GH Update Tuesday 7/29/14

General Hospital Update Tuesday 7/29/14


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

The bomb Mickey had planted in Alexis's mailbox went off. The Lake House exploded and burst into flames. Julian arrived and screamed for Alexis and Danny. He stepped onto the porch, intending to search for them, but there was a second explosion and it knocked Julian unconscious. Firefighters arrived on the scene and checked on Julian. He came to and tried to enter the house again, but a fireman stopped him. Julian yelled that there were women and children inside, and the fireman broke the news that no one could have survived the blast. Devastated, Julian sank to the ground and sobbed. Just then, Alexis arrived. Julian pulled her into a hug and told her he thought he lost her. “What happened to my house?” the bewildered Alexis whispered. Julian asked if their grandson was in the house. Alexis was in shock and could only ramble about Danny having a meltdown over his truck. Julian snapped her back into focus by yelling at her to tell him if Danny and Molly were okay. They were fine; Alexis had left Danny, Molly and TJ at Sam's. She was shaken because they had almost decided to stay at home instead of going back to Sam's to get Danny's toy.

Sam let herself into Silas's and saw him on top of Nina, who was kissing him on the couch. Sam expressed her shock, which caused Nina and Silas to look up. Silas was dazed; he got up and tried to go to Sam, but he was unsteady, due to the drugs Nina slipped him, and he fell. Hurt, Sam turned to leave, and Silas asked her to wait. Sam cried that breaking up with him was really hard on her. Sam added that she had assumed it had been hard on him too. Nina put on an innocent act. She swore it wasn't what it looked like, and Sam told Nina that there was no need to apologize because this was none of Sam's business. Sam stated that Silas was with his wife where he belonged. Silas insisted that it wasn't like that. Nina wondered why Sam just let herself in if she and Silas weren't a couple anymore. Sam replied that she came by to tell Silas something about Nina. Nina was curious to here what it was. Sam replied that it could wait, and she began to leave. Silas tried to get Sam to stay. Sam didn't think her news mattered anymore, now that Silas had admitted to having feelings for his wife and he and Sam had broken up. Silas stumbled over to the door and asked Sam to wait. Sam refused. She apologized for intruding but she admitted that she thought it was for the best that she had seen them together. Sam left. Silas fell again and slumped against the door frame. Nina told Silas that he'd had a lot to drink and he needed to come back to the couch. Silas was confused because he didn't remember drinking that much, but Nina assured him that he had. Nina confessed that she too was glad Sam saw them, because now there would be no confusion. Silas made his way back to the couch, and Nina worked on trying to get him to spend the night with her. Silas insisted that this wouldn't be fair to either of them. He tried to help Nina into her room, but she refused. Silas asked her not to be like that, and Nina snapped that she was fine, so Silas backed off and went into his bedroom.

At the Metro Court, Carly kissed Franco goodbye, and he boarded an elevator. There were two men waiting for him inside, and one of them pointed a gun at him.

Olivia and Ned were at the Metro Court bar. Olivia got very drunk and had the bartender put it on Carly's tab. Olivia remembered that Carly used to be called Carly Corinthos Jacks, and she (Olivia) wondered who Carly thought she was fooling by dropping “Corinthos.” Ned thought that it was time for Olivia to take a break, but Olivia replied that the fun was just getting started, and she told Ned to ask his ex wife Lois just how fun Olivia could be. Olivia spotted Carly and went over to her and accused Carly of not having her back. Carly maintained that she did have Olivia's back, but she told Olivia that she wasn't going to kick her sons' father out of the hotel just because he broke Olivia's heart. Olivia argued that this was not about Michael and Morgan; it was about Sonny and Carly's permanent connection. Ned dragged Olivia away as she vowed to kick Sonny out, with or without Carly's help.

