GH Update Thursday 7/17/14

General Hospital Update Thursday 7/17/14


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

When Nathan got home from jogging at the park, he found a garbage bag full of his belongings in the hallway outside the apartment. The door suddenly flew open and Maxie shoved an armful of his clothes at him, then slammed it shut. Nathan swore he didn't call Immigration on Levi, and he asked Maxie to open the door so they could have a discussion. Maxie spat that she hoped Nathan got some numbers from the lady joggers at the park, because she was evicting him. Nathan tried to use his key, but Maxie had changed the locks while he was out. Nathan yelled through the door that he'd paid his rent through the end of the month. Maxie told him to sue her. Nathan insisted that he was innocent. Maxie opened the door and made it clear that she was only letting him in to get the rest of his stuff. Nathan wanted to talk, but Maxie didn't want to hear any more of his lies. She was appalled that he'd accused Mac or Dante of calling Immigration. Nathan clarified that he only told her that he'd talked to Mac and Dante and she'd jumped to a conclusion and rushed off. Nathan resented Maxie saying that he accused anyone. Maxie replied that she wrongly accused Mac and Dante because she didn't want to admit that Nathan was the one who made the call.

Nathan accused Levi of framing him, just as Levi came home. Levi asked if Nathan forced his way in. Nathan pointed out that he had a legal right to be there. Nathan began to believe that Levi was the one behind the plan to kick him out. Levi said Maxie knew Nathan was no good for her and that Levi intended to protect her from Nathan for as long as he could. Maxie told Levi about Nathan's accusation. Levi had a flashback to using Nathan's phone to call Immigration. In the present, he pretended that it was the most ridiculous thing that he'd ever heard. Nathan thought that Levi did it to make him look bad, and Levi called Nathan's idea narcissistic. Levi told Maxie that Nathan wanted to hurt them. Nathan swore that he didn't want to hurt anyone, least of all Maxie. Maxie snapped that he did hurt her, even though she'd been fair enough to him give up her privacy and let him stay in the apartment. Nathan countered that she needed his rent money. Maxie told Nathan that he'd created a negative atmosphere in the apartment and had been picking on Levi from the beginning. It had been stressing Maxie out for awhile. Nathan hurting someone Maxie cared about was the final straw for her, and she wanted Nathan to leave. Nathan swore that he hadn't lied about anything. He told her that he was worried about Levi. Levi stated that he wasn't a violent man, but he was about to become one, and he threatened to throw Nathan out. Nathan told Levi that he was only alive because of Maxie. Nathan vowed to prove that Levi was up to no good, then he left. Nathan gathered his stuff that was in the hall. He found a blue shirt in the bag and it reminded him of the one Maxie wore on the 4th of July when he told her that her eyes were beautiful. Back inside the apartment, Maxie apologized to Levi and told him that she didn't mean to let Nathan in. Levi assured her that it was okay. Levi sighed that Nathan's damage was done and now they'd be separated when he was deported. Maxie told Levi that she'd go with him.

At the park, Britt approached Nikolas and asked if he had a partner for the three-legged race. Elizabeth couldn't help glaring at the pair from across the way. Felix noted her icy expression, and Liz admitted that Britt didn't deserve that look after she'd helped Liz get her job back. Felix encouraged Liz to fight for Nik. He and Liz approached Nik and Britt before Nik had the chance to answer Britt's question. Felix wrenched the sign-up sheet from Britt's hands and asked when she lost her aversion to kids. “When I had one of my own,” Britt replied. Felix pointed out that the child wasn't actually hers. Felix and Liz announced that they were there to volunteer. Britt cheerfully replied that there were no positions left, but Liz was confident that there would be something for her and Felix to do. Britt excused herself and made a frantic call to her mother for help getting rid of Liz. Obrecht was at the hospital. She told Britt that Liz had just pulled a double shift, so she couldn't call her back to the hospital. Obrecht stated that Britt should improvise and pull out the big guns. Britt glanced around and zeroed in on Spencer.

Spencer glumly watched Emma and Cam. Josslyn snapped him out of his daze and asked if he wanted her friendship bracelet or if he was going to spend all his time looking at Emma. Cam gave Emma a peck on the cheek. Spencer pulled Josslyn over to the area where the other kids were standing. Spencer kissed Josslyn, which caused her to recoil in disgust. Spencer told Cam and Emma that Josslyn was his new girlfriend. Josslyn quickly contradicted him, and Cam laughed.

