GH Update Wednesday 7/30/14

General Hospital Update Wednesday 7/30/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Lulu gets the door and is surprised to see Maxie coming by unexpectedly. Maxie tells her that she is getting married and would like Lulu to be her matron of honor. Hearing that, Lulu is not certain what to say or do and does not sound like she is encouraging Maxie to do what she says she's going to do.

At ELQ, Tracy is on the phone, leaving a message for Luke and wondering why he is not picking up his phone. She reminds him that they are married. She tells him she has to let him know about the bad news involving Lice.

While Jordan is with Mickey, holding a gun on him in self defense, after he's mentioned he's on to her, Julian comes out of nowhere. He fires a shot a Mickey. Mickey falls to the floor. Julian tells him that is what he gets for trying to kill Julian's family.

Alexis and Sam stand outside Sam's door, wondering what to conclude about the explosion, how it could have happened or how to tell the kids. Sam asks her mom if she believes Julian could possibly knowing something about it since they noticed him “on a mission” ready to leave after making sure nobody was killed in the fire. And they both know that it's best not to share with Molly anything about “suspicions” or anything regarding Julian because she's going to have a hard enough time dealing with it. Sam then asks her mom if they are ready. They then open the door and see Molly, TJ and Danny are happily on the couch and suspecting nothing. But Molly can tell something is wrong and asks her mom and big sister what is going on. Alexis tells her daughter there is something she and Sam need to tell them that gives them grave concern. She hesitates answering Molly's question

When Nina is alone in the apartment, after Silas has left, notices someone at the door assuming it's Rosalie. So she walks over to let her in. But to her surprise, it's Nathan (her younger brother). He is shocked and speechless to see his sister out of her wheelchair. She is startled not knowing what to tell him. She attempts to explain to her brother that she was getting physical therapy, is able to walk and stand on very rare occasions. Nathan seems to suspect nothing but urges his sister not to try to stand while alone in the apartment and promise him she won't try it unless her nurse is there. She tells him she just wanted to surprise her husband and tells her brother she is keeping the secret since what she wants to do is surprise him by having him see her standing wearing heels. She gets Nathan to promise not to reveal her “secret” to anyone. Hearing that, she sits back down and happily engages with her brother, distracting him about how she is in awe to see that he's a big strong handsome man and no longer the little boy she last saw when she slipped into her coma 20 years ago. He tells her he's happy that she's getting better. But he seems to know, realistically, that it's “not easy” for her to want her husband back when he has a relationship with someone else. But she smiles and tells him she is not worried now that she knows Silas and Sam have broken up.

In Mickey's hotel room, when Jordan finds out from Julian that Mickey and the boss have installed a bomb that blew up Alexis' home, she is alarmed and shocked knowing her son is there. But he assures her that all the people got out ok because it happened when the house was empty. She finds it a miracle that nobody was hurt when he comments “no thanks to this dirt bag” and points to Mickey. He asks her what she was doing in Mickey's hotel room. She is still not ready to tell Julian that she is an under cover DEA agent. She tells Julian the story of why she was with Mickey. But he overhears and tells Julian she is lying.

Alexis and Sam inform Molly and TJ that their house has burned down. They are horrified and demand to know the reason. And it seems they might very well know the reason.

Maxie tells Lulu that she and Levi have decided to get married. And it was she who proposed to him. But Lulu needs to know why on earth that happened. Maxie replies that Levi could get deported if he does not marry her. So, she asks Lulu if she will stand up for her. Lulu replies, bluntly, no.

Tracy is on the phone to Luke (believing he's the “real” Luke with a conscience and loyalty to Alice), expressing her “concerns” that she may not be able to find a new heart for Alice and make herself the hero. And Alice has no “incentive” not to tell Michael and Morgan about hers' and Luke's plan to overthrow them and take over ELQ. Ned walks in to overhear his mother saying that nobody else in the family can know that Alice is dying.

Michael and Kiki are in in Alice's room, where she appears sickly and losing hope that she will get a new heart and get better. But when she sees Morgan enter with a surprise visitor, she sits up and smiles. It's one of her favorite champion wrestlers. His picture is right on the cover of Muscles and Fitness. He tells her as soon as he found out she is in the hospital, he took the next flight out. Not only does he know her, she is the reason why he took up wrestling in the first place, he tells her. She smiles.

Outside the room, Ned asks Tracy if it's true that Alice is dying and if so, why does she not want anyone to know.

While Mickey is lying bloody on the bed, Jordan knows she cannot let him die but is not about to tell Julian the reason why. There's no other way they can find out whom his boss is. She tells Julian he needs to go and cover his tracks for the shooting and gets him to leave the room so he cannot overhear what she has to privately say to Mickey. After he's gone, she asks Mickey if he really thought she was going to let him tell Julian that she is DEA. Mickey lies helplessly, gasping on the bed while Jordan attempts to control his bleeding.

