GH Update Friday 7/25/14

General Hospital Update Friday 7/25/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Shawn meets with Sonny and tells him that although Ava has escaped and they don't know with whom, he knows she has not gone far and won't be able to stay away for very long.

Ava returns to her apartment with Julian and Mickey. She sounds happy to be back in her home and appears “trusting” of her brother and their “friend”. She tells them she's going to go and take a bath before turning in for the night. But, before she can do that, Julian informs her he's moved her to the guest room. Hearing that, she demands to know how he gets off taking her room. He tells her he took it over when she moved in with Sonny Corinthos. She reminds him this is her place and her room. He tells her it's “his rules”. And if she does not like it, she can go and cry to Sonny. Hearing that, Mickey chimes in telling her that he doesn't intend to treat her any better than Sonny would and maybe she would be better off with Sonny than with them.

Mickey has gotten completely distracted and forgotten about his “date” with Jordan. She wastes no time to meet him in his hotel room and seeing he is not there yet. She then concludes that is a good thing because it will give her time to see if she can unlock the door with a credit card to see what he's up to. Yet she does not quite manage to get the door unlocked before Olivia spies her.

In a private room in the hospital, Tracy is on the phone to Luke telling him she is worried. Alice does not seem to be getting any better and they can't find her another heart. Therefore their “leverage” to keep Alice quiet and not reveal their secret to Michael might not be able to “stick” for them. She reminds him that maybe he can “help”, remembering how much their employee loves “her Mr. Luke”. She realizes he cannot come home right now, but she reiterates to her husband, nobody but nobody, family or otherwise, can ever know about their secret. Ned enters and demands to know what his mother is up to.

Nina returns to the apartment with Rosalie who doesn't think her boss should be celebrating prematurely. Nina is very happy, confident, and gloating now that she has confirmation that Silas and Sam are through.

At the hospital, after Silas signs papers for a nurse, Kathy can see he looks depressed. She asks if he is ok, remarking that he looks like he's “lost his best friend”. Not far away, he notices Sam who appears just as depressed and saddened as he is that they have broken up. He asks her if she is ok and where is Molly since he thought she was there to pick up her sister and take her home. She remarks there has been a change in plans and Molly is going back to their mom. Hearing that, he tells her he was hoping there would be a “change in plans”, that she might have reconsidered and was there to see him and give them another chance. She tells him, sadly, however, that she just doesn't think it's going to work.

Nina tells a silent Rosalie that all of her plans have been successfully put into motion, and she can now sit back and watch Sam pull away from Silas, angry that he's thrown Dr. Drake under the bus and blame him for that and see Silas equally dissatisfied with her lack of support to him and more comfortable around Patrick than she is with Silas. Rosalie didn't think accomplishing this would be so easy. Nina thinks it would not have been if their relationship was worth saving in the first place. Which, she concludes, further proves that Silas belongs with her and not with Sam. She then reaches over and crosses Sam's name off the list of people she intends to punish.

Olivia approaches and asks Jordan what she is doing. She replies she is “just trying to get her date's attention”. Olivia suggests maybe she should call him from the lobby. Jordan asks Olivia who she is. Olivia introduces herself as the owner of the hotel. When Jordan gives her name, Olivia is able to connect that she is TJ's mom. She acts friendly but tells her she is not allowed to open a guest's room. She advises Jordan to go to the front desk and check out why her key card does not work. Jordan hides her credit card behind her back.

Sonny and Shawn are still unable to figure out who helped Ava escape or where she might have gone. They have no clue that it's Julian and Mickey until they go through all the tapes that have been given to them by the hospital's security chief.