Olivia wondered why women fell all over Sonny, and she admitted she was the worst of them all. She told Ned that she'd kept the fact that Sonny was Dante's father away from everyone, except Connie, because Sonny was in the mob and that wasn't what she wanted for herself or her baby. Olivia was irritated that she'd gone from doing that to becoming a “Brenda-bot” after Steve got arrested at their wedding. Ned didn't know what a “Brenda-Bot” was, and Olivia explained that it was a woman who was crazy about Sonny. According to Ned, the original Brenda had been a much happier person prior to getting involved with Sonny. He added that Sonny broke Brenda more than once. Olivia announced that Sonny wasn't worth it. She decided to call a cab so she could go home. Ned invited her to stay in his suite instead. Olivia accepted and they went upstairs. Olivia wanted a night cap, but Ned insisted that she have water. Ned turned on the comedy “It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia” in an attempt to cheer Olivia up but the title reminded her of Sonny, and she just got more depressed. Later, she did start to feel better, and she told Ned that she'd been determined not to let Sonny see how much he really hurt her. Ned thought it was healthy for Olivia to let her feelings out. Olivia called him a good friend, and Ned told her he was happy to help. Ned stepped into another room to get a blanket for Olivia. By the time he returned, Olivia had become depressed again, due to a commercial about abused and abandoned animals. Olivia called the charity and agreed to adopt several animals. While Olivia was on hold, she sobbed to Ned that the animals would never sleep with Ava. Olivia wailed that someone promised to love those animals and then they dumped them. Ned noted that Olivia was projecting. Ned pointed out that she had nowhere to keep all the animals. Olivia argued that she could fill a hotel room with dog beds. Ned took the phone away and told her that she could adopt a hundred dogs in the light of day, but she was in no position to make that decision right now. Later, Olivia sobered up enough to laugh at her idea to have a dog hotel; she was grateful that Ned stopped her. Olivia told Ned that he was a good friend and that Lois had been crazy to let him get away. She settled down on the couch and fell asleep.

At Ava's, Julian showed Ava the cryptic text Mickey sent - “Have a good night. Hope your family sleeps tight” and asked her what she thought it meant. Ava thought that it sounded like a threat. Julian remembered that Alexis had said she, Molly, TJ and Danny were at her home. Alarmed, Julian called Mickey and Alexis, but neither of them answered. Julian left Alexis a message warning her to get out of the house. Ava told Julian that she might be wrong about it being a threat. Julian ignored her and rushed out of the penthouse. After he'd been gone for awhile, Ava left him a voice message telling him that she needed him alive because he was the only thing standing between her and Sonny. Later, the two men from the elevator dragged a hooded Franco into the penthouse. They removed the hood and went into the hallway to wait. Franco confronted Ava about having him kidnapped, and Ava explained that she just wanted to talk. Franco was surprised that Ava was back home instead of at Sonny's. Ava explained that she'd gotten out from under Sonny's thumb and she wanted Franco to help her keep it that way. Franco insisted that he didn't want any part of Ava's war with Sonny. Ava assumed that Franco was with Carly when she found the recording of Sonny killing AJ. Ava stressed that she needed that recording because without it she'd be killed after she gave birth. Franco pointed out that Sonny had the recording. Ava theorized that Carly had kept a copy of the recording for herself. Franco asked why he'd give this hypothetical copy to Ava. Ava suggested that she and Franco team up and get Sonny out of their lives. Franco told her that he had no quarrel with Sonny. Ava reminded Franco that they went way back and that she knew about his jealous streak. Franco replied that he'd changed. Ava didn't buy it, so she began to needle Franco by talking about the close bond that Sonny and Carly shared. Franco pointed out that Carly and Sonny were friends who shared two children. Ava countered that Michael and Morgan were long past the age of needing parental supervision. Ava stated that when Sonny said jump, Carly asked how high, then Ava pondered how high Carly jumped for Franco. She told him that if he got her the recording she could remove Sonny from Franco and Carly's relationship. Franco refused Ava's offer because he knew that Michael would never forgive his parents if he knew the truth, and in turn, Carly would never forgive Franco. Ava suggested that Carly didn't have to know and that it could be Ava and Franco's little secret. Franco told Ava that he had too much to lose to accept her offer. Ava called for her guards. Franco thought she was going to have him killed, and Ava assured him that they were just going to escort him out. Ava told Franco that her offer still stands.

Sam arrived at Alexis' burning lake house and screamed Danny's name. Julian assured her that he was okay. Sam and Alexis hugged, and Alexis remarked that they were lucky not to have been inside. Julian told Sam to take care of her mom and then he took off, leaving Alexis and Sam to wonder about his abrupt departure. Alexis lamented over the loss of family keepsakes. Sam asked a firefighter what happened, and he told her that the fire was caused by an explosion and that there were suspicious circumstances. Alexis was thrown when she realized that someone might have tried to kill her family. Sam thought it might explain the way Julian rushed off.

