GH Update Thursday 7/31/14

General Hospital Update Thursday 7/31/14


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

It was morning in Port Charles. Julian came into the living room and found Ava reading the paper. Ava had just learned about the fire, and she asked if Alexis and her family were okay. Julian said that they were physically fine, but they weren't okay after losing their home. Ava had also read that the fire may have been caused by a bomb. Julian confirmed that it was a bomb, planted by Mickey to send Julian a message. Ava noted that this was the second time someone had made a move against Julian's family. She wondered about what would happen next time, and Julian stated that there wouldn't be a next time. Ava urged Julian to be careful, and she stressed that she was concerned about him. Julian asked if that's what she meant when she left a message saying not to be a hero because he was the only thing standing between her and Sonny's bullet? Ava explained that she was concerned about both him and herself. Julian replied that it was under control. Ava wanted to know what that meant, and Julian advised her to worry about getting a copy of the recording that proved Sonny killed AJ. Ava revealed that she was working on it. Julian told her to work faster because he was used to living alone and his patience for cohabitation was wearing thin. Ava reminded Julian that they were on the same side, and he reminded her that she betrayed him to cozy up to Sonny and Morgan. Ava stated that she'd already apologized for that. An apology wasn't enough for Julian. He made it clear that she was nothing more than a means to an end to him and that they wouldn't be forging a sibling bond. Ava accepted this and went into another room.

Once Julian was alone, he called Fake Luke and they did a video chat. Julian confronted Fake Luke about having Alexis's house bombed and said that he could burn down Fake Luke's whole organization. Fake Luke warned Julian that doing so would get Julian burned beyond recognition. Fake Luke felt that Julian should have known there would be consequences for refusing to be a team player. Julian pointed out that Fake Luke never told him that they were lacing the cocaine with heroin. Fake Luke felt that he'd done Julian a favor by keeping him in the dark and sparing his delicate sensibilities. Julian was outraged about Alexis and Danny's brush with death thanks to Fake Luke. Fake Luke didn't think that an explosion in which no one was hurt was a big deal, and he didn't think that Julian should have shot Mickey over it. Julian claimed that he had nothing to do with the shooting, but Fake Luke didn't believe the official story that Jordan shot Mickey with Julian's gun. Julian didn't bother to argue. Fake Luke warned Julian that killing Mickey hadn't solved Julian's problems; Fake Luke had several Mickeys, just waiting for the order. Julian challenged Fake Luke to send them, and he warned Fake Luke that he'd make him pay if anyone in his family was hurt. Fake Luke told Julian to relax because bloodshed was bad for business and distracted them from the ultimate goal of putting Sonny's head on a spike. Julian asked if Fake Luke was calling a truce. Before Mickey was shot, he'd told Fake Luke that Julian had damaging information on Sonny. Fake Luke promised to forgive Julian in exchange for that information. Julian suspected that Fake Luke might dispose of him after he revealed the dirt on Sonny, so Julian refused to tell Fake Luke what he knew. Julian told Fake Luke to start treating him like an equal and stop lacing the cocaine with heroin. Julian said that if Fake Luke did those things, Julian would consider giving him the dirt on Sonny. Fake Luke warned Julian that he'd just made a big mistake. Unfazed, Julian ended the call. He tucked a gun into his waistband and left the penthouse. Ava made a beeline to his computer and looked through his call history. She called the number that Julian had called last. Fake Luke turned his web-cam on, so Ava saw him, but she didn't turn on the camera on her end. Fake Luke assumed that Julian was calling back, and he ordered him to turn on the camera. Ava finally made herself visible to Fluke.

