GH Update Wednesday 8/6/14

General Hospital Update Wednesday 8/6/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At the Crichton-Clark Clinic, Patrick and Sam look for information about Nina. While he keeps William, the assistant facilities manager busy, Sam tries to access the computer system to get Nina's file. William gets a message that someone is trying to break into their system and excuses himself. Patrick tries to open the door to a restricted room, but it's locked. He turns to leave but sees Robin exiting the room. He is very upset that she has been so close by and yet didn't find a way to visit her family. She does not answer yet demands to know how he found her. Patrick tells her he was not looking for her. He is there with Sam for another reason. Angry at her resistance to divulge any information, Patrick snatches her security key from around Robin's neck and lets himself into the restricted room while she keeps protesting.

At the hospital, Ned is on the phone to Monica who is in Maryland in search of a heart for Alice. When he gets the news that the potential donor's family changed their minds, he hangs up and goes to throw his phone through the air, but Olivia comes by and tells him she is there for him.

Jordan is on the phone talking to Julian about the last hour of Mickey's life when he went into the motel room and shot Mickey. He demands to know where she is and what she is doing. She reminds him that she saved his ass by taking the rap for him for shooting Mickey. He asks her what all happened and if the cops buy her story. She assures him that everything has worked as planned and they are the only two people who know what happened in that room. Shawn enters and overhears her phone conversation.

In the hospital, Michael and Morgan sit and wonder what is going to happen regarding finding Alice another heart. They wonder if they are supposed to inform Alice that if they can't find her another heart, she is going to die. Morgan wants to believe she is going to make it. No more death. Nor more loss. They have lost too many people already. Sonny comes by to see his two sons.

At the private clinic, while Patrick is preoccupied with Robin, Sam gets caught by William who recognizes her picture from the surveillance camera, from the previous time she secretly infiltrated their clinic with Silas, in an attempt to find Nina. She protests that she is Nurse Sabrina Santiago, but he knows better. William knows she and Patrick are both lying about the reason why they are visiting the clinic.

Patrick enters the room with Robin where it appears she is trying to revive people who have been frozen.

Ned asks Olivia if she is ok. She tells him that she is fine after her huge hangover and headache from when they were last together, and she drowned her sorrows in booze and got very drunk while with him. She tells him he has been a great friend and she owes him a debt of gratitude for being there for her. She also owes him an apology for her drunken behavior that night. He tells her she did not do anything for which to apologize. She tells him she knows if he had not wrestled the phone from her the other night, she would have adopted half the animal population. She realizes she needs to pull herself together and get over her sorrow regarding her break-up with Sonny.

Sonny asks Michael what the prognosis is for Alice. Michael tells his dad they are kind of up in the air except for a man who is brain-dead whose heart they could give to Alice (Mickey). Hearing that, Sonny asks why they can't save Alice with that man's heart. Michael replies the man is not an organ donor, and they can't find any next of kin. Sonny tells his two sons he is there for them and for Alice. Michael is courteous and appreciative but Morgan's anger rages still and he wants Sonny to leave.

Alexis needs to talk to Julian and is not ok with what he is doing and the fact that he's evading her questions after her house has been blown up.

At the clinic, Patrick tells Robin he deserves some explanations for why his wife has disappeared and offered no communication or support for him or for Emma after his infant son died. He tells her he is not leaving until he gets some answers. He can see a big container where a person may be inside. He assumes it must be Jason Morgan, but she tells him no. It's Stavros Cassadine. If Patrick opens the container, he can kill him. She admits to Patrick that he won't find Jason anywhere because Jason is dead. He tells her that is odd when he heard that Victor had proof that Jason was alive. Robin replies Jason was barely alive and there was hope until she “did something”. She explains that she thought she was making progress. She thought her formula and procedure was working, but it was experimental. Victor kept hounding her for the results. He thought that her research could be tested on a human being and demanded that she try it on Jason. She tried but failed Jason, and she's failed every person who loved Jason.

