GH Update Friday 8/1/14

General Hospital Update Friday 8/1/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Sam goes through her apartment and puts toys away. In the process, she is able to see a picture on the mantelpiece of herself and Silas in happier days. She stares at it stunned as she remembers just last night going to see him in an attempt to reconcile and seeing him on the couch making out with Nina. She hears a knock at the door and opens the door to see Patrick.

Nina is alone in Silas' apartment, moving around in her wheelchair waiting for Silas to get up. When he enters the room, she happily smiles and greets him and asks if she can get him some coffee. He does not answer but demands to know what happened to him last night (when she drugged him).

Nikolas enters his home and appears suspicious when he sees Brad there, uninvited, talking to Britt in Nikolas' living room. She explains that Brad is there to help them bring Spencer home.

As Josslyn helps Spencer hide out at Carly's, unknown to everyone except for them, he is able to spy upon Franco and overhears him making calls to “get the goods on Sonny”.

At the gallery, Julian leaves a message for Alexis. He's startled to see Sonny at his door unexpected, along with his “goons” ready for a confrontation.

At Ava's penthouse, Fluke is on the web cam and demands that Julian enables the video, so that he can tell him what Julian has already told him he is not going to listen to. Ava accesses the web cam, reveals herself to the “boss” and confirms to him that someone other than Julian has been listening to his secret plan. He looks at her alarmed.

Franco attempts to get into Carly's computer trying to guess what her password would be, mumbling to himself that it may or may not be Josslyn and knows that Carly would not use his name as something to remember for that purpose. He remembers Ava telling him if he can get the recording Carly keeps of Sonny confessing that he (Sonny) killed AJ, she can eliminate Sonny as an obstacle to Franco's relationship with Carly. Assuming he is alone, Franco remarks that as much as he does not like going behind Carly's back to sell Sonny out, this is too good of an opportunity to pass up. And he assumes that only he knows this secret. Spencer reveals himself and declares that he also knows the secret.

At Nikolas' home, he apologizes to Britt for snapping. Knowing that she is keeping a secret from him about his son and that Spencer has only contacted her (and not his dad), she hugs him attempting to assure him that everything should be ok,

When Patrick goes to see Sam, he tells her he heard about the fire at Alexis' home. She assures him it was a miracle that Danny had to tantrum right before it happened so that all the people were out of the house when it happened. He realizes that although it's very fortunate that the people are safe, the fire happened under suspicious circumstances. Sam tells him she's now come to realize that things like this are not atypical when one is related to “the mob”.

Sonny has his “men” come and invade Julian's home and threaten him as he tells Julian he took something from Sonny. Julian asks him what that might be. Sonny tells Julian he took his sister “from” Sonny. And he needs to know where she is.

Back at hers' and Julian's apartment, Ava sees Fluke on the webcam greet her and tells her it's a lovely surprise although he was expecting her brother. He tells her he and Julian were discussing his next “art purchase”. But she indicates she knows better than that. That is not what he was contacting Julian for. She happens to know that this man (who looks just like Luke) has threatened Julian by blowing up his girlfriend's house last night. She knows that her brother is confronting his boss over this. She is onto him. She knows that the boss who blew up Alexis' house is the one she sees in front of her, and she believes he's Luke Spencer.

Sonny tells Julian that he needs to know what his motive is to help his sister escape when he remembers the last time they spoke, Julian wanted Ava dead. He remembers the chain of events that occurred on the night Julian attempted to kill his sister and has some other questions for Julian. But he needs to find out what would motivate Julian to agree to help Ava escape Sonny. What does she have on him? Or what is she willing to offer him in exchange for his help?

Ava confronts the man whom she believes is Luke, asking what type of crime he is running that makes it so he has to stop at nothing to prevent Julian from jumping ship. What is it that causes him to get innocent people shot and houses to blow up? Remembering Luke Spencer, she knows that was not his reputation. She knows that Luke may have had his issues but he had a conscience and could not do anything like this. The man replies that the Luke Spencer people may think they have known has changed.

