GH Update Friday 8/8/14

General Hospital Update Friday 8/8/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Dante is alone at the station reading a report stating that the man who is head of the Jerome family crime operation sounded and resembled Luke Spencer. He knows there must be some mistake. Lulu appears bringing food and drinks for her husband and asks what “must be a mistake”. At that point, Dante hides the report he is reading knowing he cannot let his wife know that her father is a suspect in the identity of the anonymous crime boss.

Nathan is depressed and discontented to know that Maxie is ready to marry Levi. He remembers his conversation with his sister where she encouraged him never to give up on Maxie and her telling him if he is strong and his heart is in the right place, he will win the love he wants. He decides to go see Maxie. When he opens her door, he is surprised to see Mac there wearing a suit. When he asks for Maxie, Mac informs him that she is not there. She is at the Haunted Star getting ready. Her wedding is today.

Felicia and Maxie are on Lulu's boat, getting ready for the wedding.

Lulu wants to discuss something important with Dante.

Ava is on the phone to Franco, while he is in the parking garage at the hospital. She tells him that he needs to cooperate with her. She can tell Carly things he does not want her to, so she needs the recording Carly kept of Sonny admitting to killing AJ. She tells him she won't believe it if he tells her he does not care about the recording. He wants Sonny out of Carly's life just as much as she wants him out of hers.

At the hospital, Carly is ready to take Morgan home. He tells his mom he appreciates that but would prefer to stay until Alice comes out of surgery. They remark how it is a miracle that Mickey's sister just came out of nowhere and authorized her brother's heart for Alice to save her life.

On the phone to Ava, Franco tells her he does not need her help in getting Sonny out of Carly's life because Sonny is already out of her life. Franco turns around and sees Sonny staring at him.

On the boat, Felicia takes a picture of Maxie in her wedding dress. When Levi enters, Felicia reminds him it's bad luck to see the bride in her wedding dress before the wedding and quickly covers her daughter up.

Mac tells Nathan that he is completely on board with Nathan's lack of support for Maxie marrying Levi. They both know that it's not in her best interest. Nathan admits he has reasons of his own for not wanting them to get married. Mac asks him what he means. Nathan then confesses that he has feelings for Maxie.

Felicia shows Levi the Aztec jewelry she has had for many years. Maxie is not happy to find out that her mom traded some of the jewelry for her new deluxe camera she has to take pictures of their wedding. Felicia explains that she made the trade with a reporter who threatened her friend. Levi states that she did a wonderful, selfless thing. Then excuses himself to go try on his tux.

Staring at Sonny, Franco tells Ava he has to go. She “smugly” tells him that if he wants to reconsider, her offer still stands. She reminds him he needs to know that Sonny will always be a threat to his relationship with Carly.

Carly tells Morgan that she spoke to his father and they had a difficult conversation. Morgan informs his mom that he has heard that Sonny is no longer living with Ava. He asks her if she really thinks that that, alone, is enough to make him forget all about what his dad and Ava did to betray him. Carly admits to her son that she realizes he has good reason to be upset and feel betrayed. He tells her that throughout the time he has had hope for Alice, he has felt useful and like he has a purpose. He tells her that he now wonders what his purpose is. He wishes he could be a better brother and a better son but not knowing if he has a child on the way is driving him crazy and he can't move forward with his life until he knows. She tells her son she is so sorry and wishes there was something she could do. He tells his mom he has to get back to Alice.

When Sonny goes to confront Franco, he remembers the previous day when he told Carly she needs to wake up and realize she is “fooling herself” about something. He remembers kissing her, but she did not exactly respond to the kiss or the advice the way he hoped. Nina overhears their confrontation. Sonny tells Franco that he knows Franco is not entirely secure about his relationship with Carly.

On the phone, Morgan talks to David Otunga, the wrestler whom he invited to meet Alice and cheer her up. As soon as Sonny enters and his son sees him, Morgan's up-beat mood is ruined.

While Ava is alone in the apartment, one of her guards announces she has a visitor. She assumes it's Franco “coming to his senses” as she hoped he would, but she is surprised to see that it's Carly.

After Sonny leaves Franco alone in the parking garage, Nina finds him and admits she overheard. He confides in her that Sonny believes he's very important to Carly and expects her to jump and come running to him whenever he calls. She asks him, is he sure that those two are not involved?

Lulu talks to Dante about when would be the best time for them to have a baby together. They agree that there's no rush and they should concentrate on raising the child they already have for the time being.

At the apartment, Nathan admits to Mac that he was hoping Maxie might wait a little longer than this to get married, but if it's going to happen today, so it's too late for him to do anything. Mac tells Nathan that his daughter has had a history of making impulsive decisions without thinking before acting and acts out of guilt. He knows she is not doing the right thing marrying somebody she barely knows. He believes there is something “off” about Levi. He just conveniently came out of nowhere when Maxie believed she needed “saving”. There are too many things about him, involving the fact that he does not work, hasn't gotten his immigration straightened, and he has a knack for getting others to do what he wants. They both know that Maxie's “devotion” to Levi is only diminishing and dis-empowering her.

As soon as Levi leaves Maxie alone with her mom, Felicia takes Maxie aside and reminds her she still has time to call off the wedding if she is not certain. She reminds her daughter that she's only known Levi a few months, and nobody would blame her if she postponed it until she was really sure.