When Sonny talks to Michael and Morgan about Alice, he tells his sons they need to believe that she is a strong lady and will be ok. If there is anything he can do, he is willing to do it. Hearing that, Morgan tells his dad what he can do is go home, leave them alone and go back to Ava because he's not wanted. Sonny tries to tell Morgan that Ava is no longer with him, but he won't hear him and decides to leave.

Olivia tells Ned she knows that he may not have been eating well while staying at the hospital with Alice, so she has some food for his whole family. He admits that he appreciates that. He shares that regarding finding a heart for Alice, they are back to square one with no options left.

While Shawn wants Jordan to fess up about the circumstances surrounding Mickey's death, Alexis is asking the same of Julian. Julian moves closer to Alexis. He tells her that he is happy, beyond anything else, that she is ok. He got the idea that she has come to see him, but she tells him it's not what he thinks. That is not the reason she is there. She is there to ask him one question: Did he kill Mickey Diamond?

Sam admits to William that she and Dr. Drake want to find out the status of Nina Clay's paralysis and if by any chance she is faking it. It's questionable given that Nina was allegedly in a coma for 20 years but is now ok and almost back to normal except for the wheelchair. The guy tells her he does not know of Nina's case right off hand., and she should know that that information is classified and confidential unless someone is “authorized” to have it. Sam then asks if she could get “authorized”.

In the other room, after Robin reveals that she lost Jason and he's dead because of her, she asks Patrick if he now understands things a little better. He tells her he understands that it was difficult for her in that she has lost her friend, but that does not explain why she is still there and why she has not come home nor contacted him or Emma or anyone else.

Alone with Sonny outside Alice's room, Michael admits to his dad that waiting and wondering what will happen to Alice and getting their hopes up only to possibly lose her again is just like AJ all over again. He knows that Morgan is not ready to face that. Hearing that, Sonny tells his son he wishes there was something he could do. He is really proud of Michael. He's a good friend to Alice and a good brother. He tells Michael he is going to go and doesn’t want to upset Morgan. He tells Michael maybe he can let his brother know as an FYI that his dad is no longer living with Ava.

Ned shares with Olivia that he can hear his deceased grandfather growling at him and demanding that he finds a heart for Alice. She assures him he cannot blame himself. He tells her that he feels as though he has failed his grandfather, failed Alice, and his family is suffering for it. She holds him and consoles him. Sonny sees them together and stares speechlessly and motionlessly at them.

Julian tells Alexis he does not know who this Mickey Diamond person is. She does not buy that and needs to know what his secret is with Jordan. She does not believe Jordan killed Mickey. She believes Julian did in retaliation for what Mickey did to her.

Shawn wants to know Jordan's secret regarding shooting Mickey. He also tells her he knows that she was not “serious” about having a date or any interest in Mickey. He knows she had another reason to meet with him before he died. So, Shawn tells her, he needs to know the real reason.

At the clinic lab, Patrick demands that Robin tell him what it is that is “compelling” her to stay there and not so much as checking in with her family. Who is forcing her to do something that he clearly cannot believe she wants to do? What does Victor or Helena or whomever have on her? Are they threatening her or Emma or someone else if she does not do what they want? If so, she needs to tell him and get her mom, her dad, the cops and whoever can help on this. She tells her husband that he needs to know that she is not imprisoned. Nobody is forcing or threatening her with anything. She is choosing to be there. He reminds her that she told him that she was going to save Jason's life in order to be an example. But now, he's dead so there's no reason to be there. She tells him that there are many other patients that her research can help. He thinks she needs to know that he knows that is not the reason she is there. So she needs to cut the crap and tell him the truth.

Sam tells William that she is a rich woman who can “make it worth his while” if he authorizes for her to have the information regarding Nina. He tells her he has another idea.

Julian asks Alexis why she is suddenly concerned about who shot Mickey. She explains that she ran into her friend Ned. He informed her that he and his family are frantically trying to find a heart for their friend. Mickey was a possibility of a donor because he is brain-dead. On that very same night, when her house burned down, Julian rushed off as soon as he found out the people were ok, to go on a mission. When he was done, he secretly told her he “took care” of something so that something or someone will never be a threat to her or their family again. She demands to know whether he killed Mickey. She doesn't want to hear any more lies or evading the question and furiously demands he stop lying and come clean.