At Sam's apartment, Alexis assures Molly that they are all safe and unharmed. They have home-owner's insurance to recover the monetary damages. But Molly is distraught and knows they have keepsakes that could have been replaced. Sam adds that the universe was obviously looking out for them. It's a miracle that nobody was in the house when the bomb went off. It's so rare that Danny cries. And the one night he chose to demand they get out of the house was right when it happened. But Molly is very alarmed by the fact that she needs to know who would burn their house down.

When Nathan expresses to Nina his concerns of her wanting to hang on to her husband after all this time, she “graciously” tells her younger brother this is something he may not understand since he's never been married. He doesn't understand that kind of connection. She tells him she and Silas are husband and wife and will only want each other. And, she tells him, when he gets hitched to the luckiest girl on the planet, he will understand that indestructible bond.

At Lulu's, Maxie tells her she does not understand why Lulu doesn't want to stand up at her wedding. She thought their friendship has been salvaged and Lulu forgives her for what she did a while back. Lulu assures her that is true. The reason she will not be Maxie's matron of honor is because of Nathan. Hearing that, Maxie admits she's confused and asks Lulu what she is talking about. Hearing that, Maxie asks if Nathan was able to convince Dante that he did not make the call to get Levi deported. She tells her he obviously did. It was right on Nathan's cell phone and it's clear to her that Nathan wants to ruin Levi's life. But Lulu tells Maxie she believes Nathan and trusts him. He's a good guy and Dante told her he's the best partner he's ever had. She tells Maxie she is concerned since she knows Maxie used to have really good instincts. But she is making a serious mistake. And, Lulu concludes, she thinks Maxie has feelings for Nathan that she does not want to admit to.

Nina is able to sense there is something on her brother's mind. She could always tell when he was a child, she reminds him. So, she urges him to tell her what is up. He then admits to his sister that his roommate is getting married. He does not like it. He knows she's going to get hurt. Yet there is nothing he can do about it.

David Otunga, Alice's champion wrestler idol tells her that she has been an inspiration to him. He knows her as The Dominator. And if he could rip his own heart to give to her to save her life, he would.

When Ned asks Tracy why she is keeping a secret from everyone that Alice is dying, she tells her son the reason is because it will just make her and everyone else miserable. Ned protests that they have to talk to Alice. Yet Tracy is not about to tell her son the real reason she is keeping this secret.

Jordan finds Anna in the lobby of the Metro Court after Mickey has been shot, after the medical team haul him away. She is not very worried and believes nothing much will happen to Jordan if she shot him in self-defense. But Jordan informs her, Mickey is on to her. And she did not shoot him. Julian did. And she informs Anna it happened after Alexis' house blew up. It's pretty obvious Mickey and the boss set it up in order to threaten Julian. Yet they both still realize they have yet to know who Mickey's (and Julian's former) boss is. Julian is more than likely not onto her, unless of course Mickey is able to tell him what he knows.

Molly demands to know what caused the fire. Julian rings the doorbell of Sam's apartment. Alexis lets him in.

At the hospital, Ned tells Tracy maybe Alice has something she needs to say or get off her chest. But Tracy continues to convince her son that that could ruin Alice's spirits when she's ready to die. And he asks his mom if that was her, would she not want to have her final words with her son's and be told? He tells her that Alice has the right to be prepared to know the truth. And if Tracy does not tell her, he will.

While wrestler David talks outside Alice's room, to Michael and Kiki, Morgan goes in to talk privately to Alice who is so grateful that he did this for her. She cries when she tells Morgan that right now she feels there is only love in her heart with all the people who love her so she can't believe her heart is failing.

Nathan talks to Nina about his issue with Maxie trusting Levi. He tells his sister he trusts Maxie and knows she is not a bad or dishonest person. Levi is manipulating and stringing her along. He knows how to convince her she cannot respect herself. He wants to prevent her from seeing her daughter and believe she does not have the right to see her. He hears Nina protest that maybe Levi is acting out of “love” for Maxie (knowing all too well, in her own situation with Silas). But he tells her what Levi is doing is not out of love. And if anybody thinks it is, he wants nothing to do with that. Hearing that, Nina concludes that Levi may not love Maxie. But, she tells her brother, he does.

Lulu tells Maxie the same thing. Maxie tells her the only feelings she has for Nathan is contempt. Lulu tells Maxie she must remember when she and Nathan were handcuffed together. Although Maxie may say it was the worst night of her life, Lulu knows otherwise. And she admits to Maxie that she is concerned about whether marrying Levi is the right thing for her. Hearing that, Maxie tells her she is sick of people questioning her decision to marry Levi.. She tells her these are her feelings in her heart and Lulu needs to trust and respect her with that.