When Ned sees his mom talking on the phone to Luke outside Alice's room, he asks her what is up. Tracy informs her son that she is just attempting to renovate Alice's room so hopefully their trusted employee will soon “bounce back”. Undaunted, Ned tells her he knows she is not talking to a decorator. If she is, then what does she and her “designer” need to make certain the family never finds out about? What is the secret? Tracy then admits to her son that he's “gotten her”. She is hiding something. Ned then demands that his mother tells him just what she is hiding and he won't buy it if she says what she is hiding is decorating. Tracy then tells her son she is worried about Alice and is afraid she might have to use some not-so-legal means to help her get the heart she needs. She then tells her son that she will divulge her secret but urges him not to reveal it to a living soul. She claims that she and Diane Miller have been brainstorming other ways to procure a heart for Alice. He wishes she would have consulted Alexis as he trusts her although Tracy does not. He reminds her that Alexis knows how to investigate the authenticity of Tracy's annulment papers to Luke (which Tracy is falsifying to have people believing she's ready to get rid of Luke when in fact she is not).

Shawn plays a surveillance disc for Sonny but all they can see is Silas and Sam on the roof. They have yet to find the footage on Ava.

Inside the hospital, Silas and Sam run into Patrick who informs them that he is cleaning out his office and ready to leave, as he knows Silas wants. Sam asks the two men to please not argue again. Patrick tells them he is filing an appeal, so hopefully he can discover who gave the reporter private information.

Nina tells Rosalie she wants to make Silas pay. He has taken so much from her; her life, her love, her money and her baby. Rosalie clarifies it was her mom and not Silas who took her baby. Nina tells Rosalie the reason her mom didn't want her to have the baby was because Silas was having an affair. Maybe a little boy or girl who could walk, talk or drive and she would have pictures of the prom and of graduation and everything would make it all right, but it was all taken from her, because of Silas' actions. She concludes he owes her a baby. Rosalie asks her if she's saying she wants a kid. An actual baby? Nina tells her she wants it all. She wants everything. Silas is going to pay up. Hearing that, Rosalie expresses her “concerns”. She tells her she knows that Dr. Clay hurt her and deserves to pay for what he did to her, but getting pregnant and spending the next 20 years of her life using the baby to punish him is not going to make her happy. Nina clarifies that Rosalie does not understand. In spite of everything she went through, she loves Silas. Yes, it is about revenge but it's also about empathy. She wants Silas to feel the pain and the loss that she feels. Rosalie does not understand or believe that will get her what she wants.

While Silas is with Sam and Patrick at the hospital, he gets a call from Nina. He asks if she is ok. She says she wanted to ask him the same thing. She was thinking that maybe he's had enough of that hospital and all he's been through. So, she is thinking it's time for him to come home. Hearing that and realizing that Sam has broken up with him and is now engrossed in Patrick, he instantly decides he will return home to Nina. In response to that, Patrick asks Sam what is up with her and Silas. She replies there is no more her and Silas.

Mickey is alone with Ava when he demands to know exactly what is it she “has” on Sonny. When she does not reply, he points the gun at her and reminds her that he could have killed her and can still do it.

Sonny and Shawn access the DVD that shows Ava leaving with Julian. They obviously wonder what would motivate her brother to want to help her since he has washed his hands to her and she of him. Then they notice another person and are shocked when they see it's Mickey Diamond.

Outside Mickey's hotel room, Jordan gets on her phone and pretends that Mickey just called to say he's on his way. Hearing that, Olivia smiles, suspects nothing, encourages Jordan to enjoy her date and departs. Alone, while she continues to pick the lock, Jordan remarks if she has her way, there will be no “date”.

Mickey is completely preoccupied and continues to point the gun at Ava, ready to kill her if she does not tell him her secret about Sonny. Julian stands beside him and does not do much. She tells him she needs to discuss this with her brother privately. Mickey tells her sorry. He needs answers now or else she will wish she was still on that roof. Julian then grabs Mickey from behind and wrests the gun out of his hand, holds him in a chokehold, and tells him his sister is not saying jack until he gets some answers from Mickey.

At the hospital, after Silas departs and leaves Sam with Patrick, Patrick humbly tells her he feels responsible for breaking them up. In response to that, she boldly assures him that is absurd. They have many problems that go a lot deeper than his issue with Silas, not the least of which is Silas' “saintly” wheelchair bound wife coming back from the dead. Hearing Sam's “tone” about Nina, Patrick tells her he takes it she does not trust Nina. Sam tells him if she blames anyone for breaking up her and Silas, it's Nina. Plus, she has a very strong hunch Nina is responsible for getting Patrick fired from General Hospital.

