GH Update Tuesday 8/5/14

General Hospital Update Tuesday 8/5/14


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Britt was at the park, and she was worried because Spencer was supposed to have met her there an hour ago. Brad showed up, and Britt told him everything. Britt said she'd been planning to take Spencer home, so that Nik would fall to her feet in gratitude and forgive her past transgressions. Brad thought that Spencer was probably having a hard time finding a way to get to the park, but Britt knew that Spencer was resourceful enough to make it to the park on time.

Elizabeth brought Spencer home. Nikolas picked his son up, squeezed him tight, and vowed never to let him go. Nik thanked Liz, then he looked Spencer over. Nik thought Spencer seemed thin, and he wanted to take him to a doctor, but Liz said she'd checked him out and he was fine. Nik demanded to know where Spencer had been. Spencer wouldn't give a straight answer, so Liz told Nik that Josslyn had been hiding him out at her house. Nik was shocked because he and Britt had just been there. Nik was sure that Spencer must have heard Nik and Britt talking and noticed the fear in their voices. He asked Spencer why he hadn't come out of hiding. Spencer's phone rang (it was Britt). Nik asked Spencer who it was, and Spencer said it must be Josslyn. Nik answered the phone and before the person on the other end could speak, he sternly told Josslyn that Spencer was at home, where he belonged, then he hung up.

Britt panicked. She told Brad that Nik sounded furious, and she was worried that Spencer would let it slip that she was in on the disappearance. Brad wondered if it would be so bad, and he reminded Britt that she'd been about to confess earlier, but Britt was adamant that there was no way that Nik could know what she did, now. She feared that Nik would see her number on the phone. Brad tried to calm her down by theorizing that Nik might want to celebrate now that Spencer was home. Britt still had a bad feeling about this, but she decided that she'd might as well go to Nik now and see if there was anything left to salvage of their relationship. Brad thought it was time that he do the same thing, so he went to Carly's to visit Lucas.

Nik asked Liz how she knew Spencer was at Carly's, and she explained that Josslyn told Cam and Cam told Liz. Spencer was shocked by Josslyn's betrayal and he grumbled about Cam being a snitch. Nik lectured him and told him how worried he'd been. Spencer replied that he'd left Nik a note at the Metro Court so he wouldn't worry. Nik recounted the things he'd done to try and find Spencer, like calling the police and trying to use the GPS tracker in Spencer's phone. Nik noticed that Spencer had a new phone, and Spencer explained that he ditched his old phone and got a burner so Nik wouldn't be able to track him. Nik was stunned that Spencer would put him through this and go through such lengths to stay hidden. He got the feeling that this was about more than Spencer having a broken heart, and he wondered what Spencer wasn't telling him. Just then, Britt walked in. Spencer ran over to her. She picked Spencer up and put on a display of being overjoyed. Britt quietly asked him why he didn't show up. Britt asked Nik how she found him. She looked crushed when Nik said that Liz found him. Liz had to go pick up Cam and Emma from Mac and Felicia's. She was taking them for ice cream as a reward for helping find Spencer. Nik told Spencer that he was in a world of trouble. He walked Liz out. Britt went on a rant about the scheme not going as planned. She was worried that the plan would end up bringing Liz and Nik closer together instead of helping Britt reconcile with him. Spencer apologized for the plan backfiring, and Britt apologized for unfairly taking her frustration out on Spencer. Britt hoped that the time she spent comforting Nik would outweigh his gratitude for Liz. Just then, Nik and Liz returned. Nik announced that there had been a change of plans – he was going to have a thank you lunch for Liz, Cam and Emma. Spencer was not invited and would have to eat in his room and think about what he'd done. Nik asked Britt to join them since she'd been by his side from the moment Spencer went missing. As soon as Britt accepted, her phone went off – one of her patients was in labor.