Jordan tells Shawn she is not keeping any secrets. She intended to spend the evening with Mickey, but he got pushy and physical and she was forced to protect herself. Shawn knows she is lying.

Michael and Morgan are hoping for another donor from the family of a man in Baltimore, but they get a call informing them that it's not a possibility.

Ned tells Olivia he keeps believing if he could just think straight, he could find a solution for Alice. He is afraid that he cannot do what his grandfather did. He knows Edward was never afraid to take action and never felt sorry for himself. She then tells him that she knew his grandfather a little bit and knows although he was a great man and a “tough old bird”, he was not a god. Ned should not believe that he is inferior to his grandfather nor that this is his fault. They suddenly kiss passionately. Sonny is not far away, watching them intently.

When Morgan returns to Michael and his brother informs him that their dad said that Ava has moved out, Morgan is still suspicious and distrusting of his father. Michael realizes Morgan has good reason to be angry at their father, but if there ever was a time to forgive and have hope, it's now. They all need to be together for Alice. Morgan admits they need to realize that Alice is dying. Michael tells Morgan that their father is doing everything he can to reconcile with Morgan and make things right although Morgan is not about to forgive him. Michael tells his brother that he wishes he had a chance with his own father, but it's too late for AJ. So, he urges Morgan not to give up on their father because Sonny has not given up on him.

Sonny coldly greets Olivia and Ned, offers his condolences for Alice and tells them to give his best to Lois. Then he walks away.

When Shawn demands that Jordan tell him the reason she went to see Mickey, she tells him she wanted to get ahead and have power joining forces in the organization with Mickey if Julian could not. But he does not seem to believe her and won't leave. He moves closer to her when she asks him if it's fun for him to keep distrusting her, with this dance they play where they bring out the worst in each other. He tells her no. What he wants from her is honesty. She then tells him if he wants honesty, she will admit she feels something for him. She wishes things could be different. At that point, he kisses her and she does not stop him.

Alexis furiously tells Julian she is sick and tired of his lying to her. She knows that he did know Mickey Diamond and he better not tell her otherwise because she knows the truth. She saw Mickey at the hospital and he indicated that he does in fact know Julian. So she needs to know if the reason Mickey burned her house down was to get his attention and is that the reason why he shot Mickey. Julian tells her she's damn right that is why he shot Mickey.

William indicates to Sam that he can give her access to whatever she wants in exchange for sex.

Patrick is distracted and in the other room grilling Robin for the real reason why she is there. She tells him the reason she is there is because her research can help many people although he does not buy that and wants to hear another reason. He asks her if saving more people, as she says, is more important than her family. He tells her he was hoping that was just a joke, but she affirms she is very serious. He tells her that for a while he listened to her mother telling him that he needs to try harder to get her back and that Robin might be suffering from PTSD. But after this, he now knows there is no hope for them. He turns around and gets ready to walk out the door when she urges him to wait. She tells him that she knows this is not fair to him or to Emma. He concludes that he can see this is the end of their marriage and there is nothing left for him to do than start divorce proceedings.

After Olivia engages in a kiss with Ned, she pulls away and tells him she knows she did something not appropriate and she “violated” him. He asks her why she thinks that. He tells her if what she feels guilty for is that she did it in order to stick it to Sonny, he is happy to oblige. They part company.

Julian protests to Alexis that he did, in fact shoot Mickey for her and for everyone else he cares about. He knows that Mickey threatened his family and his son almost died because of him. He won't hesitate to prevent any more threats at any cost. But, Alexis informs him that she still needs to know one thing that is not adding up. If he did, in fact, shoot Mickey, why did Jordan Ashford confess to it?

Jordan and Shawn are “going at it” alone in the gallery.

Ned returns to Michael and Morgan and it appears the three of them are giving up hope on saving Alice's life. And all they can do now is say good bye to her.

William tries to have his way with Sam who fends him off with a kick in the groin. While he is doubled over, she tries one more time to access Nina Clay's file, but William runs shouting for Security, so she takes off looking for Patrick.

Patrick departs from Robin appearing depressed and disappointed. Sam finds him and they stare speechlessly at each other.

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