GH Update Monday 8/4/14

General Hospital Update Monday 8/4/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Spencer comes out of hiding at Carly's home. When he thinks he is not seen by anyone, he plugs in his phone before he sees Franco enter the room. Spencer tells Franco he is merely charging his phone. Carly announces that she is home. Franco is willing to keep his secret in exchange for Spencer keeping his promise in their “deal” (not giving Franco up for his secret attempt to give Sonny up). In the other room, Franco “distracts” Carly by kissing her and preventing her from entering her living room (where she will see Spencer). She asks him why he is trying to distract her. She asks if he has a “secret” regarding Nina. When Spencer is talking on the phone in the other room, Britt asks where he went and how is she supposed to return him to his father when she doesn't know where to find him. Spencer tells her he's at Josslyn's house.

At the hospital, Silas wheels Nina to physical therapy. She smiles and acts gracious while she tells him she believes that it's just as well Dr. Drake has gotten fired from the hospital with what he did.

Patrick is with Sam outside the clinic where Nina was in a coma hoping to get some answers. Patrick talks to Elizabeth on the phone while she is at the camp with Cameron and Emma. He tells her he won't be able to make it to the camp because he has “something going on”, although he is not ready to tell her exactly where he is or what he is doing. Sam tells him that this place has maximum security, so she needs his back up if they are going to successfully secretly investigate whether Nina is faking paralysis, if she has a secret agenda or if she sold him out to the press. He tells her he really would like to know if it's Nina or Silas who is responsible for getting him fired from General Hospital.

At the hospital, Nina tells Silas she was really fond of Rafe and cannot understand how anyone would want to hurt him. She also reminds him that she is very disappointed that Sam does not trust him and is more concerned with helping Patrick and appears to trust him more.

Outside Kelly's, Olivia helps Kiki carry a bunch of coffee cups for the Quartermaines who are not getting good food at the hospital. Kiki informs Olivia that she, Michael, and Morgan are all refusing to give up on Alice, and it appears there might be another heart for her. Hearing that, Olivia is really happy and encouraged, especially for Ned.

When Carly suggests to Franco that he may have a secret regarding Nina, he assures her that he intends to be totally upfront with her about everything although he is presently going to work where he will probably see Nina. She then concludes that she completely trusts him.

At Lila's Kids camp, Emma admits to Cameron and to Josslyn that she believes that it's all her fault that Spencer has disappeared. Hearing that, Josslyn thinks that Emma is being very conceited to believe that everything always revolves around her. She knows the real reason Spencer has run away but doesn't tell the other kids.

At Windermere, while Britt is secretly talking to Spencer on her phone, Nikolas admits he still hasn't a clue where his son is. Maybe they should contact Olivia to see if she might have seen him at the Metro Court. But Britt knows there is no point in going to the Metro Court. She knows that they need to go to Carly's house.

In Carly's house, Spencer is able to escape and run up the stairs unseen while Franco and Carly are busy talking in the foyer. He takes his phone up to the other room and continues his conversation with Britt. Completely unaware that he is there, Carly talks to Franco about Josslyn. She knows her daughter is a “unique” young person and kind of reminds Carly of her Uncle Luke. Carly feels that Josslyn is keeping something from her, but then supposes she may just be going through a phase. The doorbell rings. Carly opens the door and lets Britt and Nikolas in. Franco offers his help in finding Spencer, but Nikolas very rudely dismisses him, so Franco goes to work at the hospital. Nikolas tells Carly that he hates to bother her, but he wonders if, by any chance, she might have seen Spencer at the Metro Court or could find out if anyone on staff there would have since that's where they last spotted him.

At camp, Josslyn privately confronts Cameron about the fact that Emma is not that great, not that important to Spencer and she seems to believe everything is all about her. She tells him she knows for a fact that his girlfriend doesn't have a clue what happened to Spencer., much less where he is.

While Nikolas is distracted talking to Carly at her house, Britt finds an excuse to leave the room, telling them she needs to make a private call to a patient. She walks upstairs and finds Spencer in a bedroom. She's happy to know he's ok, and wants to be Nikolas' hero by "rescuing" his son.