At the Crichton-Clark Clinic, William, Sam attempted to hack into Nina's medical records and William, an employee, caught her. Sam, still posing as Sabrina, told William that she would lose her job if she didn't log into her GH account ASAP. William agreed to help her, and Sam quickly closed out the program to get into Nina's records before William saw it. William helped Sam get onto the GH server, then he stood by and waited for her to log in. Sam tried, and failed, to guess Sabrina's password. She lied and said she may have gotten hacked. William got back on the computer to check something, and he insisted that Sam stay there while he did. He discovered that someone had tried to access Nina's records. He accused Sam, and she tried to lie her way out of it, but it didn't work. Security had distributed pictures of Sam and Silas after they caused trouble at the clinic the last time they were there. William pulled up a picture of Sam and realized that “Sabrina” was Sam in disguise. Sam wouldn't let go of the story at first, but eventually she gave up, and she asked William not to tell Dr. Drake what she was up to. William had his doubts that Patrick was even a real doctor, and he was convinced that Patrick wasn't really there to tour the clinic.

Patrick tried to enter a restricted area of the clinic, but the door was locked. Patrick gave up and was about to walk away when the door opened, and Robin walked out. They were stunned to see each other, and Robin asked how Patrick found her. Patrick didn't respond, because he was too angry once he realized that Robin had been an hour away, the last five months, and not in some remote location, like he'd assumed she was. Robin was apologetic. Patrick asked if Robin remembered her daughter, the one she left behind and was choosing not to visit? Robin insisted that she had no choice but to stay where Victor brought her. Patrick scoffed at the notion that Robin couldn't cross Victor. Robin acknowledged Patrick's anger, but she told Patrick that she needed to know how he found her. “I haven't seen you in months and your only concern is how I found you?” Patrick spat. Robin tried to explain that she really needed to know, but Patrick cut her off and asked why she didn't come up with a cover story so she could leave the clinic and visit her family for a one or two days. Robin told him that she wasn't even able to leave for an hour. Patrick felt that Robin couldn't be bothered to be there for him when he needed her during Gabriel's death. Robin didn't think Patrick was being fair. Patrick believed that Robin's actions showed that Jason was more important to her than Patrick, Emma and Anna. Robin told Patrick that there were things he didn't know. Patrick wasn't impressed that Robin was doing research to bring back psychopaths. Robin insisted that her research was important. Patrick told Robin that he'd gotten past being angry on his own behalf and had accepted that their marriage might be over but he was furious that Robin wasn't there for Emma after the accident, in which she could have been hurt, and after her brother died. Robin reiterated that she needed to know how Patrick found her. Patrick told her that he was here because of Sam, not her. Robin worried that Patrick had told Sam about Jason. Sounding cold, Patrick assured Robin that he'd keep her secret and wouldn't tell Sam that Jason was Robin's guinea pig or tell Anna the real reason Robin left. Patrick explained that he was distracting an employee while Sam looked for information on Silas's wife Nina. Robin had never heard of Nina Clay and she was surprised to hear that Silas was married. Robin realized that Sam was at the facility. Patrick explained that he was helping Sam, not because he owed her, but because she'd been a good friend. Robin was curious why Patrick owed Sam. Patrick replied that Sam was actually there for him when Gabriel died and she tracked down the person who ran him and Sabrina off the road, while Robin couldn't even take an hour flight to be there for him and Emma. Robin told Patrick that just because she couldn't be there, it didn't mean she didn't care. Robin told Patrick to get Sam out of there ASAP. “Both of you need to leave. I mean it. Now.” Robin stated. Patrick wondered why Robin was so adamant that he and Sam had to leave. He thought that he deserved the truth after everything Robin had put him through, and he felt that Sam had the right to know if Jason was there. He grabbed Robin's key-card and used it to open the restricted door.

