GH Update Monday 7/21/14

General Hospital Update Monday 7/21/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At Mac's bar, he discusses with Felicia the fact that Maxie found an alleged call on Nathan's phone to Immigration to run Levi out of the country after Nathan promised her he made no such call. He does not believe that Nathan would have actually made that call. He realizes Nathan wants Levi out of Maxie's life and does not like him as he himself, admits he does not like that guy. But he knows that somebody other than Nathan dialed the number. She asks why he would believe that.

Nathan walks into the police station with his plastic trash bag that has his belongings, after Maxie kicked him out of the apartment. Dante notices his colleague and wonders what is up.

Levi is able to convince Maxie that Nathan made the call to Immigration in order to run him out of the country. And she wants to come with him to Australia.

At the hospital, Patrick has agreed to face the press conference with Obrecht as Silas holds them both accountable for the failure of the surgery to save Rafe. Anna is nearby and suspicious that Obrecht is not to be trusted advising Patrick to join her in answering to the charges. Before Patrick gets ready, Sam tells him that she wants him to wait so that they can both talk to Silas. She tells him she think she might have been able to convince him that what happened to Rafe was not Patrick's fault. Not far away, Nina overhears with Rosalie. She appears confident that her plan might be successfully in motion to break up Silas and Sam now that Silas not only distrusts Patrick but possibly Sam as well.

When Nikolas gets ready to leave the camp, he calls to Spencer but cannot find his son. Britt is nearby and he asks her if she has seen his son anywhere. She admits she looked all over but did not find him. Elizabeth also admits she has checked all over but cannot find Spencer and wonders what could have happened.

Spencer checks into the Metro Court using the name of Ronn Moss and hands the bell hop a nice tip. The guy asks him if his parents are going to be arriving soon. Spencer tells him his father has asked him to give him the cash as well as a credit card. The bell hop shows Spencer all of the expensive amenities as if he were an adult guest after he gets the money and believes Spencer's parents will be there soon.

Back at the camp, Nikolas discusses with both Britt and Elizabeth how “crafty” his son is for getting his way. Elizabeth wants to console Nikolas and assure him she knows his son and is the best “woman parental figure” Spencer knows. But Britt wastes no time telling them of her concerns about Spencer's broken heart over Emma, the fact that he feels no one is there to talk to about that and that Elizabeth's son has insulted Nikolas' son, gloated about his losing Emma to Cameron and called Spencer a loser. Hearing that, Elizabeth asks Britt if she is serious that her son has said that to Nikolas' son. Yet Nikolas does not want to blame Cameron nor believe his son had not provoked Elizabeth's son. Elizabeth talks to Nikolas about their previous experiences with Spencer missing. Britt walks away when she hears him affirm that he didn't know what he would have done without “Elizabeth's help” with his son throughout their history. And right then, Britt's phone rings and she gets a call from Spencer. He texts her that he is on “operation runaway” to hopefully get his dad to dismiss Elizabeth so she can get back with Britt.

At the police station, Nathan explains to Dante that when he went for a jog one day. He wasn't gone long. And suddenly, as soon as he comes back, Maxie has all of his stuff moved out and thrown in a black plastic bag and she's thrown him out of their mutual apartment and has changed the locks. Dante asks why she'd do that. Nathan tells him she believes that he made the call to Immigration to have Levi deported although he did not make it. He tells Dante that for some strange reason a call to Immigration was put on his phone that he did not make. Dante asks if Nathan, himself did not make the call, then whom does Nathan suspect could have made it.? Nathan theorizes that he bets Levi did that himself. Although it may appear a “stretch” for Levi to get himself deported, he might very well want to have Maxie believing that Nathan made the call so that she would throw Nathan out and vilify him. Nathan admits that he's concerned about the way that Levi is manipulating Maxie.

Maxie is ready to flee with Levi to Australia so that they do not let Nathan win, but Levi reveals he is not really “up for that."

At the Floating Rib, Felicia tells Mac that although they are both fond of Nathan, she doesn't know who else could have made the call on his phone to get Levi deported. But he tells her he believes that Nathan is telling the truth that he did not make any call to Immigration to get Levi deported any more than he or Dante did, knowing the information. But, he admits, he really could care less how it happened and is very content to see Levi leaving the country. He tells her he believes Levi is a free-loader sponging off of Maxie and he does not trust the guy. She tells him she still suspects the possibility that Nathan could have told Maxie that it was Mac or Dante who made the call in order for Nathan to cover his rear end. But Mac protests that if Nathan had made the call, he would have been upfront about it and not sneak around, as he is a police detective with the legal right and responsibility to report Immigration violation. And if Nathan was going to lie and be sneaky about it, any police detective knows how to cover his tracks enough not to leave any incriminating evidence on his phone and would have erased it before anyone had a chance to find it. Lucy Coe walks in crying and sobbing. Felicia rushes to her friend to see if she is ok and asks what has happened. Lucy tells her friend that Rafe died before she had a chance to even know about it or be able to say good bye.