Patrick helps Sam put away and straighten things in her apartment. He asks her if she was able to find the surveillance videos that Sonny presently has. She replies yes. He asks if she was able to see Nina or have any proof of her theory that Nina leaked the secret to reporters that got Patrick fired. She admits that she did not see any proof that Nina was involved but there was evidence that very possibly she was eavesdropping upon the conversation where Silas told Sam that Patrick may have wanted Rafe dead, which only she and Silas knew.

At Silas' apartment, he tells Nina that he finds it very odd that it was nothing more than the small sip of alcohol that he took last night that caused him to have a complete blackout and be incapable of thinking or controlling his actions.

Nikolas still hasn't a clue where his son is or even heard from him. Britt assures him that she will help him find his son. She appears like she might almost be ready to admit to him that she and Spencer have been in “cahoots” via text and that her little scheme has gotten Nikolas' son to run away.

Spencer tells Franco he needs to know why Franco is going after his uncle Sonny. He tells Franco he knows that he is attempting to hack into Carly's email to get the goods on his uncle. Franco then remembers that he has seen Spencer somewhere before. And as soon as he looks at his computer screen he sees a news flash that says Spencer Cassadine is missing and if anyone has any information to let his father or the police know.

At the gallery, Julian tells Sonny he is not intimidated by him. He happens to know that Sonny murdered AJ Quartermaine and Carlos Rivera is taking the rap for the crime which he did not commit. Sonny asks how or from whom Julian got that information. He reminds him if Ava was his only source, he might want to question his sister's track record with telling the truth. But Julian happens to know there is proof. Sonny asks Julian if he's ever seen this alleged proof. Julian tells Sonny it doesn't matter. He knows it exists. And, he tells Sonny, sooner or later, he will get his hands on it.

When Ava talks to “the boss” (whom she believes is Luke Spencer) on the webcam, she tells him that if he is the boss of Julian he is also the person who sent her brother to kill her. He replies he had no choice because he believed she was leaking his and Julian's secret information to Sonny. She admits that was the case at the time. But, she informs him, things have changed since then. He asks if that would mean that she has had a falling out with Mr. Corinthos and has been able to convince her brother to help her escape to what is now a safe penthouse. She admits that she does not entirely feel safe nor trust her brother. And she concludes, to “Mr. Spencer” that maybe she should be in business with him instead of Julian in business with him.

Patrick asks Sam how it is that she assumes, without proof that Nina is faking needing a wheelchair. She tells him that she has a “hunch” and it could stand to reason with Nina pretending to be helpless and having the power to manipulate Silas. She knows that being “fragile” can have its advantages. Hearing that, Patrick jokingly asks Sam how she would know about that, being such a “bad-ass chick”. Sam tells Patrick she does not really see herself that way. Patrick asks her if she attempted to find out from Nina if she told the reporter the secret or not. Sam admits she did in fact make an attempt to do so. But, she admits, it was kind of hard to do that with Nina's tongue down Silas' throat.

Silas lies down on the couch with a head-ache. Nina observes him and tells him “this looks familiar”. She remembers the morning after her cousin's wedding which they attended many years ago. He got really upset because the high society function did not serve beer. They laugh about that event long ago, which he admits he does not want to remember. She talks about all the meals she used to make for him and asks if he wants her to cook some breakfast. He asks if she does not have physical therapy today. She plays along with him in the conversation to make it appear as though she does need her appointment. But he seems to be concerned about remembering the previous night, Sam came by. He remembers she wanted to tell him something. But Nina concludes that Sam might be finally realizing that she and Silas are through and he is back with his wife. Remembering exactly what Sam walked in on last night, Nina is genuinely confident that that may very well be happening as they speak.

Sam discusses with Patrick the fact that she walked in on Silas and Nina making out and they knew she saw them. He asks her what Silas said or did. She admits he did not say much and appeared like he may have been drunk. She doesn't want to talk about that but affirms to Patrick that regardless of the situation, she wants to get to the bottom of this and expose Nina because she won't let Nina get away with what she may have done to him. Patrick asks her if she might be more concerned with what she believes Nina could be doing to Silas.