Anna stood by as the police searched Mickey's suite. She made it clear that all findings were to be brought directly to her and not shared with anyone else. Dante came by, at Anna's request, and she asked him how Nathan's task force was doing with the search for Spencer. Dante told her that they had someone watching the airports, train station and bus station and searching malls and parks. Dante didn't think a kid with a big personality like Spencer would be able to stay hidden for long. Anna told Dante that Julian shot Mickey in retaliation for blowing up Alexis's house, but for right now, the official story was that Jordan was the shooter. Anna was eager to arrest Julian but she couldn't do that because she didn't want to blow Jordan's cover and lose the chance to bring down Julian's boss. Anna revealed that Jordan talked to the Jerome boss and thought that it sounded like Luke. Dante replied that Luke was a conman, not a drug dealer. He added that Luke had made a conscious choice to stay out of organized crime and if he ever changed his mind, he'd go to Sonny, not Julian. Anna didn't think it was Luke either, but she didn't think the DEA would consider herself and Dante to be impartial since Anna dated Luke in the past and Dante was the son of a mob boss. Dante conceded that Anna was right. Anna told him to investigate and clear Luke's name before Jordan told the DEA her theory and they wasted time and money tracking Luke instead of the real boss.

At Wyndemere, Nik was on the phone with Elizabeth, who was at GH. She was looking for an update on the search for Spencer. Nik had searched the whole island the night before but there were no signs that Spencer had ever come home. Liz decided to find someone to cover her shift and come over so Nik wouldn't be alone. Nik told Liz that she didn't have to because Britt was there. Meanwhile, Britt was in the living room on the phone with Spencer. He wanted to know if Britt and Nik were back together yet. Britt explained that it was taking some time. Spencer was annoyed; he missed his dad and he wanted to come home. He told Britt that she needed to take advantage of the sacrifice he was making. Britt ordered Spencer not to boss her around, just as Nik walked in. Britt ended the call. Nik wanted to know who she snapped at, and Britt told him that she was talking to her brother. Nik was curious to know if she always spoke to Nathan that way, and Britt explained that she was worried about Spencer and she was frustrated that Nathan and the other cops hadn't found him yet. Nik was grateful to Britt for staying there with him, all night, and for going to bat for Spencer. He told her that he didn't know what he'd do without her right now. Britt took Nik's hand and told him he didn't have to thank her. Britt loved Spencer, even if he was acting like a brat by running out on Nik. Nik insisted that this was his fault, not Spencer's. Nik felt that he was a bad father for dismissing Spencer's emotional outbursts instead of taking him seriously and helping him. Britt tried to assure Nik that he was a good dad, but he argued that if that were true, his son would be at home right now. Britt insisted that Spencer was being willful and that he'd be home soon, but Nik pointed out that he'd been missing for days now and he could be hurt. Britt was adamant that Spencer wouldn't be missing much longer. Nik wondered how Britt could be so confident about that. She told him she just was, then she pulled him into a hug. Nik apologized and told Britt that he couldn't keep leaning on her like this. He decided to go check on the police investigation. Britt offered to go too, but Nik asked her to wait at the house in case Spencer returned. Britt told Nik she was sorry and that he didn't deserve to go through this. Nik thanked her and left.

Nik tracked Anna down at Mickey's suite. He demanded to know why the death of a criminal took precedence over the disappearance of a child. Anna told Nik that she had every free officer working on Nik's case. Nik wanted to know why he saw Anna's people in the hotel room. Anna explained that they were CSU techs. Nik wanted to know exactly what Anna was doing to find Spencer. Anna had someone trying to clean up the footage of Spencer getting into the cab. Nik wasn't satisfied because there were no results. He snapped that Britt was getting more accomplished than the police were. Anna told Nik that, as commissioner, she had an obligation to everyone in town, not just to him. Nik was worried that Spencer was hurt or that he'd been kidnapped. Anna asked if he had gotten a call or a letter. Nik admitted that he hadn't, and Anna stated that the police would continue to treat this like a runaway case. Anna told Nik that the best thing for him to do was go home and wait. Nik softened and he told Anna that Spencer was all he had and he couldn't lose him. Anna understood how Nik felt but she told him that he couldn't let his panic and desperation get the better of him. She reminded Nik that he'd returned her daughter to her, less than a year ago, and she vowed not to rest until she returned the favor.