At the hospital, Anna attempts to confront Obrecht before the press conference Silas is holding and telling her she does not trust her nor believes Patrick should either. It sounds like she's taking advantage of a tragic situation and get some free press for herself. She tells Obrecht a “good administrator”, which Obrecht is not, would just give some time for both opposing sides to calm down and settle their differences instead of adding fuel to the fire. And, she tells Obrecht, if Patrick gets burned in all of this, then Obrecht answers to her. In response to that, Obrecht informs Anna she has a patient whose life depends on a new heart. They were ready to donate the heart of Rafe Kovich to this patient. But hospital policy will not allow that because they have found out that Rafe Kovich has not only cocaine but also heroine in his system. She tells Anna she may look at the toxicology report herself if she does not believe her. She reminds Anna that Mr. Kovich was a minor who lived in Port Charles with access to heroine. So, she suggest to the police commissioner, maybe she should spend more time stepping up police effort to more effectively manage the illegal trafficking of heroine into this city and letting Obrecht do her job as she sees fit.

Not far away, Sam urges Patrick to realize there may be people who want to get him in trouble. So she urges him to stay calm and know that there are people who are there for him. He tells her he appreciates her concern. But she needs to know that Silas believes he intended to kill his nephew.

Nina is able to tell Rosalie she overheard there is going to be a press conference where Dr. Drake is going to answer for what happened to Rafe. She knows that he threatened Silas' nephew. Silas is aware. And what if that “juicy little tidbit” came out. And right “on cue”, Silas gets off the elevator and asks her if she's seen Sam. She replies yes. His girlfriend is right “over there” devoting all her time and energy talking to Patrick and attempting to help him. Nina then attempts to “appeal” to her “husband”, telling him she knows he's under a lot of stress and she wants to take him home. She urges him to let her take care of him for a change. But he does not respond and instead asks Rosalie to take Nina home. Nina protests she doesn't want to leave him in this state of mind. But he goes off and faces Sam who is too distracted talking to Patrick and standing by his side.

Lucy cries and tells Felicia and Mac that she regrets that she got too hung up on her new relationship with Scott and the loss of Kevin that she neglected Rafe until it was too late. She's worried that Kevin will never forgive her and won't take her calls. Felicia then asks Lucy what about her daughter, Serena.

Maxie continues to urge Levi to let her go to Australia with him although he argues that Port Charles is her home. She tells him that the two of them can always come back and visit her family and friends but he's her guy and she wants to go wherever he goes.

At the police station, Nathan and Dante continue to brainstorm how they can prove that Levi picked up Nathan's phone and called Immigration to get himself deported just so he could falsely accuse Nathan of doing it. Dante asks Nathan what Levi would have to gain by doing that. Nathan replies Maxie's loyalty or her sympathy for him.. He has noticed a pattern of every time Maxie is ready to see Levi for who he really is, he pulls a stunt to manipulate her and see him as the victim. Dante then tells Nathan he believes him but like a good detective he wants to find a way to prove his partner's theory so he asks Nathan to jog his memory about where he could have left his phone and when he could have been distracted while Levi might have had access to it without his knowing. Nathan then remembers the “last time” he used his phone. It was when he and Maxie were cuffed together, she grabbed for his phone but he wouldn't let her use it. And in the struggle, she fell on top of him.

Spencer is in his hotel room eating junk food and playing video games. He then sees Britt's text to him informing him that her plan is presently “not working. Elizabeth is in the way.” Spencer advises her to get rid of Elizabeth.

Back at the camp, Nikolas, Britt and Elizabeth all brainstorm about where Spencer might have gone. Elizabeth fears that maybe Spencer “trusted the wrong person” and got into a car with someone. Nikolas tells her he knows otherwise as his son is very ware of “stranger danger”. Britt then jumps into that conversation reminding Elizabeth she has “no idea how intelligent and resourceful” Spencer is. She then suggests maybe the three of them should “fan out” and go searching in different directions for Spencer. Nikolas tells her ok and they will meet back in 10 minutes. Right then, her phone rings again. Spencer texts back that if Elizabeth is in the way, Britt must get rid of her. When Britt returns to Nikolas and Elizabeth, she tells them that Spencer's disappearance has upset the kids. She knows Emma doesn't care for her because of Patrick. And Cameron wants to go home with his mom. So isn't it best that the kids go home? This dismisses Elizabeth so that Britt can be alone with Nikolas.

