GH Update Tuesday 8/12/14

General Hospital Update Tuesday 8/12/14


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

At Crichton-Clark, Robin begged Victor not to inject Jason with the serum she developed to bring people out of cryogenic stasis because she didn't think it was ready to be used yet. Victor pointed out that she was willing to inject Stavros or Helena with it. The guards held Robin back while Victor opened the cryogenic chamber and injected the serum into Jason's arm. Jason's heart rate began to slowly rise, and Robin and Victor were hopeful, but then Jason suddenly took a turn for the worse. Alarmed, Robin made an unsuccessful attempt to break free of the guards. “You failed. Jason is dead!” Victor screamed at Robin. Robin begged the men to let her help Jason. Victor agreed, although he didn't think it would do any good. He complained about the wasted time and money while Robin used a defibrillator on Jason and urged him to fight. It wasn't working, so Victor forced Robin to stop, and he ordered the guards to incinerate the body. Just then, Jason reached up and grabbed Victor's arm. Victor was startled and he pulled away, then he allowed Robin to check on Jason. Robin discovered that Jason had increased brain activity, which might be a sign that he was waking up. Robin told Jason not to try and talk or move, and she assured him that he was going to get better and she was going to take him back to Sam and Danny. Victor was curious if Jason would be whole again. Robin was optimistic because Jason's vitals continued to improve, but she admitted that they'd have to watch him to see if he suffered any side effects from the stasis. Once Victor was satisfied that the treatment worked, he had his guards grab Robin. He thanked her for her service and told her that they'd take it from there, and Robin could have a well-deserved rest. Robin argued that she didn't need to rest; she needed to help her friend. She added that Victor needed her to revive Stavros and Helena. Victor explained that he planned to follow Robin's protocol and revive his relatives on his own. Robin said fine, she'd take Jason back to GH. Victor refused to let her take Jason. Robin was confused because she thought Victor's only interest in Jason was to use him as bait to get Robin. Victor revealed that he had plans for Jason; he found Jason to be extraordinary and he thought Jason's skill set would be useful to him. Robin was enraged when she realized Victor used her and was reneging on their deal. Victor felt that Robin had only herself to blame for assuming that he would let Jason go home. The guards dragged her out of the room. “Oh, when are you ever going to learn? Never trust a Cassadine” Victor said with a chuckle. Victor told Jason that it was time to wake up because his new life was waiting. Jason reached his arms up out of the chamber.

Dante, Mac, Felicia, Maxie, Lulu, Nathan and Levi were at the Haunted Star. In one of the boat's staterooms, Nathan prepared to arrest Levi after catching him with the stolen Aztec necklace. Levi stated that he wished Nathan hadn't found the necklace, then Levi pulled out a gun and pointed it at Nathan's chest. Nathan sarcastically expressed surprise that Levi owned a gun and robbed someone, despite preaching about non-violence and anti-materialism. It confirmed his belief that Levi was a fake. “Too bad you didn't pick up on it sooner,” Levi taunted. Levi dropped his Australian accent and wondered if Nathan had been too distracted by Maxie's body to realize the truth about Levi. Nathan realized that Levi wasn't even Australian, and he demanded to know who Levi really was. Nathan assumed that Levi never had feelings for Maxie and that he was only using her to get close to the necklace. Levi admitted that he wasn't the infatuated yoga bum people assumed he was. He explained that the necklace was part of a set and he needed all three pieces. “Imagine my dismay when I learned that I had to go and retrieve it from that reporter” Levi grumbled. Nathan asked if Levi planned to marry Maxie and steal her family's heirlooms. Levi didn't think it was stealing since he was about to become part of the family. Levi thought Nathan should be grateful that Levi would soon be out of his hair. Levi ordered Nathan to hand over the necklace. Nathan tossed it in the air, and Levi looked up at it. Nathan took advantage of the distraction and tackled Levi.

Maxie and Lulu were in another stateroom. Maxie vented to Lulu about the conversation she just had with Mac. Maxie was annoyed that Mac thought that she would reconsider marrying Levi just because Nathan had romantic feelings for her. Lulu wondered if Maxie was sure that this didn't change things. Maxie ignored the question and grumbled that Lulu sounded just like Mac. Maxie was irritated that Mac thought she was making another big mistake. Lulu thought that Mac just wanted Maxie to be happy and that Levi didn't fit into what he wanted for her. Maxie spat that Mac's opinion didn't matter, since he wasn't the one marrying Levi. Lulu changed the subject back and asked Maxie if Nathan's feelings mattered to her. Maxie insisted that they didn't, since she didn't have feelings for him. Lulu asked Maxie to look her in the eye and say that again. Maxie wondered what Lulu was up to, and Lulu explained that she'd noticed that Maxie had a tell – it was hard for her to look someone in the eye while lying. Maxie looked Lulu in the eye and said “I don't have feelings for Levi.” Lulu pointed out Maxie's slip up. Maxie brushed off the mix up as a symptom of wedding day jitters. She added that Lulu and Mac were not helping things, and she wondered if Lulu was deliberately trying to ruin this day for her. Lulu insisted that she was just trying to get Maxie to be honest with herself. Maxie reminded Lulu that they discussed this before, and Lulu had made it seem like she was on Maxie's side. Lulu swore that she was. Maxie ordered Lulu to show it and stop acting like Lulu knew Maxie better than Maxie did.