Outside of Kelly's, Olivia admits to Kiki that she has been spending time with Ned. They both know that Ned suspects his mom as Kiki, Michael and Morgan all do. Kiki encourages Olivia to consider becoming friends (or more than friends) with Ned, because he needs someone to distract him from all his troubles. After rearranging all the cups and bags she has to carry, Kiki says she needs to get to the hospital.

At the private clinic, Sam and Patrick talk privately. She remembers being there before with Silas when they were investigating what happened to Nina almost a year ago before she appeared out of nowhere. She recalls knocking out a couple of guards, so she needs to disguise herself. She puts on a pair of glasses that might make someone confuse her with Sabrina Santiago.

At General Hospital, Nina is ready to go alone to Physical Therapy, which she is planning on skipping, Silas tells her he'd like to go with her. Not wanting her husband to discover her subterfuge, Nina claims she doesn't want to jinx her progress by having Silas witness her recovery. She'd rather have him see her when she's able to walk up and down a staircase.

At the private clinic, Patrick enters and talks to the assistant facilities manager and introduces himself as the chief of neurosurgery at GH and Sam as Nurse Santiago. The man knows Patrick's reputation and discusses their work with him. Patrick says he doesn't get along with GH's chief of staff and is considering relocating to the clinic. The man is very solicitous and agrees to show them around, but first he needs to see their IDs. Patrick shows him his GH badge and tries to get Sam to get in behind him. The man insists on also seeing Nurse Santiago's ID.

At the hospital, Franco sees Nina and they go into the art room together. He tells her that it appears none of the other art patients are there and they are alone. She admits she finds the time she spends with him more “therapeutic” than the time she spends with her physical therapist while he massages her muscles. He asks if her “husband” approves. Hearing that, she assumes he means the fact that she is alone with him. But Franco clarifies to her he is talking about her missing physical therapy.

Not far away, in the lobby, Kiki sees her father and tells him she knows that sometimes he does not like to talk. They haven't spoken since Rafe was taken off of life support. She tells him if he's not going to talk to her, he needs to at least talk to Sam. Silas glumly informs his daughter that he and Sam have broken up.

When Sam is with Patrick attempting to pass herself off as Nurse Santiago and the staff require her ID, she is able to show them what appears to be Sabrina's ID. They accept that and let her go inside the other room with Patrick.

At the camp, Emma finds Elizabeth and tells her Josslyn has been mean to her. Elizabeth holds Emma and asks her what about. Emma replies they were talking about Spencer. Not far away, Cameron is able to persuade Josslyn to tell him if she knows where Spencer is. She admits that Spencer has been hiding out at her house. Coming up behind them, Elizabeth wants to know what's going on.

Carly is on the phone talking to the staff at the hotel and unfortunately nobody has seen or heard from Spencer since he was last seen there. Nikolas is still incapable of finding his son and hasn't a clue he's in the next room.

While in the other room, talking alone to Britt, Spencer seems confident that she will heroically bring him home and his father will want to get back with her. Britt knows that if somebody knows he's been hiding out at Carly's, that won't do her any good. Nikolas wants to help Britt win his dad back and is ready to agree to her plan of meeting her at the park on the swings in an hour, so that she can play the hero.

Elizabeth tells Josslyn she is being rude to Emma and it's not very nice. Josslyn tells her just because she doesn't agree with everything Emma says, it doesn't make her a bad person. In response to that, Elizabeth concludes that Josslyn is just as argumentative and difficult as her mother. She tells Josslyn she'd like her to apologize to Emma. Josslyn does not seem to feel guilty, intimidated or apologetic as she knows where Spencer is when no one else does. Emma then prompts Cameron to tell his mom what Josslyn just told him about Spencer.

Spencer continues to hide out at Carly's while Nikolas looks for him with Britt who tells him no need for worry.