When Nikolas leaves Britt alone to talk to Brad in the living room, he tells her that maybe she should make herself the hero by bringing Nikolas' son back. Won't it be a “win-win”? She tells him yes. She'd like to do that but doesn't want any more lies. He tells her he knows she wants Nikolas back and she'd be doing a good thing bringing Spencer back. She tells him that is true but there is one problem. She doesn't know where he is.

As soon as Franco notices, on the computer that Spencer is missing, hiding from his family, is probably secretly hiding out at Carly's and is right in front of him, he tells him he's going to call the police or 911 to report a missing child. But Spencer tells him he wouldn't do that if he were him. Spencer reminds Franco what he knows about Franco's secret.

At the art gallery, Sonny tells Julian he doesn't really care what Julian believes he knows. He warns Julian, he may not want to repeat that story because it could be dangerous to his health. Julian reminds Sonny it would not be in his best interest to kill him. Sonny tells him he knows it's because Danny might need his bone marrow that he is able to use that as a threat to prevent anyone from ending him. Sonny tells Julian there are lot of things he can do without killing him. He could take his gun and blow out Julian's knee caps. He reminds him as far as he knows, there are no rules that prevent him from donating bone marrow from a wheelchair.

On the webcam, “Luke” asks Ava just what she is suggesting by telling him maybe the two of them could work together. She tells him that maybe she can have things to offer him that Julian cannot. He knows that Julian is not very “cooperative”, having just gotten his 2nd-in-command killed. His organization might be coming apart at the seams. He might need someone who is right in Port Charles with information that could benefit him about Sonny. She tells him what she has could take Sonny out of the game permanently. Hearing that, “Luke” tells her by all means, she must share. But she tells him that she shares with those who share with her. He does not entirely trust her however. And he concludes she needs to tell him what she knows about Sonny. Otherwise, she is wasting his time. She tells him she does not believe he will find it a waste of his time. He has a vacancy. She needs a job. And she has information he needs about Sonny. All the more reason for them to do business together.

Britt admits to Brad that maybe this plan they had to win Nikolas over is not going the way she wants. She was tempted to bring “the Britch” back. But it's wearing on her conscience to see that she is responsible for the agony Nikolas is going through not knowing where his son is. So they are both not certain whether the best plan is “to Britch or not to Britch”.

Patrick and Sam continue to “brainstorm” about her theory regarding Nina scamming being in a wheelchair and having an agenda to break up Silas and Sam and get him back at any cost. They get into a conversation about solving crimes and remember when Jason died. He asks her if Nina is really physically capable of being on the roof. She concludes that they need to know what Nina's medical condition really is.

Nina continues to work on Silas and he is not sure what to do. They play a game of cards and she persuades him to play strip poker. She shares with him that Nathan came by when he was asleep and she wanted to encourage her brother not to give up on his dreams. She tells Silas she “has a surprise” for him. And she attempts to stand up, appearing like she is awkwardly getting out of her wheelchair for the first time. Silas observes her but does not smile.


Julian returns to Ava and sees she appears to be drinking milk. He remarks that he sees she is “taking care” of the baby. She asks where his sudden concern for the niece or nephew who is he child of either Sonny or with Morgan. And she informs him she just had a long conversation with his boss and has concluded that maybe they should all start working together like the good ole days.

At Carly's home, Franco admits to Spencer he does not feel good about keeping Spencer's secret in exchange for Spencer offering him the same. Spencer tells him he does not have to “feel good". He just has to do it. And they have an agreement to keep each other's secrets knowing that it will help them both.

Nikolas returns home and admits to Britt that he is distraught with being incapable to find his son. She wants to encourage him to not worry, assures him she can help him with stress and well being because she is a doctor. He goes upstairs to lie down. As soon as she is alone, she attempts to text an unresponsive Spencer.

Nina has Silas believing that she has worked really hard in physical therapy and she has had incredible results with being able to stand for the first time. She has him convinced that she should not try too hard but is not lying about anything.

Sam is then talking to Patrick, telling him that they both have to find out if Nina is faking paralysis. She then concludes to him that she knows of the clinic where Nina woke up for the first time just recently after 20 years of being (supposedly) comatose. It's in Westchester, NY, and she is determined to contact the facility as it is the only place to get answers once and for all.

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