Britt returned and told Felix he was on latrine duty. Spencer ran up and told Britt that he needed her. She went somewhere with him. Felix made up an excuse to leave, to give Liz a chance to make her move on Nik. After Felix left, Nik asked Liz about work. Liz was glad to get her job back, but Obrecht had been giving Liz one double shift after another, causing Liz to have little time to do more than work and sleep.

Spencer and Britt chatted about their plan. Britt grumbled that Liz was in the way of her and Nik. Spencer came up with a way to get Liz out of the way. Britt had reservations, but Spencer would not change his mind. He was determined to make sure that Nik and Liz and Cam and Emma didn't end up getting married one day. Spencer's idea was to have a bunch of competitions – a sack race, an egg race, dodge ball and a three legged race. Britt didn't think Nik would care who won the race, but Spencer was sure his plan would work. Britt and Liz took part in the competitions and Nik was the referee. Britt purposely knocked Liz over during the sack race, but she made it look like an accident. Spencer tried to trip Cam, but he failed and ended up falling himself. Emma and Cam won the three legged race, while Josslyn blamed Spencer for making them lose. The final competition was a tug of war. Britt and Spencer's side won, but it backfired, because Liz wrenched her arm during the tug and aggravated her gunshot wound. Nik focused his attention on her, while Britt was left out in the cold. Spencer didn't understand what went wrong. Britt was skeptical that Liz was really hurt, since she got shot months ago. Britt and Spencer both moped, then Spencer got another idea. Britt went to Nik and told him that she couldn't find Spencer. Nik went to look for his son, and a second later, Britt received a text from Spencer that said “Operation runaway begins.” She smiled.

In Rafe's hospital room, Sam asked Silas if he wanted to go somewhere else. Silas wanted to stay with Rafe forever, but he knew it wouldn't do any good anymore. Meanwhile, Nina was headed to Rafe's room to confess about her schemes, with Rosalie in tow. Rosalie made it clear that she didn't approve of Nina's plan to come clean. Nina assured Rosalie that she wouldn't implicate her in the plot. Nina was startled when she looked into Rafe's window and saw Sam and Silas hugging. When Sam and Silas entered the hallway, Nina announced that she had a confession to make. Silas and Sam both told her it wasn't a good time, and walked away. Nina was thrown by Silas's lack of interest. Rosalie told Nina that she rated pretty low in Silas's mind and she'd rank even lower if she told him what she did.

Obrecht gave Silas her condolences. Silas spat that he didn't need them. He yelled that Rafe would be alive if it weren't for Obrecht and Patrick. He blasted Obrecht for refusing to listen to his objections and allowing Rafe to be operated on by a man who wanted him dead. Sam tried to calm Silas by reminding him that there were no other surgeons, but Silas felt that they should have postponed the surgery and gotten another doctor. Obrecht calmly told Silas that his grief was making him lash out. She maintained that they had no choice but to have Patrick do the surgery. Silas vowed to take the case to the press and make sure that Obrecht and Patrick paid. Rosalie and Nina watched the scene unfold from across the hall. Rosalie fanned the flames by pointing out the way Silas allowed Sam to comfort him and how he listened when she spoke instead of blowing her off like he did to Nina.

Obrecht thought Silas was bluffing and that there was no way he'd bring shame to his family by letting the public know about Rafe's drug use and crime. Silas was willing to take the bad publicity if that's what it took to make the board see that Obrecht was unsuitable. Obrecht told Silas to go ahead and complain to the board, but don't drag the mess in front of the cameras. Silas replied that he'd do as he pleased, in memory of his nephew. Obrecht snapped that blaming her and Patrick wouldn't change the fact that Silas was the one who failed Rafe. Obrecht told Silas that she respected him as a doctor, and she urged him to take some time off work to grieve and recover. Silas walked away. “What are you waiting for?” Obrecht barked at Sam. She told Sam to go after Silas and stop him from destroying the hospital and his career. Sam followed Silas up to the roof. Sam gently shared her viewpoint with Silas. She was of the opinion that going to war with Obrecht wouldn't change anything and that it would cause trouble for Silas and Kiki. Silas asked Sam if she was really worried about that or if she was worried about him making trouble for Patrick. Silas told Sam that she'd already made her position on Patrick clear.

