GH Update Wednesday 7/23/14

General Hospital Update Wednesday 7/23/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Lucy rushes to find Felicia at the Floating Rib and tells her it's urgent that they talk right now. Felicia ends her phone call and Lucy tells her of the personal “crisis” that has happened. She informs her that when she went to see Scott Baldwin, as Felicia encouraged her to do, and after she admitted that Scott is the person for her in spite of the way things went, she found out he's “moved on”. We then see the flashback of Lucy hysterically protesting how hurt she was to Scott, when she finds out he has gotten over her and is now sleeping with Bobbie Spencer.

Scott holds Bobbie the morning after he spent the night with her, awake and remembering how important Lucy is to him.

Alexis is happily in bed with Julian after spending the night together.

Sonny and Ava go to the hospital. He tells her that she may have thought she could fool him and escape before. But right now, it won't work. Not far away, they see Morgan. She smiles and greets him. He asks what she is doing there. She tells him she is having a check up for the baby (either his or Sonny's). She tells him she's started her second trimester already and will soon be able to know if the baby is a boy or a girl. She talks about being able to feel the baby's feet fluttering. She sounds happy and encouraging. Morgan angrily tells her he does not want to hear her talking about this as if it's a happy and normal event. He is further angered to see his father with Ava and assuming they are together and lying to him.

At the Floating Rib, Felicia tells Lucy there could have been many reasons why Bobbie was in Scott's hotel room. But Lucy protests Bobbie was in Scott's bathrobe. Felicia suggests maybe she spilled some soup on her clothes and was waiting for the dry cleaners in the hotel, but Lucy knows the reason she was in Scott's room.

In Scott's room, Bobbie wants him to stay, but he wastes no time leaving and telling Bobbie he has a full day and must get to work. He tells her he has a really big meeting with Anna Devane today. She tells him something important has to be discussed. They have to talk about Lucy, Bobbie tells Scott.

In the park, Jordan meets with Anna and informs her that she recently spoke to Julian and was so close to getting him to reveal the name of who their drug lord and boss is. Yet they still have no information and know that Julian is their only source of this information. He is still not talking. He doesn't trust her or anyone after what happened to his son. Anna tells Jordan that she still believes it's Julian who cannot be trusted. Yet Jordan seems to know that Julian is out of the business and there must be another way to find out who the boss is.

As Julian is happily in bed with Alexis, she can see he is not entirely contented and has things on his mind regarding his past. She asks him why he is still concerned when he's put the life he used to have behind him. He tells her that this is the last night they will be able to spend together. She asks what he means that this is their last night together, as she has no plans to end their being together. He tells her he is just trying to be realistic. She asks about what. He tells her about Molly coming home from the hospital soon when he is there. He's afraid she might have to choose between her daughter and him in her life even if she does not want them to be mutually exclusive.

In the park, Anna reminds Jordan that the police have some serious issues on their hands regarding the fact that Rafe Kovich was able to obtain heroine and cocaine and nobody knows from where to this day. Jordan informs Anna that it appears that Julian was surprised and did not know about the flow of heroine. But she thinks she might be able to find the source of the information they need from someone other than Julian.

Mickey Diamond is at the hospital on his phone appearing like he might be “overseeing” things going on involving conversations of staff and patients and specifically their finding about Rafe's drug use.

Alexis tells Julian that she realizes that what happened to Ric is tragic and Molly is justifiably upset and wanting to blame them both. But, she affirms to Julian, she believes Ric was responsible for his actions. Julian is not responsible for Ric's death whether Molly believes that or not. She does not feel guilty for having Julian in her life. He has given up his life in crime whereas Ric did not. He tells her that he knows that it could really damage her relationship with her daughter if he is there. So he has to realize what they are up against involving that. Molly will soon be back from the hospital, he reminds her. Molly is not going to be happy to see him after what happened to her father because of him. And, unknown to Alexis, he has some personal involvement in that (Rafe's drug abuse and how Molly got involved.)

