GH Update Thursday 8/7/14

General Hospital Update Thursday 8/7/14


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Kiki urged Alice to eat something, but she didn't have an appetite. Tracy thanked Kiki for her support, then she quietly apologized for dismissing the things Kiki had said about Luke. Ned, Morgan and Michael walked in looking somber. Tracy asked if they heard from Monica. They had – the heart in Baltimore wasn't available, after all. This was third attempt to find a heart that had fallen through – Mickey's family couldn't be located, Rafe's heart wasn't viable and now this. Alice thought that it was three strikes, and now she was out. Morgan encouraged Alice to stay optimistic. Tracy was adamant that there were several other avenues left to explore, and she added that she had Diane spending all her billable hours looking for a heart. Alice wondered how a lawyer was supposed to get her a heart. She sensed that there was something unethical going on, and she told Tracy she appreciated the effort, but she didn't want anyone getting in trouble because of her. Ned swore it wouldn't come to that. Morgan felt that Alice was worth it, even if it did. Alice thought it was time that they say their goodbyes. Morgan wasn't ready to say goodbye. Alice told him it was okay, and she reminded him that he'd done so much for her, like bringing David Otunga to visit her.

Alice reminisced about how much she enjoyed getting to know Morgan and Kiki last summer. Kiki recalled that Alice had always made her feel like a Quartermaine. Alice assured her that both she and Morgan were honorary Quartermaines in Alice's view. Ned wasn't sure that was a good thing, but Alice insisted that caring for the family had been the greatest privilege and pleasure of her life. Tracy asked if Alice felt that way even when they acted crazy and made her life miserable. Alice liked it that way because she enjoyed the challenge of managing their chaos. She teared up and said not to worry about her, because she'd be busy taking care of Lila, Alan, AJ, Edward, Emily, Justus and Jason. Just then a woman entered the room and introduced herself as Selma Diamond, Mickey's sister. Ned replied that they'd been told that Mickey didn't have any family. Selma explained that she and Mickey had been estranged for years because she didn't approve of his lifestyle. The doctors had contacted her and told her about Mickey being brain dead and about Alice's condition. Selma admitted that Mickey wasn't a good person, but she wanted his life to mean something, so she wanted Alice to have his heart. Tracy told Selma that they didn't have much time and if she was serious, she needed to go to the chief of staff and have her sign off on it ASAP. Selma agreed. Alice gave Selma her condolences and thanked her for doing this. Selma told Alice that while Mickey went down the wrong path, he had a good heart, and Selma hoped it would enable Alice to live a long life. Alice promised to do her best to live up to this gift. Michael and Kiki took Selma to find the chief of staff. Later, Michael and Kiki returned with news – Mickey's sister signed the papers, and Monica was back from Baltimore and was prepping the transplant team. Everyone was thrilled, and Tracy said it was a good thing Selma showed up when she did.

Nina met Silas at the Nurses' station and pretended to be just getting out of therapy. Silas was impressed that she was already standing. Nina conceded that she wasn't good at balancing yet, but Silas told her not to minimize her accomplishments. Nina stated that she had a good feeling that she'd be up on her feet in no time. Silas's shift was over, and he told Nina he'd take her home. Nina was starving. Silas offered to pick up something on the way home, but Nina wanted to try cooking. She offered to make her tomato soup. They playfully bantered about her cooking skills, then they were about to leave when Molly walked up. Silas introduced her to Nina. Silas told Molly that he was sorry about her house, and he asked if she needed anything. Molly revealed that she and Alexis were staying with Sam. Molly told Silas that she was sorry he and Sam broke up. Nina graciously announced that she was going to go outside and get some air. Molly felt bad for making Nina feel uncomfortable. Nina insisted that Molly hadn't made her uncomfortable and that she really did want to enjoy the beautiful weather. She left. Molly was hesitant to butt in but she felt that she had to ask whether there was any hope for Silas and Sam. Silas explained that he loved Sam but he didn't think that they'd get back together after all that had happened. Molly told Silas, that for what it was worth, she thought he and Sam were good together. Silas had thought so too. Molly was about to go, when Silas stopped her to tell her how much he appreciated her being a friend to Rafe, even though Rafe hadn't made it easy. Molly felt that Rafe was a good person who'd had a hard life. Silas was apologetic about the things Rafe put Molly through the night of the accident, and he was grateful that Molly didn't get more hurt in the accident. Molly suddenly got her memory of that night back. She told Silas that Rafe revealed that he swerved into Patrick's lane on purpose because someone put him up to it. Silas was stunned and he asked who would make Rafe do that. Molly explained that Rafe crashed before he had the chance to tell her.