Spencer is “having a party” jumping up and down on the bed with the junk food, toys, and video games.

While talking to Dante and brainstorming about when he could have left his phone unattended and Levi could have had access to it, he remembers the “next” time he attempted to use the phone while with Maxie, while they had their “would-be” romantic encounter. He relives the time he and Maxie spent cuffed together, arguing yet happy to be together until Levi came back and “ruined” their time together.

Back at the apartment, Levi reveals to Maxie for the first time that if he goes back to Australia, he will be arrested and sent to the worst prison in the country.

Lucy talks to Felicia and Mac about how her daughter, Serena does not want much to do with her mom because of how she treated both Kevin and Scott. Mac admits to Lucy he believes she brought that on herself. But Felicia sits with her friend trying to comfort her. Lucy privately admits to Felicia that as horrible as this sounds, she misses Scott.

At the hospital, Anna goes to talk to Patrick and Sam wanting to make certain her son in law is ok and sees he's confident that he's in good hands with his friend, Sam. Silas, who appears like he feels ignored, walks away and runs into Obrecht. She remarks she is sorry about his nephew and did not want it to come to this. But because he did not let her handle this internally, she and Patrick are going to speak against the charges. He angrily tells her she may do whatever she wants. Not far away, we hear reporters “gossiping” about the “death of that kid who ran the doctor and his pregnant girlfriend off the road” . Nina demands Rosalie leaves her alone to handle this her way. Rosalie departs. As soon as she is alone, Nina drops her purse and attracts the reporter's attention, appearing to be stressed. He sees the woman in the wheelchair and rushes to help her. He asks if he can “help her with anything else”. She replies no. But, she tells him, she thinks she can help him with something.

Obrecht announces she wants to put this matter to rest and asks Patrick if he is ready. He replies yes and stands beside her in front of reporters. Not far away, a reporter finds Silas to asks what he has to say about this.

At the station, Dante grills Nathan to find out when or how Levi could have taken his phone and tells him maybe they can detect Levi's finger prints. But Nathan knows that the finger prints might not mean anything. Dante also knows that they don't have any “motive” for Levi to get himself deported. So they can't exactly prove their case at this point. Dante then concludes to Nathan that maybe he needs to take a day off and get things straightened around and he will cover the shift for Nathan.

After Levi reveals to Maxie that he is “wanted” for a crime, she asks what is up with him, who he really is and why he didn't tell her.

At the bar, Lucy admits to Felicia that she really hurt Kevin when she and Scott were “exposed” together at the nurse's bar. Scott reached out to her and she pushed him away. And now she regrets it. Felicia then concludes to Lucy that (although she doesn't want her to reveal this to Mac), maybe Lucy should be honest to her feelings for Scott and be with him if that is what she wants.

At the camp, Britt suggests that Nikolas think of all the places where Spencer might have gone. And she lists all the places she remembers his son enjoys visiting, including the jewelry store where he was very happy to help his dad pick out the engagement ring to give to her not long ago. Hearing that, Nikolas concludes he knows that Spencer did like her and she understood his son pretty well. She wants to stall him as long as possible. But, he then realizes that he has an app on his phone that Lulu gave him with a “chip” so that he could find Spencer's phone wherever he goes. And he's able to find out that his son is at the Metro Court. Having no clue how or why Spencer is there, he wonders if someone “took him there”. Britt obviously knows that is not the case. Nikolas gets on his phone to the Metro Court to see if anyone has seen his son. She gets on her phone to call Spencer and inform him that his dad has found out where he is. When she finds out what Nikolas has found out, she acts as surprised as he is. Meanwhile we see Spencer in the hotel room, using his dad's credit card to open a can of soda.

