GH Update Monday 7/28/14

General Hospital Update Monday 7/28/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At the hotel, Shawn finds Jordan in Mickey's hotel room while she is waiting for Mickey to return to his hotel room. Shawn has kissed her and she wants him to leave but appears to be getting distracted right while Mickey appears walking back to his room and talking on his phone outside the door. He is talking to “the boss” about how they will continue their illegal business and drug trade. He “concurs” with the boss that he will work with him and do what the boss wants. And he assures the boss that from now on, they will have no trouble keeping Julian in line. And right when we hear that conversation, we see the hand of an unseen person putting what appears to be a ticking time bomb in Alexis' mailbox outside her home.

Meanwhile, Julian is with Ava at her old place. They seem to be “on the same team” both with the secret she intends to reveal to him about Sonny to help him in exchange for his helping her, and with siding against Mickey. Yet, they still do not trust each other. He honestly tells her that he has left the organization but has to have his former boss believing otherwise because the last time he admitted he was “jumping ship”, his son could have gotten killed. And he reminds his sister that she “owes” him.

Sam goes to see Sonny after she's learned that he and Shawn have taken security tapes (DVDs) out of the hospital for their purpose of finding Ava. She tell shim she is working on an important case and needs to expose a liar. Hearing that, he asks her if “this liar” has a name. She replies yes. It's Mrs. Nina Clay.

Nina secretly mixes a dangerous drug into a drink she prepares for Silas without his knowing. She continues to appear gracious and “loving” to her “husband”. She gives him the drink with the drug mixed into the scotch and soda. He drinks it suspecting nothing.

In Mickey's hotel room, Shawn does not realize what Jordan's real plan is for her “date” with Mickey. He tells her he knows she does not want to sleep with this guy so he wants to help her come to her senses. He demands to know why on earth she would even remotely consider this. Unexpectedly, Mickey walks in and demands to know what is going on.

After the “unidentified” person has left Alexis' doorstep after installing the lethal device, she returns home with Molly, TJ and baby Danny. We see a glimpse of his face before he rushes off (unseen by them). And he appears to be the Luke lookalike. No sooner does Alexis get inside her house when she hears her phone ring and knows she has to let it go to voice mail (with Molly outside). It's Julian calling her.

From his and Ava's apartment, Julian leaves a message telling Alexis he loves her and wants to be with her soon, as well as respecting (and not wanting anything to jeopardize) her relationship with any of her daughters. When he's done, he asks Ava about this secret she has regarding what she “has on” Sonny. She tells him that she has a recorded message that reveals that Sonny killed AJ. But, she informs her brother, she is not certain how to get her hands on the flash drive with the recorded message. Sonny has it. He asks her why Sonny would not have destroyed something that incriminates him. And he knows his sister has some very crucial information about why that is.

At The Metro Court, Olivia talks to Ned about wanting to throw Sonny out of her hotel. But she realizes the one person who might be able to prevent her from doing so is Carly. SO she goes to find Carly to see if she can make it happen.

Meanwhile, Sonny asks Sam whom Nina Clay is. She replies that Nina is Silas' wife. Sonny tells her he has heard about Silas' wife suddenly coming into town after waking up from a 20-year “nap”. She asks him if he's also heard about Patrick Drake getting fired from General Hospital. Sonny says he heard something about Patrick's medical ethics coming into question. She explains that Patrick confided something of a personal nature to her that was “somehow” made public. When he honestly admitted to the chief of staff what reporters somehow “got wind” of him privately saying, in a press conference, he got let go. She tells Sonny she thinks Nina is responsible. And that is why she wants to see a footage of the proof. She knows that Sonny and Shawn have access to the videos. And she needs them.

We then see Silas drinking from the glass that Nina has prepared for him. She continues to act “all gracious” to him, telling him she respects his relationship with Sam and only wants the best for him. She reminds him that despite their “unusual situation”, she is his wife and cares about him “more than he knows”.

Outside Alexis' home, Molly is ready to reach in the mailbox to see if she got her new Soap Opera Digest when her mom tells her she doesn't need to find it right now. They agree that they are both happy with her returning to her mom's house and that Molly hopes her mom will “cool things” with Julian.

Meanwhile, Ava informs Julian for the first time that she has not revealed to anyone that Sonny killed AJ because he knows that she shot Olivia Falconeri. And that is the reason she has her current “issue” with Sonny.