Franco confides in Nina that he and Carly are having issues and secrets between them. He admits that Carly suspected he might be having a “thing” with Nina. Nina finds that odd. He admits that he did kind of use that as an excuse to “hide” something from Carly. She seems to assume that he is presently having an affair. He tells Nina no. That's not the case. She asks if he might be concerned about his girlfriend’s ex husband. He replies no. He (her ex) is an arrogant, egotistical creep, but he indicates that there is “another woman” in his life whom he is done with, not willing to “consider” or cheat. Yet this other woman has “incentive” for him to do something that he has to keep a secret from Carly about. She asks how it is that he was ready to do this action behind Carly's back, and what made him stop? He replies he “got caught”.

Silas explains to Kiki that Sam has had different “priorities” about the circumstances regarding Rafe's death, and he doesn't believe that Patrick did everything possible to save him in surgery. Sam seems to make Patrick a higher priority in her life than him. And to make things worse, Sam believes he leaked the secret to the press that got Dr. Drake fired.

While Patrick and Sam are at the private facility, he makes his story and reason for consulting with their staff very believable. He talks about how he saved a coma patient and needs to know how they conduct their practice and where they get their funding. While he distracts the guy, Sam excuses herself to go to the ladies' room, but instead goes to one of their computers to get Nina's medical records. She uses a program that Spinelli gave her to discover the password to get into their system.

Patrick notices a restricted room and asks to look inside, but the man refuses to let him in, then excuses himself to go take care of another matter.

When Nikolas and Britt return to Windermere and he still hasn't a clue what happened to his son, he tells her that almost all cases where children have been missing this long, it's impossible to find them and they are gone forever. Keeping very calm and not worried, Britt insists that he lie down and get some rest while she goes to find his son. She hugs him and consoles him knowing very soon Spencer will appear and everything will go her way.

As Spencer is about to leave Carly's house, he hears a knock on the door and hides under her coffee table. Carly goes to get the door. It's Elizabeth who tells Carly she's there because Cameron and Josslyn informed her that Spencer has been hiding out at Carly's home. So, she'd like to take a look around. Carly assures Elizabeth that she would know if Spencer were in her house. As soon as Elizabeth enters Carly's living room, she sees Spencer's legs sticking out from under the coffee table and pulls him out by his feet. He gives her a mischievous grin.

Nina asks Franco how he got found out scheming behind Carly's back. Did she find that out? He tells her no. She asks whom this mysterious person is who is keeping his secret in exchange for “incentive”. Since Franco keeps looking at a flier of the missing child, Nina guesses that Nikolas is the one.

In the hospital lobby, Kiki tells Silas that maybe he can prove to Sam that he did not get Patrick fired and somebody else leaked the story to the press. He insists to her there are more trust issues between himself and Sam. There's also Nina, he tells his daughter. Since she has come back, it's put a strain on his relationship with Sam. He concludes, it was naïve to think that he and Sam were going to be ok and trust one another when Nina is in his apartment alone with him, in her present condition when they are still legally married. Sam believes Nina wants to come between them. Kiki asks her father if he believes that.

Nina concludes that she can tell that Franco has found a kid who was running away. He overheard Franco implementing his little plan behind Carly's back, and he agreed to keep his mouth shut in exchange for Franco keeping him hidden.

Britt is anxious to find Spencer in the park as they had agreed, but he doesn't show up.

While Nikolas is alone in his home and very worried, Elizabeth appears unexpectedly. He asks to what he owes this visit. She replies she thinks she “has something of his”. Spencer appears behind her.

Nina tells Franco she is on to him, but he knows that she also has a secret. She tells him if she were him, she'd be less concerned about her secret than about his own secret blowing up in his face with the kid hiding in Carly's home. Carly appears in the doorway looking like she is angry with Franco, observing them talking and with what she has just discovered in her home.

Kiki tells her dad she is sorry about him and Sam breaking up, and she hugs him, assuring him that she's there for him.

At the private facility, after Patrick has the staff distracted so that Sam can get into the private room and into the computer, she remarks that with Spinelli's help, she has successfully gotten into the clinic's computer system. Before she can get any information, though, a man enters and asks if he can help Nurse Santiago.

In the hallway, Patrick is curious to see what's in the restricted room. He turns the doorknob but the door is locked. Suddenly, someone opens it, and Patrick opens his mouth and stares in disbelief, stunned by what he sees.

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