GH Update Thursday 7/24/14

General Hospital Update Thursday 7/24/14


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita


Molly was dressed and ready to go home from the hospital. TJ came in and they hugged, then he told her about being approached by a DEA agent who was looking for information on Jordan. Alexis was on her way into Molly's room when Mickey called out to her. He recognized her as a friend of Julian and introduced himself as a business associate of Julian's. Alexis sensed that Mickey was referring to the mob, and she told him that Julian had left that life behind. “Whatever you say” Mickey replied with a smirk, as he walked away. Alexis went into Molly's room and asked how she was. Molly felt fine physically, but she was still shocked that Rafe was dead. Alexis thought it would be best for Molly to go home to the Lake house so she could sleep in her own bed, swim in the lake etc. Molly replied that Sam was picking her up and taking her back to the penthouse. Alexis begged Molly to come home. Molly refused to go home as long as Alexis was dating Julian, the man Molly held responsible for Ric's death. Alexis told Molly that Alexis and Julian had ended things for Molly's sake. Surprised, Molly asked how Julian felt about it. Alexis revealed that Julian had been the one who suggested it, because he didn't want to come between Alexis and Molly anymore. Alexis told Molly that Julian really was a great person. Molly was about to protest, and Alexis assured her that she respected the fact that Molly disagreed. Alexis told Molly that she was her daughter, and she would always come first. Alexis assumed Molly was going to agree to come home now, however, Molly was irritated that Julian, and not Alexis, was the one to suggest the break up. TJ intervened and pointed out that the important thing was that Molly got how she wanted, no matter who made the suggestion. TJ was sure that Alexis missed Molly and he thought Molly missed being at home, too. Molly admitted that she did miss being home and she missed Alexis too. She agreed to move back in. Alexis and Molly hugged.

As Silas took Nina to physical therapy, Nina talked about her plans for Rafe's funeral. Silas was lost in thought, and he didn't hear Nina at first. When he started paying attention, Nina told him that she was making all the arrangements so that he would be free to grieve. Silas thanked Nina and admitted that he couldn't have gotten through it without her. Nina assured him that he didn't need to thank her. She said he'd done so much for her that it was only fitting that she gave back. Things turned awkward when Sam walked up to say hi. Silas was curious why Sam was at GH, and Sam revealed that she was there to pick up Molly. Silas was glad that Molly was okay. Sam thanked him and turned to leave, but Silas stopped her and asked if she had a minute to talk. Nina said she'd go to PT on her own. She left, and Silas asked how Sam was. Sam told him she was confused, then she asked him if he knew that he'd gotten Patrick fired. Sam thought it was unfair that Patrick was being punished for a fleeting impulse. Silas stated that he didn't tell the reporter what Patrick said. Sam didn't see how that could be true. Silas pointed out that Sam trusted him to save Danny's life and she stood by him when he was accused of trying to kill his wife. He wanted to know why Sam stopped trusting him - what changed? “Nina” Sam said. Sam admitted that if she didn't know better, she'd think that Nina overheard her and Silas talking and went to the reporter in an attempt to get Silas and Sam to doubt each other. Silas asked how a woman in a wheelchair could have gotten on the roof. Sam didn't know; all she knew was that she confided in Silas. Silas reiterated that he didn't say anything. Sam thought she might be having trouble trusting Silas because she'd barely seen him since Nina came to town. Silas agreed that this was a problem, but he pointed out that Sam was spending a lot of time with Patrick too. Sam stated that Patrick was her friend and she had spent time with him because she was trying to help him get answers about Gabriel's death. Silas understood that but he didn't think it explained why she was taking Patrick's side over Silas's. Sam asked if she was supposed to hang out with him and his wife. Silas apologized. He acknowledged that this arrangement had been hard on Sam but he told her that this was the way things had to be until Nina got better. Sam assured Silas that she understood his obligation to his wife and that she didn't blame him. Sam cried, and she touched Silas's hand. Silas sensed what was coming and asked Sam not to say it, but Sam felt that someone had to. Sam didn't think it was fair to Silas to be pulled in opposite directions by Sam and Nina. She thought they had been naïve to think that things could stay the same after Nina moved in, and she told Silas that their relationship wasn't working anymore. Silas insisted that they could work harder. Sam called Silas unrealistic, but Silas told her he didn't want to be realistic in love. Sam felt that worked as hard as she could, but she believed that Nina wanted Silas back. Silas didn't think that was his problem, but Sam told him that it was his problem as long as Nina was trying to sabotage them. Sam admitted that she thought Nina was only pretending to be kind and selfless and that she actually wanted Sam out of the way. Silas thought Nina was sincere, and he told Sam that she didn't know Nina. Sam was frustrated that Silas was defending Nina again. Silas shot back that Sam was defending Patrick. Sam insisted that Patrick didn't do anything wrong. Silas argued that at the very least, it had been unethical of Patrick to operate on Rafe, the person who, in his mind, killed his son. Sam countered that it wasn't just in Patrick's mind, and Silas accused her of attacking Rafe. Sam insisted that she wasn't. Sam said that even if Patrick had been wrong to operate, he'd done it because there was weren't any other options and he'd done the best he could. Silas thought Obrecht was wrong about there being no other options. He still thought that they should have waited for another surgeon.