Back at the hospital, Tracy approached Liz and asked to see Mickey's bloodwork. Liz refused, due to privacy laws, and she added that Mickey's lab work wasn't back yet. On cue, Brad walked up holding a file with the lab work. Tracy threatened to use her position on the hospital board to get Liz and Brad if she didn't get her way. Brad told her that if she wanted to see the file, she should take it up with Obrecht. Tracy said she couldn't because Obrecht was busy dealing with the fallout from “that teenaged druggie's death.” Brad was appalled by the way Tracy referred to Rafe, but Tracy didn't care because she was focused on trying to save her friend's life. Liz tried to appease Tracy by offering to get a message to Obrecht for her. Tracy pretended that she would take Liz up on the offer, then she ripped the file from Brad's hands. To Tracy's delight, the brain-dead Mickey was B+ just like Alice, and he didn't have any drugs in his system. Liz pointed out that Mickey would need to be an organ donor, or they'd need the family's permission in order for the heart to be donated to Alice. Tracy asked if Mickey's license was there. Liz assumed that the police had it. Just then, Dante walked up. Liz asked about the search for Spencer, then she went to see if anyone at GH knew where Mickey's license was. asked Tracy if she and Luke came back from the honeymoon together. Tracy told Dante that she'd been avoiding having this conversation with Lulu but there was no point in hiding it. She explained that she broke up with Luke, due to personal reasons, and had the marriage annulled. Dante gave Tracy his sympathies and asked if she knew how to get in touch with Luke. Tracy claimed she didn't, but Luke would probably call her looking for money sooner or later and she could give him a message. Dante asked her to just have Luke call him. He left, and Tracy left Luke a voicemail about her encounter with his son in law. Tracy had the feeling that Dante was looking for Luke for legal reasons, and she told him to get in touch ASAP. Liz returned after she found the license. She broke the news that Mickey was not an organ donor.

Dante went back to the hotel and told Anna what Tracy said.

Britt invited Brad over. After he arrived, she brought him up to speed. Brad laid out the plan – Britt had teamed up with a child and enlisted her mother to keep Liz busy at work so that Nik would have to turn to Britt, then Britt would “find” Spencer, and Nik would be so grateful he'd take Britt back. Brad thought it was genius, but Britt felt terrible, and she was considering confessing. Brad didn't understand why Britt wanted to abandon a plan that was working. Britt explained that remembered how she felt when Ben had been kidnapped. She couldn't believe that she was putting the man she “supposedly loves” through the same torture. Britt wanted to end Nik's suffering and confess. Britt thought that Brad should take some responsibility for all this, since he was the one who encouraged her to go back to being The Britch. Brad refused to accept any responsibility for a plan he had nothing to do with, and he reminded Britt that no one twisted her arm. Britt admitted that Brad was right. Brad suggested that Britt should go with her first impulse and confess. Britt was hesitant because she knew that confessing would end her chances with Nik. Brad told Britt she'd have to figure out how long she was willing to torture Nik in the name of getting him back. Britt wasn't sure what she wanted to do. Nik returned and asked Britt why Brad was there. Britt explained that she invited him over to talk about something. Britt told Nik that she needed to talk to him (Nik) about bringing Spencer home.

