Britt campaigned that her mother re-hire Elizabeth.

In the locker room, Felix shares with Franco that Brad is both his and Felix's ex. Franco finds that interesting.

Lucas talks to Carly about wanting to get serious with Felix and then catching him in the locker room with Brad.

Brad tells Britt the story of Lucas making “some kind of joke” about his potential relationship with Felix.

All three gay guys reveal to their respective confidants; (Felix to Franco, Lucas to Carly, Brad to Britt) that they were all considering a “3 way”.

Outside of Kelly's, Olivia admits that she grabbed Ned and kissed him in an attempt to make Sonny jealous. She admits she wanted to hurt him like he hurt her. But it did not do any good. She got no pleasure out of hurting him. She knows that the truth is, she cares about him too much to want to hurt him. Hearing that, Sonny asks her, if, in that case, it means that they have a chance.

Jeffrey remarks that “Mr. Dunkleman” is not going to be able to stay in the US if Ms. Jones refuses to marry him. Levi takes his “future bride” aside and urges her to not be afraid and realize he can't be with her if he's deported and behind bars. She then agrees to go through with it. Lucy asks Maxie again if she agrees to the wedding vows. Maxie replies yes. But before Lucy can finish her next sentence that she now declares them legally married, Nathan rushes in, demands they wait, pulls his gun on Levi and places him under arrest.

Olivia tells Sonny she is not going to deny her feelings for him. But what happened that broke them up was a wake-up call for her. She knows that the life he wants to live does not mesh with her life. She has tried to convince herself that she could just look the other way and be part of his world. He tells her that he knows he betrayed her with Ava and he hates what happened. She tells him it's not just regarding Ava. Their relationship was bound to end. And now she just wants to walk away without them hurting each other. He tells her he never meant to hurt him.  She tells him she knows. It is what it is. But she knows it's time for both of them to move on. Sonny needs to find someone who “gets him” and can be part of his world.

Carly admits she is shocked to hear Lucas admit he is considering a threesome. He asks her why it is that she finds it shocking. Has she not been wild in her life? She admits she has messed around with guys and been promiscuous in her younger days. But she's never considered a threesome. He asks her what is wrong with having the best of both worlds.

In the locker room, Franco encourages Felix not to hesitate in doing what he wants to do although Felix raises objections. He asks Franco if he has ever been in a three-way. Franco admits not with dudes, but he's had experiences involving messing around with two women.

Britt sounds like she is very encouraged and impressed to hear that Brad has moved “up in the world” from having 2 guys both dump him for each other and being alone to having both of them now interested in him. He tells her he doesn't want to do something he regrets. He realizes his “options are limited”. Unlike her situation, the two guys he's hoping to wrangle don't have a son he could kidnap him. Regarding her own situation, Britt sarcastically remarks about what a lot of good that did her.

At Kelly's, Nikolas and Elizabeth spend their time together talking about Britt and the fact he believes she is turning over a new leaf. He admits that regardless of whether his ex fiancé changes, there may always be trust issues between them remembering what she did. And they end up talking about “what-ifs” regarding if Britt never betrayed him, if he and Elizabeth had both been free and with or without Britt or Ric Lansing or other people in either of their lives.

In the locker room, Felix asks Franco if he intends to cheat or wants to be cheated upon by Carly. Franco admits that would not work for them. But Felix, on the other hand, is young and has a lot of options in his life. He tells Franco he thinks it would be good for him to step out of his comfort zone with two people he's interested in.

Carly tells Lucas that she believes people should have the right to do what they want as long as they are not hurting anyone. But, she tells him, he can only date one of them at a time. He tells her that he can still “have” both of them. She then tells her brother he has her blessing. She just wants him to use his brain, be safe and not even think about “doing it at her house”.

At the hospital, Britt tells Brad she encourages him not to give up on the two guys in his life. She realizes it was because of her that he lost both of them. He tells her that maybe she could consider something “similar” with her own “love triangle”. Hearing that, she tells him if he thinks she would consider having a “threesome” with Elizabeth Webber, he's out of his damn mind. He laughs and tells her ok but he thought he'd just throw that out there.

Nikolas talks to Elizabeth about the two of them and their “future”. He tells her he realizes she's told him too many times that the timing has never been right for them. She chose Ric over him not long ago. He feels terrible about what happened to Ric and the fact that she can't be with him. But he can be there and have her back as her friend.

At the Haunted Star, as soon as Nathan pulls the gun on Levi, Levi pulls out his own gun and holds Maxie hostage. She furiously tells him he has betrayed her. He lied to her the whole time while she trusted him, slept with him, loved him and agreed to marry him. She looks at Nathan and her family and friends and realizes that it was he who cost her her daughter. Levi remarks it was not his fault she was “deemed unfit”. As soon as Nathan hears that,  he tells Levi he better not say that or he won't hesitate to blow Levi's head off. Levi asks if Nathan really wants to do that and get Maxie shot. Maxie tells Nathan she doesn't care since it was her fault that this whole mess occurred and that he got assaulted. not far away,  Dante goes away and appears to have a plan. Levi tells Nathan if he shoots him, he could hit Maxie. He then tells Felicia all he now wants is the earrings. She either hands them over or he kills Maxie right in front of all of them.

Outside of Kelly's, Olivia tells Sonny she thinks she should go. He tells her he wishes they could go back to the beginning when they were kids. She remarks he was a bad boy. He tells her he realizes that. But his family and the people he loves comes first. She tells him she realizes that but his life of violence and the things he does are more than she can take. She assures him they will always be connected and hopes they can be friends again some day.  He tells her he would love that and tells her if she ever gets into any trouble, she must know she can come to him. They hug. She tells him she hopes he finds what he is looking for; someone who can take the good with the bad and who really gets him. She walks away and Sonny “relives” his “play” to get Carly back.

Carly sits alone in her house and remembers the same thing. She notices a text from Franco telling her he doesn't want to share her with anyone. He sits alone in the locker room and declares there will be no 3-ways for him and Carly.

Not far away in the hospital, Brad and Felix both walk to the elevator, with their phones in hand and run into each other. As soon as the elevator opens, Lucas appears and stares at his suitors.

At Kelly's, Elizabeth assesses to Nikolas that he is a good friend. But, she tells him, they both know it's not that simple. She tries to talk to him about their recent history and to explain to him why she chose Ric. She notices Britt walk in the door and her smile and “enthusiasm” to continue the conversation fades. She then pulls up a chair and tells them she has changed her mind if the invite still stands. And she remarks that she might consider a “threesome”

Lucas faces his two guys and remarks (not specifying to which one he is speaking), that he was hoping to “run into you”. He asks if he is free tonight. They both want to know which one he means. Lucas replies both of them.

While Levi holds the gun on Maxie, Felicia tells him if he wants the whole set of her jewelry, he may have it. So now he can go away, leave them alone and get the hell out of her daughter's life. Dante then enters with his gun and tells Levi to drop the weapon. Both Dante and Nathan point the gun at Levi. Jeffrey from Immigration surprises them by pulling out his gun and holding Lulu hostage. He tells Dante he might want to think before doing anything unless he wants to watch his wife bleed out.

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