Sam didn't think this argument was really about Patrick or about Nina. Sam reminded Silas that he'd told her how much he had loved Nina and how guilty he felt for hurting her. Sam thought that there must be a place in his heart that still loved Nina. Sam assured Silas that no one understood that more than Sam did. Silas admitted that he had feelings for Nina, but he maintained that it was the same way Sam had feelings for Jason. Silas insisted that he only wanted to be with Sam now. Sam recalled that the day Silas professed his love to her and been the same day that Nina showed up. According to Sam, Silas was too decent to have just left Sam and gone back to Nina. Silas swore that he'd meant everything he said that day. Sam knew that, and she assured Silas that she still loved him. She explained that she took off her wedding ring because she was ready to move on, but she now knew that Silas was not. Silas was adamant that he was ready to move on too. Sam disagreed, and she told Silas that she didn't judge him because she didn't know how she'd react if Jason had been the one to return. Silas asked if Sam was ending things. Sam didn't want to but she felt that she had to because they didn't feel right together anymore. Silas suggested that they change things and make it better. Sam asked how. Silas kissed her hand and admitted that he didn't know. Sam cried that Nina was Silas's wife and his life was with her. Silas asked if he got a say in this and Sam said no. She told him that on the bright side, he wouldn't have to have pineapple on his pizza anymore. Silas told her not to joke, but Sam wasn't sure what else to do. Silas cried that he didn't want to lose Sam. Sam didn't want to lose him either. They hugged, and Sam said goodbye, then she walked away. She went to Molly's room, and Molly and Alexis told her the news about Molly moving home. Alexis noticed that Sam was crying, and she comforted her when Sam told her about the breakup.

Carly was also at GH. She heard a woman gasping and moaning and Franco yelling “faster!” “harder!” Don't stop!” from inside a room. Carly burst in and found Franco holding an art therapy session with a patient. The patient left, and Franco asked Carly if she wanted to take a spin with the brush. Carly declined and told Franco that she didn't have any aggression to work out now that they'd kissed and made up. Carly and Franco were supposed to be meeting for lunch, and Carly decided to drop in early to see him in action. Franco gushed about how much he loved his job. He felt that he owed Obrecht a favor for hiring him. Carly confessed that she found Franco's happiness to be a turn on. They kissed. After Carly left, Franco began to paint. Nina entered the room and complimented the painting. Franco admitted that he wasn't happy with it. They recognized each other from the time they met in Rafe's hospital room when Nina had imagined that Rafe was talking to her. They joked around, then Franco told Nina that he was glad she was his next patient. Nina revealed that she was actually there looking for a place to hide out so she wouldn't have to go to PT. Franco asked if she shouldn't go and get stronger, and Nina told him that she'd rather do her exercises on her own. The conversation circled back to Nina having heard Rafe talking to her. Nina told Franco that he'd caught her at a weak moment that day, but she'd pulled herself together after something fell in her lap that snapped her back to reality. Nina was curious about Franco's job and he told her about it. Franco asked why Nina was in a wheelchair and she told him about the coma. He encouraged her to paint a self portrait. Nina was hesitant at first because she wasn't good at art, but Franco was able to convince her to do it. Nina reached into her purse to get her old driver's license to use as a guide, and her list of people she wanted revenge on (Madeline, Silas, Sam, Ava, Kiki) fell out. Nina tried to grab it, but Franco picked it up, read it, and asked what it was. Nina took the list away and told him that it was none of his business. Franco warned her that Ava would push her down a flight of stairs, but Kiki was a nice person. The subject changed and Nina showed him her license. He admired her picture, then showed her his license. She made fun of his picture.

At GH, Sonny started toward Ava's exam room, but he got sidetracked when Shawn arrived. Sonny asked if Ava had escaped. Shawn assured him that all the exits were covered, so Ava wasn't going anywhere. Carly walked up and Sonny got stalled again. Shawn told Sonny to text him when he was ready to leave, then he walked away. Carly was pleased to see that Sonny was taking precautions to make sure Ava couldn't escape. Carly noticed that something was bothering Sonny and he told her that he'd seen Morgan earlier and it didn't go well. Carly wished there was something she could do to repair Morgan and Sonny's relationship. Sonny wanted to tell Morgan why Ava was really living with him, but Sonny knew that if Morgan found out what Ava did, he'd confront her and she'd tell him about Sonny killing AJ. Sonny thought that he and Morgan would eventually reconcile, but he knew that Michael would never forgive him if he found out he killed AJ. Carly tried to assure Sonny that Michael would never learn the truth, but Sonny was concerned that Ava or Michael could tell someone what happened. Carly was adamant that Franco regretted his attempt to Michael the truth and that he'd never do it again. She apologized on Franco's behalf and thanked Sonny for not hurting him. Sonny admitted that it wasn't easy to let Franco walk, and he added that Franco might not be so lucky next time. Carly insisted that there wouldn't be a next time because Franco wasn't going to talk to Michael or anyone else. Sonny didn't think that Franco deserved to be alive or to be with Carly, but he agreed not to make a move on him unless he had to. Carly was grateful.