Maxie didn't think Lulu really understood what Maxie had gone through on her trip. Maxie revealed that it had been extremely difficult for her to forgive herself for what she'd done, and Levi had helped her leave her mistakes in the past and to leave the selfish awful person she was behind. Lulu gently countered that Maxie wasn't awful; she'd just made mistakes but not out of cruelty or maliciousness. While Lulu was glad that Levi had been there for Maxie, Lulu was concerned that Maxie was mistaking gratitude for love. Lulu asked Maxie if she was absolutely sure she wanted to marry him. Exasperated, Maxie yelled that it was her life and that if Lulu couldn't support her, she should say so now, so Maxie could find another maid of honor.

Dante, Mac and Felicia were in the main room of the boat waiting for the wedding to begin. Mac learned that Nathan was on board, and he was pleased because he assumed he was there to talk to Maxie. Dante clarified that Nathan had come looking for Levi. Felicia added that Nathan had just asked her if Levi knew that she gave her Aztec necklace to a reporter. Dante asked if he did, and Felicia said she'd just told Levi about it today. Mac noted that Levi seemed especially interested in Felicia's Aztec heritage. Felicia thought that Levi was curious because he cared about Maxie, and Felicia appreciated his interest. Everyone wondered what was taking Levi so long. Dante was going to go see what the hold up was, but he got distracted when Lucy came in.

Lucy was excited about officiating the wedding, and she mentioned that she passed another guest on the way in. Felicia was surprised because she didn't know anyone else was invited. Just then, a man walked in and introduced himself as Agent Jeffery Scribner from Immigration. He explained that he was there to make sure the wedding was on the up and up and to make arrests if it wasn't. Lucy and Felicia gushed about how in love Levi and Maxie were. Mac also said that it would be a real wedding but it was clear that he wasn't as enthusiastic about it. Felicia went to get Maxie. Agent Scribner told Mac that it couldn't be easy for him to entrust his little girl to another man. Mac deflected by reminding Dante that he was supposed to be looking for Levi. Just then, Levi walked out. He acted startled to see Agent Scribner, but told him that there was nothing untoward happening and he offered to answer any questions the agent had. Dante piped up and asked what happened to Nathan. Nathan was, bound, gagged, and unconscious on the floor of the room. He had a gash on his forehead, and blood seeped from his mouth.

Levi lied and said that Nathan left the boat after asking Levi a bunch of questions about the Aztec necklace. Levi claimed that Nathan had been acting irrational. Dante was suspicious because that didn't sound like Nathan. Levi told everyone that he suspected Nathan had come by to try and disrupt Levi's wedding. Levi said it was clear that Nathan didn't want him to be with Maxie, but he didn't get a say in the matter. He grinned. Levi said he'd asked Nathan to leave and that he most likely wouldn't be coming back. Lucy was eager to get things started. She straightened out Levi's collar and pointed out a small spot of blood on it. Levi explained it away as saying he nicked himself shaving.

By the time Felicia got to Maxie's room, the tension had abated. Felicia called Maxie beautiful, and she got a little choked up. Felicia warned Maxie that they had a wedding crasher. “It's not dad, is it?” Maxie asked. Felicia told Maxie about Agent Scribner. Maxie remembered that she met him before. She realized that he thought the wedding was a sham. Maxie didn't think she'd be able to enjoy herself if one of the attendees wanted to arrest her. “You have feelings for Levi and no one else, right?” Lulu asked. Maxie gave Lulu a testy look. “Okay, then you have nothing to worry about,” Lulu said. Lulu and Felicia joined the guests and told them that Maxie was almost ready. Dante and Lulu had a private moment; Dante told Lulu that she looked beautiful and “fertile.” She giggled, and they kissed. Dante asked if Maxie was really going through with it, and Lulu said all they could do was be happy for her, or pretend to be. Felicia took Levi aside for a chat with her and Mac. She assured Levi that there were no cold feet – Maxie was ready to get married. Felicia told Levi that she and Mac were in his corner because he made Maxie happy. She waited for Mac to agree, but instead of doing so, he warned Levi not to hurt Maxie. Levi swore he'd never hurt Maxie. He added that he loved everything about her, including her parents. Levi noted that they'd soon be family, and Felicia added that this meant that what was theirs was about to become Levi's. They hugged and Levi whispered “I'm counting on it.”