Mac tells Nathan that when he left policing he told himself that he would no longer “look for motives”. Nathan realizes it's a hard habit to break. Mac admits that he usually "gives the other guy a chance," but this is his little girl, so he has concerns. Mac is ready to attend the wedding and encourages Nathan to accompany him since he is a friend of the family. Nathan thanks him for the invitation but thinks it would be awkward for him to be there and he does not want to ruin Maxie's big day. Also, he tells Mac, he is late for his shift, and he goes out the door.

Maxie is exasperated that everybody is second guessing what she wants or doesn't want. She reminds Felicia that meeting Levi was a very important transformation in her life. Felicia asks if she can say that she knows he is the one. Maxie confirms yes.

Dante tells Lulu that one thing he has learned is whenever people “plan” something, “life” just kind of “steps in”. So, he confirms to her, regarding having kids, he wants to do it now.

In the parking garage, Franco clarifies to Nina that Sonny and Carly are not “together in the biblical sense”. They are friends and have a connection, but she tells him that it sounds “unhealthy”. He tells her he knows that Sonny and Carly have two kids together. While he is not in a jealous rage, he can see that, but she tells Franco that it must be so difficult to see her rushing to Sonny whenever he needs her. Nina still remembers seeing the two of them kissing but doesn't tell him.

Carly tells Ava that she has some major concerns about what Ava's pregnancy is doing to Morgan. Ava smugly tells Carly she realizes the fact that Morgan cannot find out if she is having his child or his sibling but there's nothing she can do about it until the baby is born. Carly tells Ava that is not the case. Something is going to be done now. Handing her her handbag, she tells Ava they are going to the hospital to have a paternity test to find out the facts once and for all.

Sonny attempts to get through to Morgan. He tells his son he needs to tell him the truth about what happened between him and Ava.

At the police station, Dante puts on his suit and gets ready to attend Maxie and Levi's wedding with Lulu. Nathan comes in and remarks that is a nice suit. He knows why Dante and Lulu are going to the Floating Rib. Lulu tells Nathan she realizes he has concerns about Maxie marrying Levi. So do both herself and Dante, but, Nathan concludes, this is Maxie's “big day” and he won't mar it.

Felicia confirms with Maxie that she wants what is best for her daughter. She loves her and she is there for her on her wedding day. Levi returns, declares his “love” for Maxie, and is intrigued when he sees the Aztec ring her mom gave her and the matching Aztec earrings Felicia is wearing.

Nina tells Franco she is concerned about his relationship with Carly. He asks what, specifically she has concerns about. She tells him she just wants to make certain that Carly has “earned his trust”. She is having difficulty telling him exactly what her specific concern is, but he asks Nina just what she is not telling him.

Sonny is attempting to explain to Morgan why Ava was staying at his house. He admits to his son that he did not want to hurt and wanted to protect him from the repercussions of his actions, but he had to keep Ava close and watch her.

Carly tells Ava she can see that she is far along enough in her pregnancy to have a safe and conclusive amnio. So, she tells Ava, they need to go to the hospital, but Ava tells Carly “not a chance”.

Morgan asks his dad just what it was that he did. Sonny explains to his son that he cannot tell him exactly what it is. He tells Morgan that Ava set him up and made herself very important to him. She is the only witness to what he did, and he turned to her in his turmoil just as she planned. Morgan asks his dad if he's saying that she blackmailed him into sleeping with her. Sonny tells him no, but during the time when he was having his issues and was in a vulnerable frame of mind, Ava was able to manipulate him. He needed to keep Ava with him so that he could know every move she made.

Carly asks Ava why she does not want to find out the truth about the father of her child. Is she afraid it will be Sonny and she will no longer be able to manipulate Morgan? If she wants to let Morgan twist in the wind and hang in suspense without knowing the answer, so much for loving him. Ava tells Carly she is not about to go with her to the hospital to find out the baby's paternity, because she will then be vulnerable, and she doesn't want to chance a miscarriage.

Franco tells Nina he knows that the fact that she is about to tell him she knows something about his girlfriend and her ex might be a ploy for her (Nina) to get something that she wants. He tells her that he has spent the last year of his life trying to get his life on track. He knows he could live a more meaningful existence if he knows who might be doing something behind his back. So, he asks Nina to tell him what she knows.

Mac goes to meet with Felicia and Maxie and asks to talk to Maxie alone.

While Nathan is alone in the station, a guy rushes in demanding to see the commissioner. Nathan tells him she is not in, identifies himself as a detective, and offers to help. The reporter frantically tells him he needs something done after he's been assaulted and robbed in his home. He asks him what is missing. The guy replies his Aztec necklace.

For the first time since the initial falling out, Morgan admits to his dad that he appreciates his efforts to reconcile. They might be making some progress.

Ava refuses to let Carly take her to have a paternity test and tells her she might want to know something about her boyfriend. Carly asks what this has to do with her and Franco's relationship. Ava then declares that this conversation is over and if Carly doesn't leave, she can call her guards and drag her out.

Nina tells Franco she does not know anything about Carly and Sonny. She just wants to look out for him. She reminds him he has an art therapy session and should get to work. They both head for the hospital.

When Nathan hears about the guy having his Aztec necklace stolen, he remembers what he's seen and observed about Levi's fascination with Felicia's Aztec jewelry and is able to put 2 and 2 together.

Maxie tells her stepfather she does not want a lecture and would prefer his blessing. He tells her he won't lecture and will give her his blessing if that is what she really wants, but only if she hears him out first. He tells her he trusts in her decision, but before she goes through with it, she needs to know some things. He has just talked to Nathan who has revealed to Mac he has feelings for Maxie.

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