Sonny was outside the hospital. He made a cryptic phone call, in which he assured someone that they'd be well compensated for doing something. Carly left the building and asked Sonny what he was doing there. Sonny explained that he'd came to visit Michael and Morgan because he'd heard that Alice wasn't doing well. Carly didn't understand how someone as nice as Alice could put up with the Quartermaines. Sonny thought she stayed out of loyalty, and he admired that. Carly thought that their sons must have appreciated Sonny's visit. Sonny told her that Michael did, but Morgan didn't. Sonny told Carly how Morgan had refused to talk to him and hadn't given Sonny a chance to tell him that Ava moved out. Carly offered to tell Morgan, but Sonny replied that Michael had already taken care of it. Carly smiled and wondered how their family would have survived without Michael playing referee. Sonny wondered what would be worse, Morgan's current anger at him, or Michael's reaction to finding out that Sonny killed AJ. Carly tried to assure Sonny that Michael would never find out and that Morgan would eventually forgive him, but Sonny wasn't so sure. Carly took Sonny's hand. Sonny confessed that when Morgan was born, he'd never imagined that things would get this bad between the two of them. Carly quipped that it was understandable that Sonny assumed things could only get better after the circumstances surrounding Morgan's birth. Sonny still felt bad about what happened – Carly had been screaming due to labor pains, and Sonny misread the situation and shot Alacazar. The bullet passed through him and hit Carly in the head. Carly assured Sonny that it was an accident and she never blamed him for it. Sonny explained that he could be smart when it came to business but he lost his ability to think when someone he loved got hurt. He admitted what happened to Carly that night was the same thing that happened with AJ. Then, he'd been so wracked with guilt that he fell into Ava's trap. While Carly wished that had never happened, she was pleased that Sonny had shown Morgan who Ava really was. Carly mentioned that Morgan thought he was in love and he'd only seen what he wanted to. Sonny thought Carly should be able to relate to that. Carly tensed up and she insisted that she didn't know what he was talking about. Sonny told Carly that she'd been lying to herself about being in love, and she needed to wake up. With that, he pulled her into a kiss.

Back inside GH, Nina was going toward the door, but she stopped short when she saw Carly holding Sonny's hand. Nina also saw the kiss. Carly kissed Sonny back at first, and Nina left. Then Carly pushed Sonny away and demanded to know what the hell he was doing. Sonny replied that it was something he hadn't done in a long time. Sonny admitted that it felt wrong, but he told Carly that “wrong is right for us.” Carly yelled that there was no “us”- they were nothing more than co-parents and friends. She insisted that she was in love with Franco. Sonny laughed. Carly spat that Sonny didn't get to tell her who she loved. Sonny countered that he'd seen her in love and this wasn't it. Carly felt that Sonny had given in to a bad impulse when he kissed her and that she'd given in to a bad impulse by letting him, and she was adamant that it would never happen again. Carly was about to storm off, when Sonny started laughing again. She spun around and snapped that it wasn't funny. Carly insisted that she was in love with Franco, and she added that Sonny was in love with Olivia. Sonny blurted out that he just saw Olivia kissing Ned. He told Carly that Olivia had moved on. Carly assumed that Sonny was attempting to do the same. Carly had to go, and Sonny asked why she was at GH. Carly explained that she was there to deliver some news to Franco. Carly thought that Sonny would also be interested in the news, and she told him that his nephew Spencer had been found. Carly revealed that Josslyn had been hiding Spencer the whole time. Sonny was relieved and surprised to hear where Spencer had been. Carly said she had no idea where Josslyn got the guts to pull that off. Sonny gave her a look and Carly admitted that she did know where Josslyn got it from. Sonny mentioned Karma, and Carly asked if he thought she deserved to have her daughter turn out like her, after all she'd done. Sonny clarified that he thought it would be a good thing if Josslyn grew up to be brave and smart like Carly. Carly admitted that was a nice compliment, then she turned to leave. Sonny called out to her, then he just smiled. Carly made it clear that Sonny needed to respect her commitment to Franco, then she left. Sonny said to himself that Carly didn't know what she needed. “Selma” left the hospital. She glanced around to make sure no one was watching, then she approached Sonny. He greeted her as Renata. Renata told him that the fake I.D. he gave her worked; everyone believed she was Mickey's sister and the transplant was a go. Sonny was pleased and he reached into his pocket to pay her. Renata refused it because Sonny had been so good to her family already, but Sonny insisted that she take it. He asked about her acting classes. Renata assured Sonny that he did a good thing and that his sons were relieved, especially Morgan.

Nina went back to Silas and Molly, and Silas brought her up to speed on Rafe.

At Crichton- Clark, Patrick told Robin that he didn't even recognize her anymore and it was time to end things. He was about to storm off, but Robin stopped him. “No matter what you think of me, I love you” she said. Patrick sarcastically wished her luck with her corpses and left the restricted room. Alarms went off and Sam rushed up to Patrick. She told him that they had to get out of there right now. She ran off just before Robin entered the hallway. Patrick and Robin stared at each other for a second, then Patrick followed Sam.