Maxie was about to go to the main room when she remembered Felicia giving Maxie her cherished Aztec ring. Felicia had said she had always planned to give that ring to Maxie when Maxie met the man she loved. Felicia's words echoed in Maxie's mind. She went to the room where Levi had been and knocked. Maxie called out that they needed to talk about their relationship. Nathan woke up when he heard Maxie's voice. Maxie remembered the first time she met Nathan, then there was a montage of moments they shared set to the song “Wonderful Surprise” by Shawn Hlookoff. Maxie realized that Levi must be already waiting to get married, so she left. The wedding started. Mac walked Maxie in, while Felicia and Lulu threw rose petals. Lucy made a speech about love. Levi beamed, but Maxie looked uncertain. Dante's eyes locked onto the spot of blood on Levi's collar and he remembered what Levi had said about Nathan. Dante pretended he got a call from the station, and quietly told Lulu he had to take it. After Dante left, Lucy asked the attendees if there was any reason that Levi and Maxie should not be married. Levi scanned the faces of the guests and sighed in relief when no one said anything. Meanwhile, Nathan struggled to free himself and let out a muffled yell for Maxie. Dante went to the stateroom where Nathan was. He heard a noise and asked if anyone was there. Nathan yelled through his gag and tried to get Dante's attention.

Patrick was at Sam's penthouse, and he was still reeling from the news that someone told Rafe to force him off the road. Patrick asked Sam if she would help him find the person who targeted his family and caused him to lose his son. “Of course” Sam, said. Sam wondered if Patrick ever thought she'd turn him down. Patrick explained that he knew she had her own life. Sam told him that Rafe was a part of that life. Sam felt that the person who took advantage of Rafe was partially responsible for his death, and she was determined to find out who it was. Patrick thanked Sam again, and Sam told him he'd done the same for her. Patrick didn't think he'd done as much for Sam as she had for him. Sam realized that Patrick didn't understand how important he'd been to her over the past year. According to Sam, she would have never gotten through Danny's illness without Patrick's support. She told him that he also helped her move on after Jason died and that she would have never gotten involved with Silas if it weren't for Patrick. Patrick wasn't sure if he'd helped or hurt her when it came to Silas. Sam didn't regret her relationship with Silas. She thought it sucked that their relationship was over, but she admitted that it was good while it lasted. Sam was grateful that Patrick had been there for her during the break up. Sam revealed that she'd told Silas she loved him, even though it had been difficult to say that to someone besides Jason, and she'd even taken off her wedding ring for Silas. Patrick knew how hard that was. Sam remembered that he'd gone through the same thing with Sabrina. They talked about how difficult it was to move on and how it felt like a betrayal. Sam explained that she never got closure because Jason's body was never found. Patrick looked uncomfortable when she admitted that she kind of felt like Jason was still out there somewhere.

Sam wondered if it would have been easier to move on if things hadn't been so hard for her and Jason – they'd fought hard to be together and lost many times, but love won out in the end. Sam told Patrick that Jason didn't even like her when they first met, but she always felt safe with him. Sam recalled that Jason had defied death many times. Patrick asked Sam if she still thought Jason would come back to her, and Sam said no. she'd realized that it was unfair to her and to Danny to stay in limbo, so she'd accepted that Jason wasn't coming back. “It hurts, though” Sam said, as she went over to the couch and sat down. Patrick joined her and wrapped his arm around her. Sam acknowledged that it must go against Patrick's instincts to indulge her while she went on and on about how great Jason was. Sam knew that Patrick never understood Robin's loyalty to Jason. Patrick admitted that he'd tried and failed to understand it. Patrick knew that Robin was willing to give her life for Jason and that she almost did. Sam felt bad for going on and on about Jason while Patrick was facing a possible divorce. Patrick told Sam not to worry about it. He told her Sam that when he looked at her, he didn't see Jason; he saw Sam. Sam smiled and said “your adventure- buddy.” Patrick confided that he was pretty sure his marriage was over and that he'd made peace with it. Patrick realized it was time for him to go pick up Emma. Sam decided to start working on his case. Patrick was about to thank her again, and Sam jokingly threatened to break his fingers if he did. Patrick told Sam to call him if he needed to help. Sam said she'd call him even if she didn't. Patrick left. Sam looked at a picture of Jason with her and Danny.

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