At the Metro Court, Carly tells Olivia she is not going to evict Sonny just because of Olivia's issue with him. At that point, Olivia argues and tells Carly she really needs to get “over” her loyalty to her ex husband. She tells Carly, right in front of Franco (her dinner date), that she (Carly) has always had a thing for Sonny and always will.

Sam admits to Sonny that she has been put in the middle of the battle between Patrick and Silas. She was concerned that Patrick’s botched surgery that left Rafe brain dead was not his fault yet Silas saw otherwise. Patrick admitted, privately that after learning that Rafe ran him off the road and killed his infant son, he wished Rafe would die. Silas knew that Patrick said that but swore to her that he did not reveal that to reporters before the press conference. She and Silas have broken up because of trust issues with not only that. It's more complicated. Ever since Silas' wife showed up, there's has been real strain between them. He tells her she may look at the DVDs he has in his possession to figure out what she intends to figure out.

Silas is feeling the effects of the drug she's put in his drink. He talks about the failure of his relationship with Sam. And he is soon very tired, ready to fall asleep and is not in control of his brain or body. Nina encourages him to lie back on the couch and reminisces about how she used to give him massages when he would come home after a long shift during his residency. She tells him she's sorry about his nephew, Rafe's death and that Sam does not trust him. He tells her Sam believes he betrayed her. Nina tells him he needs to know that it was Sam who betrayed him. But, although ready to pass out, Silas remembers that it was very odd that a reporter grilled Patrick about saying that he wanted Rafe dead and he wonders just who told him that, knowing it was not himself.

When Mickey returns to Jordan with Shawn (who really believes that Jordan is ready to sleep with Mickey), she tells him that “this man” (Shawn) invited himself into Mickey's room and “cannot take a hint”. She tells Shawn he needs to get out of there and stay out of hers' and Mickey's business. Believing she might be serious, Mickey smugly reminds Shawn that “he heard the lady”. So he better get out. Hearing what he is hearing, not believing it and not being told the reason why he's hearing Jordan say this, Shawn appears sullen and hesitates to leave. She tells him she knows what she wants. He tells Mickey if he messes with this woman, he will answer to Shawn. He tells Jordan she “made her bed and will lie in it”. And he goes out the door. When she's alone with Mickey, she tells him she's really sorry about that. Mickey seems to believe she wants to be with him.

Alexis notices Julian's message and does not discuss it with Molly while she's happy with TJ and baby Danny. While she holds her young nephew, Molly tells her mom she realizes Julian is his grandfather but Danny has many other relatives besides him. Alexis, however “wastes no time” getting Molly, TJ and Danny out of the room so that she can be alone to play Julian's message.

Julian tells Ava he finds it hard to believe that Sonny has means to get her in terrible trouble because of the shooting of Olivia. She made a full recovery and nobody even remembers it by now. But, Ava reminds him, she did shoot Olivia and Sonny has means to send her to prison which is all the more reason to liberate the flash drive. She admits she knew where it was and sent her mother to find it. But that did not work. And, she admits, now they not only don't know how to get it, they don't know where it is. Julian is not encouraged to hear that until his sister tells him she knows there has to be at least one person besides Sonny who has a copy of the recording. And that would be Carly.

At the Metro Court, while Carly is with Franco and refuses to evict Sonny, Olivia causes a scene reminding her, informing Franco and informing Ned that everybody needs to know that Sonny and Carly always come first for each other. That will never change. She “warns” Franco she had to learn the hard way that she and he and every other person whom either Sonny or Carly spend time with are nothing more than “temporary dance partners”. Ned pulls her away, urges her to calm down and not cause a scene. Alone with Franco, Carly apologizes. He remarks that he knows at least one other person suspects the same thing he does about Carly and Sonny.

Sam and Sonny play the tape of her and Silas. They don't see any actual image of Nina nor proof she was there. But they are able to see a door opening that would require a person to open it and could mean that Nina was eavesdropping upon hers' and Silas conversation regarding the press conference and Patrick.

While Silas drifts off, he asks how the reporter would know what Drake said. He then appears to be asleep and unable to hear what she is about to say. And she tells him, (certain he is asleep) if he wants to know who told the reporter, it was she. She has “undone” his relationship with Sam. So now Sam is “off the list”.

With Mickey, Jordan “happily” tells him she wants to be part of the organization, be a “heavy hitter” and be able to meet and work with the big boss. He tells her he's glad to hear that she may have loyalty. Some people in this business have their own agenda and seem to want to “be in business for themselves”. He's had to take steps in order to “keep them in line”. And he knows of “one person” who “has to learn the hard way”.

