GH Update Tuesday 7/22/14

General Hospital Update Tuesday 7/22/14


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Olivia hurriedly unlocked the door to Spencer's suite, as a furious Nikolas demanded to know how the Metro Court could let a nine year old check in by himself. Olivia promised that heads would roll over this. When the room was unlocked, Nik ran in and searched it. It was empty; all that was left behind were a bunch of junk food wrappers. Olivia made a call and had all the staff search the hotel for the boy. Nik continued to rail at Olivia, and Britt did her best to reassure him that Spencer was okay. She told Nik to try and track Spencer's phone again. Nik tried, and it didn't work, which made him worry that someone may have kidnapped Spencer from the hotel. When Britt got a free moment, she texted Spencer and asked where he was. Olivia went to view the security footage. Spencer texted Britt and told her he'd ditched his phone, and he directed her to look under a certain chair. Britt did and she found a note, which she gave to Nik. Spencer had written that he ran away because he was upset that Emma had chosen Cam over him and he was disappointed that he, Nik and Britt weren't going to be a family. In the letter, Spencer explained that he'd checked into the hotel to make himself feel better but it didn't work, so he'd decided to stay away. Nik couldn't believe that his nine year old had given up on love and family and decided to take off. Britt noted that the letter proved Spencer was okay, but Nik replied that Spencer was wandering the streets alone and he was in danger of getting into real trouble. Britt urged Nik to stay calm. Nik called the police, and while his back was turned, Britt tried to reach Spencer again through texts.

Scott was at the Police Station after having a meeting with Anna. After the meeting, Scott felt that it was time they had a chat about Rafe Kovich. Scott had learned that Rafe had cocaine and heroin in his system when he died, and he wanted to know where Rafe got those drugs. Anna didn't know, and she advised Scott to ask his friend Julian. Scott demanded to know what she was insinuating, and Anna replied that she thought Scott was in Julian's pocket. She reminded Scott that he'd fast tracked Julian's arraignment and got him out on bail. Scott insisted that he'd done that out of compassion because as a father, he understood that Julian was eager to get to his son, who'd just been shot. Anna scoffed and replied that Scott hadn't spent any time with Franco since finding out he was his son. Scott countered that he had spent a lot of time with Franco, then he added that he wasn't referring to his kid with Heather, but to Serena, his kid with Lucy. Anna told Scott he was free to empathize with Julian but not to break the law.

Anna believed that Julian was responsible for the way that the former DA had had suddenly dropped out of the race against Scott, even though he was winning, claiming he wanted to spend time with his non-existent family. Scott swore that if Julian was behind it, Scott didn't know anything about it. Scott asked how he could be under Julian's thumb when Julian was now legitimate. A cop alerted Anna to Nik's call. Anna went straight to the Metro Court. Nik showed her the letter. Anna didn't think it was written under duress but she assured Nik that she was still taking it seriously. Britt tried to reach Spencer again. Olivia rushed in with news – a doorman witnessed Spencer getting into a taxi alone. Anna went to talk to the doorman. Britt assured Nik that they'd find Spencer, and she promised not to leave his side until they did.

Maxie and Levi both were all smiles as they entered The Floating Rib. Maxie looked annoyed when she saw Nathan and asked why he was there. Felicia volunteered that Nathan had come to tell them about Levi's immigration issues. Felicia thought it was sad that Levi was leaving them. An insincere sounding Mac added that it was a shame. Maxie revealed that Levi wasn't leaving because they were getting married. Felicia called it great news and she urged Mac to say the same, but the outraged Mac would not. He demanded to know why this was happening. Maxie and Levi told him that it was happening because they were in love and that they'd be getting married later today at the apartment. Nathan looked upset. Felicia didn't understand how they could get married if Levi had to go back to Australia. Nathan interjected that Levi had convinced Maxie to marry him so that he wouldn't get deported. Maxie countered that this marriage was her idea. Nathan was still convinced that Levi had manipulated Maxie into proposing. Felicia told Nathan that Maxie had always been able to think for herself. “Until now” Nathan stated. Nathan asked if Levi had told Maxie that they'd shoot him on the tarmac if he went back to Australia. Maxie replied that Levi's words were beautiful, intimate and private. Maxie was adamant that she wanted to marry Levi out of love and that it would just be a bonus if it solved his immigration problems. Felicia wondered if the marriage might not be a good idea. Maxie asked why, and Mac reminded Maxie that she'd done this before. Maxie brought Levi up to speed by telling him about the time she married Patrick's brother Matt to keep him from going to jail. She added that she was divorced now and free to marry again. Maxie thought that the circumstances surrounding that marriage were completely different than the ones surrounding this one. Felicia was concerned that people who didn't know her would disagree. “Like Immigration” Nathan added. Maxie didn't care if they investigated because she knew her relationship with Levi was real. Nathan took Maxie aside and told her she couldn't marry Levi. Maxie demanded to know why Nathan cared if she married Levi. Nathan hesitated, then he told her that she could get jailed or fined for taking part in a fraudulent marriage. Maxie stated that she and Levi were the real deal; they would have gotten married eventually and were only moving up the time table because Nathan reported Levi to Immigration. Nathan maintained that Levi reported himself, and he told Maxie that he and Dante had even figured out when Levi did it. Maxie didn't want to hear this anymore. She turned to walk away, but Nathan grabbed her arm and asked her if this was what her heart really wanted. “Yes, this what I want. So go ahead and call immigration. Tell them it's fake. I don't care.” Maxie said.