Rosalie asked Nina if she was still planning on confessing. “Of course not,” Nina replied, calling her earlier plan to confess “temporary insanity.” Nina stood and decided to follow Silas and Sam up to the roof to eavesdrop. Rosalie was concerned that someone would see Nina, but Nina refused to listen to the woman who tried to convince her to confess. Rosalie tried to point out that that wasn't how it happened, but Nina refused to be contradicted. She left Rosalie by the door as a lookout, and she went upstairs and hid to listen in. Sam told Silas that she asked Patrick if he murdered Rafe and he denied it. Silas scoffed and told Sam she was a good investigator but she was too blinded by her friendship to admit that sometimes friends lie. Sam revealed that Patrick had admitted that he thought about hurting Rafe. She asked Silas why he'd admit to that if he was lying about not hurting Rafe. “I knew it. I knew he wanted to hurt Rafe” Silas said. Sam regretted saying anything, but it was too late, and Silas wanted more details. Sam's voice cracked as she told Silas everything Patrick had said. Sam urged Silas to think about what would happen if he lost – Rafe's name would get dragged through the mud. She asked if they hadn't already been through enough.

Felix walked up to Rosalie and tried to move the chair that was blocking the stairwell. Rosalie sat down in it and then she made up a story about a patient that needed Felix's help. Felix left. Later, a gleeful Nina returned and said she had the ammunition she needed to break up Silas and Sam. Nina planned to leak the story about Patrick fantasizing about killing Rafe. She predicted that the public would hate it and Sam would blame Silas for the leak.

Also at GH, Anna told Patrick that she owed him and Sabrina an apology for the PCPD not being able to find the driver who caused their car crash. She admitted that Sam had been able to do something that the police couldn't. Anna felt bad that she hadn't been able to take care of her family. Patrick felt that Anna had done the best she could with an overworked, understaffed department. Anna was bothered that they'd never know why Rafe swerved into the other lane. Patrick admitted that they'd never be able to question Rafe because of Patrick. Patrick told Anna that Silas thought Patrick killed Rafe on purpose. Anna was confident that Patrick would never put his personal feelings above a patient's health. Anna theorized that Silas felt like he failed Rafe, as a guardian, by not noticing his drug use and that he was shifting the blame to Patrick because he couldn't bear the guilt. She was optimistic that Silas would eventually admit that Patrick acted honorably. Patrick appreciated Anna's words. Anna told Patrick that he was like a son to her, she loved him and wished she could do more. Patrick assured Anna that she'd done plenty and that he wouldn't have been able to get through the last year if it weren't for her helping out with Emma. Anna was curious to know if Patrick had talked to Robin. Patrick told Anna that Emma talks to her. Anna confessed that Emma had said something to her about a divorce, and she was hoping that Emma was mistaken. Patrick admitted that it was true; he'd asked Alexis to draw up divorce papers. Anna was disappointed, but she understood and she assured Patrick that she didn't blame him. Patrick explained that he didn't want a divorce but he felt like Robin had given him no choice since she walked out on him and Emma. Anna recalled that Robin had been so happy to be back. Anna wondered if Robin might be suffering from PTSD from the kidnapping and if she'd ran off to Africa because she was struggling with being home. Patrick looked uncomfortable. Anna thought that Robin needed Patrick's help and that things might get better if he told her that he loved her that he forgave her and asked her to come back. Patrick replied that he'd already done that and it wasn't that easy.

Anna told Patrick that it could be difficult for a couple to communicate after a separation, and she used herself and Duke as an example. Patrick pointed out that the difference was that Duke was around Anna and Robin was gone. Patrick stated that he'd tried to understand Robin's attachments, but she didn't put her family first. Anna admitted that Robin should have been there for Patrick after the loss of his son. Anna sensed that Patrick was keeping something from her, and she assured him that he confide in her. Before Patrick could say anything, Obrecht appeared. She told Patrick about her talk with Silas. Obrecht thought that she and Patrick should protect themselves by releasing a joint statement proclaiming their innocence before Silas went public with his take on things. Anna advised Patrick to get a lawyer first, but Obrecht told him he could use the hospital's legal team. She urged him to act fast and shield GH from the potentially ruinous liability. Obrecht said that she put her faith in Patrick before and a boy died, and he owed it to GH not to fail again. Obrecht stressed that they had to protect GH. Patrick agreed to do the press conference.

Nina and Rosalie overheard that there would be a press conference, and Nina decided it would be the perfect place to get the word about Patrick's fantasy.

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