Alexis steps out on her porch while the kids are inside. She secretly calls Julian to affirm she loves him too and can't wait until the next time they can “sneak around” together. When he hangs up, he continues to talk to Ava about her theory that Carly must have more than one copy of the recording that Sonny killed AJ (which also implicates her). She tells him she knows Carly had to have made another copy to keep for herself because she hates Ava and needs to use it against her. Hearing that, he doubts Carly trusts him any more than he trusts Ava. She then tells Julian she might know of someone who Carly does trust: Franco.

At the Metro Court, while Carly and Franco are silent at their table, Olivia is happily with Ned and apologizing for getting him mixed up in her “messed up life”.

Sonny shows Sam the tape of herself and Silas and the suspicion that Nina leaked the information that got Patrick fired from General Hospital. While observing the footage of Sam with Silas, Sonny asks her if “this Silas guy” makes her happy. Sam replies he used to or at least she thought that was the case. He tells her that maybe, especially now that there is proof that he did not do what Sam suspected him of doing, she should not let him get away. She should not distrust him nor let Nina tear them apart. He tells her he's learned that the hard way from his own experience with Olivia and so wishes he could get her back.

While Silas is asleep, Nina gets out of her wheelchair, walks around, recaps the “history” of them together, of her losing her baby because of her mom and talks about how he “owes” her a baby. Shortly thereafter, Silas awakens on the couch. Nina still knows not to get out of the wheelchair but attempts to pull him off the couch. And she knows she needs to appear as though she cannot walk and needs him to lift her out of her wheelchair. So she falls upon him on the couch.

Shawn returns to Sonny depressed and shocked. Sonny asks if he found anything in Mickey Diamond's room. He replies yes. Jordan. And he is clearly devastated at what he observed.

While Jordan “charms” Mickey and acts like she's having a date with him, she makes sure to distract him and get him out of the room while she tape records their conversation with the concealed device in her purse and on her person. And she puts the recorder over the bed knowing she will probably hear the most valuable information from Mickey there.

Ava tells Julian that Carly is really hot and heavy with Franco presently and seems to trust him. She knows that Franco might have personal motive to hurt Sonny since they hate each other. She gets on Julian's phone to make a call.

At the Metro Court, while having dinner with Carly, Franco asks her if she cares to comment on what Olivia just revealed to them about Carly and Sonny. She tells him that Olivia was extremely upset and angry after getting her heart broken and had to lash out. And, she tells him, if he does not get over his jealousy of her and Sonny, she will become “jealous” of his “new friend” whom he met at the hospital. What's her name? Nina? Franco tells Carly he is not “involved” with Nina. And, he reminds her, she (Nina) is married. Hearing that, Carly finds that odd.

After Sam has gotten done talking to Sonny and he has encouraged her not to give up on Silas nor let Nina “win”, she goes to his apartment and knocks on his door. But it's right when Nina has Silas lying on the couch on top of her. From outside the door, Sam listens in to see if she can overhear anything, knowing that Nina is alone with him. Sam continues to pound on the door but no one answers. Silas can hear it and tells Nina maybe they should get the door. But Nina tells him he need not worry about the pounding on the door. She manages to kiss him. Sam unlocks the door to see Silas and Nina lying on the couch together making out. Disgusted, she looks away.

Ava makes her call and assures Julian that she's gotten what she needs taken care of.

Franco is ready to meet with Carly later on. When he gets on the elevator, however, two guys surround him with guns.

Olivia and Ned are together and enjoying each other's company.

Shawn returns to Sonny and admits he is “consumed” with the fact that it appears that Jordan is with Mickey. For some reason she is determined to sleep with the guy, he angrily tells Sonny. And there is nothing he can do about it.

While Jordan leaves Mickey alone in the room momentarily, he gets on his phone to send a text message. He then puts his gun away (not revealing whether or not he is “onto” Jordan). He tells her he wishes the two of them could have gotten into business together a long time ago. He kisses her and lies down on the bed with her. He reaches for her recording device, pulls it off the top of the bed and tells her “they need to talk” about something. She appears horrified to see that he knows she's under cover.

Julian notices his text from Mickey that says, “Good night. Hope your family sleeps tight”. He appears alarmed not knowing what that is supposed to mean.

The concealed ticking time bomb lies in Alexis' mailbox, until suddenly it blows everything up to smithereens.

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