Levi apologized to Felicia and Mac for not asking their permission to marry Maxie beforehand. He asked for their blessing now. Maxie walked away from Nathan and joined Levi, then Levi told Maxie what he'd asked. Felicia said if this was what Maxie wanted, but Mac interrupted and said “No way in hell!” Felicia apologetically explained that the situation was complicated and she needed a little more time. Mac accused Levi of putting them on the spot by asking while Maxie was in the room. Maxie told them that she'd hoped to have their blessing but it was okay if she didn't get it because she was going to marry Levi regardless. She took his hand and they walked out.

The press conference about Rafe's death was underway at GH. Obrecht maintained that Rafe had received the same exceptional care as every other patient at GH. Patrick added that he'd done everything he could to save Rafe's life and that he was sorry Rafe had died. “If that's true, Dr. Drake, then why did you admit that you wanted him dead?” a reporter asked. Patrick was bombarded with questions about that. Patrick looked at Sam, who shot a stunned look at Silas. Nina looked pleased. The reporter urged Patrick to answer the questions. Obrecht stepped in and said that Patrick did not have to field baseless accusations. The reporter revealed that he'd gotten his information from a confidential source, whom he refused to name. The reporter told Obrecht that Patrick had admitted to being tempted to kill Rafe. “Even if that were true, wanting something, being tempted is not a crime” Obrecht stated. The reporter continued to demand answers from Patrick. Sam quietly asked Silas where the reporter got that information. Silas didn't know. Sam revealed that she saw Silas talking to the reporter earlier. Obrecht ended the press conference because she didn't want to allow Patrick to answer any more questions without talking to the GH legal team first. A reporter asked if GH planned to sweep Patrick's malpractice under the rug. Obrecht ordered the reporters to leave, then she walked away. The reporters swarmed Silas and in the process, they knocked Sam over and she fell into Nina. Silas had no comment for the reporters. Sam went over to Patrick, and he quietly asked her if she talked to the reporters. Sam insisted that she hadn't. Patrick said he hadn't told anyone besides her. Sam glanced toward Silas, and Patrick realized that she'd repeated what he said to Silas. Obrecht returned with security, who escorted the reporters out.

Patrick confronted Silas. Sam stepped in and said she was sure Silas had a good explanation. Silas swore that he hadn't told anyone what Patrick had said. Sam stated that no one except her, Patrick and Silas knew what had been said, and Sam had witnessed Silas talking to the reporters. Sam wondered if Silas had confided in his wife. Nina insisted that Silas hadn't said anything to her. Silas suggested that someone might have overheard him and Sam talking. Sam believed that Silas had to be the source since the two of them had been alone on the roof when they discussed Patrick. Silas told Sam that she knew him and he asked if she really thought he'd do this. Sam didn't know what to believe, but she thought the facts spoke for themselves. She reminded Silas that he'd been talking about taking his accusations public. Silas explained that he thought about it and didn't go through with it, just like Patrick claimed he'd thought about killing Rafe without going through with it. Silas noted that Sam believed Patrick and she didn't believe him. Nina told Silas that he hadn't done anything wrong and had no need to get defensive. Silas spat that he wouldn't be defensive if he didn't feel attacked. Sam told Silas that it was unforgivable for him to have told the reporter what she told him in confidence. Silas couldn't believe that Sam would accuse him of this. Sam plead with him to show her that she was wrong. Silas reminded Sam that he wasn't the one who called the press conference, and he swore on his life that he didn't break her confidence. Silas told Sam to believe what she wanted to believe, then he turned to Nina and told her that he'd take her home. They left. Patrick told Sam he was sorry things were awkward between her and Silas. Sam said she was the one who was sorry. She explained that she had thought she could trust Silas not to repeat what she told him. Obrecht arrived after a meeting with the legal team. She asked Patrick if he'd made that statement. Patrick admitted that he had, and Obrecht told him she had no choice but to fire him.