Shawn went to Sonny's office and told him about finding Jordan in Mickey's hotel room. Shawn thought that Jordan seemed determined to sleep with Mickey, and he didn't like or understand it. Sonny was sympathetic because he knew Shawn and Jordan had a history. Sonny asked Shawn if he wanted a drink, and Shawn grumbled that what he wanted was to go back to the hotel room and put a stop to things. Sonny revealed that he hoped to use Mickey to figure out what the Jeromes were up to, but his plan wouldn't work if Shawn kept provoking Mickey. Shawn asked if Sonny was ordering him not to go back, and Sonny clarified that this was Shawn's decision, and Sonny supported him no matter what he chose to do. After Shawn left, Sonny began to look over some paperwork. He reached for his drink but Carly appeared, and she picked it up before he could and drank it. She told him about her run in with Olivia and how Olivia still wanted her to kick Sonny out of the hotel. Sonny asked if Carly still had his back. Carly assured him that she did, but she Carly admitted that she understood why Olivia didn't want to see Sonny every day. Sonny wondered if Carly was going to tell him what a big mistake he'd made by sleeping with Ava. Carly said no, because unlike Olivia, she understood that Ava preyed on Sonny's guilt over killing AJ and his fear of losing Michael. Carly knew that Sonny regretted hurting Morgan and Olivia and she thought that the last thing he needed was to be thrown out of his office. Sonny thanked Carly for the assist.

Carly announced that Franco didn't appreciate her siding with Sonny. She added that Franco heard Olivia say that Carly and Sonny's first loyalties were to each other. Sonny spat that Carly shouldn't be dating Franco if he didn't understand that she'd be loyal was to her sons' father. Annoyed, Carly told Sonny that he could at least pretend to be sympathetic, especially after she'd just done something nice for him and prevented him from losing his office. Sonny refused to be sympathetic when it came to Franco, but he told Carly was sorry Olivia unloaded on her. Sonny noted that Olivia was good at finding the right buttons to push. Carly didn't think Sonny was taking this seriously enough so she reminded him that the last time Franco felt threatened, he went to Michael. Sonny grew tense and began to say what he'd do to Franco if Franco didn't keep his mouth shut. Carly cut him off and assured him that Franco would keep quiet. She added that the only other person who knew was Ava, whom Sonny had locked away. Sonny told Carly about Ava's rooftop escape. Ava had surrounded herself with guards so Sonny couldn't get to her. Carly was concerned that Ava would reach out to Morgan. Sonny didn't think Morgan would respond because Morgan was preoccupied with Alice and Sonny didn't think that Ava had a hold over Morgan anymore. Sonny and Carly were both concerned about the baby, which Carly called Ava's “de-facto hostage.” Sonny vowed to come for Ava as soon as the baby was born. Carly was also concerned about what Ava would do in the months before the baby was born. Sonny was confident that she was powerless to do anything since she was trapped in the penthouse.

Jordan and Mickey were kissing on the bed in Mickey's suite when Mickey stopped and held up a recording device that Jordan had hidden in his room. Mickey pressed play and he and Jordan listened to Jordan identifying herself as a DEA agent. Jordan unsuccessfully tried to convince Mickey that things weren't how they seemed. Mickey revealed that he'd been suspicious of Jordan from the start because of all the questions she asked. He told her about talking to TJ and learning that TJ wasn't around when Jordan went to prison. Mickey surmised that Jordan was never actually in prison and that in reality, she had been off training somewhere or laying low to create a cover story. He aimed his gun at her. Meanwhile, Shawn returned and was about to knock on the door. He remembered Sonny saying that they could use Mickey as a source of information on the Jerome organization. Shawn said to himself that Jordan knew what she was doing, and he left. Jordan kicked the gun out of Mickey's hand. There was a struggle, and Mickey got the upper hand; he pinned Jordan to the ground by her throat and began to strangle her. Jordan kneed him in the stomach, grabbed the gun and forced him to get on his knees. Mickey smirked and said she couldn't shoot him in cold blood. Jordan conceded that Mickey was right, and she told him that she could arrest him. Mickey warned Jordan that he'd use his one phone call to contact the boss and blow her cover. Jordan suggested that Mickey take a deal instead and give up his boss's name. Mickey refused because he wasn't a rat and because he didn't trust the DEA to protect him. Just then, Mickey's phone rang. Mickey glanced at the screen and said it was the boss. Mickey threatened to tell the boss what Jordan was up to, and he reached for the phone, despite Jordan's warning not to. Julian suddenly kicked the door in and shot Mickey in the chest, without warning.

After Carly left, Shawn returned. Sonny was curious how things went. Shawn revealed that he'd accepted that Jordan was an adult who could handle herself, so he didn't go into Mickey's room.

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