Josslyn walked into her living room carrying two bowls of cereal. Franco asked if one was for him. Josslyn's voice dripped with scorn as she told him to get his own. Franco said he would, and Josslyn gleefully informed him that they were out of cereal. She went upstairs to her bedroom, then she gave one of the bowls to Spencer. Spencer wanted muesli instead, like he had for breakfast in Europe. Josslyn spat that he could go to Europe the next time he ran away instead of coming there. Spencer thanked Josslyn for taking him in. Josslyn told Spencer that he was lucky that Carly was so distracted by her loser boyfriend, otherwise she would have found him by now. Josslyn wondered about Spencer's dad – didn't he miss Spencer. Spencer hoped so because that would cause Nik to get closer to Britt. Spencer talked about how he liked Britt more than Liz and how he didn't want Cam and Aiden to be his brothers. Spencer admitted that Aiden was okay, but he didn't want a brother unless it was Ben. Josslyn thought her older brothers were awesome, but she didn't know if she'd like having a little brother. Spencer confided that what he really wanted was a mom. He explained that he used to have one, and according to Spencer, she was the best person ever, but she died when he was born. Spencer pulled out a picture of Courtney and showed it to Josslyn. Josslyn asked what Courtney was like. Spencer didn't know. Whenever he brought up Courtney to Nik, Nik got sad, so Spencer stopped asking. Spencer just wanted Nik to be happy and he thought that Nik would be happy with Britt if he gave her a chance. Josslyn thought it was too bad Spencer was going to miss the water war at camp. Spencer wanted to go, but he felt like he had to keep his eye on the prize. Josslyn hoped it worked out and that Spencer got the mom he wanted.

Carly entered the living room and asked Franco where he'd been last night. She pointed out that he left the hotel before her and he'd said he was going straight home, yet he didn't make it home until well after she did. Franco tried to dodge the question but Carly wouldn't let it go. Franco remembered being at Ava's the night before – Ava had theorized that Carly had saved a copy of the recording that proved Ava killed Connie and Sonny killed AJ, and Ava asked Franco to help her steal it. Carly told Franco that she got anxious when people she cared about weren't where they said they'd be. Franco told Carly that he'd ran into a friend. Carly pointed out that he didn't have any friends. Franco insisted that he did too, and when Carly challenged him to name one, he hesitated and named Kiki. Carly asked if he was with Kiki last night and Franco admitted that he wasn't. Carly got angry, and she accused Franco of going to Michael last night and telling him what Sonny did. Franco reminded Carly that he promised not to do that, and Carly spat that Franco didn't have a good track record for keeping promises and he'd been lying to her since she came downstairs. Franco was able to convince Carly that he hadn't told Michael the truth about Sonny killing AJ. She apologized and explained that she reacted like that because her family was important to her. Franco tried to assure Carly that he understood, but Carly wasn't sure that he did since he already tried to tell Michael before and because he wouldn't tell her where he was last night. Franco assured Carly that she had nothing to worry about. He then seized the opportunity to broach the subject of the recording. Franco swore he wouldn't tell Michael and even if he had, Michael wouldn't believe him without proof. Franco told Carly that she should probably delete her copy of the recording so that it didn't fall into the wrong hands. Carly seemed puzzled by the shift in the conversation, but she admitted that she had kept a copy of the recording as insurance against Ava. The recording was in a locked file on Carly's computer. Carly got back on topic and asked Franco where he'd been last night. Franco lied and said he'd gone to visit Nina. Franco clarified that he hadn't wanted to tell Carly because she'd acted jealous when she questioned him about Nina. Carly disagreed that she'd been jealous. Franco offered to make Carly breakfast.

Josslyn was upstairs telling Spencer about a story she was acting out with stuffed animal - a lion shot his son, the bear, before he realized he was his son. The bear wanted to arrest his father even though he liked him. Spencer thought her story was bizarre. “So is my family” Josslyn replied. Carly called Josslyn to come downstairs. Josslyn ordered Spencer to stay in the room.

Carly had a meeting to go to, and she asked Franco if he could drop Josslyn off at camp. Franco didn't think it was a good idea for him and Josslyn to take a long car ride. Carly pointed out that it was a ten-minute drive. Josslyn came downstairs, and Carly left. As soon as they were gone, Franco grabbed Carly's laptop. Spencer sneaked downstairs and hid when he realized Franco was there.

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