Jordan was jogging in the park. She took a break, and Julian walked up behind her and grabbed her arm, causing her to shriek. Julian demanded to know what she and Mickey had been up to while he was gone. Jordan didn't know what Julian meant, so he told her he knew she and Mickey were selling heroin. Julian told Jordan that Molly's friend Rafe had died. Julian asked if the heroin in Rafe's system had been sold by the Jeromes. As far as Jordan knew, the Jeromes only sold cocaine. Julian wondered if Mickey was selling heroin without Jordan knowing. Julian explained that he (Julian) made it his business to keep tabs on things, and he knew that Jordan had had dinner with Mickey. Julian warned Jordan that it would be a mistake for her to underestimate him (Julian). Jordan assured Julian that she and Mickey weren't trying to make an end run around him. She explained that it had just been a business meeting and that Mickey wanted more, but she was keeping things professional for now. Jordan told Julian that if he wanted to know if the Jeromes were selling heroin, he should ask Mickey or their boss. Jordan changed the subject and tried to get Julian to tell her who their boss was. Julian told Jordan that he'd thought about telling her who their boss was, before, but the boss had made it clear that he didn't want Jordan to be in the loop. Jordan pointed out that if the Jeromes were selling heroin, both she and Julian were being left out of the loop. She suggested that they start trusting each other since they were both being left in the dark. Julian wondered if they should trust each other. However, Julian sensed that Jordan was holding something back. He had a family to think about, so he wasn't willing to take any chances. Jordan understood, but she told Julian that they were in this together and she had a feeling that Julian would soon see that she was the only one he could trust. She jogged away.

Lucy went to Scott's hotel room and was caught off guard when Bobbie opened the door, dressed in Scott's robe. Lucy asked if Scott knew that Bobbie was there without permission. Bobbie clarified that Scott had invited her. Bobbie laughed when Lucy realized that Bobbie and Scott were sleeping together. Lucy was upset and confused. She knew that Bobbie and Scott had been together before, but as far as Lucy knew it had ended decades ago. Lucy had also been under the impression that Scott was still in love with Lucy. Lucy demanded to know when Bobbie and Scott got together. Bobbie revealed that it started after Lucy rejected Scott and told him that she didn't want anything to do with him. Lucy yelled that it had been a confusing time and she'd said some things she regretted. Bobbie believed that Lucy had wanted Scott to wait around for her to change her mind. “Sorry. Too bad. I got here first.” Bobbie crowed. Lucy spat that Bobbie was a man-stealer. She accused Bobbie of pretending to be Scott's friend and just waiting for the chance to slither back into his bed. Bobbie countered that she really was Scott's friend, she didn't slither, and she didn't steal Scott.

Lucy pointed out that Bobbie knew Lucy and Scott had feelings for each other. Bobbie reminded Lucy that Lucy rejected Scott. According to Bobbie, Lucy had tried to make Scott to blame for the whole affair because she didn't want to feel guilty for what she'd done. Lucy insisted that she did feel guilt. She admitted that what she and Scott did had been wrong, but she still maintained that Bobbie was an interloper who had no right to Lucy's man. Bobbie insisted that Scott was Bobbie's man and she added that intended to use all the tricks that she learned back when she was turning them, to keep him. Lucy was shocked to hear Bobbie say that, and she remembered feeling bad for outing Bobbie as a former prostitute in public. Bobbie called Lucy an adulteress. Lucy didn't think Bobbie would be competition for her, since Bobbie had lost a man to Bobbie's own daughter, Carly. Bobbie slapped Lucy, who slapped her back. Bobbie tackled Lucy, and they began to fight. Scott walked in and found the women rolling around on the floor. They stopped fighting, and Bobbie said that Lucy came in and started hurling insults. Lucy pointed out that Bobbie attacked her, not the other way around. They started fighting again. Scott separated them and asked what Lucy was doing there. Lucy explained that she came to talk to him but she'd changed her mind. She left and stood outside the room crying. Scott asked Bobbie what just happened. “Lucy left” Bobbie said, then she did a little cheer.

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