GH Update Monday 8/11/14

General Hospital Update Monday 8/11/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Robin talks to Emma on Skype and tells her daughter she misses her but promises they will be together soon. Emma still thinks that her mom is in Africa. She asks her dad if he wants to talk to Mommy, but knowing the truth (Robin is nearby and “choosing” not to come home), Patrick is not interested and walks away. Sam calls him and she tells him that she is determined to prove to Silas that Nina has been lying about her condition of paralysis and perhaps the 20-year coma as well. She plans to prove that Nina leaked the secret to the reporters to get Patrick fired from General Hospital. Silas appears at Sam's door and informs her he has something very important he needs to share with her.

At the police station, Nathan is alone when a man comes by to report a robbery and assault. He's the reporter whom Felicia gave her Aztec necklace to at the Nurse's Ball in exchange for his agreeing not to publicly expose Lucy Coe's infidelity. Nathan is able to put 2 and 2 together, noticing Felicia's Aztec jewelry, and remembering Levi's “interest” in it.

As Maxie is preparing for her wedding, Mac tells her that Nathan has informed him he has feelings for Maxie, Levi is alone downstairs in the Haunted Star assuming he will not be seen. But right as he “admires” the necklace Felicia gave to the reporter (which has been stolen from him), Felicia notices him and asks what on earth he is doing.

When Maxie finds out that Nathan and her father had a private conversation regarding Nathan's “feelings” for her, she defensively asks Mac why they are having this conversation on her wedding day. Mac explains that Nathan came by unexpectedly and informed him of that. She informs Mac that Nathan has no business in her apartment because she threw him out. Mac then realizes that explains why he did not have his key. Mac finds out for the first time that Maxie “booted” Nathan because she blames him for Levi getting deported.

At the station, the reporter furiously tells Nathan that he has the right to keep the Aztec necklace because the woman who originally had it gave it to him. Nathan tells him he knows Felicia Scorpio and has an idea who may have had means and motive to steal it.

When Silas goes to see Sam, she remarks that it's odd he'd visit her. They have not spoken since she walked into his house “unannounced, uninvited and unwelcome” and saw him and Nina making out on the couch. He tells her that he would like to explain that to her. But he has something very important to tell her regarding a conversation he had with Molly yesterday at the hospital. She told him right before the crash, when she was riding in the car with Rafe, he revealed to her that the hit and run accident that killed Patrick's baby was no accident. And Rafe told her that somebody put her up to doing it on purpose.

Robin talks to Emma and tells her daughter she loves her. Yet Emma wants her mom to come back and has a lot of questions Robin cannot answer. When she is done, Victor Cassadine smugly asks how that went and where her husband is. She reminds him that Patrick is filing for divorce and has good reason to with what she's forced to have him believing. He has the false idea that she is choosing to stay away after Jason has already died and she has no reason to stay away from her husband and daughter. She reminds Victor Cassadine that it's his fault that she had to break her husband and daughter's hearts. He coldly tells her the only person she needs to blame for that is herself. It would not have happened if she had not told Patrick that Jason was alive in the first place or that she was leaving to save his life. He reminds her if she does not step up her efforts and cooperate with him, he can arrange for another mishap like what happened to her family this last spring. He tells her even if the previous person who agreed to do it can't anymore (Rafe is dead), he's sure he could find someone who could care less about Patrick Drake.

When Silas tells Sam that he found out Rafe confirmed to Molly that somebody put him up to running Patrick off the road and leaving the scene of the accident, she tells him she has to let Patrick know about that. She reveals to Silas that she knows for a fact that Patrick doesn't know, because she was “with” him yesterday.

Patrick and Emma sit on the couch and talk about how it is not ok that Mommy has had to leave. Emma mentions to her dad that she has a lot of people in her life including friends and family, and she specifically mentions Aunt Felicia and her Aztec jewelry.

Levi is secretly keeping the Aztec jewelry in his pants and is able to keep it from Felicia who suspects nothing. He admires her matching earrings and is very interested in her heritage.

Maxie demands to know what type of secret conversations he and Nathan are having behind her back. He tells her that he thinks she should re-think distrusting Nathan and realize he cares about her and might be looking out for her best interests more than Levi is.

At the station, Nathan asks the robbed reporter if “this” is the man who robbed him. He shows him a picture of Levi in the newspaper. The reporter admits he did not see who it was because the guy came at him from behind. He got clocked on the head and did not remember anything. When he came to, his home was ransacked but only the necklace was missing. Noticing the picture Nathan shows him, he remarks that it's “interesting” that this dude just happens to be marrying Felicia's daughter today. At that point, he agrees with Nathan that they need to make certain that Levi is “found” and questioned before he gets married, off on his honeymoon, and it's too late.

Dante and Lulu meet with Felicia and Levi, who claims he doesn't know how to put on his fancy tux. Felicia asks Dante to help Levi get ready. Once they get to the cabin door, though, Dante tells Levi he doesn't like him and won't help him. Then he warns the dude that if he hurts Maxie, Dante will make sure there isn't enough of him left to bury in the Outback.

Maxie asks her dad why he believes it's relevant, appropriate or fair for him to be telling her on her wedding day that a man who is not her fiancé has feelings for her. Mac admits to his daughter that he does think highly of Nathan and wishes she would trust him and give him a chance. Maxie then admits that she does not “dislike” Nathan. He has done some good things. He showed her how to make quinoa.

Sam is wondering what to do with Silas when she tells him that she is bound and determined to get some answers about many things. He agrees that they have to find out who put Rafe up to endangering Patrick and his family.