In the exam room. Ava urged Julian to hurry up and get her out of there before Sonny returned. Julian wouldn't help Ava escape until she upheld her end of the deal and told him what she had on Sonny. Ava peeked out the window and told Julian that Sonny was right outside and they had to move now, while he was distracted by Carly. She promised her brother that she'd give him the goods on Sonny once she was safe. Julian began to leave the room, and Ava cracked and blurted out that Sonny killed AJ. Julian told her that Carlos killed AJ. Ava quickly explained that she convinced Carlos to take the rap. Julian wanted to know how and why, but Ava told him that didn't matter. Julian asked if Sonny confessed, and Ava told him that she saw it happen. Julian asked if there was proof. Ava explained that there was and she could get her hands on it if Julian helped her. Julian agreed to help. Ava grumbled that there were guards everywhere downstairs. “Good thing we're going up,” Julian said, as he pulled out his cellphone and called for a helicopter. They slipped out of the room and up to the roof. Elated, Ava thanked God and Julian. Just then, Mickey walked out onto the roof. Mickey realized who Ava was. He extended his hand to her, and she ignored him. Mickey reminded Julian that Ava had betrayed the organization and the boss wanted her dead.. Mickey was about to shoot Ava, but Julian stepped into the line of fire and told Mickey that Ava had information that they could use to neutralize Sonny.

Carly left, and Sonny went into the exam room and found it empty. He called Shawn in and demanded to know how he let Ava escape. Shawn knew that Ava didn't leave through any of the downstairs exits. Sonny realized she must be on the roof. Sonny, Shawn and one of Sonny's men ran up to the roof, but by the time they got there, the helicopter was already in the air. Shawn was about to shoot the helicopter down, but Sonny stopped him because he didn't want the baby to get hurt.

Carly returned to the art room and found Nina and Franco laughing and talking. She apologized for interrupting his appointment. Nina said hi to Carly, then she gave Franco his license, thanked him for the refuge, and left. Carly asked Franco who that was. Franco playfully called Carly jealous and teased her about giving him a hard time about his concerns about Sonny. Carly smiled and said she just wanted to know who the beautiful tragic woman was. Franco said it didn't matter because he was taken. They kissed.

Nina went back to Silas and asked if he and Sam worked out their differences. Silas wiped away tears and told her that they ended things.

Patrick and Anna ran into each other at the park. Patrick had just dropped Emma off at camp and now he was standing a few feet away, watching her. Patrick mentioned that Emma had been upset that Spencer was missing. Anna assured him that all signs pointed toward Spencer running away and not being abducted. Patrick still vowed to keep a close eye on Emma today. Anna wondered how he'd do that from work, and Patrick told her that he'd been fired. He brought her up to speed. Anna thought it was ludicrous that Patrick had been fired over a reporter's lie. Patrick confessed that he had entertained killing Rafe for a split second, but he didn't go through with it and he'd done everything in his power to save Rafe.. Patrick called it his darkest moment in the ER. Anna comforted him. Patrick explained that he had to unburden himself, so he'd confided in Sam and she told Silas. Patrick had complete trust in Sam, so he was sure that Silas was the tipster. Patrick considered Sam a good friend, and he didn't want to come between her and Silas. Anna pointed out that if he did, it would be through no fault of his own. Patrick recalled that Sam had been very angry with Silas and he imagined that her anger had only intensified now that Patrick lost his job. Anna thought that there must be some way Patrick could appeal Obrecht's decision. Patrick recalled that he'd almost quit the day Obrecht was hired, and the only reason he didn't was because of Robin. Now he'd gotten his wish and he wasn't happy. Anna assured Patrick that there were hundreds of hospitals that would be happy to have him. She asked if the firing would taint his record as a surgeon. Patrick wasn't sure, but he didn't want to work anywhere but GH. He considered it his home because of his dad, then because of Robin and now because of Emma. Patrick wouldn't consider uprooting Emma now that he and Robin were divorcing. Anna thought this might be a good time for Patrick and Robin to reconnect and work on their marriage. Patrick said he'd love to do that, but he didn't think Robin didn't had the time. Anna urged Patrick to ask Robin, and Patrick told her that he had. Anna backed off, and Patrick admitted that he sometimes felt like he and Robin weren't the same people anymore. He wasn't sure that their relationship was salvageable. Patrick assured Anna that he and Emma weren't leaving, no matter what. Anna was glad to hear that because she enjoyed getting to be around Emma. Patrick said he and Emma needed family and friends around them, like Anna, Duke, Mac, Felicia and Sam. Anna had to get back to work but she told Patrick that she'd take Obrecht on for him if he wanted her to. Patrick smiled and told her that for right now, he was going to use his time off to focus on Emma.

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