Julian goes to Sam's to be with Alexis. He does not let on to the reason why her house burned down. He knows Molly would rather he not be there. He tells her he's “really sorry”. Hearing that, she asks why he would be sorry unless one of his mobster friends caused it.

Jordan and Anna have access to Mickey's phone when it rings. Jordan answers it and identifies herself. And she asks whom she is speaking to who has made the call to Mickey.

At Sam's, Molly furiously lashes out to Julian telling him that she is tired of everybody letting Julian off the hook and not suspecting him of things they have good reason to suspect him of, like this fire. Both Alexis and Julian don't hesitate to believe that her father is still involved in illegal business. And, she tells them, maybe this fire was her dad's fault. But, she reminds them, that's not quite possible since he's dead. Too bad they can't ask him. And she runs off. Alone with Julian she asks why he suddenly left as soon as he found out they were safe. Where did he go?

Jordan takes the call and the person on the other end does not identify himself and only tells her he wanted to talk to Mickey. He hangs up and Anna attempts to pump her for information which she does not have. Except she admits that the voice sounds very familiar. It sounds like Luke Spencer, she tells Anna.

Ned tells Tracy they must know that Alice is a fighter. He believes the news of her death will make her fight harder. She tries to stop her son from telling Alice but when she sees he is not going to change his mind, she tells him if anyone is going to tell Alice, it will be herself.

In Alice's hospital room, she tells Michael, Morgan Kiki and wrestler David that she wants to live and won't give up.

Maxie tells Lulu she wishes people would stop telling her she does not know what she wants or does not want. And she knows how they see Levi; as a walking cliché. But she will never forget that Levi was there for her when she hit rock bottom. Before she met him, she did not care about anything. She remembers being unable to move while staring at the water on the beach. That's when she met him. He started talking to her and he helped her get over the brink. Little by little, he helped her get her life back. He not only encouraged her to come home but gave her the courage to ask Lulu for their friendship back. Hearing that, Lulu tells her she is giving Levi too much credit. But Maxie tells her as far as she is concerned, she is not giving him enough credit. She doesn't know where she would be without him in her life. She loves him and is going to marry him and would like it if Lulu could accept that and be there. Lulu then agrees to be her matron of honor.

Nina tells Nathan she may have been in a coma for 20 years but she was not born yesterday. She knows love when she sees it. She tells him she could see way back when he was a child when he loved a girl. And she is able to convince Nathan that although he and Maxie argue and deny their feelings for one another, that he is in love with Maxie. She knows her brother too well not to know when he has those feelings.

After Molly has left Alexis and Sam alone to talk to Julian, they urge him to tell them what he knows about the fire. His grandson could have been killed. They need to know who is responsible for this happening. IN response to that, Julian assures his girlfriend and daughter that the person responsible for it will no longer be able to endanger them again. He has made sure of that (although he does not tell them more than that).

Anna is very surprised to hear Jordan identify the voice of Luke Spencer. She (Anna) has known Luke for many years and could not possibly see him as the crime boss. But Jordan knows his voice from the nurse's ball. Anna tells Jordan she knows Luke is not the head of the Jerome crime family. She gets a call that informs her that Mickey will “not be blowing Jordan's cover”.

It appears Mickey is being admitted to the hospital. It may be fatal and the staff comment he may be brain dead. Tracy stands nearby and observes looking shocked.

Alice is in her room alone with Morgan. She tells him she is elated and feels so grateful to have friends who love and care for her and to know that her wrestling idol has told her he'd give her his heart if he could. She tells him this is the happiest day of her life. And if she dies today, she will die happy. He assures her she is not going to die. He won't let that happen.

At Silas' apartment, Nina probes her brother to tell her what he's going to do regarding “the girl”. He tells her it's too late for him to do anything. She is marrying Dunkleman. Hearing that, Nina tells her brother that is a weird name. And he needs to “learn” from his big sister.

Maxie tells Lulu that she (Lulu) will soon see that marrying Levi was the right thing. Lulu tells her if she (Maxie) is happy, then she (Lulu) is happy. But, she tells Maxie she hopes she “comes around” about Nathan. Lulu clarifies not romantically. She just wants Maxie to see that Nathan is not trying to sabotage her relationship. He is looking out for her because he cares.

Nina reminds Nathan that she was in a coma for 20 years because her mother put her there. When she woke up, her husband was with another woman. And she did not give up. So maybe he needs to not give up on Maxie. She tells him if he is strong and his heart is in the right place, he will win the love he wants.

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