Obrecht addresses the press conference and introduces herself and chief of neurosurgery, Dr. Patrick Drake to the reporters. She admits that she knows this event is regarding the unfortunate death of a young man named Rafe Kovich. She summarizes that on the night of July 4, Mr. Kovich was driving and fleeing from the police. He had a tragic accident and suffered a traumatic brain injury. He required immediate surgery. It was a holiday. They were understaffed at the hospital. Dr. Drake was the only neurosurgeon available to do the emergency surgery. There wasn't time to call in other neurosurgeons. Dr. Drake agreed to do the surgery and if he had not, Rafe Kovich would have died. Right then, the reporter whom Nina told she wanted to “help” jumps in and tells Obrecht he knows that Rafe Kovich caused the death of Patrick's pre-mature infant son, Gabriel Drake Santiago. And he asks Obrecht if she really let this man operate on Rafe. She then replies she knows the reporter is eluding to another event not long before the night in question when Mr. Kovich was involved in an accident where he hit Dr. Drake's car and caused the pre-mature birth of Dr. Drake's infant son. And, she adds, that because of the pre-mature birth, sadly, Dr. Drake's son did not survive. The reporter asks her if it was not a conflict of interest to have Dr. Drake operate on this patient. She tells him if another neurosurgeon had been on staff, she would have spared Dr. Drake. Yet, she knew the patient would not be compromised regardless. She knows that Dr. Drake is a professional surgeon. The reporter asks if the surgery did not leave Rafe Kovich brain dead. She tells him yes. That did happen but they had no other choice of surgeon and it was not Dr. Drake's fault. The reporter asks her if she did not consider that maybe Dr. Drake wanted Rafe Kovich dead.

After Dante tells Nathan he can cover for him and Nathan may take the day off, Nathan goes to Mac's bar. Mac is happy to see him and tells him he knows Nathan is there because of a blond girl whom they both know and love, who has a good heart but sometimes forms the wrong conclusions. He tells Nathan he realizes that Maxie has to believe that somebody is “persecuting” that dead-beat boyfriend of hers. Otherwise, she'd have to realize he's all wrong for her.

Felicia encourages Lucy to go and find Scott and get what she wants. Lucy asks her if she does not have her issues with Scott. Felicia admits she does but she knows he means a lot to Lucy and respects her friend for what she wants. She encourages Lucy to go. Lucy departs. Mac informs her that Nathan is concerned about their daughter once again trusting her low life, dead beat boyfriend. He believes and trusts Nathan and she needs to also. Yet they both wonder who would have made the call to Immigration if Nathan did not.

Maxie needs to know what Levi has to say about his prison record in Australia. And he has her believing that Nathan's “one phone call” is forcing him to go back to Australia where he will be thrown in prison. He assures her that he doesn't want to leave her. And he tells her that he was arrested for setting free research lab animals. Unfortunately, it was illegal so he got nailed and sent to prison. But he thought it was worth the risk to right the wrong. And, he tells her he will never forget all she has given him and all they have shared. And, as soon as she hears that, she no longer questions or distrusts Levi. And at that point, she tells him she is determined not to let it end like this. He asks her what else there is to do? She has an idea.

Nikolas goes to the Metro Court with Britt not far behind him and has Olivia find Spencer for him. He asks how she could let a 9 year old check himself into a hotel. She tells him she does not know who is on staff when it happened but promises heads will roll.

Not far away, Lucy goes to knock on Scott Baldwin's hotel room door assuming he is alone. But she sees he is not when Bobbie Spencer comes to the door wearing only her bathrobe.

While Mac is welcoming Nathan and having beers with him at his bar and they are both admitting their lives will be better with Levi on the other side of the planet, Maxie walks in unexpectedly, hand-in-hand with Levi. And she announces to her parents and to Nathan that that problem is hereby solved. Levi does not have to go anywhere. She and Levi are getting married. They all look at her very disappointed.

Anna returns to the police station and Dante explains to her that he is covering for Nathan who has some personal issues going on involving Maxie and the fact that he's been kicked out of his home because of her bad choices trusted her questionable boyfriend instead of Nathan. Hearing that, Anna tells Dante she knows Detective West is “tied up in knots” over Maxie. She reflects to Dante that she's known Maxie for a long time as she is part of Anna's extended family and it's ok for Nathan to take a “personal day” for that. But, she tells Dante, she needs Nathan to get back to work soon. She needs both of her detectives to step up their efforts and be part of the task force to do something about the drug trafficking in Port Charles. She tells him apparently Rafe was not only using cocaine but heroine also. So they got to do something to shut it down as there's no telling what Obrecht is going to do in order to use that against the police department. She remarks that that woman is relentless.

At the hospital, Obrecht announces to the reporters that General Hospital adheres to the highest standards of patient care, and Rafe Kovich was treated according to those standards. The reporter who's spoken to Nina tells her that Rafe's surgeon had every reason to want him dead. Patrick then announces that Rafe's death was unintended. He is very sorry about what happened to Rafe, but he treated this surgery as professionally as he would have with any other patient on the operating table. Nina's new “reporter friend” asks Patrick, if that is true, why then did he state that he wanted Rafe dead. Hearing that, everybody is shocked and speechless. Sam stares angrily at Silas. Nina smiles in grim satisfaction.

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