Felicia encourages Lucy to go and fight for her man, telling her that maybe Scott needs to know that she wants him back.

Bobbie asks Scott what he plans to do if Lucy comes knocking on his door telling him she wants him back. And, she specifically asks him, if he is going to choose Lucy or choose Bobbie? In response to that, he tells her he sees no point in the two of them getting caught up in “hypotheticals” regarding what may or may not happen before it happens. But she tells him she wants a direct answer. She knows they have been friends for a long time and would like to know what is going on with him regarding Lucy. She reminds him that Lucy has played around with him and broken his heart many times. But, he reminds her that he has also broken Lucy's heart. On cue, Lucy is knocking on Scott's door asking to talk.

Rosalie is alone in the park sun bathing on the phone and angry with someone who has stood her up. When she's done with the call, she throws her phone into the bushes and hits Morgan. He comes out of hiding and she tells him she is sorry if she hurt him.

Not far away, Jordan tells Anna that she has been able to talk to Mickey. He told her if she wants to get closer to the boss, she needs to get closer to him.

While TJ is going to see Molly before she gets discharged, Mickey Diamond finds him and tells him he would like to talk to him about his mother. TJ tells him he is not comfortable discussing his mother with a stranger, not even knowing who he is. Mickey then tells him he is with the DEA and shows his badge. He is determined to pump TJ for information.

Sonny and Ava are alone in the exam room waiting for the doctor arguing about what she should do regarding talking to Morgan. Sonny reminds Ava that it's kind of a moot point what she says or does not say to his son or who is the father of her baby since as soon as the baby is born, she will die. The nurse enters. She tells them she wants to talk to Ava alone. Sonny steps outside but reminds Ava she is still on a short leash. As soon as Ava is alone with the nurse, she attempts to bribe her to have access to a phone.

Alexis and Julian talk about all the fun they have had with him sneaking in and out of her windows and making their relationship discreet. She tells him she would not mind continuing to sneak around with him. And the reason is she's afraid he is serious about walking away. She does not want him to walk away from anything except the mob. She tells him she has to leave and pick up Molly. As soon as he is alone, he gets an unexpected call from Ava telling him she needs his help. He tells her he finds that amazing and does not care what she wants. She reminds her brother this is a matter of life and death. He reminds her the last time they spoke, she tried to kill him. But she reminds him that he tried to kill her before she retaliated. And she tells him that she is at the mercy of Sonny and needs him to “extract her”. Julian asks his sister why he would do that. She tells him that he will have some incentive when she tells him the information she has (for Julian) on Sonny,

When Sonny has stepped out of the room, he runs into Alexis. He tells her he's glad that Molly is better and wants to be there for his niece especially now that Ric is gone. Molly is a good girl whom he loves and respects, he tells Alexis. But as soon as she remembers that Sonny may have impregnated Ava, Alexis is not as happy with him as he is with her.

As soon as Rosalie sees she's hit Morgan in the face by throwing her phone, she has an ice pack ready for him and tells him she wants to make sure he' s ok. She informs him she's a nurse and loves to help people. He then asks if he may ask her what her phone call was about that made her angry enough to throw a phone.

Lucy goes to see Scott, right when he is with Bobbie. She tells him she wants him in her life. She wasn't certain before. She knows she has pushed him away and done many things that have not been fair to him. But she is now committed to him. She ignores Bobbie's presence in the room with Scott. Scott listens and does not raise objections to what Lucy is telling him.

Mickey tells TJ he is there for the sole purpose of asking him some questions about his mother and her life before she came to Port Charles.

Jordan tells Anna that although no one would encourage her to “sleep with” Mickey in order to get the information they need about Julian's secret and the identity of his boss, she sees no other option.