Back at the apartment, Nina holds her list and the names she has yet to cross off are Ava Jerome and Kiki. She reflects how Ava tried to steal her husband. So, she's about to make Ava pay. Rosalie rushes up the stairs from her errand to forewarn Nina that Silas is on his way. He enters. And Nina graciously offers her “condolences” for his and Sam breaking up. She hates to see him in so much pain, she tells him. Rosalie remarks that she does not share the sentiment.

When Sonny is alone in his office, Olivia comes by. He hopes she is there for a reunion, but she tells him she is there to do what she should have done long ago which is to kick him out of his office in her hotel.

Julian has Mickey at his mercy and in the strangle-hold. Mickey pleads if he lets him go, he won't tell “the boss” the secret. Julian tells Mickey he may tell their boss that his enforcer got his ass kicked. Julian tells him he will no longer be at his or the boss's mercy. Julian demands that Mickey tells him if they are selling heroin. Overhearing that, Ava appears shocked to hear them mention heroin. Mickey asks Julian why he'd care. Julian walks back and points the gun at Mickey's back while he tells him a teenage boy who is a friend of Julian's daughter had it in his system when he died. He reminds Mickey that was never part of their agreement. Mickey then faces Julian and tells him it is now, so what is Julian going to do about it?

Jordan then manages to get inside Mickey's hotel room, calls to him and asks him if he's in there. She looks all around, informing him she bribed the maid to let her in because she “could not wait”. When she hears and sees no signs of Mickey, she gets on her tape recorder to report Agent Jordan Ashford is in the room of illegal drug dealer Mickey Diamond and is about to investigate and find the evidence they need. She knows he could come back any moment so she needs to complete the search before he returns and plant a recording device for surveillance.

Ned informs Tracy that he has consulted with Alexis about the annulment papers and wants to make certain her marriage with Luke has been declared null and void. She wants her son to know that she is not as concerned about that as she is about having lost too many family members. She lists that both of her parents, her brother Alan have died, and now Alice is at death's door. He was not there when their father's health declined and he died, but she was. She has been there to hold things together and she cannot lose more of her family. She has to protect the people she loves who are still there. She apologizes for kicking him out of ELQ and distrusting him and that claims she wants him back. She humbly asks her son to return to the mansion.

Rosalie wastes no time “chiming in” accusing Silas that he's been out “getting a piece on the side” and ignoring his wife. Nina “graciously” tells Silas she apologizes for Rosalie insulting Sam and distrusting him. Regardless, Silas claims he wasn't even listening to the mouthy nurse and doesn't need an apology, but when Nina continues to defend Silas, Rosalie offers one anyway, though it's not very sincere.

At the hospital, Patrick inquires to Sam how she has her theory that it was Nina who leaked to the press that he told a few people he was tempted to kill Rafe during the failed surgery on him. She tells him her theory and they spend the time talking together about how it could be proven and how Nina would have means, motive and opportunity to get him fired which, in turn led to the break-up of Silas and Sam. She tells him she remembers Nina alone on the roof with her nurse spending a lot of time talking privately up there. And if they could just get a hold of the security tape, it might reveal how Nina overheard their conversation.

Olivia states to Sonny that he must remember how they worked together as an “unbeatable team” to get Julian booted from the hotel. He smiles when he remembers them in “happier days” and how great it was that she stood by his side in getting Julian's office removed from the hotel and replaced with his. She does not smile nor reveal she has fond memories of them together. She tells Sonny she is now “flying solo” and no longer needs his help with Julian. And now it's his turn to go because it hurts her every time she sees his cheating face.

Julian holds the gun on Mickey and tells him he never agreed to sell heroine. Mickey reveals during the brief time Julian helped him and their boss move cocaine, he secretly mixed it with heroin without anyone knowing. Mickey explains that his little “formula” has kept the customers coming back. Julian protests that Rafe did not know what he was taking as Mickey remarks none of them do. He's happy when he admits the faster customers get addicted, the faster their profits roll in so it's a “win-win”. Julian tells Mickey he is done and will never have anything to do with his organization again. Mickey asks if he need remind him what happened the last time he tried to leave.