Franco and Nina were in the art therapy room. Franco noted that Nina was sharper than she looked, and he wondered what else she was hiding. Nina told him that he should be worried about what she was going to do with the dirt she had on him. Carly walked in and Franco rushed over to greet her. Franco introduced Carly to Nina. Nina told Carly that they'd just been talking about the missing boy. Carly told him that Josslyn had been hiding Spencer in the house. Franco pretended to be shocked. Carly reminded Franco that she thought that both Josslyn and Franco were hiding something. She also noted that Franco was currently acting very jumpy and he'd quickly left the house when Nik and Britt came by. She asked if he'd known that Spencer was staying at their house. Franco swore that he didn't know, and he asked Carly why he'd help Josslyn hide Spencer. Nina piped up that she could think of a reason that Franco would hide Spencer. Franco quickly countered that he'd never do that. Nina suggested that Spencer might be getting abused, which would make Franco a hero for helping him out. Carly replied that Nik was a good father and Spencer wasn't being abused. Nina stated that in that case, there was no way Franco would have helped Spencer. Nina admitted that she didn't know Franco well, but she'd found him so kind and considerate that she was certain he'd never do anything hurtful. Carly noted that Franco had a fan. She told Nina it had been nice to meet her and said she should go so they could get back to art therapy. Franco kissed Carly goodbye. Carly left, and Franco told Nina that it seemed like she'd been about to tell Carly the truth. Nina explained that she'd been planning to tell the truth because she thought Franco was wrong to allow Spencer to keep hiding from his father, but she didn't think it was necessary to say anything and cause trouble between Franco and Carly now that Spencer was back home. Nina could tell that Franco cared for Carly. Nina could relate to that, and she admitted that she was in no position to judge. She acted like she was going to confide in Franco about the things she'd done wrong, and he encouraged it, but she faked him out. Nina laughed and asked if Franco thought she was just going to incriminate herself. Franco thought it was only fair, since he told her a secret. Nina pointed out that Franco never told her why he'd kept Spencer's secret. Franco had a flashback to Spencer bending back Franco's finger and telling Franco that they were both going to keep each other's secret. Franco took the deal, then Spencer added that Franco must stop trying to hurt Spencer's uncle Sonny. Nina told Franco that they'd just have to find out each other's deep dark secrets.

Lucas had just gotten out of the shower when he heard a knock at the door. He called out for Bobbie or Carly, but neither of them were home, so he was forced to go to the door in a towel. It was Felix; he'd just worked a double shift, but he wasn't tired. He'd brought wine and Knots Landing DVDs. Lucas pointed out that it was only noon, too early to drink, and he added that he'd promised Bobbie that he'd find a job today. Felix told Lucas that he knew why Lucas had been ignoring Felix's calls – it was Brad's fault. Felix told Lucas that he (Lucas) had jumped to the wrong conclusion after seeing Lucas and Brad at the bar together. Lucas sarcastically asked if he'd jumped to the wrong conclusion when he saw them kissing, too. Felix stated that Brad kissed Felix, without warning. Felix believed that Brad had a compulsive need to kiss people, and he reminded Lucas that Brad had kissed Lucas at the Nurses' Ball. Felix revealed that he and Brad had gotten into a big fight before Lucas saw them at The Floating Rib, and he told Lucas that it wasn't what Lucas thought. Lucas didn't want to hear it. He'd heard that line before, from Brad and from people like Brad, but he was surprised to get that line from Felix. Felix swore it wasn't a line; it was the truth. Lucas thought that Felix and Brad should date, if they wanted to and leave him out of it. “I don't want Brad. I want you” Felix said. Felix reminded Lucas that he'd made a decision about whether to pick Felix or Brad. Lucas insisted that it didn't matter anymore because he was done with both of them. Felix was willing to accept that it was too late but he still wanted to know if Lucas had been planning to choose him. Just then, Brad arrived. Felix wondered why Brad was there. Brad revealed that he'd come to tell Lucas that he wasn't dating Felix, but now he saw that Felix beat him to the punch. Brad was appalled when he saw that Felix brought Knots Landing DVDs, which according to Brad were a gays' gateway from casual to carnal. Brad yelled that Felix was trying to get under Lucas's towel. “So what if he is? Maybe I want him to,” Lucas snapped. Felix handed Brad the wine and DVDs and tried to steer him out the door, but Brad refused to leave. He reminded Lucas that they connected, and Lucas reminded Brad that that was before he stole Lucas's cousin's baby. Brad urged Lucas to stop focusing on that and to remember the amazing sex they had. Brad recalled that Lucas hadn't been able to get enough of him and had practically stalked him. Brad argued that Felix was a passionless cold fish. Felix pointed out that Brad had never been lucky enough to be with Felix. He added that he'd never had any complaints, the morning after. Brad was skeptical that Felix had ever even had a “morning after.” Brad and Felix continued to argue, but Lucas rendered them speechless when he told them that they could both have him. Lucas revealed that he was only kidding. Carly came home and stopped in her tracks when she saw her brother in a towel, talking with Felix and Brad in the living room. She asked what was going on. The guys mumbled that they were just talking. Carly noted that there seemed to be a lot of that going around.

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