Lucy tells Scott she meant every word of what she said. She wants to be with him. He is not certain what to do with the two women there. Bobbie reminds Scott he needs to make a choice between them. Lucy then admits that it's true that Lucy is correct. He has to make a choice between the two of them. So, she concludes, Scott has to choose whom he is going to be with and whom he is going to let go. Bobbie then tells Lucy that she (Lucy) has to accept some responsibility for her actions just like adults are supposed to do. She reflects that all people have to make decisions. So, she suggests to Scott, he needs to put on his “big boy pants” and make a choice.

Morgan shares with Rosalie in the park, that he may or may not be a father to a woman's baby. And he is not certain what to do regarding the whole situation.

In the hospital, while Alexis and Sonny talk, she tells him that although she may disapprove of his personal choices regarding Ava and other things, she knows that his baby is going to be a Corinthos. She knows how important his family is to him. So she is there to support and trust him.

While Ava is alone in the hospital room, on the phone to Julian, she reminds him that she knows it is in his interest to listen to her. She knows he's in a desperate situation himself. So he might want to listen to her if can provide him with a “Sonny bomb” that he cannot miss out on. He then tells her if, in fact, he was willing to listen to her, what would he need to do in order for her to give him the information that she says would be of interest to him.

Morgan talks to Rosalie about the conflict of whether he would step up to his fatherly obligations or whether he should be realistic about how it will not benefit the kid to know that he could be its father. She talks to him in a supportive and sincere manner, telling him that he needs to take care of himself in order to be able to take care of his kid. And it looks like the two of them may be developing a friendship.

Jordan tells Anna that she intends to do what she intends to do and is not asking for the commissioner's permission. She reminds Anna that she must know that part of both of their jobs is to go undercover and make sacrifices. Anna asks if this does not disgust her. Jordan tells her that what she might be up against does disgust her. But what disgusts he more is the fact that drugs are being distributed, used and abused and continued to ruin lives and family and nothing is being done about it. So, she believes, it's time to take drastic action in order to end it once and for all since they really don't have any other options at this point.

After talking to TJ and finding out what he “believes” he knows about his mom, Mickey smiles in smug satisfaction concluding that TJ may have given him all the information he needs to know. TJ tells him that he “was told” that his mom served her time for peddling drugs and he was not given any information that he can really verify or know whether it's true or not about where she was and what she may have been doing while she was away from him.

Scott concludes to both women he realizes he has to make a choice. But, he tells Lucy that she “cannot just show up there unexpectedly and demand he makes a choice.” Bobbie reminds him that she did not just show up. It was Lucy. But, he evades their mutual question, telling them he's late for work and goes out the door with the decision still not made.

Anna tells Jordan she realizes that Jordan has to make her decision as she sees fit. But, she does remind her, if Jordan wants to end this at any point, she needs to let Anna know.

While with Mickey, TJ tells him he has to get back to his girlfriend. Mickey thanks TJ for his time and departs. As soon as Mickey is alone, he gets a call from Jordan inviting him to spend the evening with her.

Morgan tells Rosalie he'd like to stay and talk, but he has a friend in the hospital who is not doing so well. She then enters her number into his phone so he can call her if he wants to talk. They introduce themselves by name and she asks if he's going to give her his number or what.

Julian rushes to the hospital after Ava tells him it might be “worth his while”. He observes Alexis talking to Sonny in a friendly manner. And when he sees the nurse behind the desk, he asks her if she'd like to make a thousand bucks. We hear Sonny telling Alexis that due to respect for her, he will not tell her what he thinks of her boyfriend. She tells him that is very big of him. But, he tells her, he will say he believes Julian is very lucky to have gotten out when he did. She then tells him she has to go and see Molly. Sonny is then alone waiting outside Ava's room. The nurse tries to get Sonny to fill out some paperwork, but he says his assistant does all that and starts to walk back to Ava's room. After Julian sneaks into the examining room, Ava cautions him that Sonny could walk in at any moment.

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