While Patrick is with Emma, she asks her daddy what he did yesterday. He explains that he and Sam did some "adult" things to hopefully figure out a mystery. He realizes some things are complicated, but she needs to know that both Mommy and Daddy love her very much and nothing will ever change that. Finally, Emma is ready to go to camp. While she warms up her voice for karaoke, his phone rings. He hesitates to answer it.

At the private lab, Robin yells at Victor for threatening Patrick. He already had him run off the road and killed his infant son. Victor coldly remarks that is “collateral damage”. He tells her if she really wants to save Jason, keep her family safe and have a chance of getting back to them, she has to step up her efforts and figure out how to revive Stavros and Helena. She then tells him that she thinks she has come up with a breakthrough on how to save Jason as well as his family members.

At the Haunted Star, before the wedding, Lulu tells Felicia she needs to know, before she goes to talk to Maxie, how Maxie is. Felicia tells her that they are all “concerned” but Lulu need not worry. They wait for Maxie but realize Mac is having a long private conversation with her. Lulu goes to Maxie's room. As soon as Felicia is alone, she is surprised and startled to see Nathan. She reminds him now is not the time to be seeing Maxie. She's going to get married and has not invited him to her wedding. He tells her he is not there to see Maxie. He needs to talk to Levi.

Maxie tells Mac that she thinks Nathan cannot be trusted and has crossed the line for calling Immigration to get Levi deported and sent back to Australia. She tells him she has made some changes in her life to do good after learning too many lessons the hard way. She used to do some pretty shady things, but she now knows she would never pull a stunt like what Nathan has done. And he was too much of a coward to admit it and had to pin it on Mac and Dante. Mac tells his daughter, again, that he wishes she would stop assuming it was Nathan who made the call to Immigration or that he cannot be trusted. He tells her he does not buy that she is really willing to turn her back on Nathan.

While Nathan is talking to Felicia about her Aztec necklace that she gave to the reporter, confirming what he already suspects.

When Levi is alone, he goes into his private cabin and pulls the necklace he stole from the reporter out of his pocket, smiles and admires it in the light.

Silas admits to Sam that he is horrified to think that Rafe would intentionally cause a pregnant woman to go into premature labor, endanger Patrick and Emma and leave the scene of the accident. They both know it's too late to intervene with Rafe, but whoever put him up to this has to be found, held accountable and be prevented from endangering more people. He asks who it was that could take that sweet boy they both knew, get to him and “made” him do something like this?

At the research lab, Robin tells Victor that he need not carry out any of his threats. She thinks she has uncovered the protocol that can save Jason and which he can use to “save” Helena and Stavros. At first he seems content to hear that. But she tells him before she uses this “success formula” on Jason, she would like to try it on Helena or Stavros first. He asks if she just wants to “experiment” on Helena or Stavros in order to kill them. She tells him that is not the case. She just has concerns regarding the fact that Jason is too far gone. It might not work on him but might work on them. Hearing that, Victor reminds her that he is onto her. He knows that she wants to save her hero Jason and doesn't care if she kills the people he loves. He demands she does as he says because he has different “priorities” than she has.

Sam asks Silas if possibly Rafe was desperate for drugs. He doesn't want to believe that but admits he did remember that Rafe apparently “owed” a dealer. Yet they still cannot believe that Rafe would do something so horrible just for money or free drugs. They confirm that they both missed the signs that Rafe was in trouble until it was too late. Patrick enters Sam's apartment. She informs him there is something she and Silas would like to tell him regarding the accident that killed his infant son.

As soon as Patrick finds out that Rafe told Molly that somebody put him up to intentionally running Patrick off the road, he asks Silas just what kinds of people his nephew was hanging around with. He assures Silas that he is not responsible for killing his nephew. Silas leaves, feeling awkward and uncomfortable. Alone with Patrick, Sam tries to console him, but he is horrified to think that somebody out there wants to endanger his family and he hasn't a clue who it is.

Mac leaves Maxie alone with Lulu. As soon as they are alone, Lulu demands Maxie tell her if she is ok and asks what is going on.

Felicia finds Dante and tells him she just ran into Nathan. He is surprised and asks what Nathan said he wanted. She tells him that Nathan told her he needed to talk to Levi and asked about the necklace she gave to the reporter. Then Nathan suddenly left to find him. Dante is very intrigued to hear that.

Nathan goes to find Levi and tells him he just had a very interesting interaction with the very reporter whom Felicia gave her Aztec necklace to at the Nurse's Ball not long ago. Somebody robbed the reporter to steal the necklace, and he thinks he is looking right at that very person. Levi tells him that is “absurd”. Nathan then tells him in that case, Levi won't mind if he “has a look around”. Nathan picks up Levi's pants and the necklace falls out of its pocket onto the floor.

Sam assures Patrick that Anna is going to find out who put Rafe up to running him off the road. He tells her that he loves his mother-in-law and does not doubt her police capabilities, but it was Sam who found out a lot more. So, he asks Sam to find out, once and for all, who tried to kill his family so that he doesn't have to live in fear of more things happening.

While Victor's men restrain Robin, who protests that it's too soon to try her new formula on Jason, Victor gets ready to inject him.

After Nathan finds the Aztec necklace and has proven Levi's obviously stolen it, Levi asks what he's going to do. Arrest him?

Maxie and Lulu “debate” whether she should reconsider her decision to marry Levi and admit she has feelings for Nathan.

Nathan replies to Levi that he can very easily have him arrested, sent back to Australia, and prevented from marrying Maxie or doing anything Levi intends to do. Levi smirks and is not afraid. He then pulls out his gun and points it right at Nathan.

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