Sam and Patrick went to Ryan's Bar and ordered beers. Patrick wanted to know why the guards chased them. Sam told him about getting caught breaking into Nina's medical records and kneeing William in the groin after he offered to trade Nina's records for sex. She was frustrated because she'd been very close to getting information on Nina when she got caught. Sam sensed that something was going on with Patrick, and she asked him what he'd been up to while they were separated at the clinic. Patrick told her that he'd went searching for information. Sam was curious to hear what he'd learned. Patrick remembered Robin telling him that Jason was dead. He told Sam that he didn't find anything that she didn't already know. Sam assured Patrick that he could tell her anything, then she urged him to tell her what was bothering him. Patrick claimed he was just out of sorts because they'd just ran from the guards at the facility. Sam wondered if that was all, or if Patrick was upset that they didn't get the medical records. Sam knew that Patrick had a stake in this since Nina may have been the one who talked to the reporter. Patrick cut her off and said he didn't want to talk about all of that anymore. Patrick wanted to focus on the here and now. Patrick didn't think they should be drinking cheap beer at Ryan's while they were surrounded by so many amazing NYC restaurants. He asked Sam to let him by her dinner, and she accepted.

Once Patrick and Sam left Crichton – Clark , Robin knocked something over in frustration. Victor walked in and reminded her that the equipment was very expensive. Robin demanded to know what he wanted. Victor reminded Robin that she was not allowed to have visitors. Robin snapped that she remembered all of his rules, and she explained that Patrick hadn't come there to see her. Victor was aware that Patrick and Sam were trying to get information on Nina. Robin told Victor that he'd be pleased to know that she told Patrick that Jason was dead, instead of admitting that Jason was in the room in the cryogenic tank. Victor thought that Robin should be proud of herself, but Robin was upset. She told Victor that Patrick was divorcing her because he didn't understand why she'd choose to stay at the clinic if Jason was dead. Victor was curious to hear what Robin used as an excuse. Robin explained that she told Patrick that her research was more important than their family. She sighed that if Patrick didn't hate her before, he definitely did now. Victor was concerned that Patrick would tell Sam something that would cause her to come back to the clinic and cause more trouble. Robin was confident that Patrick wouldn't say anything. Robin pointed out that Sam had spent a year and a half thinking that Jason was dead and there was no reason for Patrick to reopen that old wound. Victor hoped that Robin knew her husband as well as she thought she did. Robin stated that she did, and she reminded Victor that Patrick wasn't her husband anymore. Victor reiterated that he hoped she was right because he'd hate to have to arrange for Patrick and Emma to have another accident. Robin spat that Victor was a monster for causing that accident – he'd risked Emma and Patrick's lives and caused Patrick to lose his son. Victor shrugged and called Gabriel's death unavoidable collateral damage. Robin didn't understand why Victor did it when she was already doing what he asked and working to revive his psychotic relatives. She turned away. Victor grabbed her shoulders and spun her around to face him. He reminded her that she wasn't here on a selfless mission – she was also working to revive Jason. Victor snapped that he was in charge. Robin understood. Victor explained that he made Rafe cause the accident to remind Robin what would be at stake if she chose to quit. Robin wondered how Victor even knew Rafe. Victor didn't elaborate on that, but he revealed that he got Rafe to do his bidding by leading him to believe that his mother was still alive. Victor added that Rafe was gone now, so there was no one left to tell the tale. Robin was disgusted because Victor didn't seem to care that Rafe was dead, only that there was no one left to implicate Victor in the accident. Victor insisted that he did care, but he told Robin that she had bigger things to worry about. He told her to get back to work because Jason needed her. After Victor left, Robin's eyes filled with tears and she told Jason that she hated lying and she hated the way Patrick looked at her. Robin said that she had to tell herself that it would all be worth it once Jason was back. Robin hoped that Jason would help her make the Cassadines pay and protect her family. She also prayed that her family would understand once they learned the truth.

Alexis was at the penthouse questioning Julian about Mickey's death. Julian admitted that he shot Mickey, and he was unrepentant. Julian explained that he did it for Alexis and that he'd kill anyone who threatened his family. Alexis understood that. However, Alexis didn't understand why Jordan would take the fall for Julian, unless protecting Julian would help the business in some way. Alexis said she originally assumed Mickey burned the house down to punish Julian for leaving the mob, but Jordan's false confession made Alexis think that Julian was still in the mob and that Mickey burned the house down because of mafia infighting. Julian confirmed that he was still in the mob. Alexis was near tears; she asked Julian why he'd stay in the mob after his boss was dead. She pointed out that he lied to her, and Julian asked her to understand that he didn't have a choice. Alexis asked if he also lied when he claimed he wanted to be a better man. Julian replied that he was who he was and he couldn't change. Julian was sorry he lied but he insisted that he was still the same man and that this didn't change the way they felt about each other. He kissed Alexis and told her that they both knew she wanted him. They undressed each other then sank to the floor. Afterward, Julian told her that they'd just proven that they had a strong attraction to each other. Julian thought that they could work things out. Alexis disagreed. “I want you, but I can't have you,” she said. They got dressed, and Julian maintained that it didn't have to end like this, but Alexis countered that it did. Julian explained that he was trying to protect his family. Alexis replied that she was doing the same thing. She told Julian that she didn't tell Sonny that he was Kristina's father at first because she was afraid that his lifestyle would get Kristina hurt. Alexis asked why she'd hold Julian to a different standard. “Because you love me,” Julian said. Alexis admitted that she did love Julian, but she told him that she was determined to keep her family safe. “And as long as you're in, I'm out.” She left.

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