Shawn leaves Sonny alone in his office while he goes to check out Mickey's room and sees Jordan. He demands to know what she is doing, assuming she's up to no good and getting into trouble. She urges him to leave her alone and is not about to tell him her secret plan involving Mickey.

Back at Sonny's office, Olivia lays down the law to him that they had a business agreement where she would let him use her hotel for his office space in conjunction with Connie, but her cousin is gone now. Any agreement or courtesy she had with Sonny ended the day he slept with Ava. So she is having him removed from her hotel because of suspicion of illegal activity. He tells her she cannot evict him. She tells him as part owner of the hotel she sure can and she will. So he needs to pack up and get out.

Ned raises objections to Tracy's offer to return to ELQ but agrees to move out of the motel and go back to the mansion.

Sam is ready to find proof of what got Patrick fired. He introduces her to a security officer and she tells the man she would like to see any footage he might have from their security cameras of anything on the roof that might give her and Patrick information they need about a liar. When he finds out it would be a video taping made before the press conference, he informs them that he loaned them to another individual who needed them to investigate another “incident” that occurred on the hospital roof. Patrick asks if it's legal for someone to take tapes out of the hospital. The man admits it's rare that they allow this, but they made an exception for someone who has been good to the hospital. The person who took the tapes is associated with Sonny Corinthos.

Sonny reminds Olivia that Carly might have as much say as she does about whether to evict him since Carly co-owns the hotel. She tells him she is not afraid to get Carly in the phone and find out what she has to say. Olivia becomes emotional and admits that it is torturing her to have to see Sonny at her place of work every day after what he did to her. He asks if she thinks it does not hurt him also. She hopes it hurts him deeply. She cries and tells him this hurts her too much, and she wants to put an end to it.

Nina shows Rosalie a bottle of little blue pills she knows how to use to get what she wants. She won't hesitate to give them to Silas without his knowledge, so she can get what she wants out of him.

Mickey tells Ava and Julian that life is unpredictable. As Julian points the gun at him, he tells Julian it would be a shame if another one of his rash decisions caused history to repeat itself. Julian tells him he does not respond to threats. So, he tells Mickey, he will warn him outright. If Mickey comes near his family, he will tear him apart. Ava declares that she will help. Mickey sees the resemblance in the siblings, then remembers he's late for a date but wants both brother and sister to know he is not afraid of anything.

Shawn tells Jordan he cannot let her sleep with Mickey Diamond knowing he's up to his neck with the Jeromes. She is getting in over her head. She asks him why he's so concerned. He tells her Mickey is not the man she wants. She asks him why he thinks that. He kisses her and tells her this is the reason why.

Sonny urges Olivia to give him another chance. She asks if he wants another chance to break her heart, she won't give it to him. She angrily walks out the door. Sam enters to talk to Sonny and sees how upset Olivia is, but Sonny welcomes her in. Olivia stumbles into the elevator and right into Ned's arms. He sees she is crying and asks if she is all right. She admits she is not. He holds her and comforts her.

Sonny tells Sam it's been a while since they've spoken and asks how Danny is. She responds that he's growing like a weed and getting as big as his dad. Yet he knows she has another reason for her visit. She tells him she needs for him and Shawn to give her the surveillance tapes they have with the hospital footage.

When Shawn kisses Jordan, she slaps him, so he kisses her again. She fights him and is not about to reveal her secret about Mickey to him.

As Mickey approaches his hotel room, he's on his phone to the boss reporting that he's sending Julian another message he won't soon forget.

Julian and Ava are alone and appear to be bonding and trusting each other again now that they’ve both learned that Mickey has been distributing heroin with the cocaine.

Nina crushes a pill and mixes the sexual enhancement drug into Silas' drink, after Rosalie leaves. She hopes that Scotch and soda is still his drink of choice. He admits it is and takes the drink, while she smiles, satisfied that she will soon get what she wants.

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